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Heal the Soul

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Summary: The summer after Buffy defeats the Master she finds herself transported to the Harry Potter universe. After a few years Buffy encounters the Weasleys post Voldemort. Both Buffy and the Weasleys have to come to terms with their emotional baggage.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleyWintersBaneFR1555,0981124,80412 Jan 1224 Jan 12No

3. In Which We Find the Promise of a Cookie


Buffy finally made it to her apartment after an exhausting day. Even though the Ministry of Magic was better than its muggle counterpart, they still weren’t a joy to deal with. Plus she had to find her new apartment, which she couldn’t apparate to since she had never been there before. She had wanted a place in muggle London and luckily for her an acquaintance from New York had a place for rent. Buffy trusted her quite a lot taking her word on the place deciding to move in without even checking it out. She figured if it sucked she could take her time finding a new place.

Buffy would have preferred to take a taxi but since she hadn’t exchanged her muggle, American money for muggle, British money yet, she decided to use her trusty feet. It was times like these when Buffy almost wished she had her slayer strength and stamina still.

Buffy had visited London before making the decision to change countries. She had toured the area and was no longer a bright-eyed tourist. This gave her the opportunity to think during her walk. Buffy went over her time in the Ministry and laughed at the memory of bumping into that interesting man.

It had taken her some time to get used to wizarding fashion but after four years Buffy knew what looked good and what was fashionable. So when she bumped into the tall, ginger haired man his startlingly pink robes took Buffy aback. Even Buffy knew that wasn’t quite fashionable, even for wizards. He had a kind face though and seemed sorry if not amused at the stack of papers Buffy had received from a rather harried secretary as she searched for the right office in Department of International Magical Cooperation slightly confused.

Buffy lost her train of thought when she looked up at the street sign and found her desired road. Almost there she thought. As she checked the address she found her building. It was a little sad with it’s gray stone, but the outside didn’t matter it was what was on the inside that counted. Looking at her new home and steeling herself before she walked in Buffy thought back to her first night in this interesting world.

Four Years Earlier

“Where’d you go Barney?” Buffy shouted as she jumped to her feet. Now that she had gotten a taste of the fight she wanted to finish it. She wanted to prove that she wasn’t weak. To Buffy’s surprise the demon was nowhere to be found in the open area. A little confused by her encounter with the missing demon Buffy decided to head straight back to her dad’s place. She was surprised by how tired she was. Buffy just chalked it up to not having had a good fight in a while.

When Buffy reached her destination she stopped in confusion. Sitting in the driveway of her dad’s home bearing a ‘My kid’s an honor student’ bumper sticker was a gold minivan. Who on earth would be visiting that owns a minivan, Buffy thought. Just as she started to walk to the door Buffy was frozen mid step by a voice.

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. Might be a little tricky to explain to the happy, little family inside.”

“Who are you? And what are you talking about?” Buffy fired off as she whirled around. Standing in front of her was a short, horribly dressed man.

“You can call me Whistler.” He casually answered.

“Well, Whistler, what do you mean about the happy, little family?” Buffy gritted out. “Hurry up! I broke a nail on Barney and I’m not opposed to breaking another one on you. Especially since I know you’re not human.” Buffy added feeling his answer wasn’t coming fast enough.

“Chill!” Whistler replied taking a step back. “Just go quietly and look through the window over there. Be quick about it and I’ll give you a cookie.”

Buffy eyed him warily but did as he asked. To her shock when she got to the window she saw what Whistler had aptly described as a happy, little family sitting down to dinner in the dining room. It was complete with a mom, a dad, two kids and even a dog lying next to the table waiting for scraps. Before Buffy could ask these people what they were doing in her dad’s house the interior of the house caught her attention. This was not her dad’s bachelor pad. This was a quaint and homey place. Any trace of Hank Summers was entirely missing. Buffy stepped back in shock.

“Like I said, tricky.”

Buffy turned her back to the house and walked away in a daze on the sidewalk. Whistler trailed behind her. Coming back to herself Buffy whirled around to face Whistler.

“What is going on?” She shouted.

“Take a breath, please? Now remember when you were having a little tussle with that fella you call Barney.”

“Yes.” Buffy answered through her teeth.

“Now remember when he threw out that powder and started his little chant?”

“Yes, get on with it.”

“Well Barney’s powder from his pouch of tricks helps him get back to his home dimension.”

“Wait! What! You mean I’m in that freaks home world? Huh, doesn’t look very demony to me.”

“That’s because you didn’t go there. Trust me; be glad, it’s full of a lot of fuzzy stuff, pretty gross. Anyways, not the point, the point is you accidentally went into the portal and since you and Barney aren’t quite the same the portal worked differently and you ended up here.” Whistler spread his arms out to illustrate here.

“So where’s here?”

“That’s the fun part. Let’s take a little walk and I’ll give you the main points.”

“Where’s my cookie?”

“Didn’t forget that part did you?” Whistler said as the pair walked down the sidewalk in the night.
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