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A Fire Shall Burn

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Summary: An ancient power calls forth a lost champion and life for the Scoobies will never be the same

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Scooby GangOlBearFR181128,52745843,08311 Jan 1214 Dec 14No

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters and never will. BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon. I can only claim ideas that come from sleep deprivation and overdosing on caffeine and nicotine

Angelus stalked through the warehouse with a hungry leer on his face. “Drusilla, where are you my Princess?” He crooned. “Daddy wants to talk to you.”

From one of the rooms Drusilla appeared, behind her was Spike in his wheel chair. “Daddy.” She squealed, gliding over to her Sire. “I missed you.” Spike simply glared at Angelus as he lit one of his cigarettes.

“You’ve been keeping secrets from me haven’t you Dru.” Angelus said as he gently cupped her cheek. Before she could say anything he brutally struck her with a backhanded blow that sent to the floor.

“Oi what the hell you think you’re doing you pillock?!” Spike shouted as he wheeled himself over.

“Quiet William,” Spike bristled at the use of his birth name. “I need to have a chat with Dru about keeping secrets.” Angelus said as he looked down at his childe.

On the floor Drusilla licked at the blood flowing from her lips. “Oh Daddy have I been a bad girl? Will you punish your bad girl?” She beamed up at Angelus, her mind full of what she would enjoy at the hands of her ‘Daddy’.

“Yes Dru you will be punished. But first I want to see what you’ve done to Harris.”

“What you grabbed the whelp?” Spike interrupted.

“Yes Spikey, that poor kitten was all alone so I brought him home with me.” Drusilla beamed at Spike before turning to Angelus. “But the Kitten is no fun. He won’t whimper or beg and it’s very hard to make him squeal. Please Daddy help me make my kitten play nice.”

Angelus lifted the insane seer to her feet and caressed her, making her shiver in anticipation. Ignoring the glare from Spike he spoke to his childe. “Alright Dru, let’s have a look at your Kitten shall we?”

With a beaming smile Dru lead her Sire and her Childe into the basement. What they saw there gladdened the unbeating hearts of the demons. Xander Harris, bloody and beaten, suspended by his wrists from the ceiling. Drusilla danced over and grabbed the youth’s hair to raise his face to the other vampires.

“Kitten’s sleeping right now. Should we wake him up to play?” She asked.

Angelus and Spike regarded the boy’s face. At some stage Dru had struck and now his right eye was swollen shut. Bruises and cuts covered his torso and legs. Both of them smirked, Dru was a master of causing pain without killing and it looked like she had used everything she had learned on the Slayer’s lapdog.

Stalking around Xander Angelus noted that Dru had also flogged him. “Did you use a cat or a bullwhip on him?”

Drusilla motioned to a bloody Cat-O-Nine Tails on the table. “The cat daddy, but all it did was make him moan and jerk.” She began swaying to music only she could hear. Both Spike and Angelus grinned, they enjoyed a spot of torture and to have one of The Scooby’s in their hands made it all the sweeter.

Angelus turned to Spike. “Do you have a camera around here? I think the Slayer deserves a little memento of her friend.”

Spike turned to one of his minions. “Oi you, bring the camera and a couple of bottles of Vodka!” The vampire rushed off. Spike turned back to Angelus.

“So you gonna kill the Whelp or turn him and send him after the Slayer?” Either suited Spike since that would force the Slayer to fight his Grandsire. No matter who walked away from that fight he’d be the winner.

“Not yet,” Angelus said taking a drink from the bottle of Vodka. “Besides Dru hasn’t finished with him yet. Isn’t that right princess?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I want him to beg and plead and promise that he’ll do anything I ask.” Beamed Drusilla before gesturing to the minion with his camera. Standing next to Xander she grasped his hair again and raised his head. Slipping into her ‘Game Face’ she showed her fangs. “Watch the birdie Kitten.” She laughed.

Behind her Angelus laughed wickedly. There was just enough time before dawn to drop the photo at Buffy’s house. Maybe after a day or two he’d show the boy why the name Angelus was feared though out the demon world. But that would wait until Harris was fully awake and would feel everything done to him. Laughing again he caressed Dru’s backside. Unlife was good.

Angelus snatched the Polaroids. Giving several to Dru he tucked the rest into his coat. “I’m off to deliver these to The Slayer.” He remarked as he walked out the door.

Dru barely noticed him leave. She stood there swaying as she thought of ways to play with her kitten. She giggled at a random thought. Gently stroking the face of the barely conscious youth she whispered in his ear. Stepping back she smirked. “Don’t worry Kitten, soon you’ll break I promise you.” With that she skipped out the door to join Spike in their bedchamber.

As a seer Drusilla was considered one of the most successful even if no one could understand her insane, disjointed rambling. However she wasn’t infallible. The spell she had cast on Xander to hide him from mystical sight had an unintended side effect. Until she cancelled the spell or he escaped Drusilla could not hear ‘The Stars’ so she received no visions. If she had she would never have whispered her plans to Xander.

SHS Library

Giles was sipping his third cup of coffee of the morning. Normally he drank tea but after last night he needed the caffeine boost. He and Jenny had managed to find a ritual that would bar a vampire from entering a place where they had been invited. Once that was done he was finally able to convince Jenny to try and get some sleep.

The Gypsy had ended up crying herself to sleep in his arms as she wept for her uncle and the fact that she had kept secrets from those who had saved her life and whose lives she had saved.

Now the Watcher and the Gypsy were waiting on the arrival of Buffy and her friends. Oz had already arrived and was helping Ms Calendar lay out the items needed for the ‘De-invitation’ spell and the location spell they hoped would find Xander. The normally stoic youth was looking concerned, not so much for Xander who he didn’t really know but for Willow. Suddenly his nostrils flared and he looked towards the door of the library.

Seconds later the doors opened to reveal a distraught Buffy half carrying, half leading a stunned Willow.

“C’mon Willow nearly there.” Buffy murmured as she directed her to a chair.

Oz and Giles approached the two girls. Suddenly Willow launched herself at her boyfriend. Latching on to him she started to babble and sob. Unfortunately Oz had only been dating the red-head for a few weeks and wasn’t yet fluent in ‘Willow Speak’. The only thing he could make out was Xander, Hurt and Skanky Vampire. So he just held on to her and whispered in her ear, trying to calm her down.

While he was doing that Giles turned to Buff, the visibly upset Slayer reached into her jacket and produced an envelope, passing it to her Watcher.

“This was on my nightstand this morning when I woke up.”

Giles accepted the envelope. It was addressed, ‘To my darling Slayer’ in Copperplate script. Inside the unsealed envelope he found three Polaroid photos.

The first was of Xander from the chest up, covered in blood and suspended in chains.

The second showed Xander with Drusilla in her Game face next to him with a smirking Angelus in the background. The final photo had Drusilla grinning as she licked the blood off Xander’s face. There was also a message written on the last photo.

Hey Buffy,

Do you like Dru’s new toy? Maybe I’ll send you something ‘wet’ soon.

Love Angelus XXX

Giles looked at Buffy. “I’m sorry Giles but Willow saw the photos before I could stop her.” She indicated the sobbing Hacker held in the arms of Oz. “She’s been like that ever since.”

Giles allowed himself to collapse in a chair. All of them had held on to the slight hope that Xander was alright and had just forgotten to check in. But those pictures had shattered that. His musings were interrupted by the arrival of Cordelia Chase.

Queen C, dressed in comfortable, casual clothes but still looking like she’d stepped off a Catwalk in Milan; saw the looks on everyone’s face.

“What happening. What’s wrong?” She demanded.

“Buffy received a message about Xander.” Giles said in a dull monotone, gesturing to the envelope on the table.

“Let me see.” Cordelia said flatly.

“Miss Chase I don’t think it would be a good idea to see” Giles was interrupted.

“I don’t give a damn about what you think old man. Show me!”

With a sigh Giles handed over the envelope. Cordelia looked at the photos and paled beneath her perfect tan. Replacing the photos she turned to Buffy.

“Well Slayer what are you going to do about this?” She demanded

Buffy looked like a deer caught in headlights. “Wha.....What do you mean?” She stammered.

“What do I mean?” Cordelia almost screeched. “By God Summers that hair dye you use must have seeped in and started killing brain cells. When are you going to deal with that psycho Angelus? Or are you going to let him work his way through all your friends?” The disgust in the socialite’s voice was plain to hear.

Buffy was about to answer when there was a polite cough from the doorway. Turning, they saw the Slayer Kendra standing there with a bag on her shoulder.

“Watcher Giles, I have a message for you.” The Jamaican Slayer said.

End Chapter Two
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