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XANDERVERSE, Terminal city blues

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Summary: This is the Xanderverse to go with mmooch's Apocalypse'verse. After the battle for the hellmouth Xander finds himself in a broken world, Fighting alongside a Dark Angel.

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Television > Dark Angel > Xander - CenteredbuffaloFR1821,7680113,84014 Jan 124 Feb 12No

Chapter One

I Am writing this in response mmooch's Apocalypse'verse, I am really excited about the prospect of where this could go. Please read the others who contribute to this and hopefully we'll all have a really good time watching this grow.
I do not own BtVS, or Dark Angel. also I borrowed the Sh'it demon from Tenhawks' Journeyverse.

Terminal city, named such because all who came here die, well the humans at least. It was once the center of the medical research facilities in Seattle, and when the pulse hit Biohazerd containment was lost. All those toxins and so little time, the normals couldn't survive there but Transgenic that was another matter. It is their Promised Land, and the time has come for the children of men to Claim their land and save their creators from the great Evil.
Excerpt from the Chronicles of the war as told by the Last Prophet.

His name is Xander Harris, once he had fought demons with his friends, his family, on the hellmouth but that was a long time ago, a long time and another universe.
They had fought so many battles, won so many wars, and lost so many friends. It was standing over the massive gorge which had swallowed their town that everything changed. God, gave them a new mission. They had saved their world but there were a thousand more without protectors.
He had barely hesitated when God asked, he was the second to volunteer after Buffy.
Then there was pain. He was tossed through a dimensional rift, but the fun was only beginning, the energies of the portal ripped through the barriers in his mind unleashing the Hyena, the Fish man, even the Soldier came out to play. The result turned him into a close match for your average Transgenic, better in some areas weaker in others.
He wandered, always searching for what he had been sent to fight, But as the years passed he found nothing but common petty criminals and corrupt military officers, hardly the dimension shattering evil he had been warned of. But after many years, he had grown to accept his new life, he might not be fighting demons any more but he was doing good where he could, then came the outing of the Transgenic.
He had learned of them a few years back, tried to keep his distance. But after the breakout he found himself being guided by his inner white knight again and helped who he could. He heard about the Promised Land, a city of Transgenics gathering in Seattle. After all these years the thought of fitting in once more was something he couldn't pass up.

He was traveling with a pregnant X5 called Tango, and her younger brother called Jack. All was going smoothly, they made it to Seattle just in time for all hell to let lose.

The van rocking alarmingly on its suspension as it takes the turn to fast brings Xander back to the present. Xander tries to ignore how similar the lizardlike Transgenic sitting across from him looks like a shi't demon, one had almost taken his head once. He looks down at the pregnant girl he has been traveling with for the last month.
"Seriously you pick now to go into labor?"

"Hell Sarge, I've had my legs crossed for the last week." Xander had adopted the rank of the soldier who's memories were now indistinguishable from his own. He turns to the dog-like transgenic who is driving.
"What's our eta?"

"Three minutes, if our luck holds" says the demon looking dude. That's when they hit the truck. Xander only stops Tango from flying across the back of the van by pure luck.
"Shit. What did we hit?"

"Um, we need to go on foot" Says the dog. Alex takes Tango up in his arms and they run for it. They make for the closest friendly territory, jam pony.

I know that this chapter jumps around a bit but it will be a bit more cohesive as it goes on. And the years traveling will be detailed in flashbacks.
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