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Black and White

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Divergent Destinies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Domino, Meltdown and Gambit go undercover at Xavier's on behalf of Magneto. First Novella in the Divergent Destinies Verse.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredBloodCloverFR1536,417041,31114 Jan 1219 Jan 12No


Disclaimer: see first chpt.

Note: There will be a gap in time in this chapter, as the first three are only to set up the arrival and acceptance of Faith, Tabitha and Remy at the institute, then it will go into the altered events of X2. Enjoy.

Chapter Three: Agenda

Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Chicago, Illinois

Reverend William Stryker stood at the podium, looking out at the crowd in front of him. The good reverend looked quite pleased that so many people had come to support his cause, to help him rid the world of the abominations that were publicly referred to as mutants, or in a couple cases and much to William’s disgust ‘Homo Superior’. Shrugging his negative thoughts to the back of his mind as he composed himself, he began to speak to his parishioners.

“Brothers and Sisters, thank you for joining me tonight. As we gather here in prayer and love, there are creatures of Satan himself, digging out of hell and into our world, with more and more appearing with each passing day. These creatures, these ’mutants’,” Stryker more or less spat out the world. “They hide amongst us, plotting against God’s children and waiting for the signal from their master in the fiery depths of hell to destroy everything He made, including us. Humans. Well no more! No longer shall they be allowed to roam free and unhindered, infecting decent, HUMAN men and women with their evil taint and beguiling witchcraft. I aim to put an end to this menace, and those who stand with me will be rewarded by the Creator!” Stryker pauses for a moment and takes a sip of water before continuing his speech. “So who will stand with me and help me enforce his will?”

“I will!” someone shouted from the crowd.

“Me too!”

“He’s right, some of those mutants have more power than a nuclear bomb!”

“Kill the Mutants!”

“Kill the Demons!”

“Kill them all!”

Stryker watched his crowd quickly work themselves into a frenzy with the anti-mutant rhetoric, barely holding back the grin of sick satisfaction at the idea that Humanity would soon retake it’s proper place as the dominant species.

Xavier Institute - Westchester

“So how exactly are we planning to subvert and conquer here?” Tabitha asks from where she is seated cross-legged on her bed. It’s late in the night now and the moon shines outside the window of her and Faith’s room. Faith is sitting on the edge of her own bed and Remy has taken occupancy of her desk chair.

“Erik doesn’t want to conquer, at least not these people.” Faith replies with a roll of the eyes. “Best way I can figure is just mark off on the list the ones that would be the most open to jumping ship to his side.”

“Makes sense, but it’s not like we can just go up to say… Marie and ask her if she thinks Mags has the right idea.” Remy points out.

“Of course we can’t.” Faith snorts as she reaches out and grabs Tabitha’s pack of cigarettes off the small bureau in between their beds, taking one out and tossing it back. “We need to just blend in for a bit, let them get used to us.”

“So… school.” Tabitha notes, not looking pleased at the prospect.

“Unless you want to explain to Erik why you got thrown out for cutting classes, then yeah, school.” Faith replies, leaning to the side to open the window and lighting up her cigarette.

“Shit. How’d we get stuck with this job?” Tabitha bemoans miserably. “We should be out there helping Erik.”

“He sent us here cause we’re the only three he has that would even able to pass as regular students. Flare Gun and Pulse are too high profile, and Mystique? Please, even shifted Xavier would know her in a heartbeat.” Faith responds, glancing over at the blonde. “We are helping.”

“Fine.” Tabitha acquiesces, letting the matter drop.

“What about this Logan guy that Warpath told us about?” Remy asks. “Remy hasn’t seen him here at all.”

“I don’t know, but if what Erik told us about him is true, then the longer he isn’t around the better it’s going to be for us.” Faith answers.

“Well if there’s not’ing else, Remy’s gonna head back to his room.” Gambit said, standing from the chair. “Have a good night.”

Faith gave him a nod as she took a drag off her cigarette, Tabitha being more verbal.

“Night.” the blonde says as Gambit exits the room and closes the door behind. She turns to Faith. “So John and Marie are kinda cool, right? Maybe this won’t be so bad.”

Faith gives a shrug and the two sit in silence for a few more minutes as Faith finishes off the rest of the cigarette before flicking it out the window before they decide to call it a night.

Two Months Later

Faith, Tabitha and Remy played their parts well over the following weeks, quickly becoming accepted amongst the student population and working with some of the teachers to ‘gain’ mastery of their powers. It wasn’t truly necessary, as they had better control than most from learning under Magneto but they needed to keep suspicion off them, so they’d played down what they could handle. So far it had worked, and for that Faith was glad, but she was also worried. Erik had told her that they would cross paths again and the projected timeline for that was quickly drawing to a close.

It was finally the day of the trip to the Museum of Natural History, and the three were planning on slipping away from the group to meet with Warpath and pass on the now completed list, the prospective future acolytes marked specially.

Around eight in the morning, several hours before they were to leave for the city, Domino was awakened by a loud crash and shot up in bed, her eyes darting around the room for danger as she pulled her retractable baton out from its hiding spot beneath her pillows.

“Owwww…” she heard Tabitha moan a moment later and the younger girl’s head pops up from the other side of her bed. “Sorry Dom, must have rolled out of bed.”

Faith shakes her head, letting out a light chuckle as she stands out of bed and shoves the baton back under her pillow. “Don’t worry about it, dream wasn’t all that great. I’m gonna head down and get some breakfast, ya coming?”

The blonde shakes her head negatively. “I’m gonna have a smoke first, go ahead and I’ll catch up in a few minutes.”

“Alright, see you in a bit.” Faith says as she pulls her shirt over her head and slips into her sneakers before heading out of the room. She walks down the hallway and turns the corner that would bring her to the stairwell, spotting Gambit coming up from the other end. She quickly moves to meet him at the top of the stairs. “Did you get a hold of Foley?”

“Yeah, he’s gonna meet us in the west parking lot at the museum. He said to bring the list, Erik contacted him and said it was gonna be soon.” the Cajun tells her.

“Good, I want to get this whole thing done with soon as possible so we can get back to where we need to be.” Tabitha says, coming up behind Faith as Remy was speaking.

“Thought you were gonna have a smoke?” Faith says, turning to face her best friend.

Tabitha shrugs. “Couldn’t find my lighter. So, breakfast?”

The other two nod and begin descending the stairs, not seeing John come out from his hiding place. He’s heard everything.

To be continued…

A/N: Short one I know, but the next chapter goes into the AU version of X2. I watched X-Men First Class the other day and will be working that in. Origins is irrelevant. Also I need to point out that Faith and any other characters from Buffy/Angel will be slight OOC, it’s a different world so different events have occurred in their individual lives to shape their characters. But fear not true believers, for I will be doing flashback sequences to explain how they came to be different. The first will be in a couple chapters, when Faith first manifested her powers and was saved by a former X-Man. Until next time, much love from the Stoner Guru.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Black and White" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jan 12.

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