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Gloves of Kuroshitsuji

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Summary: Black Butler xover - YAHF - Xander picks up something more when he purchased his toy gun at a discount.

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Chapter One

Title: Gloves of Kuroshitsuji

Main pairing:  Xander/mm (non-graphic & probably not in this story), Sebastian/mm(non-graphic & probably not in this story), (this is your only warning)

MY Inspiration:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all media forms), Kuroshitsuji aka “Black Butler” (all media forms)

Disclaimer:  This is my standard disclaimer; I don’t own anything in regards to the sources of MY Inspiration.  All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All the characters, worlds, base concepts or general ideas are just a bit food for the writing bug.  This story is pure fiction and is in no way meant to copy or reflect real life, events or people, should this happen then obviously it is pure coincidence.

From here on, disclaimer will not be repeated.

Author’s Note:  See author profile for preferred gender pairing type and why, that is if you really want to know.

Summary:  YAHF - Xander picks up something more when he purchased his toy gun at a discount.  A gun that needed a little bit of black tape to fix and a pair of white gloves can be dyed to fit his choice of costume to enhance the cool factor.  What could possibly go wrong with that?

Speech Legend: (This is the standard by which I write my stories and therefore you will not see this repeated in future chapters)

(…Internal Communication between Xander/???…)

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

CH 1

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

Ethan’s Costume Shop had a little bit of everything for the discerning Halloween goer.  It had pricey full ensembles to odds and ends in a bargain bin.  The bargain bin was perfect for those that were only looking to add a bit of flair to an existing costume or for those that could only afford a small addition to complete a homemade costume job that they had no choice to pick and wear for this strange human festival and candy gathering night.

A junior by the name of Alexander Harris, Xander to his friends, was part of the latter category.  His best friends, being two girls, were never conscious of the pressure he felt when he was forced to go shopping with them.  His family couldn’t even be considered ‘middle-class’ with the fact that his father is currently living on a disability check and his mother is living on a small inheritance that only comes in once a month.

Still, even though they were his friends, he didn’t think that he could tell them that he couldn’t afford to go to the costume shop that was gaining increased popularity in the town for having unique items.  At least he’d been able to save up a bit and he had part of a costume that only needed some very cheap toy gun to complete it.  He certainly hoped that Ethan’s had a bargain bin that contained a plastic rifle because he’d look super stupid carrying a silver cowboy toy revolver.

He was in luck there was a rifle in the bin because the butt was cracked.  He pulled it out, but along came a pair of white gloves that had a name tag in them.  They were pretty nice.  ‘Too bad they aren’t black,’ he thought and was about to toss them back, when he remembered that he was planning to dye some of his older and much faded T-shirts again.  ‘Maybe I can toss these in and then I’ll cut the finger tips.’  He paused and the nodded his head.  ‘Yeah, that’ll be a cool addition to my soldier costume.

Back at home he put together his clothing to prep for the dying process.  He’d gotten familiar with it and usually did it himself.  He made sure that his mother wasn’t going to use the machine for a while and then began the process.  It was quite simple to just add the boxes of black dye to the washing machine’s cycle.  He just had to be sure that the clothing went through a rinse cycle twice and that the machine went through a complete cycle once when empty to remove any dye that might remain.

He was about to toss the white gloves into the machine when he noticed the tags on the inside.  Each glove had the same one.  “Gloves of Kurashitsuji,” he read.  “Weird name, but whatever, they’ll look good once they’re black and without the fingertips.”

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

Halloween was an interesting time of year.  It was the Hellmouth holiday and nothing supernatural is supposed to occur on that day.  Well nothing demon driven because technically this was their Christmas time and it was really the one day of the year that they had chosen to use as a vacation day from hunting humans, doing mischief and whatnot.

That’s what Giles said,’ Xander thought to himself, watching from afar the havoc that this person was doing with his poor human body.  ‘So, why the hell am I stuck like this again?

(...It’s your own fault...) The voice said.  (...You cut up my good gloves...)

(...Oh shut up.  What do you know about being cool and trying to impress a girl?...) Xander replied.  (...You don’t even exist in my world.  They were just costume articles and you should not have been called into existence...)

“Really,” Sebastian said out loud.

(...Yes really...) Xander replied.  (...It’s gotta be a spell fuelling these changes because more than half of the little demons out there are just changed human kids...)

“Well that is bothersome,” Sebastian said with sigh, stopping himself from attacking the miniature demons nearby.  “I so wanted to explore that well of energy that feels just like home.”

(...Figures that you come from Hell...) Xander said and then he was suddenly speechless as a pair of red eyes looked at him from the inside of his mind.  (...What?...)

A tall figure walked into the plane of his mind.  The hair was cropped to the shoulders in an uneven style and yet it suited the person walking towards Xander.  Out of those same shadows came another figure dressed in fatigues with a pair of black gloves and then a third one came in the form of a four legged creature.

“What the hell is going on?”  Xander said inside his mind looking from one being to the other.

The soldier figure, a duplicate of Xander with a harder glint in his eyes and explosives expert said, “I was supposed to come forth, but because of him.” He pointed to the figure in a full black suit and tails.  “I was pushed back into your mind.”

The four legged creature came forward, sat down in front of him and just looked at Xander with a penetrating gaze of green glowing eyes, which only caused him to say, “I knew that you were still around.”

He knelt down and allowed her to take in his scent. 

She was the hyena matriarch that never left him.  Caged in his mind, she was still alive, but something would need to be done soon in order to merge properly or else there would be a split to his personality that would never be reparable.  She turned to the man with the red eyes and knew that he’d understand her, as she was of a demon type too.

Sebastian was surprised at the number of people in the mind of this one human.  Little did he know that they all could, almost, see his true physical form, but he only asked, “Why is your mind like this?”

“I don’t know,” Xander said with a shrug.  “She’s a hyena spirit that possessed me earlier this year.”  He looked to the soldier and then said, “I dressed as a soldier to out during Halloween this year.  If you look at the clothing you’re wearing you’ll see that you’re carrying a toy gun and you’re dressed in kaki green pants.”

“I did notice that unfortunate style,” Sebastian said rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and finger.  “What about you?  Who’re you in this plane?”

“Xander,” the self-proclaimed Scooby said.  “Actually my name is Alexander Harris, but I prefer to be called Xander.  The body that you’re currently possessing or using is mine.”

“I see,” the man said.  “I wonder how I can remain in this world.”

Xander shrugged and didn’t care what that man wanted.  “My body will return to my possession once my friends figure out what is going on.”

“What will happen to us,” the soldier asked, wondering how to return back to the battle field that he’d been in.

Xander paused and then he sighed.  “I don’t know.  You might get stuck like her.”

“She’s supposed to have merged and blended with you by now,” the man in the suit told him.  “You should have just accepted her gifts and then released her spirit.  She’s weakening now and it might be too late for you to benefit.”

“How do you know all this,” Xander asked.

“She told me,” the man said with his eyes glowing slightly with a reddish aura.  “We nearly of a kind, you know.”

“Ah,” Xander said with a mumble.  “So you’re a demon too then, just my luck.”

“It must be good luck to get me,” the man in black said nodding.  “I know quite a few others that would have ripped you apart right now to control your body and live again.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Xander said waving off the man’s seemingly menacing aura.  “I can just see them try it.  The spell or whatever is the cause of this, is limited.  The limit of what you can and cannot do will depend on your abilities and my own body.”

“I can help you to merge with these two if you like,” the man in black said.  “I’m quite certain that they have skills that would help you to survive in your town.”

It was such a temptation that Xander could barely resist saying ‘yes’ immediately, however he knew better than to accept it without learning about the conditions or demands that this strange demon would have. 

“Right,” he said drawling the word.  “So what do you plan to get out of ‘helping’ me with that?”

“Perceptive,” the man in the black suit said.  The soldier and hyena nodded, instinctively knowing that they’d have to merge with the young man, but also agreeing that the young man was no fool.  “You are correct in that I have a price.”

“Everything has a price,” Xander said crossing his arms with a steady glare.  “What are you looking for?”

“A contract,” the man said.  “A contract that will let me out of my hell for a short time and allow me to be of service to the one I’m contracted to.”

“The price,” Xander prodded, getting slightly impatient with the dramatics.  “There has to be a price that comes with something like that.”

“You soul,” the man began.

“No deal,” Xander replied immediately.

“Really,” the man said surprised at the immediate refusal and he had to ask, “Why ever not?”

“Merger is all that’s needed here, right,” Xander said.  “That can be done with a spell, which is probably what you were planning to do or it can be done measure by measure by the person who’s possessed and with the consent of those doing the possessing.  The spell that awoke you and them will go away, but I can take this time to merge with them on my own before the spell is done and that means no bargain.”

“I can show you the way,” the man in the suit said.

“They can also tell me about it too,” Xander countered.  “Besides do you feel like you belong in this world or dimension?”

At this the one offering the contract could only conclude that this young man was far more intelligent when it came to surviving against demons from Hell.  “I see what you mean,” the man concurred after reviewing the sensations he perceived from the outside environment.  “I do feel like I will return to my home place once the situation has been taken care of.  Very well, then we’ll take care of all of that now.”

The suited man retreated from the planer mindscape and using the body he was possessing he ran with his demonic speed, knocking back and dispatching a few of the vampires that had gathered around him, to the largest source of Hellish energy that he could detect.  He followed it to the underground caverns that had once locked the old Master Vampire of the Aurelius line.  He hoped that what he’d seen in young man’s mind was still there because that would help them all out if they were.

(...What the Hell are you up to?...)  Xander asked him as he finished his consensual merger with the soldier and explosives expert personality.  He’d been the weaker of the two shadows having only been brought forth without ever activating. 

The hyena was next, but she wanted to wait and see if her energy would be needed for what the suited man was planning.

“There,” the man said in Xander’s voice.  “We can erect a barrier that will prevent interference.”

(...Just be sure you don’t trap us down here like that idiot had done before...) Xander said indicating the remaining dark bones of the flesh dusted master. 

A master vampire of such age couldn’t be dusted like a piddling three or four centuries old vampire.  The bones still existed.  Their existence was a very dangerous factor and they should have been broken apart and scattered to prevent resurrection.

“We’re going to use his bones,” the man said, pausing to reflect on some hidden knowledge or formula.  “Yes that’s just what we need and that will fulfil part of a contract.”

(...I’m not selling my soul for power...) Xander said, crossing his arms.

“No,” the man said.  (...I’m selling mine to you for freedom or maybe it’s an escape... We shall see...)

(...WHAT??...) Xander said loudly in shock.

The man returned into the mindscape and said, “I want freedom from the need of contracts.  I plan to use the energy of the bones to give your body the necessary tools to allow me to merge with you.  I have gifts that can only be used if you have some kind of magical stability inside you.  The fact that you can hold spirits within you like one such as she without even merging,” he indicated the patiently waiting primal demon hyena.  “It means that you have the ability to take in my gifts too and in doing so I can be released from most of my obligations, like the exchange of service and the devouring of human souls.”

“Ah,” Xander said.  He looked out from his mindscape and knew that this demon had the ability to do what he needed in order to gain his freedom.  He could also sense that his friends were starting to figure out how to solve the problem of costumes possessing the human in Sunnydale.  “You’re going to run out of time if you delay.  You’re planning to use the energy that seeps from the Hellmouth to augment your spells aren’t you?”

“You are clever,” the man observed.

“Do you have a name,” Xander asked.  “I can’t refer to you or your abilities without knowing who’s providing them.”

“My last master called me Sebastian,” the man replied.  “Sebastian Michaels, I’ve grown quite fond of that name and find that I wish to keep it in remembrance of him.”

“Nice to meet you,” Xander said holding out his hand for a handshake.

“Likewise,” Sebastian said with a bow just after he finished shaking the young man’s hand.  He then looked into the boy’s soul and asked, “May I?”

Xander put his hand on the hyena’s head and looked at her.  She nodded with her green eyes flashing back.  He turned and said, “Telling me what you plan to do from now on will take time.”  He leaned in and placed his forehead against the demon’s own.  This surprised the creature and himself with that action, because it felt like they had actually physically touched one another. 

Sebastian returned the penetrating look, as their foreheads were connected without comment and listened as the boy said, “My soul is mine and yours is yours, understood.”

The demon was surprised at that, but then again he shouldn’t have been, as this young man was quite perceptive and positively unique because of this mental landscape.  “Yes,” he replied taking a deep breath.  “I understand.”

“Then you’d better begin before it’s too late,” Xander said stepping back into his mindscape to pet the hyena for a while before she too disappeared in a merger of spirits and abilities.

The contractual demon, currently known as Sebastian, began the ritual that would use the energy of the Hellmouth, the aged magical bones of a Master vampire and the spiritual energy that belonged to a primal animal spirit.

Sebastian began carefully and cautiously, such was the way of these things, but his time was running out.  The primal spirit was swallowed quickly by the spell merging her essence with that of the young man’s soul, which was still separate from his own demonic one.  That’s when he remembered the young man’s condition, two souls separate and unmerged. 

Surely that’s not what he meant,’ he thought.

(...No, it’s not...) Xander thought back to him.  (...I only meant that your soul is your own and that you cannot use mine in any way, but spells work funny around me...)  He stopped talking when they both felt the first strike against the spell that had called forth Sebastian.  (...Come on let’s do this now before it’s too late...)

(...Never, ever rush a spell, Alexander...) Sebastian said, continuing his sequence of arcane words. 

Xander was paying attention to all of the words and intentions flowing from the words.  He took over when the demon couldn’t maintain possession of the physical form.  It was still in the mindscape guiding the spell to its conclusion, but a sound changed the course of the spell.

It was the repeated sound of bells clanging. 

The ancient bones dissolved and blood was poured onto them from two carved wounds on the back of both of Xander’s hands.  The minds of the two remaining in the human’s mindscape connected briefly, but tightly and a contract was formed in such a way that the price was not one of a soul to be devoured, but of freedom.

The form of that freedom....

Well that was actually the Hellmouth’s choice, semi-sentient thing that it was, as it had been its energy that was used for the spell and the boy that helped the Slayer was one of its favourite toys after all, plus spells never worked the way they were supposed to around that boy...

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

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