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This story is No. 1 in the series "Chosen Alternate Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After being kicked out of the house Buffy calls in a promise made in LA four years before

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Title : Falling


Author : Fi Tee


Disclaimer : I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate: SG1 or JAG.  I am simply borrowing them for a little while.  I promise to put the back where I got them from and not to make any money from them in the meantime.


Authors’ note : What can I say the plot bunny bit me in the butt and here it is my first crossover.  Just so you know there is Scooby bashing.  I was pretty pissed of at the gang when they kicked Buffy out of the house, and please don’t get me started on season 6 and 7 Giles, you have now been warned.


Time lines : BTVS season 7 from Touched onwards.  JAG between season 4 and 5 (mainly Mac but the Admiral also makes an appearance) and Stargate season 7 after Disclosure but before Full Circle.  

Let’s just pretend that the thing with Jasmine had already been resolved so LA is already safe and Angel doesn’t come down to Sunnydale.


Also just so you know there is only one ship in the story and that is B/G implicated.  It’s not a shipper based story or anything like that, so don’t worry if you get a major ewww factor from that particular pairing, there will be no declaration of undying love or racy sex scenes.  Just a comment here and there regarding something that has happened in the past.    Ok, there’s also Sam/Jack UST, but then, when is that not there.





Summers Home

Sunnydale, California


“What the hell are you guys thinking?  Getting rid of the only person who can probably win this war for us?”


“I thought you’d be relieved to no longer take orders from Buffy?”


“That was then this is now.  You wanna know why she doesn’t listen to you guys anymore?  Trust, she can’t trust you.  I may not have been here but I know a thing or two about B none of you do.  Betcha didn’t know she left a letter for me when she was killed by Glory.  She told me that she wasn’t scared; that she knew everything would be ok with you guys here.  With us here she wasn’t needed to fight anymore that she could rest.  You took that away from her, you say that you’ve been here fighting by her side all this time that’s all well and good but you choose this, choose to live this life and fight the good fight she didn’t.  You can walk away any time you want, we can’t, dying is the only time we get to stop fighting.  All those years of fighting and protecting people who never gave a damn and you took the reward away from her.  You wonder why she shies away from you after that.  As for you Giles, you’re an asshole you told her she needed to grow up and do this herself, she did because you asked her to and now you can’t handle that she’s is doing it without you.  Dawn she died for you, how dare you punish her for screwing up, she’s not perfect.”  Faith took a deep breath and shook her head at them.


“You ask why she won’t even consider taking on any of your ideas, look at yourselves first.  If you don’t like what you see then feel free to walk away.  You call her self-absorbed and get upset when she doesn’t notice the little things.  When does she get the chance?  How can she worry about all that and save the world?”    Faith took a deep breath and shook her head.


“I’m gone.  Do this on your own.”


And she left.


“B wait, I’m comin with you.”  Faith ran to catch up with the elder Slayer.


Buffy turned to look at Faith questions in her eyes “It’s your turn Faith, what you always wanted.  To be in charge”


“Never wanted to be in charge, just to be equal.” The brunette slayer looked her directly in the eye’s “ Do you think we can try the chosen two thing again you know without the whole Grand Larceny, man slaughter, evil girl thing.”


“Yeah sure, let’s find somewhere to go and hole up for the night.  I have another idea, but I need to talk to a friend first” Buffy smiled wanly and headed to one of the many abandoned houses now in Sunnydale.

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