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Heal the Soul

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Summary: The summer after Buffy defeats the Master she finds herself transported to the Harry Potter universe. After a few years Buffy encounters the Weasleys post Voldemort. Both Buffy and the Weasleys have to come to terms with their emotional baggage.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleyWintersBaneFR1555,0981124,78112 Jan 1224 Jan 12No

1. In which Traveling is a Breeze

Disclaimer: The Buffy world and characters belong to Joss and the Harry Potter world and characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I do not own nor do I claim to own either.

Authors Note: Sometimes my grammar can be particularly horrendous. I do try and review and edit as much as possible before posting. If you find any horrendous errors please tell me what they are instead of just telling me I have awful grammar. It will be much appreciated and beneficial for everyone.


Traveling was so much easier since she came to the wizarding world. Using a portkey, flooing or apparating could get one anywhere in mere seconds. Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Winters, formerly known as Buffy Summers, was glad of this since she was moving to London. In her old life it would have been a long flight and a hassle getting all of her belongings transported to her new apartment. Now all she had to do was shrink her belongings, stick them in her coat pockets and take a portkey to the British Ministry of Magic.

Buffy was moving to London to work at St. Mungo’s. The hospital she had interned at in New York wasn’t hiring and the only other wizarding hospital in the States was in L.A. Deciding she didn’t want to go back to California she had chosen to apply at St. Mungo’s in London. Luckily Buffy was hired. She didn’t have any desire to go to Canada.

She had to portkey to the British Ministry so she could finish filling out the proper paperwork allowing her to live and work in England. Buffy was so glad that she didn’t have to mess with the muggle government; wizarding government was so much easier to deal with than muggle government. Not that it was enjoyable, it would take a lot more than a bit of magic for Buffy to consider dealing with any form of government delightful. At least she had nothing to hide from the Ministry of Magic, no secret identity to fear being revealed.

As Buffy looked around her New York apartment once more to make sure she hadn’t left anything behind she prepared herself to start a new chapter in her life, again.
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