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Castle of Many Turns

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Summary: While looking through the castle the Scoobies acquired after season 7 Buffy finds herself lost in an interesting way.

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Literature > FantasyWintersBaneFR1316380157014 Jan 1214 Jan 12Yes
Disclaimer: The Buffy universe and characters belong to Joss Whedon. Charmain, Waif and their world belong to Diana Wynne Jones. I do not claim to own either.

Author's Note: This is a crossover with House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones and takes place sometime after the end of the book. For those of you who have not read it, it is amazing. It is one of the sequels to Howl's Moving Castle, the book not the movie. If you haven't read that either it too is amazing.


It had been fun for Dawn and Giles to go through the many rooms of the Council castle that they had acquired. Not so much fun for Buffy. She was currently bored out of her mind and completely dusty and grimy. She was here for the heavy lifting while Dawn sifted through boxes and chests filled with dusty old tomes and ancient artifacts and what not. This was a Giles paradise thought Buffy as she wistfully longed for the elaborate training room they had been working on somewhere downstairs.

Light streamed in through the window as the gloomy day seemed to start improving. Great, Buffy thought, just when it starts to clear up and I could be outside for once I’m stuck in this dirty old room.

Buffy followed the light as it revealed more of the dim interior. Buffy started as she saw a previously unknown door. Might as well see how much more work we have to do Buffy thought as she walked towards the door.

“I’m just gonna see what’s through this door. Kay Dawnie?”

“Hmmm… yeah ok, door, sure.” Dawn replied without lifting her head from the heavy tome it was buried in.

Buffy opened the door and found a room filled with dusty chests. Yay, more heavy lifting for me, she thought gloomily. She took a couple steps to the left towards the seemingly bright and sunny window before deciding she would give Dawn the slip and head outside. When she turned around the door she had come in through wasn’t there anymore.

“That’s weird. Must be some kind of hidden door.”

After checking the wall and finding no way through it she turned back around and spotted a door on the side wall.

“Must have just gotten turned around when I went to the window.” Buffy reassured herself only to be more confused when she walked through the other door and found herself in a long hallway filled with doors.

“Okay, this is getting wiggy.” Buffy said to herself as she thought she heard a tiny woof.


Charmain was confused if not amused. She was currently following Waif who had insisted Charmain follow her.

“What’s going on now Waif?” She asked the little dog whose only response was a little woof.

“Well I guess I’ll find out when we get there.” Charmain resolved herself to following Waif, hoping that it wasn’t another Kobold problem. For such useful creatures they were quite silly sometimes.

Charmain was confused when Waif stopped in the hallway that contained the bedrooms. “Did Peter clean my room again? He still thinks I’m hopeless at that you know.”

Waif just woofed again in answer. This time she seemed to be pointing her nose down the hallway. When Charmain looked she saw a young woman who looked quite confused.

“Oh, hello. How did you get in here?” Charmain asked brightly.

“Huh? Oh, um, well I walked through a door and took a couple steps and then when I looked back the door wasn’t there. I turned back found a door and ended up here. Where’s here by the way? And how do I get back? Eventually Dawn will realize I’m gone and then she’ll have no idea where I’ve gone. I gotta get back!” The young woman babbled.

“Oh dear, you’re quite lost then.” Charmain answered understanding the gist of what the young woman babbled. “Don’t worry, it happened quite often to me when I first moved in. Just follow me and I’ll get Great-Uncle William and hopefully we can get you back before tea time.”

Charmain turned to go find her Great-Uncle William who was probably in his study. The young woman was following her with a dazed look on her face. Probably still in shock, Charmain thought.

“I’m Charmain by the way.”

“Well Charming, I’m Buffy.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Castle of Many Turns". This story is complete.

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