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Sisters and Brothers

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Summary: Buffy is summoned to Oceania by the Powers That Be to prepare for the overthrow of Big Brother and the Party

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New Mission, New World

Disclaimer -- I do not own either "1984" or the Buffyverse, nor any elements thereof. I am not George Orwell or Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy

New Mission, New World

Suddenly the forum, for that was what Buffy had termed it, was washed out in an intense brightness, blinding yet not painful. It lasted a second, and when it was over, Buffy beheld three figures robed in classical Greco-Roman style garments, all in white. They regarded her with a curiosity and more than a hint of ownership. Buffy picked up on that last at once, and despised them for it.

"Oh good," she said, with a hint of wicked glee in her voice, "now I have something to wreck, and enemies to fight. Unless of course, you wish to return me home where I belong?"

They looked at her with a long-suffering expression. Presently the one in the center, the female, spoke up.

"Doubtless you would try, but it would not avail you in the least bit, Slayer. Besides, we did not bring you here to quarrel with you. A dead Slayer is no use to us," she said, "and we searched back and forth through Time to find the one we need. I am pleased to say that you are the one we intend to send to Oceania, Buffy Summers."

"There's only one place you're sending me, whoever you are," replied Buffy with rising anger, "and that's straight back home, and I hope to never hear you or see this place again as long as I live, or so help me I will appeal to the Powers and send you crashing into a Hell dimension where you won't come back."

"We are the Powers That Be, Miss Summers, and we need you in Oceania. If you wish proof," said the male figure on the right, at which point he stretched out his hand, raising a large globe, "then look on this, and believe."

The globe had appeared from the floor itself. It glowed softly, with an inner radiance that seemed to brighten only the immediate area surrounding it. That radiance soon began to coalesce into shapes and patterns. Buffy felt herself drawn to those patterns, and before she realized what she was doing, she raised her hand and touched one of them. It flashed and reformed itself into what resembled a Kodak photograph, a snapshot, but it was a scene from her life. Her curiosity got the better of her, then, and she touched more and more patterns, which showed the same behaviour as the first, projecting memories from her own life, all the way to her Slayer years. There were even scenes of her various deaths and the debacle with the First Evil.

"That particular issue remains unresolved as yet, Miss Summers, but we're glad you put that monster down when you could," said the male who raised the globe. "You put together quite an impressive army, got yourself named general, and fought the mother of all battles in your Sunnydale. Well done."

"Which is why we've summoned you here, to this great citadel of ours, Miss Summers." The other male spoke at this point. "You have a talent for leadership as well as impressive fighting ability. Those are only two traits you will need where you're going. You will also need a healthy talent for remaining unseen and unheard in Oceania."

"You still haven't told me where Oceania is or what it is, other than a reference to some beachfront resort community. So spill already with the facts and figures before I go nutso," said Buffy.

"Yes, you do know where it is. At least you've read about it. Here," said Globe Guy, who threw her an object.

Buffy looked down at what she had unknowingly caught. It was a book, a paperback, titled "1984" by George Orwell. She vividly recalled having to read it for Government class when she was still in high school, before the old campus was destroyed by her and the Scoobies.

"Are you fucking serious? You're sending me into a book?! A book I didn't enjoy reading in the least bit, at that?"

"Do you recall the principle of multiple universes, Miss Summers?" said the female.

"Choices can create different timelines, I figure that much."

"Well reasoned. Assume for a moment that all choices are made at all times. Could you imagine how many different timelines would exist as a result? There would be chaos. The universe would be ripped asunder," said Knowledge Girl, as Buffy had soon termed her.

"But if you segregate each timeline into a particular universe, effectively creating a world with each choice," said the other male, who raised a hand and aimed it to the side of the chamber relative to the place where the three Powers had seated themselves, "then you maintain the balance and keep all existence intact."

"But the balance is never perfect," reasoned Buffy, "and you get little moments of evil or good, and somewhere along the way there's a buildup of energy that allows transit between universes, between realities, like what you're supposedly using to open the way to where I'm supposed to go."

"Again, well reasoned, Miss Summers. You would have made a great Power, I think."

As they spoke, an elliptical shape appeared near where Universe Guy had raised his hand and began to shimmer with energy. "You will notice, Miss Summers," he said, "that this portal I'm generating will lead you into the world portrayed in the book my fellow Power placed in your hand. What we require from you is that the fiction in that book remains exactly that -- fiction."

"Meaning?" said Buffy skeptically.

"The balance in that world has been so terribly upset that energy is bleeding out from that universe and infecting others in our charge. Already we're seeing evidence of the free will of conscious, sentient beings in those universes being wiped out of existence. Multiuniversal totalitarianism will rampage across all realities unless the energy flow is reversed and the balance restored. To that end," replied Universe Guy, "we require from you nothing less than a monumental task."

"Monumental meaning what?" said Buffy.

"Meaning," said Knowledge Girl, "you will be charged with the overthrow of the Party and the other regimes, and the reintegration of free will among the people of the world. We want Big Brother brought down, and you are to be our instrument. We would not have asked you if we didn't think you were up to it."

"From a vampire slayer to a freedom fighter, sounds like I got my work cut out for me. What of my friends, what will you do for them?"

"Oh, they won't know you're gone, Miss Summers. As far as they're concerned, you made it out of the Hellmouth before it could bring Sunnydale down on top of it. They, and you, are still standing at the city limits, looking at the crater your town has become," said Globe Guy. "They'll be alright."

As the Power finished speaking the portal to the Orwell universe fully opened, and Buffy could see the dreary world within. She looked back at the Powers with skepticism, to which they urged her onward.

Almost as an afterthought, Knowledge Girl spoke up.

"Oh, Miss Summers, just so you know, you won't be alone over there. There's still something of a supernatural community of sorts, and they'll be your allies in your task. They're very good at hiding from the Patrols and the Thought Police, and they can help you get past the telescreens everywhere. You'll be invisible most of the time because of your enhanced abilities as a Slayer."

"And," said Globe Guy, "we're conferring upon you a little gift, in appreciation of the work you've done in your former home."

"A gift?"

"We noticed that job of yours has cost you your life on more than one occasion. Your phenomenally powerful redheaded friend brought you back the last time, so we're giving her a power boost. As for you, let's say you won't have to worry anymore about sacrificing yourself in the line of duty. We're making you immortal, Buffy Summers. Off you go," said Globe Guy with a "shoo-fly" motion of his hand, and she was sucked through the portal into Oceania.



The atomic wars of the 1950s had hardly touched this part of the North American continent, yet the fallout had rendered this area barely habitable. Sunnydale depended on imported foodstuffs from further up the coastline, even though the jet stream blew eastward away from the ocean that gave the superstate its name of Oceania. The force of the nuclear blasts had momentarily changed the direction of the prevailing winds and scattered the detritus of war across the entire continent, and so nothing had remained untouched. In the chaos that followed democracy had proved itself inadequate to the task, and so Americans turned to the system of English Socialism that had become so prevalent in Britain, or IngSoc as they called it there. What followed was nothing less than totalitarian revolution, and what was left of America quickly dissolved, and was absorbed into the new superstate.

The people of Sunnydale quickly grew accustomed to their new way of life, in no small part due to their lasting sense of fatalism from living over a Hellmouth. In some way they even hoped that the new London-based regime would quickly put a stop to the supernatural occurrences that happened on a regularly frequent basis. So the telescreens went up, posters of Big Brother and IngSoc began to appear wherever one looked, and the Patrols began to peer into homes and businesses as well as the pastoral portion of the country under the guise of protection. No one thence had any illusions that they were not being constantly, consistently watched and surveilled. Big Brother literally was watching them.

Into this morass of humanity opened the portal from the Powers' home dimension near the city limits of Sunnydale, Pacific Zone One, and outward into the dreary landscape was flung the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers. She landed hard on her backside and rolled twice before coming to a stop in time to watch the portal close, sealing her forever in this frightening new world. She took a minute to take stock of her situation and to survey her new surroundings. Except for the retrograde appearance of the buildings that made up the town of Sunnydale in the near distance, there appeared to be no difference. Long experience with the supernatural, however, taught her to never take stock in appearances, and so she immediately took off for the nearest cover. A sufficiently sized bush served to conceal her presence against whoever or whatever might happen across her path, so she beelined for it and squat down as soon as she felt the first touch of its leaves.

Going quiet for a moment allowed her to extend her Slayer senses to their maximum range -- there was definitely a touch of the supernatural here still, but it was far fainter than she was used to feeling. Her ears heard nothing but the wind in the leaves. Her skin felt the touch of the leaves and the wind, cool and soft, as though nuclear winter had not yet ended here. Though she had no first hand experience of nuclear winter, she could imagine from reading "1984" that there would be no end in sight presently for the cooler temperatures and the cloud cover, which she noticed for the first time since arriving. Her initial surprise at seeing overcast skies over her hometown (in her world at least) was derived from the memory of seeing year-round clear skies and slightly warm temperatures, but she filed this in the back of her mind and concentrated on the two senses she had yet to assess, her smell and her taste. For either one, there was a slightly moldy flavor on the wind, musty as with age and neglect. The clear, crisp modern feel of the twenty-first century in her world was absent here. The whole place felt old, as though the past had not been permitted to make way for the future and had thence dominated every aspect of the world here.

After a moment Buffy decided she had taken in enough of the place to get a clear picture, and she started to slowly back out of the bush in order to make for the next cover, a copse of trees close to the main road into Sunnydale, when she spotted something in the earth. She looked down at what her feet told her did not belong there, and saw a half-covered black wire in the ground. Her hands sought out the rest of it, brushing away the dust and dirt, to follow it to where it may lead. The black wire traced its way up into the bush along its main branch from the root, piqueing Buffy's curiosity until her hands found the end, and felt a small, flat, round shape. She crept down into the bush again to get a closer look, and her curiosity quickly, suddenly shifted into shock, and then alarm.

The microphone was small, slender and compact. It was made to be concealed. And the Slayer could feel nothing of the supernatural about it -- this was a device of the normal world. She hardly had to wonder why she had to find a microphone in a bush in the middle of nowhere when she was reminded of where she actually was, and then shock and alarm turned to disgust and revulsion. And the full wrath of the Slayer was unleashed upon the small device until Buffy was satisfied that she had smashed it down to its component molecules.

Her eyes turned now to the town in the distance, which now felt more alien to her than any place ever had. Her countenance then spoke a thousand promises of pain and retribution upon Big Brother, and as she began to move with greater stealth than that with which she had begun, she sought out the supernatural element she had felt earlier. The Powers had spoken of them and indicated they would be her allies here. She would join with them now.

And the masters of humanity would pay dearly for their transgression.

*This chapter is not as yet complete. Please be patient and keep reading and sending me reviews. Also check out my other story, Rise Dark Sisters, in the Star Wars section*
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