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Sisters and Brothers

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Summary: Buffy is summoned to Oceania by the Powers That Be to prepare for the overthrow of Big Brother and the Party

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The Summons

Disclaimer -- I claim no ownership of elements in either "1984" by George Orwell or of the Buffyverse. I am neither George Orwell or Joss Whedon.

Author's Note -- This is my first attempt to create a crossover between Buffy and the world of "1984". If I don't quite get it right, please let me know in your reviews. Thanks!

Chapter One -- The Summons

Buffy never made it out of the Hellmouth.

She watched the bus race away with her friends. Robin, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Giles, Faith and the other newly created Slayers had clamored through the windows over the engine, the rumbling of the earth and the wind, urging her to move faster. It was no use. Almost as though Fate had intervened for its own sick amusement, one last building collapsed in front of her, too far away to use in her flight across the rapidly widening chasm. It was not through lack of trying that she finally fell. She had one last glimpse of the bus speeding away from the ruins of Sunnydale before she felt the ground fall away beneath her feet.

She had heard many times that the fall is not what kills you, but the sudden stop at the end. She knew there was no way to break her fall and slow her descent. The Hellmouth had been closed -- Thank you Spike, she mused -- but that didn't mean she wasn't going to die. She was alright with that, she decided. She had been dead twice before and come back, the last against her own free will. One Hellmouth closed, and she would return to the Heaven she had briefly known before this whole mess with the First had started. Satisfied, she looked down toward the rapidly rising earth --

And saw a bright circle of light seem to come up toward her and envelop her. That shouldn't have happened, she thought. The blinding white light should have appeared at the moment of impact, along with the instant of unimaginable pain before the nothingness claimed her. At the same time she realized this she realized she was no longer falling, but standing on an unseen, stable surface.

There was the same white light everywhere. She could discern no features, no perspective for judging distance. Everything was the same uniform white. Only she appeared any different. Her clothes and her body remained the same as before this whiteness swallowed her. She tried taking a step, hesitant and anxious from the consciousness that there might be another abyss waiting to take her down. Her foot made contact with the same level surface so suddenly it startled her. Tentatively, she took another step, then another, always cognizant of her readiness to either slip or miss an edge and tumble forever. She used her hearing, listening to each footfall as it occurred, hoping for echolocation to reveal the dimensions of this place. There was none. So she kept walking, kept hoping.


The Powers That Be had gathered in their citadel. They had heard the plaintive cries of a world gone mad, in another reality. There was no question, they would have to send someone to correct the flaw and restore the balance. It was their charge as the Powers to maintain the balance of forces within each universe, and if necessary, to intervene and restore when the balance was upset. They had seen another Earth, with its population split into three geopolitical groups. Eurasia, with its Neo-Bolshevism, was constantly at odds with two other superstates, Eastasia in the Southeast, with its rather cultish system of socialism that they called Death-worship, which meant absolute denial of self interest in the service of the state, and Oceania, with its system of English Socialism, or IngSoc, as they called it. The three superstates had been in a perpetual state of war since the 1950's, and there was seemingly no end in sight. Unless the Powers intervened and restored the balance there, the chaos and insanity there would spread to other Earths and upset the balance of the multiverse - permanently.

It was Oceania that concerned the Powers the most, for their political system had grown from the means to keep its entire population under perpetual surveillance at all times. No word, no deed, no gesture, no THOUGHT was safe from scrutiny. Their administrative arm, the Party, ruled with absolute tyranny, almost constantly employing their enforcement arm, known to everyone as the Thought Police, to remove any hint of discontent with the aims of the Party and their mysterious, unseen leader, whose image was displayed on two-way television screens and on posters everywhere, and was called simply Big Brother. Even worse, the Party was in the process of altering or eliminating historical records, with the intent of eliminating whatever evidence there might be that would run counter to Party doctrine. And they did not stop with altering one record and moving on to the next. Records that had already been altered were being altered REPEATEDLY. No one knew anymore, save the Powers, what year it was anymore. And the Party was even attempting to completely alter their language. Newspeak, they called it now. The aim of Newspeak was to eliminate the possibility of thought patterns deemed heretical to Party dogma. One could not think in terms of political equality or freedom because the concepts did not exist in Newspeak or under Ingsoc except in one category - THOUGHTCRIME. And numerous concepts were being taught from young age to prevent what they called thoughtcrime. What this meant was that everyone existed in safety and security because they would know no other way or be capable of thinking in terms other than those deemed proper under IngSoc. If they were to be shown the truth, they could steadfastly deny it because the Party deemed what was truth and what were falsehoods.

This had to be brought down, the Powers decided. The whole point of the Slayer fighting against the darkness was so that the darkness could not claim a single soul and doom them to madness such as what the Powers were witnessing on the Earth of Oceania. There were now thousands of Slayers on another Earth, many more than were needed. Surely they could choose one and send her to put the madness in Oceania to an end. There had been a Hellmouth closed just moments ago in the town of Sunnydale, California, causing the Earth to collapse under it and bring down the town. There was a Slayer attempting to escape the destruction there, but the Powers could see that she would die in the attempt, unless they intervened. The situation with Oceania was certainly cause for intervention, so they opened a portal just under the Slayer as she fell. It engulfed her and closed just as the town had finished collapsing, so now they had her. It was just a question now of how to brief her on her new mission....


She had walked for what seemed like forever, and there had been no change at all. Either this place was too big to determine from echolocation, or sound didn't work that way here. Maybe this wasn't a physical place so much as it was spiritual.

Her thoughts were a jumble. There were many voices urging her to listen. Perhaps if she sat down to listen, she would hear them better, and she would better understand this place. After all, there was nothing else to do.

No sooner had she lowered herself onto her buttocks than the voices she had begun to hear became clearer.

*Slayer,* said one. *Chosen One,* whispered another. *Champion,* *Warrior Maiden,* and other such descriptors, all of which she was intimately familiar, having filled those roles through the past seven years and more, she heard them all. What was more, they had begun to sound as though they came from outside her body. That meant the voices had a physical source. If logic followed the same rules here, then what followed was that a physical source of sound and intelligent expression could receive a response.

Buffy tried to test that theory.

"Hello? Who are you?" she asked to the emptiness that was not empty after all.

*Does not comprehend, does not see where she is* and other similar phrases now poured out from the whiteness into her ears.

"You're right, I don't know where I am, but I know where I'm needed, and I need to get back there, so if someone would kindly show themselves and tell me where I am and, more importantly, why I'm here, you won't have to see a girl go from zero to megabitch in 0.5 seconds..." Buffy taunted. She hoped that would be enough, since she had no target for Slayage - none visible, at any rate. It was all she had.

*She has fought, she has saved, she deserves answers* spoke one of them. *Yes, we must reveal ourselves* agreed another one. *We need her, only fair to show who we are* said yet another.

"Yes, it's very fair," retorted the Slayer, "now SHOW!"

*Impatient, impudent, must be reminded of her place* spoke the original with more than a hint of venom in its voice. *Silence, we pulled her from her world, we should remind you of yours* taunted one of the others. *We shall show ourselves to her, no more prattling*

Suddenly features began to show through the endless white. They had no more color than anything else, but at least now there was some semblance of depth to everything. Pillars began to reveal themselves around her, with chairs seemingly carved out of the same material, situated between each one, forming a circle around her. She now stood on the floor of a Roman-styled chamber, whose function she could only conclude was that of a convocation area, like that of the Roman Senate. She had been summoned to this place, and she was about to meet the summoners.
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