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S.H.I.E.L.D. Bearer

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Summary: Xander’s Road Trip doesn’t go as planned.

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Marvel Universe > Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.OlBearFR15813,8882617684,02615 Jan 1223 Aug 14No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: BtVS and all characters from the show are owned by Joss Whedon, SHIELD, and Nick Fury are owned by Stan Lee and Marvel Productions.
Authors Note: A big thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed this story, I really appreciate it. Especially since after I wrote the first chapter I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue it. Now on with the story

Chapter Three

S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

The high speed jet touched down on the landing deck of the Helicarrier. Engines and tyres screaming it came to a halt. Minutes later the hatch opened to a passenger disembarked to be met by a young woman wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D jumpsuit.

“Dr Strange? I’m Agent Kose. Director Fury is waiting for you in Conference Room Six. If you’ll follow me?”

“That’s alright Agent I can find my own way.” Strange said.

“Sorry Sir but visitors are not allowed on the Helicarrier unescorted. This way.”

Strange followed the agent through the corridors of the Helicarrier. After a few minutes he was glad to have a guide as the flying fortress was a maze you could easily get lost in. Finally they reached their destination.

The agent rapped on the door. “Excuse me Sir, Dr Strange is here.”

“Send him in” Came the voice of Nick Fury. The agent nodded to the Doctor and left. Stephen entered the conference room to find Nick Fury, his second in command Clarissa Hill and Dum Dum Duggan.

“Good morning all” The Sorcerer Supreme said.

Nick Fury rose to his feet and offered a hand to Strange. “Good morning Stephen. Thank you for coming at such short notice.”

Strange shook Fury’s hand before taking a seat. “Well it certainly has been an interesting day.”

“Indeed. I’m hoping that you can shed a little light on the subject Doctor.” Fury said, resuming his own seat.

“Yes well to begin, twelve hours ago I sensed a ‘ripple’, would be the best word to describe it, in the fabric of reality.” Strange said, pouring himself a glass of water.

“We know. It dropped a kid on the boss’s desk.” Dum Dum said.

Strange nodded and continued. “It took sometime but I did manage to discover some things.” He looked over at Fury. “Firstly, he came here by accident, the result of a botched spell.”

“He’s a magic user?” Clarissa asked.

“No Ms Hill he’s not, it appears that someone attempted a spell they had neither the training nor the skill to accomplish.”

Fury leaned back in his chair. “So he’s not the vanguard of an extra-dimensional invasion force?”

“No, definitely not.”

“So can you tell us anything else?”

Strange was silent for a moment. Despite his meditations on what he had seen it was difficult to put it into words.

“As you know alternate realities can best be described as reflections of each other.”

Fury nodded, recalling the many briefings that he had received over the years from the likes of Reed Richards and Tony Stark. “Each different reality is like a slightly distorted image of ours. Reed once mentioned that the greater the distortion the harder it is to connect with it.” He said and Strange nodded before continuing.

“From what I was able to divine there are some large differences between our world and the world of your guest.” The world’s premier magic practitioner went onto explain the differences he had seen in that world.


BEEP...... BEEP...... BEEP..... BEEP

“Stupid alarm clock.” Xander thought, as he struggled to open his eyes. “It’s summer vacation, I should be able to sleep in.”

He tried to reach over and swat the offending device into silence only to find that he couldn’t move his arms. Then the pain hit him. His body ached more than the time when his father came home one night, drunk and pissed off with the world and took out his frustrations on his only child. It was worse than the time that Angel had almost caved the side of his face in when he was trying to convince Faith and the Mayor that he was actually Angelus.

Then he remembered. How he’d been snatched by a demon while walking back to the cheap hotel he was staying at after his first night at ‘The Fabulous Ladies Night Club’. How the demon then spent the next several hours beating the shit out of him at the behest of Melinda Finch before the woman had tried to send him to Hell.

“Maybe the spell didn’t work and now she’s got me strapped down while she thinks of something else.”

Then he smelt it. The familiar aroma of disinfectant and he recognised the beeping sound that had woken him up. Xander allowed himself to relax slightly. He was in a hospital. He finally managed to open his eyes and see where he was.

“Definitely a hospital.” He murmured when he saw the drab beige coloured walls and the medical equipment that was nearby. Looking down he saw that his arms were strapped to the bed and an IV was in his left forearm.

“I just need to wait till someone comes to check on me.” He thought clenching his teeth as the pain from his abdomen washed over. Xander tried to take a deep breath, only to whimper in pain as his ribs let him know that they were broken. When the nurse or doctor turned up he’d ask for some extra-strength pain-killers as well.

He felt sleep crept up on him again and he struggled to stay awake. The sooner he talked to Giles or Buffy the better, they needed to know that ‘Dick’ had planned a surprise for them from beyond the grave. He wondered if the Englishman’s ancient Citroen could make the journey from Sunnydale to Oxnard without falling apart. Giles always insisted that his car was a classic but as far as Xander was concerned it was a rust bucket that should have been sent to the scrap yard years ago.

Just before his closed again he thought he saw someone in the room with him and he heard a man’s voice speaking. The voice was deep and commanding but also comforting.

“Rest young warrior and regain your strength.” He heard the voice say. “You’re sorely hurt and need time to recover. Your friends are safe for now and you shall return to them in time.”

That was the last he heard before lapsing into a deep, healing sleep.

Nick Fury was alone in his office. On the desk in front of him were several files concerning ongoing operations by SHIELD agents throughout the world. But for the moment he was content to look out his window into the night. Off to the south he could make out the glow of the city of Austin as the Helicarrier made its way east and occasionally he saw the running lights of the fighters that constantly patrolled the sky around the Helicarrier.

In his hand was a glass of Bourbon but he wasn’t drinking. He was thinking about what Dr Strange had told him today. A world without costumed heroes or villains, no mutants or augmented humans, it was almost unbelievable.

Then there was the youth who was now in the Helicarrier’s infirmary. Fury had not shared the information with Strange, that according to the tests genetically he was his grandson. Specifically he was the son of his daughter. A daughter that he had never had.

Fury had a theory and he thought it was correct. That during the war, instead of being transferred to England after Pearl Harbour and fighting in Europe with ‘The Howling Commandos’ and Steve Rogers he had stayed in the Pacific, fighting the Japanese Imperial Army from island to island. And if what Strange had told him was true there would have been no way for him to have been injected with the ‘Infinity Serum’ that saved his life in Italy and prolonged his youth.

Despite that Nick found it strangely comforting that somewhere in the multiverse there was a version of himself that had found a wife and raised a family. His musings were interrupted by a booming voice that came out of nowhere.

“Thou looks as though thy has much on thy mind!”

Nick reacted instinctively, diving out of his chair and rolling to cover behind a nearby filing cabinet. His sidearm out of its holster and aimed at the intruder in his office. Then he recognised his uninvited guest.

“Lord Odin. This is an unexpected pleasure.” He said, getting to his feet and holstering his pistol. “What brings you from your Halls of Asgard?” He asked, knowing that it was rare for Odin All father to leave his realm.

“Your newest arrival has brought me from my halls.” Odin said simply. “We must talk on what is to be done with that young warrior.”

Dr Ames looked up from her work when Director Fury walked into the infirmary.

“Director what can I do for you?” She asked, putting aside the chart she’d been reading.

Nick walked over to the quarantine room where a young man lay. “How’s he doing?”

Ames joined him at the observation window. “The patient..”

“Alexander. His name is Alexander.” Fury said quietly. Ames looked at Fury. “Odin made an unannounced visit. He was able to see more of his world than Dr Strange.” He explained.

“Well, Alexander has survived surgery and the first twenty four hours. The prognosis is good for a full recovery.”

Fury nodded. “How long?”

“For a full recovery? He has just undergone major surgery, maybe three to four weeks before he’s back on his feet and then another four months of physical therapy.” Ames said, though she thought it might be slightly longer but SHIELD had access to advanced healing technology but it had limits.

“So we’re looking at around six months then?”

“I’m afraid so Director.” She wondered what the ruler of Asgard had told Fury.

Nick reached into his pocket and produced a small ampoule. “Once he’s stable inject him with this.”

Her eyes widened when she recognised the symbol on it. The Infinity Serum! There were precious few doses of the drug left in the world and most of those were kept by Fury. If Fury was willing to give the drug to this youth it meant that Nick had something special planned for him.

She grabbed a fresh hypodermic and entered the quarantine room. With deft fingers she injected the serum into Alexander’s IV line before returning the empty vial to Fury.

Fury looked at the young man. “I hope your worth it son.” He said quietly.

End Chapter Three
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