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S.H.I.E.L.D. Bearer

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Summary: Xander’s Road Trip doesn’t go as planned.

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Marvel Universe > Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.OlBearFR15813,8882617684,07215 Jan 1223 Aug 14No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: BtVS and all characters from the show are owned by Joss Whedon, SHIELD, and Nick Fury are owned by Stan Lee and Marvel Productions.

Chapter Two

Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD, stood outside the secure quarantine room onboard the SHIELD Helicarrier. Inside the room the young man who had appeared out of nowhere and landed on his desk was hooked up to a respirator and monitors after nearly six hours on the operating table. Turning he headed back to his office.

In his office he found Dum Dum Duggan and Dr Ames waiting for him.

“Well what do we know about a mystery guest?” He asked, taking a seat.

Dr Ames spoke first. “He’s a human male, late teens. Someone or something definitely put him through the ringer.” She consulted her notes. “He has eight cracked ribs, three broken ribs, a lacerated lung, ruptured spleen, which was removed, bruised kidneys, massive internal haemorrhaging and a stab wound in his left side.”

“Jeez, sounds like he spent the weekend with a Hydra Interrogator in a bad mood.” Dum Dum said.

Ignoring the interruption the doctor continued. “In addition, when he arrived he struck his head on your desk Director, resulting in a severe concussion. That’s just his life threatening injuries, his jaw is dislocated and four teeth have been knocked out.”

“Prognosis?” Fury asked.

“He made it through the surgery. The next twenty four hours will be critical, but if he survives he should make a full recovery.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Nick said and turned to his second in command. “Dum Dum, what can you tell me?”

“We’re running his prints and DNA through the system now but so far no hits.” He looked at his boss and friend. “Have you thought about contacting Dr Strange? He is the world’s best sorcerer.”

Fury leaned back in his chair. “No need Dum Dum, he called me. Seems that whatever it was that sent the kid here set off all sorts of alarms. He said he was going to meditate on it and that he’d be here tomorrow.”

Dum Dum nodded. “Do you think this is some scheme of Hydra’s?”

Fury reached into his desktop humidor for a cigar but put it back when Dr Ames glared at him. “Wouldn’t put it past them but Hydra’s still rebuilding after the Strucker Twins and the Baron Zemo’s power grab. If the kid is a plant, once he’s recovered we’ll find a nice cell for him in a Triple Max prison and be done with it.”

Dr Ames stood up. “Director, if there’s nothing else I’ll be going” She said before leaving the office.

“Nick you sure you’re not downplaying the threat. Hydra...”

“Hydra is weakened, not destroyed. I know Dum Dum.” Fury said. “And every time we’ve underestimated them it came around to bite us in the arse.” He paused while he selected and lit a cigar, pushing the humidor across to Dum Dum who lit one for himself.

“So until Dr Strange gets here we’re locking the Helicarrier down, no one in or out.”

“There’s a Congressional Oversight Committee inspection that’s due within the week.” Dum Dum reminded him.

Fury frowned. His job would be a hell of a lot easier if he didn’t have assorted politicians poking their noses into things. “Contact them and explain that due to a security alert the inspection will be postponed. Throw in a few lines about wanting to ensure their personal safety and send them to our training facility in Nevada.”

Dum Dum nodded, pretty sure that the committee members would go for that since it gave them an excuse to visit Las Vegas and enjoy the casinos and shows. “I’m on it. Anything else?”

“Have a jet on standby in New York, just in case Dr Strange decides to travel by mundane means.”

Dum Dum went off to arrange things leaving Fury alone in his office. “What a day.” He thought, before picking up a report and getting back to work.

Manhattan, New York.

In his Sanctum Sanctorum Dr Stephen Strange meditated. Ten hours ago he had been woken from a deep sleep by a ‘ripple’ in the fabric of reality. Concerned that it might be a prelude to some sort of disaster he immediately reached out with his arcane senses to find out where it had occurred. Quickly realising that whatever it was that had come through had arrived on board the SHIELD Helicarrier he had contacted Nick Fury.

Fury had informed him that a teenager, battered and bloody, had landed on his desk and was now undergoing surgery. Now Stephen was trying to trace wherever it was the boy had come from.

Focusing his mind on ‘The Eye of Agamotto’ floating before him he searched for the unique trace of what he believed was a spell that transported the youth to this world.

“There!” He thought as he saw the thread of putrid yellow and black energy. Swiftly he followed it back to its start point, realising that the spell was done for the purpose of vengeance. Finally he found what he was looking for, the source.

“By Vishanti!” He exclaimed as The Eye showed him the world he was looking for. Taking a calming breath he began to study this world.

After several hours he regretfully drew his consciousness back and dismissed The Eye. Rising to his feet he stretched before moving to a sideboard and ringing the small bell sitting there.

The door opened to reveal his manservant Wong. “Yes sir?”

“I need to speak with Colonel Fury.”

Wong nodded. “While you were meditating I received a call from Agent Duggan. There’s a jet waiting for you at La Guardia airport. Shall I pack your bags?”

Strange paused. He could teleport himself to Fury’s location in the blink of an eye, but he knew that Fury got pissed off when that happened without warning. Travelling by normal means would give him time to think about what he had learned.

“Don’t worry about packing. I won’t be away for long.” He instructed Wong. “Contact Agent Duggan and let him know that I’ll be travelling via jet and bring the car around.”

“At once sir.” Wong said with a half bow.

Dr Strange quickly gathered tools he might need, both medical and occult, before transmuting his tights and Cloak of Levitation into a business suit. Finished he walked out of his home and stepped into the back of the car that Wong had just brought round. The Limo pulled away from the curb and headed to the airport.

S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, vicinity Nevada/California border

The nurse deftly tapped in the PIN code and the security seal opened. Entering the room she quickly consulted the chart at the end of the bed before moving on to the patient.

With sure hands she checked the IV and restraints before turning to the monitors, noting that there was no change and marking the chart accordingly. Finished the nurse paused to gently brush back the young man’s unruly dark hair and gave him a sad smile. ‘John Doe 212’, as he was known reminded her of one of her many cousins.

Finishing she left the room, careful to ensure the door sealed completely before heading down to the cafeteria for a coffee. Back in the room the patient’s head twisted slightly.

“Buffy... Willow.... Need help.” He whimpered softly. The readouts on the monitors spiked before returning to the previous levels and he lapsed back into silence.

Director’s Office

Nick Fury looked up from the report he was reading when Duggan stepped into his office with a folder in his hand.

“Just got off the horn with Wong.” Dum Dum said, fiddling with the folder. “Doc Strange should be here in a few hours.”

Fury nodded, thankful that Strange was taking a jet and not materialising in his office as he sometimes did. “What else?”

Dum Dum sighed and handed over the folder. “We’ve got hit on DNA matching.” He said.

“Well, who is he?” Fury asked before he started to read. Reaching the end of the report he carefully closed it and regarded his friend. “Is this true?”

Dum Dum nodded. “Ran the test three times. Same result every time.”

Fury’s eye hardened. “Who else knows?”

“You, me and Dr Ames. You’re holding the only hard copy of the report and I’ve scrubbed the servers to make sure there’s no data trail.”

Nodding Fury got up and walked over to his office safe. “For now we keep it between ourselves.” He said, placing the folder in the safe. “Make sure that Dr Ames knows that this is not something to chat about over coffee.”

Dum Dum nodded and left to find Dr Ames to warn her that if this information found its way onto the rumour mill the Boss would be looking for their heads.

At his desk Fury tapped at his keyboard and one of the monitors displayed the Quarantine Room. For several minutes he studied the boy in the bed.

“Who are you?!” He whispered.

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