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Harry Potter and the Slayers

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Summary: Set post Season 7 and Goblet of Fire. With Voldemort newly risen and operating behind the scenes to undermine Dumbledore, the Headmaster seeks outside help for the Order of the Phoenix.

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This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Harry Potter crossover, set after the events of Buffy Season 7 and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I know the years are completely wrong, so I've changed all the dates so that the story starts in 2005, around July sometime. Feel free to criticise this or anything else, but helpful tips and pointers are appreciated, especially where I've made a mistake. Read, review, and, of course, enjoy!

Disclaimer: If you recognise it, it's probably not mine, so don't be an idiot and sue me. It's not worth it anyway. I wish I had thought of Harry Potter, but Rowling beat me to it. Likewise with Joss Whedon's Buffy. The only things I lay claim to are the concepts of Eternity and the Eternals.

Chapter One:

In the City of the Angels, a scene that's not so angelic - four demons, vampires to be precise, chased an 18-year-old girl into an alleyway behind a club. However, as soon as they were out of sight of any of the other humans in the area, the brunette stopped her running and turned to face her pursuers with a wicked grin on her face. Taken aback, the demons paused in their tracks.

One, bolder than the others, stepped forward. "Come on, girlie, don't make this any harder than it has to be."

"Ok," she shrugged, and with a wave of her hand a portal opened beneath his feet. A brief scream was all he managed before he had disappeared and the portal collapsed. The other vampires looked at her with a new fear, but saw that the creation of the portal had cost her a lot of energy. However, despite her exhaustion, she was still smiling. "So, who's next?"

The only female in the group raised an eyebrow. "You're exhausted, witch. What're you going to do?"

"Not her. Us," said a predatory voice behind them, and the three vampires spun around to face the two women standing in the mouth of the alley.

"Slayers!" hissed the female vampire, her eyes widening in fear before a stake pierced her heart and she collapsed in a pile of dust. Less than ten seconds later, both of her associates had joined her.

Faith dusted her hands off and tucked her stake back into the back of her leather pants. "Pfft. Newbs. Too easy, huh B?" She looked at her diminutive blonde companion, who was leaning over the teenager to give her a supporting arm to lean on.

"Yeah. Couldn't you find us a real challenge, Dawn? And where'd you send the other one?"

"Hey, it's not my fault! They were the first bozos to take the bait and besides, you two are way too good for your own…good. Hmm, that was kind of lame… Anyway, as for the other idiot, he went to nice, sunny France." Dawn smiled weakly, and then fainted in her older sister's arms.

Buffy gaped down at her burden, and then shook her roughly. "Oh no you don't, Dawnie! You can't faint just when I'm about to have a go at you!" But the brunette was completely unresponsive, so Buffy cradled her in her arms and walked out of the alley with the dark Slayer at her side. "Willow told her to be careful with her new abilities, but no, she has to go and send some damn vampire to France just because it's daytime there." She rolled her eyes and looked at her partner for sympathy.

"Hey, don't look at me, B. I know jack about these new powers she's getting from being the Key. Besides, if little D wants to do something, she's like you; you can't stop her no matter how hard you try, and I say 'Let her learn.'"

Buffy glared at her. "Traitor. Oh well, back to headquarters, I suppose."


Half an hour and six dusted vampires later, the two senior Slayers walked past the sign for The Council and entered the brand new Watchers' Council compound. A light tingling sensation crept over their skin, the residue of a spell from Willow and Giles designed to keep the campus safe and secure so that the Slayers could train without feeling threatened by demons and enemies. However, they both recognised the sounds of a security patrol of younger Slayers shadowing their movements in the night, and with a grin at her fair-haired counterpart, Faith ran off across the lawns to test the Slayerettes, while Buffy carefully carried Dawn to the infirmary and the waiting Willow.

The redhead looked down at the teen draped across Buffy's arms and smirked. "Let me guess, she 'ported some poor demon onto the sunny side of the planet?"

With a roll of her eyes, the blonde dumped her sister on to one of the beds arrayed around the room. "Uh huh. When she wakes up, she's gonna get such a talking to. Talking of which…" She eyed her friend and raised an eyebrow. "Mind waking her up with that Wicca thing you do?"

However, as Willow raised a hand to Dawn's forehead, a cough from the doorway interrupted her concentration. Both young women turned to regard the figure standing in the doorway, his white hair and beard so long they were tucked into the belt of his purple robes. "That would not be very beneficial to the Key's health, nor yours, Miss Rosenberg."

Buffy's puzzled look turned instantly to a frown upon hearing her little sister referred to as 'The Key', no matter how accurate that description may be. "And how would you know that, Gandalf? More to the point, who are you, where did you come from and what are you doing in my compound?"

"His name is Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, he came from across the pond and he's here to ask for our help," said Giles, walking in behind the newcomer and moving to stand over Dawn's bed, followed by Xander Harris, the resident carpenter and handyman at the Council.

Willow eyed Dumbledore warily, but placed a restraining hand on Buffy's shoulder. "Hogwarts as in the school?" At Dumbledore's nod, Willow smiled and squeezed her friend's shoulder. "I've heard of Professor Dumbledore, Buffy, when I was in England with the coven. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has a very good reputation thanks to the headmaster here."

"I'm happy to hear you say so, Miss Rosenberg. It is for the safety of the students at Hogwarts that I have come here today to request your assistance. I have briefed Rupert here on the situation in England, and he has given his consent for me to present you with my offer."

"What offer?" asked Faith, leaning nonchalantly against the doorframe and twirling a stake between her fingers. She raised an eyebrow at Buffy, who shook her head slightly. With a sigh, the dark Slayer replaced the stake in the waistline of her pants.

Giles motioned her into the room as Dumbledore waved a wooden wand, conjuring six comfy-looking armchairs to the side of Dawn's bed. "Everybody have a seat while the professor explains what his plans are."

When everyone was settled, Dumbledore steepled his fingers in front of him and looked over his half-moon glasses at his audience. "I will start at the beginning. Several years ago, a wizard by the name of Tom Riddle went to many lengths and extremes to gain power and immortality. Calling himself Lord Voldemort, he gathered followers to his cause of purifying the Wizarding world. He called them Death Eaters, and they terrorised the witches and wizards of Great Britain for many years. Then, almost 14 years ago, Voldemort tried to kill a baby boy called Harry Potter. Having murdered his parents, Voldemort turned his wand on young Harry, but his mother's sacrifice caused the curse to rebound from Harry back to Voldemort. Ripped from his body, he fled. Many in Wizarding Britain believed Voldemort dead, and praised Harry as a hero, the Boy-Who-Lived. However, a month ago Voldemort returned in secret.

"Not wanting to believe the terror they knew has returned, the government has refused to listen to Harry and I, so I must work in secret, behind the scenes, to stop Voldemort causing too much damage before his return can be revealed. Thus I come to you for aid." Dumbledore sighed, closing his eyes and rubbing them wearily before he continued. "Long ago, there existed an alliance between the three worlds of magic and the Muggles."

Xander blinked. "Muggles?"

"Non-magic folk. Like you, Xand'," explained Willow, before motioning for Professor Dumbledore to continue.

"As I was saying, the Muggles, Watchers, wizards and Eternals agreed to leave each other to their own devices, allowing the Watchers and Slayers to deal with demons, the wizards and Muggles to police their own affairs and the Eternals to look after the whole of reality. However, this agreement has been largely forgotten over time, but I could use some allies who are politically untouchable in Britain and have diplomatic immunity from certain laws. As representatives of the Watchers' Council, you have such immunity in the Wizarding world, therefore I wish to offer four of you teaching jobs at Hogwarts in exchange for tuition for Dawn and Willow in their powers and a magical replacement eye for Mr Harris. And, of course, you can then help us in our fight against Lord Voldemort."

Faith raised a sceptical eyebrow. "You want us to teach?" she said in a voice that clearly implied that he was mad.

"Oh yes. You and Miss Summers, as the two senior Slayers, are ideal candidates to teach a new course of Muggle Combat Techniques at Hogwarts. I also plan to start a Wicca Studies course, which I would be happy for Miss Rosenberg to teach, and I need a new teacher for Muggle Studies," Dumbledore explained, looking at Xander as he did so. "So, do you consent to help me?"

"When do we leave?" asked a weak voice from the bed, and everybody looked up at Dawn.

Buffy smiled. "Nice try, young lady, but you've still got a huge rant coming your way when you're feeling better. As for if and when we leave, it's up to Faith, Xander and Willow as to whether they want to go and if Xander and Willow want to take Professor Dumbledore up on his offer." As she said it, she looked at her friends. Willow's eyes were sparkling at the very thought of the opportunity before her, Faith looked nonchalant and uncaring, while Xander was looking unsure. "Xander?"

He looked up at her and paused a moment before he answered. "It would be nice to have a new eye, but can we really leave everyone here on their own?"

Giles snorted. "Thank you for your concern, Xander, but the younger Slayers and I are more than capable of handling ourselves over here. Plus, Albus has agreed to provide all four of you with emergency Portkeys so that, should any of you truly be needed (which I doubt), you can be called upon and be here in a second."

When Xander smiled at this, Dawn smirked and looked triumphantly at Buffy. "So, when do we leave?"
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