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A Fire Shall Burn

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Summary: An ancient power calls forth a lost champion and life for the Scoobies will never be the same

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Scooby GangOlBearFR181128,52745843,03711 Jan 1214 Dec 14No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters and never will. BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon. I can only claim ideas that come from sleep deprivation and overdosing on caffeine and nicotine

Xander groaned and tried to roll over. That was when he realized something was very wrong. He remembered being at the mall and Buffy using the rocket launcher to destroy The Judge. Then Buffy taking off after Angelus while Giles, Willow, Oz and himself started to collect what they could of The Judge before the police arrived.

Giles and the other Scoobies had just left and Xander was about to join them when he heard a moan of pain coming from a nearby corridor. Turning to help whoever it was hurt in the battle he caught the scent of lilacs and a throaty female voice purring “Hello Kitten.” Then blackness.

Before opening his eyes Xander sent a silent plea to heaven. “Please let this be a bad dream and I’m about to wake up in hospital!” Blinking he looked around and realised that he was definitely in trouble this time. “Looks like I’m fate’s butt monkey again.” he thought.

He was in a basement, chained to a table, naked apart from his boxers. Nearby was an unlit brazier and a table covered with implements he shuddered at when he saw them. Along one wall was a collection of dolls displayed as though they were an audience. Finally he saw the beautiful, insane, vampire seer Drusilla having a tea party with several other dolls. “Yep Alexander Lavelle Harris, you are definitely in trouble again.” He thought.

“Really Miss Edith, our Kitten is awake? Wonderful. Excuse me ladies while I talk to our guest.” Drusilla said to her dolls, sounding like a little girl. She then placed her cup of blood on the table and delicately dabbed her lips with a napkin before seeming to float over to the bound teenager.

The vampiress beamed at the youth. “Kitten are you comfortable?” Xander shuddered at the sight of the demon’s blood stained teeth.

“Not really Dru. I’m a bit tied up at the moment.” Xander replied. Hoping there was no fear in his voice.

Drusilla giggled. “Oh Kitten we are going to have such fun together.”

“Umm thanks for the invite Dru but could you untie me? I’ve got school tomorrow and I really should get home to study.” Xander said while testing the strength of his bonds.

Drusilla casually backhanded him across the face before running her fingernail down the boy’s naked chest. “Kitten has a wicked sense of humour. Perhaps I should show him how wicked I can be?” She then turned to the table and began looking for the perfect toy to begin playing with.

Xander looked at his captor as she compared various blades. He doubted that he’d make it out of this one alive but he made himself two promises. One, no matter what happened he would not beg for mercy and two, if they turned him into what he hated the most the first thing he would do was go for a walk in the sunlight. There was no way he would force those he loved stake a vampire who looked like their best friend.

“Here we are Kitten.” Drusilla said brightly, brandishing a small but very sharp looking knife. “Time to play and once I’ve had some fun I’ll bring Daddy and Spiky in and we can all play with you. Wont that be fun?”

Not trusting himself to speak Xander simply glared at the vampire. In the back of his head he heard ‘The Soldier’ from his Halloween possession. “Stand tall son and don’t give this Bitch the satisfaction!!”

Drusilla, one quarter of the ‘The Scourge of Europe’ looked into the eyes of her newest toy and saw the fear in them fade. It was replaced with steely determination and icy contempt. Yes she would enjoy breaking this one.

Sunnydale High School Library.

Rupert Giles, Watcher to the current Slayer glared at his charge as she tried to explain why a master vampire escaped her.

“No Buffy.” He said simply, “Angelus did not escape. YOU let him go!” Giles looked at the petite blonde sitting in front of him before continuing. “It is not your fault that Angelus was freed. There was no way we could have known that the curse could have been broken. Be that as it may it is now YOUR responsibility to deal with him before more lives are lost.”

Buffy looked at the Englishman and tried to think of a way to tell him. Tell him that even though she knew in her mind that only Angelus remained in her heart all she saw was her soul mate. The one she had wanted to share her life with, the one that she needed by her side as she battled the darkness. In the mind of the seventeen year old girl Angel was her ‘Dark Defender’ and she no longer remembered her first year on the Hellmouth.

How the vampire with a soul kept to the shadows, delivering cryptic messages and avoiding confrontations with other vampires unless his own unlife was in peril. Even when Buffy had asked him to help with the fight Angel’s reply was simple and direct. “I may be undead but I’m not suicidal!” before letting three teenagers and middle aged man fight the minions of ‘The Master’.

She was about to tell Giles that he didn’t understand when the doors to the library swung open to admit Willow and Oz supporting a distraught looking Jenny Calendar or Janna Kaldaresh, the Romany Witch sent by her tribe to ensure that Angelus continued to suffer.

“What’s she doing here?” Buffy said with bitterness.

It was the usually stoic Oz who answered. “We found here in the corridor. I think something happened.”

Giles looked at the woman he was in love with and saw that her eyes were red from weeping and her complexion pale. He guided her to a chair before gently taking her hands in his.

“Jenny what’s wrong? Did something happen?” He said in a quiet tone, ignoring the now fuming slayer.

“Rupert, I I went to see my Uncle. I wanted to get the ‘Soul Curse’ from him. I thought that we might be able to bring Angel back.” Jenny said in a quavering voice. Behind her both Buffy and Willow perked up at those words but for different reasons.

Jenny continued. “He wasn’t in his room so I went home. I found....” Her voice trailed off.

“Found what?” Giles said, dreading what was about to come.

“I found Uncle Enyos’ head in my fridge!” Jenny wailed, grief and terror overcoming her and she collapsed in the librarians arms.

As he comforted the Techno-Pagan Giles stared at the Slayer. For once Buffy kept silent though she was still in denial. Angel wasn’t gone; she knew that she could get through to him and bring him back. She was about to comment that their priority was getting the curse and performing it when Cordelia entered the library.

Queen C looked around the room before asking a question. “Where the Hell is Xander?” Silence and shocked looks were the only answer she received.


Sam Zabuto put his pen down and sighed. The signs were all the same. Darkness was rising in The Hellmouth, but at the same time a power was growing. Whether it was for good or evil he couldn’t tell. He was tempted to ring Rupert Giles and try and get some current information but The Council’s directive was clear. Under no circumstances was there to be any direct contact between himself and the Watcher of the Senior Slayer.

“Is t’ere some ting wrong Sir?” Sam looked up at the question from his charge, Kendra and came to a decision. While he was forbidden to contact Rupert directly The Council had never mentioned that the two Slayers could not meet.

“Yes Kendra there is. I need you to pack a bag; you have a mission in Sunnydale to undertake. I’ll brief you on the way to the airport.” Sam said as he gathered his notes.

“At once Sir.” Kendra carefully schooled her face to show no emotion as she walked to her room but inside she was ecstatic. Returning to Sunnydale, even if she was on a mission, was something to look forward to. Her time on the Hellmouth fighting alongside Buffy Summers had shown her a world that she had never known existed. She smiled at the thought of seeing her ‘Sister Slayer’ and her friends. Perhaps this time she would accept Xander’s invitation to a movie and ice-cream when she had completed her mission.

Abandoned warehouse Sunnydale.

Spike rolled his wheelchair into the main room of the warehouse. Angelus had just left, muttering about making the Slayer’s life ‘A Living Hell’ before he killed her. Lighting a cigarette Spike thought about the events of the evening.

It had seemed so easy when they were planning it. The Judge would do his thing and they would feast in the chaos and destruction. Then the Slayer had turned up with a rocket launcher of all things and turned the oversized Smurf into dog food before it could kill more than a handful.

Now he wasn’t sure what he should do. He knew what he wanted to do, kill his third slayer and become a legend in the demonic community. The thought of seeing the fear in the blonde slayer’s eyes before he snapped her neck was intoxicating. Only one thing would be better and that would be to have her slim thighs wrapped around his waist while he ‘Staked’ her.

The ideas of death and sex made him hungry. Wheeling himself along he headed to a locked room. Hopefully the young hitchhiker they’d grabbed was still alive. Spike had a yearning for someone young and female to snack on.

Back in the warehouse Drusilla considered her newest toy. From the start she had seen that her Kitten had strength, far more than he showed the world. Miss Edith had whispered to her that Alexander could surpass her Spike if he was turned in the right circumstances. But the problem was that he was committed to the Naughty Slayer and the Little Tree. Unless they betrayed or abandoned him he would never leave their side.

Pouting Drusilla put down the whip she had been using and regarded the youth who was now suspended by chains to the ceiling. “I’m disappointed in you Kitten, making Mummy work so hard.” She ran a finger through the blood that was trickling down his side to the dirt floor of the basement. Licking her fingers clean she looked at Xander and realised that he was unconscious. Pouting again Dru decided to let her toy rest, earlier she’d heard Daddy and Spike arguing. Maybe she should bring them in too help her; Daddy always had wonderful ideas about causing pain.

Leaving the basement she addressed one of her few remaining minions. “No one is to enter. Is that understood?”

The minion swallowed and answered. “Yes Mistress.” He well knew what happened to those who disobeyed or failed his Sire. With a swish of her velvet gown Drusilla glided down the hallway.

1630 Rovello Drive

Willow and Buffy were sitting in Buffy’s bedroom. To say that the evening hadn’t gone well was an understatement. When Cordelia had asked where Xander was all of them realised that they hadn’t seen him since they destroyed The Judge. A series of quick phone calls had proved fruitless. He wasn’t at the hospital or his home.

The location spells they had tried all ended up the same way. Xander was alive and somewhere in Sunnydale and that was it. Giles had mentioned another spell they could try but it could only be performed in daylight. In the meantime Giles and a partially recovered Ms Calendar were researching ‘De-invitation’ spells to ensure that Angelus could no longer enter their homes.

Till that was done their families were at risk from the psychotic master vampire. That was why Willow was staying at Buffy’s house. Buffy looked at her red-headed friend with concern. Willow, dressed in an oversize T-shirt was hugging her knees to her chest as she looked at her friend, her eyes bright with unshed tears.

“Buffy do you think Angelus has him?” Her tone was quiet and frightened.

“I don’t know Willow, Angel might have grabbed him or a wandering demon. Until we can find out where he is there’s not much we can do.” Buffy said, silently praying that it wasn’t her lover who had snatched her friend. If it turned out that Angel had Xander and killed, or worse, turned him not even Willow would support her in trying to bring back Angel’s soul.

“Come one let’s try and get some sleep. Tomorrow we’ll do the spell, find Xander and once he’s safe we’ll make sure he can never be hurt again.

With that the two girls made themselves comfortable and tried to fall asleep. In the tree outside Buffy’s bedroom Angelus smirked at the conversation he had overheard.

”So Harris has gone missing?” he thought with a shark like grin. Silently he dropped from his perch to the ground. His original plan for the night was to leave a drawing of Buffy on her pillow. But this was an even greater opportunity to mess with the Slayer’s mind and all her little friends.

Smirking, he started walking down the street. He’d have to have a long talk to Dru about not letting him know when she had a new toy to play with. “Should I turn him or just leave his drained and desecrated corpse somewhere for ‘my darling Buffy’ to find. Decisions, decisions.” He thought.

City Hall, the Mayor’s Office.

Richard Wilkins I, II & III, Mayor of Sunnydale and a magician of the darkest type entered his office to find Alan Finch, Deputy Mayor waiting for him with a folder in hand.

“Well Alan will we have a problem with The Judge’s appearance?” He asked as he sat behind his desk.

“I don’t think so Sir. Thanks to the Slayer and her friends, The Judge was dealt with after causing only eight fatalities. We’ve covered the use of an anti-tank weapon by claiming a ruptured gas line.” Finch said as he handed over the file.

Wilkins snorted in amusement as he read the report. Well done for the Slayer and her gang to work out that “No Weapon Forged By Man” did not mean that the demon was invulnerable. Looking up at his deputy he asked. “Do we know how she was able to get her hands on an AT-4 so quickly?”

“Nothing has been confirmed sir but our best guess is that they infiltrated the local army base to acquire it.”

Wilkins leaned back in his chair. “If they did it was most probably either Mr Osborne or Mr Harris. I don’t think Miss Summers and Rosenberg or the Watcher would have considered something like that.” He mused. “By golly it’s good to see such original thinking in today’s youth.”

Finch remained silent as his boss continued reading the report. Turning a page the Mayor looked up.

“Do we have confirmation that Angelus has joined up with his old friends Spike and Drusilla?”

“At the moment nothing concrete. But one of our ‘Night staff’ did see him feeding and he was beside Drusilla with the Judge. Do you want to arrange a meeting?”

The Mayor considered it, “No I don’t think so. The Scourge’s idea of fun causes too much disruption and I don’t want to spend too many assets keeping them in line.”

Putting down the report he looked at Finch. “Is there anything else Alan?”

“No sir. Emergency services have the situation at the mall under control and I’ve been told that tenders for repairs will be submitted before lunch tomorrow.”

“That’s good to hear. Well Alan that’s enough for tonight. Go home and relax, you’ve earned it.”

“Thank you Sir, I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.” With Finch left the office leaving the Mayor some privacy.

Wilkins read the report a second time before putting it in his personal safe. “What was it about the Aurelian vampires that made them want to destroy humanity or end the world? It was only a year ago that Nest tried to open the Hellmouth and today his ‘Grandchildren’ had released a demon specifically to destroy humans.” He thought to himself. With his ‘Ascension’ scheduled for the centenary of the founding of Sunnydale he really didn’t need these distractions. “Perhaps a few discrete hints to the Slayer wouldn’t go astray. Maybe they’d even dispose of each other.”

With that cheery thought Wilkins left his office. He had a ritual to complete first thing in the morning and a teleconference with the law firm Wolfram & Hart. A good night’s sleep was called for unless he wanted the Senior Partners to find out what he was doing. Whistling a cheery tune he walked down to his limo and headed home. Today had definitely been an exciting day.

Residence of Rupert Giles

Giles handed Jenny a rather large glass of Brandy. “Here Jenny drink this.”

The Gypsy accepted the glass and half emptied it in one gulp. As the alcohol burned through her system she felt herself relax slightly. She watched as Giles read through a small leather bound book before he started chanting in Latin. As he chanted he laid a line of salt at the base of the door and finished the warding spell by throwing the last few grains at the door.

With a sigh the Watcher put the book away and turned to the woman he was falling in love with. “It’s done, for the next four hours nothing demonic can enter.” He said. “Jenny are you feeling up to helping me find a spell or do you need to rest?”

Jenny smiled slightly. “No Rupert the faster we find a ‘de-invitation’ ritual the safer we’ll all be.”

“Yes well you get started and I’ll make us some tea.” Giles said as he moved into his kitchen. Jenny brought a book closer to herself and began to research. At the same time she was worried about the missing Scooby, Xander.

In his kitchen Giles began brewing a pot of tea and thinking of current events. Angelus free and already reliving his glory days with the Scourge of Europe, a Slayer who couldn’t seem to do her duty and one of her friends missing, probably captured and suffering torture. In a moment of brutal self honesty he realised that he should have dealt with his Slayer’s relationship with a vampire a long time ago.

When Buffy went with her father on a cruise over the summer he should have confronted the vampire with a soul and either destroyed him or forced him to leave town and never come back. If he had too he knew he could have requested help from The Council for back up and while Buffy might have been upset but she would have recovered and this catastrophe would never have happened. With a sigh he placed the tea service on a tray and went back out to try and find a spell to keep Angelus out of the homes of his charge and her friends.

Placing the tray on the table he regarded the woman sitting there. Now that she was actually doing something Jenny seemed much calmer and focused. On his return she gave him a small smile and pushed a stack of books towards him.

“Get to work English, this will take us most of the night.” She said as Giles placed a cup at her elbow. Together the Watcher and the Gypsy Techno-Pagan began researching.

Chase Family Estate

Cordelia Chase couldn’t sleep, so instead she was pacing in her bedroom. The young socialite was unhappy and more than a little scared at the moment.

“What is wrong with that bottle blonde bitch” she fumed. “One of her best friends is missing and all she cares about is that psycho boyfriend of hers! Anything could have happened to Xander but does she care? No it’s all ‘My poor poor Angel’.”

She knew she wasn’t being fair to the Slayer, when they realised that Xander was missing Buffy had been ready to head out and tear the town apart to find him, especially when the location spells failed. Then she’d started to badger the Computer teacher/Gypsy to do the ‘Soul Curse’ on Angel claiming it was the best way to find Xander.

“As if Angel cares whether Xander lives or dies.” Cordelia snarled, taking a seat in front of her vanity and running a brush through her hair in an effort to calm herself. “Those two have hated each other from day one.”

Finished with her hair Cordelia returned to her bed. She checked to ensure that the blessed crucifix Xander had given was on her nightstand before switching off the light. As she lay in her bed Cordelia did something that she rarely did, she prayed.

“Please God keep Xander safe and bring him back to his friends.”

Passenger Jet enroute to L.A.

Kendra shyly smiled her thanks as the stewardess handed her a drink. She was never comfortable with crowds and being this close to so many people she didn’t know made her nervous. She tried to calm herself by using the meditative techniques taught to her by her Watcher. Breathing softly but evenly she shut herself off from outside distractions. Once she had centred herself she allowed herself to sleep, she had feeling that once she arrived at her destination sleep would be in short supply.

End Chapter One
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