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Summary: Two strangers meet in a bar, and they soon find out they are more alike than they thought.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterDrusillaFR1811,933281,33614 Jan 1214 Jan 12Yes
Title: Hi
Summary: Two strangers meet in a bar, then they find out they are more alike than they thought!
Rated: Light M
Spoilers: S7 of SPN up to the eppy ‘Adventures in Babysitting’
Pairing: Buffy/Dean
Genre: Romance mostly… lil drama and action thrown in.
Dis: Don’t own SPN


It was all that he needed to say to gain her attention and once her emerald green eyes met his hazel she’d been lost. His eyes spoke volumes of what type of person he was and the tragedies of his life that made those crinkles at the edges of them a bit more prominent than they should be for someone his age. Then again, not too long ago, her sister had made the vile comment that she was getting wrinkles.

Evil, EVIL, sister.


Her response: though simple he took it as an invitation to sit at the vacant seat to her left. He motioned for the bartender to let her order a drink as well as another beer for himself, slapping down a twenty to let her know he’d be paying. Knowing what hard liquor did to her, she ordered another beer since hers was almost gone. They got the small talk out of the way.

I’m Dean.


Where they were from, what they did. He said he was a cousin of the family that had been slain at a local campground two days ago, a distant cousin. When asked, she stated she was just traveling through, and taking a breather in the town but added that the vicious murders “wigged her out”. Far from it though. She wasn’t just traveling through, she was on a job to hunt down and kill a nest of those wiggy vampires she just found out about a couple years ago. Imagine the complete and utter confusion on her face when her wooden stake did squat against a vampire who then had the gall to quip at her for being a dumb blonde. SHE was the one that supposed to get quippy, and let him know that, right before she sliced his head off. An emergency meeting had been called about this new breed of vampire and Willow with her witchy team was looking into it. It was no big when it came to killing them, their strength wasn’t as great as their counterparts, but they were more of a mess to clean up: and they could walk in the sun.

Luckily, her spidey senses still worked against the new breed and having not a single blip on her radar she decided to flirt with the ruggedly handsome Dean. His Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome brother: someone Faith might’ve had a go at, announced ten minutes later that he was going to their room and Dean had waved him off before the two of them were alone in the dimly lit bar: Toby Keith playing in the background.

Want to get out of here?

Once again, Buffy Summers was transfixed with a boy, no, this time it was different. He was a man, with a heartbeat, but once she felt a connection to anyone it was hard to say no. So she went with him, shrugging on her black, wool coat and matching croqueted hat she followed him out of the bar and let him drape an arm over her slender shoulders. A sleek, 1967 Chevy Impala was parked right next to her newer, 2005 version.

She offered her hotel room, since his was occupied by his brother across the street. He even agreed to drive with her and she behaved, being extra cautious, only jumping the curb once on a sharp, right turn. Though she blamed that on his hand caressing her knee on the drive, he still teased her and stated that maybe he should’ve drove…

She didn’t normally do this. The whole picking up guys and banging them for the night was Faith’s shtick. She didn’t have a reason as to why this connection was felt with him; she just exited the car and walked up to her room, his presence right behind her. As soon as her door opened and closed they were at each other. She slipped off her coat and he pulled off her hat then his own coat. Lips still connected they worked their shoes, her a bit more difficultly since her boots had to be unzipped to come off. Walking backwards, she led him to her freshly made bed and he started unbuttoning her simple, blue blouse. Fingertips trailed down her neck and once again she had to use the ‘angry puppy’ excuse.

He almost looked skeptical, fingertips trailing over the raised skin one more time before he discarded her shirt over his shoulder. She pulled off his long-sleeved, flannel button-up shirt and then slowly pulled up his black t-shirt, barely managing the bite back the moan that wanted to escape after seeing his six-pack from heaven.

Slightly roughened fingertips trailed up her back as his mouth attacked hers once again. His stubble rubbed deliciously over her skin and she brought both hands up to his shoulders as she leaned up on her toes so he didn’t have to bend down so far. A strong arm curled around her waist and she was finally lowered onto the bed, moaning into his mouth as a hand took a firm hold of her now bare breasts, the palm sliding over her already perked nipple.

Feel so good, Darlin’

His drawl made her insides clench, shiver, and then THROB. She eagerly undid his belt while he worked the button of her jeans and in less than a minute they were both naked, him on top of her, and she locked eyes with him as she opened her legs to him and that was all the invitation he needed. Making sure she was wet and ready, because was he EVER ready, his fingertips trailed over her sensitive lips and nub and when her bottom lip trembled he caught it between his teeth right before thrusting into her.



Praises to heaven was made as they came together, eyes clenching at the massive waves of pleasure that encased them. She was tight, so damned tight he felt like a teenager all over again trying to calm himself so that this wasn’t over so soon. Buffy, for her, it has been a while and to be with a man again was something she hadn’t known she’d been missing. Till now.

He started moving, her hips eagerly meeting his thrusts, a small sheen of sweat forming behind his shoulder blades and down his lower back. He practically growled at her when her fingertips dug into his skin and almost squeaked like a girl when her powerful body suddenly rolled him onto his back.

He thought for a second that maybe this wasn’t a good idea, and that he should’ve made sure she wasn’t a leviathan or demon but her inner muscles were doing wonders against his erection buried deep inside her and for a moment, he didn’t give a rat’s ass… He enjoyed watching her as she rode him hard and all he could do was hold onto those hips that had a delicious curve to them and watch her as she reached her climax. When he knew she was coming he rolled her onto her back and let loose. Her moans and groans and the way her body arched into him let him know she enjoyed the somewhat ruthless way he was screwing her.


Well that did it. He braced her hips up on a pillow, pulled her thighs apart even more and rose her legs up a little higher and soon the whole bed was shaking with his powerful thrusts. Dark thoughts filled his head from the past two weeks and he wanted to forget, he wanted to forget it all, and lost himself in the woman below him that was practically begging for it. When he came, he came with a strangled shout, whole body jerking as he pressed his face against her neck, her own pants slightly ruffling the hair atop his head.

He wasn’t sure how it happened. Really, he wasn’t, but tough guy Dean felt tears come to his eyes and he blinked rapidly to be rid of them, shivering as warm hands caressed from his ass up to his shoulders. Aware of his weight and that he might be crushing her he slowly pulled out of her then flopped onto his back. Something made him pull her against him instead of push her away like he usually did his random flings. Her hand rested above his beating heart and the heat of her as well as the sound of the television in the next room lulled him to sleep. .
He had left her, in the early hours, carefully making sure not to wake her. They had both known what it was. A one night thing that couldn’t be anything more: and it had taken every single part of him to leave that bed. Why? That was the question running through his head even though he was supposed to be focusing on the hunt he and Sam were on. WHY was this girl attacking his thoughts? He’d thought that after Lisa, he’d have been able to close off his heart to any other girl.

Apparently not.


Sam’s angered hiss made him pay more attention. They were at an abandoned barn just outside of town and trying to hatch a plan on how they were going to go about this. Recon from later in the night let them know there were about ten of them. Mostly males, only two females, and they were a vicious bunch. Dean looked up into the bright sky, sighing while taking a better grip of his machete. He wanted to get this hunt over with and be as far, far away from this place as possible.

To his utter surprise, a familiar blonde was striding up to the same barn he and Sam were surveying, holding what looked to be a large, red ax. She looked smokin’ hot in a pair of leather pants and a ruffled, white sleeveless shirt… She also looked angry, and Dean knew why, as she kicked in the door. Wait…. Kicked in???

Him and Sam took off in a run as the sounds of fighting were heard, then skidded to a halt as the blonde lopped the head off of the last vampire, it falling with a squish as she turned her attention to the two hunters, blood dripping off of her scythe.



Slayer, she offered.

Hunter, he answered.

They stood, facing each other, sizing the other up as Sam dowsed the barn with gasoline. Her head tilted to the side, seeing Dean now in a new light. He was doing the same exact thing. When the barn was finally up in flames the three of them stood around, somewhat awkwardly. The men had their hands deep in their pockets and Buffy had to admit though they didn’t look all that much alike, their current posture was identical.

Hungry? Asked Sam, wanting to break the silence.


Buffy and Dean looked at each other, both having spoken at once, and then burst out into laughter while walking to the Impala, her explaining where she got that red scythe and Dean praising her for taking out ten vampires. All Sam could do, was watch in amazement, for the Slayer managed to do something he’d been trying to do for a while now.

Make Dean smile… and mean it.


The End

You have reached the end of "Hi". This story is complete.

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