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The End's Beginning

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Summary: **Hopefully just the first in the Apocalypse'verse** Smacking down the First had further consequences than the Scoobies ever imagined. *Crossover with 'Bruce Almighty'*

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The End's Beginning

The End's Beginning
Summary: Smacking down the First had further consequences than the Scoobies ever imagined.

Challenge: from the TtH forums…to create one of the largest multi-author/multi-fandom ‘verses ever! And specifically #6805 The Apocalypse'verse by myself.

Timeline: post-‘Chosen’ for BtVS, post-season 4 for AtS, post-movie for ‘Bruce Almighty.

Warning: possibly very confusing by the time it’s all over. And please don’t take offense to the fictional theology of this.

Thanks to my betas: none this time.

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Bruce Almighty characters belong to Steve Oedekerk, Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe, Universal Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission. Dialogue from

Just outside the Sunnydale Crater

“Yeah, Buffy. What are we gonna do now?” Dawn asked her big sister.

“I have an answer for that, but I doubt any of you will like it,” a voice replied.

Immediately, everyone fell into defensive positions…except for Buffy. That voice…she knew that voice from somewhere and it was a good voice.

“Hold up, guys,” she ordered. “I think I know him – whoever he is.”

Out of nowhere, a man appeared. He was wearing an all-white suit and tie, but managed to pull it off without seeming dorky. He had salt and pepper hair, heavy on the salt. And, oh yeah, he was black.

Before anyone could stop her, Buffy raced into his arms, sobbing in relief because she was in his presence again.

“There, there, my daughter,” he crooned. “You weren’t cast out because you were bad; you were taken because they thought you were needed – and because they feared for your soul.”

Xander was the first one to speak up, “Uhh, Buff? Care to tell us who your cuddle buddy is?”

Buffy sniffled and wiped away the tears from her face using the white handkerchief the man offered. She gave a slight giggle and said, “This is strange. Never thought I would make this introduction, but everyone…this is God. I’d tell him who you are, but he already knows.”

“Did you hit your head or something, B?” Faith scoffed. “How can God exist if all this crappy stuff keeps happening?”

“I go through this every time somebody thinks they can do a better job than me,” God replied with a hint of exasperation. He waved his hand over the group, healing them all at once and providing couches for them to relax on while he gave them the bad news. “Rather than make all you go through what the disbelievers do, I’ll give you the highlights…”

A couple hours later, the group felt a bit chastised, hearing all the times he helped them or tried to help them, even when they didn’t believe, trust or love him.

“Not that I mind seeing you again or anything,” Buffy began, “…but I’m guessing this is more than just a social call, right?”

God nodded sadly, “You’re correct. Although you kept the First Evil from breaking through in this dimension, you didn’t stop its attempts in all the dimensions.”

“What do you mean?” Giles inquired.

“There are many dimensions where Slayers do not exist; some where even magick doesn’t exist. The First Evil is going to visit as many dimensions it can gain power before it comes back to try again here.”

Willow finally spoke up, “What about the balance?”

“Evil doesn’t care about balance; it cares about winning. The First Evil took a chance right now because it thought it had the best chance right now. Your primary magick user couldn’t trust herself to use magick. Speaking of trust, that was something your group was in short supply of – at least in most of the relationships concerning Buffy, but also in others. You people have caused more damage to evil in the past 7 years than the Council – not the Slayers, mind you, I mean the Watchers – has done in a century. Why shouldn’t the First Evil challenge you now?” God asked rhetorically.

“So what’s the plan, Big G?” Faith asked.

Smiling at his prodigal daughter returned to the fold, God answered, “You will stay in this dimension to protect it, my daughter, while the others go to hurt or stop the First Evil in others.”

“How is that going to work?” Giles inquired.

“While you are strongest together, you need to learn that you are strong alone. Also, if I don’t split you up, you may save a couple dimensions temporarily, but in the end, they will all be lost because the First Evil will grow too strong for you to fight. If you go separately, you can keep it from taking over any non-hell dimension,” God paused to let it sink in.

He smiled sadly at Buffy, knowing she wouldn’t like one of his choices; she’d probably try to fight him on it, but in the end, she would do the right thing. Question is: would Willow and Kennedy? “Here are your assignments…” God began.

Apocalypse‘verse Notes/Rules: (also listed on the challenge page)

Now, here’s the challenge to authors: Pick a single BtVS/AtS character that you like to write and one or two fandoms to go with them (no more than two, though…at least until everyone has had a chance to pick). Then start a ‘verse based on the adventures they have there trying to prepare for the final showdown. For example: Fred goes to a world where she encounters the geeks-- er, guys from The Big Bang Theory and from Eureka.

Rule #1: I don’t mind some powers, but they shouldn’t be a Sue or Stu, okay? The reason they are going to these ‘verses is to gather people to help defeat the First in that dimension. If they are a Sue/Stu, they don’t need anyone else.

Rule #2: No excessive bashing of other characters or the crossovers you choose to use…unless they are evil and deserve to be bashed – like Voldemort. What is excessive bashing? Well, if somebody was treating your favorite character that way, would it upset you? Be honest with yourself.

Rule #3: It’d be nice for these to be long stories. If you don’t think you can handle at least 20,000 words, please don’t sign up. (10,000 for a minor character like Owen, Buffy’s first date in Sunnydale)

Rule #4: We also don’t want unfinished fics. If there hasn’t been an update for a year, a warning will be sent out. If there are six more months of no updates after that, the story will either be removed from the Apocalypse‘verse or a new author will take over where the old author left off.

Rule #5: If there is blatant violation of the other rules, a warning will be given. If it continues, a majority vote of all the authors in the ‘verse will decide whether the story and author in question should be removed from the Apocalypse‘verse. It will remain on TtH because I don't have - or want - the authority to remove it there; it just won't be listed on the Apocalypse'verse official list of stories.

Authors can suggest other rules or revisions to these ones and when there’s at least 7 authors total, they can vote on the changes. I hopefully made these ones reasonable, though.

Keep an eye on this story for any updates as to which characters/fandoms have already been selected by other authors. In the case of a fandom that has a spin-off fandom which isn’t being used, the spin-off can be taken by a new author; just avoid any characters from the original fandom.

Anyone who would like to handle fanart for the ‘verses is welcome to join the team!

Leave a private review or hit my email link if you have any questions.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that dead characters don't have to be dismissed; they could have started their adventures when they died. Also, if you truly want to make this 'verse epic, you can go the evil route and have the Senior Partners make the same offer to their side. Just imagine...Adam or Darla going off on their own.

Clarification Note: When people chose a character, I'll add a chapter in this story that tells the author, the character and if known, the fandom's involved. If there's a story link, I'll add it as well.
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