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The start of the avalanche

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Adventures of Vampire Slayers in London". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A small stone can start a great avalanche. What if the stone isn't that small to begin with? What will it start?

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Miscellaneous > Myths & Legends
Harry Potter > Faith-Centered
DmitriFR731,678012,97511 Jan 128 Feb 12Yes

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

The tiger was big, powerful, and very old. It was red, white and black all over – very much like a dragon’s secret identity, really. It was busy pawing the ground, but as soon as it saw Parvati, it abruptly stopped and said, rather cheerfully:

“Hello, Parvati!”

“Hello, venerable ancestor,” Parvati bowed politely, not bothering to ask where her twin was: whatever the Weasleys would say about themselves, the Patil twins did not share dreams, thank you very much; in fact they would rather not share anything between themselves, period...

On the other half, visits from the venerable ancestor of the Patil family tree was something else, and so Parvati still did half-expect for Padma to make an appearance.

“Don’t worry about your twin,” the tiger said, not unkindly. “I am talking to the two of you separately, for I know that the two of you do not get along.”

“Well...” Parvati had the good grace to fidget, “we would get along seeing how you’d summon us...”

“No need,” the tiger shook its head. “Look! What do you see?”

Parvati looked down – wait a second, down? “We’re on the summit of Alagalla! We’re in Lanka!”

“Yes, Parvati, we are,” the tiger did a very good job of not rolling its eyes. “Now, what else do you see? Or rather, who do you see?”

“Well,” Parvati looked down in the indicated direction, “that... Grainger, Hermione Grainger. What is she doing?”

“Hiding,” the tiger said calmly.

“Hiding in plain sight? Under that ridiculous hat?” Parvati blinked incredulously. “This seems to be rather unlike Grainger... and what is she doing in Lanka anyways?”

“She is not here, not yet,” the tiger said calmly, “but she is coming here all the same, soon, for she will be found and brought here.”

“By what? Or by whom?”

“By that,” the tiger nodded calmly, as a new character came, or rather crawled out of the forest – a huge naga, currently in its human-headed serpent form.

“Hmm,” Parvati frowned thoughtfully. The naga’s human head bore a face that seemed to be familiar to the young witch, but not fully, since she could also swear that she had never seen this face before in her life too. “Do I know who that is?”

“No,” the tiger shook his head. “That is for your grandparents to tell you, if you would listen.”

“Oh dear,” Parvati shivered: the war with Voldemort did create a rift between the Patil twins and their grandparents. “That might be tricky.”

“Isn’t it always?” the tiger agreed placidly, even as the naga crawled back into the forest, apparently unable to see Grainger even though the bushy-haired witch was standing (or “hiding”) in plain view. “There is one more person that you need to see, who may be important in the future.”

“Who?” Parvati asked even as she looked in the indicated direction, expecting to see, perhaps, another naga or another familiar face. Instead, she saw a fin of a very large (to put it lightly) shark that cruised in the waters around Lanka. “Who is that? Someone I know? A friend or a foe?”

“Someone new,” the tiger replied instead. “And now it’s time to wake up.”

And that is what Parvati did.


The End

You have reached the end of "The start of the avalanche". This story is complete.

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