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Heal the Soul

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Summary: The summer after Buffy defeats the Master she finds herself transported to the Harry Potter universe. After a few years Buffy encounters the Weasleys post Voldemort. Both Buffy and the Weasleys have to come to terms with their emotional baggage.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleyWintersBaneFR1555,0981124,78212 Jan 1224 Jan 12No

4. In Which a New World is Revealed

Four Years Earlier, cont.

Buffy jogged up to the swiftly moving form of Whistler slightly out of breath. “Slow down, I’m not up to my Slayer standards here.”

“Well you’re right about that.”

“Are you saying I’m fat?” Buffy yelled at him.

“No, no, not at all.” Whistler replied backpedaling. “It’s just that, well I hate to break it to ya kid but now that you’re in this world you don’t have your slayer goodies anymore.”

“What?” Buffy froze on the sidewalk.

“You don’t have the slayer package anymore. No more super Buffy. Don’t worry though, you got something to make up for it.” Whistler hurried to reassure her.

“You mean I don’t have to go out every night and risk my life anymore? I can stay home and veg out without anybody telling me to go out and fulfill my destiny?”

“Well, yeah.”

“There’s no more prophecies telling me I’m going to die?” Buffy asked in a small voice.

“Prophecies are always a tricky bunch anyways, but there are no more slayer prophecies for you.”

“I can be normal. I won’t ruin so many clothes! My mom might actually be able to relate to my problems now.” Buffy grew excited until she a thought struck her. “Wait, is my mom here?” She asked almost afraid to hear the answer. Following Whistler as he began to walk again.

“Joyce from your dimension is not here. The only one from your dimension currently here is you.”

“Great. So just when my mom realized she had a daughter she’s taken away from me.” Buffy suddenly stopped. “Hold the phone. I’m only sixteen, how am I supposed to take care of myself. How am I going to afford shoes?” Buffy finished thinking of all the new clothes and shoes she had purchased on her dad’s dime. The clothes that were currently back in her room at her dad’s place, in another dimension.

“Don’t worry, the higher ups fixed that for you. Consider yourself lucky, this is one of the rare occasions where they actually deigned to help someone so lowly. Now come on we’ll walk while I explain. I want to see the beach while we’re here.” Whistler turned to continue down the sidewalk. Buffy nodded silently and followed him. “So you know there’s a hell dimension being that you’ve been living on the mouth of hell and all, but there happens to be more than one. I’ve never bothered to take a count but there’s a lot. If there are several hell dimensions it stands to reason that there are several other perfectly nice, neutral dimensions, like yours and this one for example. I say neutral, but there’s always some evil threatening to make it his playground. That’s why there are people like slayers to balance out those uglies. Now in many of the different dimensions we have counterparts who may be exactly like ourselves except for small decisions you’ve made differently or other differentiating factors. Well, your counterpart in this dimension recently died. You follow me?”

“Sure.” Buffy answered not quite sure she really did.

“So basically you took up a vacancy in a dimension that is similar to yours. For instance you could have ended up in the one where your counterpart died by the Master and no one was there to perform CPR. That would have completely freaked out your little buddies not to mention Joyce. Plus it would have taken more time on my part to explain to the watcher that no, you are not a demon. But it wasn’t up to anybody where you ended up. It was the luck of the portal.” By now they had reached the boardwalk next to the beach and Whistler headed straight for a food vendor. “Dog me.” He said to the vendor as Buffy looked at him impatiently. Whistler took his hot dog as he handed over his cash. “Want one?” Whistler asked Buffy gesturing to his hot dog as he squirted on some mustard.

“Uh, no thank you.”

“Your loss. I love a good dog.” Whistler told her taking a big bite out of his hot dog.

“Can we continue now? You know, the luck of the portal and all that good stuff.”

“So here’s the good part. In this world you’re a witch.”

“Um, no thank you. I’d rather not have a creepy attic like Amy’s mom.”

“No problem. Witches and wizards are different in this world. You don’t have to be creepy if you don’t want to. Now back to the point. This world doesn’t have a slayer. It doesn’t really have the right magic to support one. It doesn’t need one anyways. The demons from your world don’t exist here. Now there are plenty of magical creatures. Some are dark and some are nice and fluffy. There is a whole secret society of witches and wizards who keep track of them so don’t worry about it.”

“What about vampires?”

“They’re different and kind of sad in comparison to the ones you’re used to dealing with. Like I said, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“So how does this work? I don’t know any of this magicky stuff.”

“Let me set up the story and we’ll get to that. This world’s version of yourself and your parents are wizards. Your parents were a little on the weird side for wizards. Kind of like wizard hippies. They traveled around looking for and doing research on magical creatures. Sometimes certain creatures didn’t actually exist but that didn’t stop your parents. Recently they were observing a small dragon that they thought was something else. In their defense it’s a rare dragon that doesn’t look much like one. Unfortunately for your counterpart and her family, a group of non-magical teenagers decided to have a little party in the area. They scared the dragon and the dragon ended up killing everybody. It was a messy job for the American magical government to clean up. So as your counterpart, Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Winters, died you arrived. The bosses did a little shift and you are going to take over the life of one Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Winters.”

“Why do I get a name change?”

“Because you’re taking over her identity, so you get her name. Lucky for you it’s very similar.”

“So I get to be like Sabrina. I guess I can work with that. Can’t be worse than being the Slayer, at least I still have my name.”

“Unlike Sabrina you get a nifty wand to wave around.” At this Buffy watched Whistler pull out something that looked strangely like a polished stick and held it out to her. “Take it, it’s yours and you’re gonna need it.”

“Alrighty then.” Buffy hesitantly took the smooth piece of wood from Whistler. As she took full possession of it she felt the strange sensation of warmth and completeness. It was as if there was a piece of Buffy missing that she never knew about and this was the piece.

“That is your wand.” Whistler informed her. “It’s eig-”

“Eight and a half inches, birch with unicorn hair.” Buffy finished for Whistler with wide eyes. “How did I know that?”

“That’s from the big guns upstairs. They’re giving you some essential knowledge so you’re not completely lost. All right, I’m almost out of time. Pretty soon you’re gonna pass out, don’t worry it’s not gonna hurt. When you wake up you’re going to be in a wizarding hospital in L.A. We worked it out so that everyone thinks you were the only survivor of the dragon mishap. You’ll be able to figure out the rest as you go and now it’s time for me to go.”

“Wait! How will I know what to do?”

“Don’t worry, just go with the flow. The important stuff will be in here.” Whistler said pointing to Buffy’s head.

“But I hate hospitals! And you forgot my cookie!” Was the last thing Buffy said before her vision went black.


Author's Note: I'm going to try to keep updates to at least once a week. If we're lucky there could be two in a week. And thank you to those who reviewed. I'm a scaredy-cat who fears reading reviews but I squeal for joy on the inside when I see that I have them. I also get stuck in the details sometimes, so let me know if I get to long-winded and should just cut to the chase.
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