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Heal the Soul

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Summary: The summer after Buffy defeats the Master she finds herself transported to the Harry Potter universe. After a few years Buffy encounters the Weasleys post Voldemort. Both Buffy and the Weasleys have to come to terms with their emotional baggage.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleyWintersBaneFR1555,0981124,78112 Jan 1224 Jan 12No

2. In Which Barney has a Pouch of Tricks

Four Years Earlier

Buffy was angry and tired. All she wanted to do was take a nice stroll out on the beach in peace and quiet. Is that what she got? No. Instead she got a giant, fuzzy, purple and green demon trying to kill her.

As soon she had arrived in L.A. to visit her dad for the summer Buffy had decided to take a break from slaying. It was easier that way, not because of hiding her secret identity from her dad, who was hardly there anyways, but because she wanted a summer without fighting for her life. Considering she had nearly lost her life already. Technically she had died, only being brought back by CPR. So now all Buffy wanted was a break. Of course she didn’t get that break.

As Buffy fought off the fuzzy demon that slightly reminded her of Barney she tried to figure out how she was going to kill it considering she had no weapons. As she landed a kick where she assumed its breast bone was it flinched in pain as it hadn’t done before and backed away. Grinning maniacally, because she finally found a weak spot and could get back to her relaxing walk, Buffy advanced on the demon. As the demon saw her approach it hurriedly pulled a pouch out from who knows where, threw some powder and started chanting in a weird, obviously inhuman, language. As this happened a purple vortex began to swirl where the powder had landed.

“Oh no you don’t, you fuzzy Barney!” Buffy shouted as she ran up to the demon before it could finish. She sent a kick towards the weak spot that was blocked. While righting herself Buffy slipped on a slick patch of pavement. She flung out her arms for balance, unknowingly sending one right into the portal sucking her right in. The next thing Buffy knew she was sitting on the ground right next to the wet patch of ground with no fuzzy purple and green demon in sight.
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