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XANDERVERSE, Terminal city blues

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Summary: This is the Xanderverse to go with mmooch's Apocalypse'verse. After the battle for the hellmouth Xander finds himself in a broken world, Fighting alongside a Dark Angel.

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Television > Dark Angel > Xander - CenteredbuffaloFR1821,7680113,84014 Jan 124 Feb 12No

Chapter two

Terminal City Blues

Undisclosed Location: 1 Day before the Pulse

Xander hits the ground hard. It takes a moment for his senses to return to him. Turns out being tossed through a inter-dimensional portal is a little disconcerting. The first thing he realizes is that he is naked and laying in the snow. The second thing he notices is that he now has two functioning eyes. His joy at the discovery is quickly overshadowed by the cold.

"Hell, it would be embarrassing explaining the frostbite," he says as he pulls himself to his feet. He quickly tries to assess his situation. He realizes that his soldier memories are much stronger, equal to the first few days after his possession.

He quickly notes that he is losing feeling in his extremities, the soldier tells him that it is the first sign of hypothermia setting in.

"Wouldn't that just be perfect, on a mission from god and I die from the cold on my first day." He hears a sound behind him. He turns to see a man dressed in full military issue kit. He is holding a M16 loosely.

"Don't suppose you could point me to the pool," says Xander through chattering teeth. The man smirks; Xander moves before he can react. He hits him in the throat with just enough force to disable him, disrupting his blood flow and airways without crushing it. Xander begins stripping the man, taking his outerwear leaving enough that he won't freeze to death. He quickly dons the acquired clothing. He turns when he hears gunfire from off in the woods.

"If I were smart, I would run away from the gunfire," he says as he grabs the soldier’s rifle and heads toward the sound muttering to himself, “When have I ever done the SMART thing?”

Xander quickly comes to a clearing to find a young girl in a nightgown running from armed men. Barely pausing for thought Xander draws a bead on the first man and fires. The man drops to the ground blood starting to stain the snow. “Ah depth perception… how I’ve missed you.” Xander is already firing again taking down the other two. Shouldering his weapon he advances out of the trees into the girls' eye-line. He opens his mouth as she nears and finds his head hitting the ground. The girl packs a wallop for such a little thing.

He lies there for a while considering how his day had gone. He had thought he wouldn't live to see the sunset, guess things had taken an odd turn. Grabbing what clean clothes and gear he can from the dead soldiers; he pulls himself to his feet and heads in a random direction.

It takes him hours to make his way out of the woods and find a road. After that it was fairly simple to flag down a car and get a ride to the nearest town. He had pocketed some cash from the men back in the woods and he quickly put it to a hot meal and a flea infested motel room. He found himself drifting into a deep sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

He finds himself in a room, beautifully decorated, clearly valuable paintings on the walls. He is sitting at a table he can't help but admire due to the clear skill which went into its construction.

"Hello Alexander," says a voice from behind him.

"Even my mother calls me Xander by now," he says as he turns to look at the speaker. He finds a beautiful woman dressed in a similar fashion to Faith leaning against a wall. She seems to exude a feeling of simultaneous peace and danger, Xander is already in love.



"So why you have a featured role in my dream, is this gonna get naughty" asks Xander wiggling his eyebrows.

"Sorry, this is more of an informational visit. Let me introduce myself, I am Anna an Angel of the lord" she says as the light in the room seems to cast shadows of massive wings on the wall behind her.

"Cool, so care to tell me why I was dropped in my birthday suit in the death of winter?"

"Sorry about that, you can't take cloths through with you."

"Great this is turning into Terminator."

"More then you think, tomorrow terrorist will activate an E-bomb in the stratosphere, every computer on the continent will stop working."

"When and where," asks Xander readying himself for the mission.

"You misunderstand, you can't stop it, and the plan is already being put into action."

"Then why tell me, why drop me where I can't do anything?"

"Because this was where you needed to be. That girl, the one you saved, she would have died last night. With your help she not only survived her escape but will grow to become the woman who will save this world."

"I lost her, I have no idea where she is now."

"She is where she is meant to be just as you are. You will find her again when the time is right. Until then, do as you will, be the man that was chosen to protect this world."

"No pressure then."


Seattle: Present day.

Xander stands over Tango, her brother is holding her hand and watching the room waiting for someone else to pull a gun. Tango was going into labor and he was feeling powerless.

"Please tell me you know how to deliver a baby," Xander asks the girl who introduced herself as Original Cindy.

"Why you think I avoid males, so I don't need to know about babies."

"You’re doing that wrong," says Normal as he inserts himself between Cindy and Tango.

"And you know how to do it better?"

"I was raised on a farm missy, I birthed more foals than you could wag a finger at." As he says this the window suddenly caves in to reveal a girl riding a drone like a surfboard. Xander reacts on instinct raising his arm causing the spring-loaded Derringer hidden up his sleeve to jump into his hand. He pauses when he sees the girls face.

"Hell Max, didn't know you had an invite to this party."

"Xander," asks Max shocked to see the older man in the middle of this mess, well not shocked he was in the middle of a mess, so much as that he was in the city.

"I thought you were dead," she finishes.

The End?

You have reached the end of "XANDERVERSE, Terminal city blues" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Feb 12.

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