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Serpents Rising

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A deadly alliance is formed that could end everything.

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Disclaimer: We own nothing but awesomeness, but you already knew that. And a cat.

Authors note: ITS ALIIIIVVVEEEEE!!!! First, we just want to say sorry for the VERY long wait. Were we both live, RL, and getting distracted when we are together made this a long wait. The good news is, we have a good ideal on how the next chapter will go, so it SHOULD come out a LOT quicker. This would have been up sooner this week, but then RL sent me a BIG curve ball, and I kind of didn't care about anything for a few days, but that is now somewhat past. Though this is somewhat short, I hope you enjoy it! Lastly, I would like to thank Deathshead and JediKnight for asking about the story not so long ago. I hope this will be worth the wait to you. And now on with the show!

Sunnydale High in the Library in the Evening:

Harmony sits at a table with a large container with a beautiful homemade Japanese meal inside of it. However, she is stuck at the table with Jenny between her and her goal. Ms. Calendar prepares her lessons for the upcoming year on the computer, keeping a close eye on the potentially wayward student. The librarian stays in his office, oblivious to any company he may have as he catches up on preparing his training courses for the recruits and making sure that the library is set up adequately to handle the new school year.

Giles looks up from his desk when a small light on his desk starts going off. That particular light means that something not quite human just entered the school. He feels something familiar, yet different. It feels just like Buffy but it doesn’t have her chakra signature. The librarian leans back in his chair and sighs. He leaves his office, walks to the main area, and says calmly, “I think we have company. Be careful but please play nice if possible.” He walks back towards his office and pauses at a dark corner of the room. “Do not engage unless authorized by a Sannin or their apprentices,” he mutters.
Two lights shine briefly before the response is heard, “By your command.” The lights fade.

Giles sits in his chair and moves a small stack of papers to reveal a miniature television set. He watches the library on the screen.
A man with an air of authority, nerdy glasses, and the standard tweed suit struts into the library. He nearly stinks of self-importance. The young woman at his side walks in quick, military fashion, though her eyes seem more wild and dangerous. She notices the beautiful blonde at the table.

The two exchange looks and Harmony looks up at them. “If you aren’t students here, I’m afraid the library is off-limits,” she informs them politely.

Wesley sniffs the air arrogantly. He states, “That’s her.”

“Ditch the civilian,” Kennedy whispers to him.

He approaches Ms Calendar and says smoothly, “I’m afraid that I am going to have to ask you to leave.”

She turns to him with an amused smirk, “I am making lessons for my class.”

“You can finish that later. Leave,” he orders her.

She stands, reaching for her sleeve but pauses when she notices how Kennedy is holding herself. She tilts her head as she puts the pieces together. The snob has the same feel to him that a certain Watcher had when they had first met before Buffy had loosened him up. The girl holds herself with the attitude of someone whose head is too big for their shoulders. She smiles at Harmony, “I think I’m going to run to the bathroom. Play nice.”

Harmony smiles sweetly, “I wouldn’t dream of doing anything but, Ms Calendar.” Ms Calendar walks out of the room and the blonde stands to face the duo. “Can I help you?”

“Miss Summers, is Rupert Giles here?” inquires Wesley formally.

Harmony’s first reaction is to balk at being compared to that obviously less beautiful blonde, but she stifles it to smile outwardly. This could be fun, or at least a lot more fun than waiting for Giles to finish his paperwork. She cracks her knuckles and shakes her head. “No. Is there something I can help you with?” Inner Sakura would be proud at the thoughts running through her head: Someone is after My Giles. KILL. Than give him dinner.

“I am Wesley Price, Watcher of the Vampire Slayer Kennedy,” Wesley crows. “We are here on an inspection from the Watcher’s Council.”

“I know about the Watcher’s Council,” states Harmony flatly. “They are a bunch of big shirts who need therapy.” She smiles sweetly again. “Or was that the Order of Takara? Either way.”

Wesley sputters, “H-How dare you compare the Watchers to that despicable group of assassins!”

“I’m pretty sure that they are no longer a group,” Harmony informs them casually. “Last I checked, they had a mysterious nuclear missile go off in their Headquarters. Speaking of which, you don’t happen to have a spare do you? From what I’ve heard of the Watcher’s Council and how they treat their Slayers, they could use some redecorating at their Headquarters too.”

Kennedy snarls, “How dare you! I’m going to teach you respect for your betters!”
“I have great respect for my betters,” Harmony sneers. “I just happen to know that the list doesn’t extend much farther than my man.”

Giles watches their lips on the television and covers his eyes with his hands. “She did it.”

Wesley sneers, “This is about what I expect from a Slayer tutored by Rupert Giles. No discipline.”

Kennedy grins, “Irresponsible Watchers get replaced. Can’t wait to see who they send to watch you next.” Her eyes close slightly as she giggles mischievously at the thought. She hears something whiz passed her ear and impacts the far wall. Kennedy touches her cheek and looks at the blood on her fingers. Wesley blinks several times. The blonde went from standing to having her hand outstretched. He never saw her move. Kennedy and Wesley’s eyes travel to the kunai handle sticking out of the wall.

Flames rage in Harmony’s eyes. She grinds out, “Mine!”

“Mine?” Kennedy barely has time to ask before she has to dodge a flurry of punches. Harmony flips over the Slayer’s head and kicks her left leg out from under her and pushes her flat on her face. She proceeds to dig her heel into the girl’s lower back. Wesley starts to protest when he feels the air around him grow thick and it seems harder to breathe. Giles watches the young Watcher struggle against the killer intent with amusement.

Harmony growls animalistically, “Nobody takes my Rupert anywhere. Especially not some bimbo and a man in tweed!” Kennedy reaches back and grabs onto Harmony’s ankle, throwing her forward in front of her. Harmony’s eyes narrow when she realizes that she let her guard down. Kennedy manages to get onto her hands and knees before tackling the fallen ninja. Harmony rolls on top but the Slayer grabs her wrists before she can punch. Harmony’s knee starts to dig into the younger woman’s stomach.

A firm familiar voice commands, “Enough.” Harmony instantly jumps up to greet her love. Giles glares at the two women. “There will be no fighting in my library! Am I clear, Buffy?”

Harmony looks slightly confused but nods quickly. “She started it!”

“I don’t care who started it,” Giles states with authority to Harmony before looking at the two newcomers. “Who are you?”

Wesley clears his throat and adjusts his tie. “I am Wesley Price the Watcher of the Slayer Kennedy. The Watcher’s Council sent us to investigate how dangerous it is here. Having two Slayers here seems to be a misallocation of Watcher resources!”

“Does that mean there are three Slayers?” Giles inquires as he cleans his glasses methodically. “There is only ever one Slayer. If you were a Watcher, you would know that.”

Wesley scowls, “According to your report to the Watcher’s Council, Buffy Summers died but was brought back by CPR when battling the Master. That awakened Kendra, but how the third one was awakened is a mystery, for now.”

“I’m afraid that we’re busy right now, studies and all,” Giles explains with barely a hint of politeness. “Buffy, get to class. We will meet at the graveyard around 11pm. You two are invited of course, providing that you have some identification?”

Wesley hands Giles papers. The Sannin flips through the papers, watching closely for any marks of it being a forgery. “It looks like you are who you say you are. I’m going to call the Council soon about this. We can talk more tonight.”

“We are at the local hotel,” states Wesley formally. “I look forward to this evaluation. Kennedy, come.” He walks out. Kennedy quickly follows, though she eyes Harmony with…not bloodlust. Something that makes Harmony very uncomfortable.

As soon as they are out the door, Giles whispers to the blonde, “Call a meeting. We can’t afford to botch this one.”

A Sunnydale Graveyard That Night:

The blonde strolls along the sidewalk in a purple windbreaker and sweatpants next to the leather clad Slayer. Kennedy twirls her stake agitatedly and kicks dandelions in passing. “Calm down, Kennedy,” assures the lovely ninja. “The vampires around here aren’t that tough. It’s just a routine patrol.”

“I’ve killed dozens of vampires,” the dark-haired shorter girl retorts.

Harmony stares at her as they walk, “If you say so.” A vampire bursts out of the ground behind Kennedy. The native of Sunnydale hurls a wooden stake just under the Slayer’s arm and dusts the undead man. “That thing almost got you,” warns Harmony seriously. “Slayers are never this bad at slaying. Something’s bothering you. Don’t try to lie to me. Girls know these things!”

Fifty yards away in a tree with binoculars sits Faith. She is eating popcorn while Buffy and Angel glare from either side of her. “Did you have to come along?” Buffy bites out.

“Afraid so. Your mom’s orders,” Faith answers a little too cheerfully while chomping on her popcorn. “Something about not needing grandchildren before high school finishes. Wow! Did you see the cheerleader’s kill? That was pretty sweet! Right, guys?” She is met by silent fuming from Buffy.

Trying to alleviate the killer intent in the air of his girlfriend, Angel ventures, “I wonder if anything interesting will happen tonight.” Faith smirks knowingly but bites her tongue.

Their earpieces sound off, “This is Tsunade. Report.”

“Nothing so far,” Buffy grosses. “The new Slayer is acting kinda strange.”

Faith mutters, “Any moment now.”

In the Nerd Three’s Laboratory Five Minutes Later:

Jenny Calendar, the model teacher, is standing on a table in front of a wall-covering chalk board. A small walkie talkie sits squawking noisily on the table in front of her. “I bet fifteen on a threesome with Temari, Kakashi, and Anko!” calls out Warren. Jenny marks it quickly while Jonathan collects the money.

“No way,” Xander replies. “Buffy would never do that. Harmony on the other hand is another story! Ten on Kennedy discovering Anko and Anko seducing them both!”

Willow folds her arms and sighs loudly, “This is so immature.” She looks around and finally says, “Twenty on Harmony botching the whole thing!”

The back door swings open. Miss Summers shouts accusingly, “I am disappointed in you, Shizune! I expected much more from you!” The room becomes silent except the radio relaying the conversations of both the increasingly interesting conversation of Kennedy and Harmony and the amusing conversations of the three in the tree. Frowning at nearly the entire group of ninjas gathered in front of her, she declares, “I should have been the first one to be allowed to place a bet! Fifty on my pupil getting laid tonight! Ten that Kakashi does something I get to hospitalize him for!” Shizune grins and marks it up while Jonathan Hyuga quickly retrieves the money.

In the Graveyard:

The beautiful military brat who is walking with the cheerleader seems too nervous for her own good. At Harmony’s insistence, she stops the walk. Kennedy takes a deep breath, staring at the ground, and pulling her hair back behind her ears. “W-well, I..” she stammers.

“What is it?” Harmony snaps impatiently. “There is another rising tonight to get to!”

Kennedy takes a deep breath and gazes at the lovely blonde with the same look as in the library. “You are so dedicated to your work. I can learn so much from you,” she says breathlessly. Harmony slowly in agreement. She waits for the new slayer to get to the point. “You’re so skilled and amazing and beautiful and strong and—“ She begins to hyperventilate.

Harmony puts her hands on Kennedy’s shoulders. “Are you okay? You know what, tonight’s not that big of a deal. Why don’t you just let me do the slaying and you watch until you feel comfortable? This isn’t your normal patrol.” Kennedy’s eyes nearly shine with adoration.

“Y-you care about me?” Kennedy stutters.

“Of course I do,” Harmony replies obliviously. “I can’t possibly have you getting hurt on my wa—“ her explanation is cut off by an extremely strong yet surprisingly soft pair of lips on hers. Harmony’s eyes go wide as saucers as Kennedy’s hands grip her arms like a vice and pushes her against a tall tombstone. Some muffled shocked yelling manages to be heard in the nearby trees.

Angel lifts his eye patch with raised eyebrows. “Wow.” Buffy would have elbowed him if she weren’t in shock. Faith laughs quietly while chewing her popcorn. She can barely hold her binoculars up from how hard she is laughing. “I totally called it! Kennedy likes girls!”

Buffy whispers, “Um…should we go help her?”

“I think she can handle it,” remarks Angel as innocently as he can while his Sharingan memorizes every detail.

At the Nerd Lab:

Wolf whistles and hollers echo throughout the room while more money is placed down and collected. Jenny is as surprised as anyone, but her master is not. Buffy’s mom laughs uproariously, simply because it is Harmony instead of her own daughter to get the new Slayer’s undivided attention. “The pool gets bigger!” she exclaims excitedly.

Warren rolls out a television on a cart with live video feed. He covers it with a thick blanket. “I attached a miniature video camera to Anko’s binoculars. Five dollars for anyone who wants to see!” Jonathan’s Byakugan veins bulge around his eyes. Xander’s eyes also blaze with the Sharingan. Spike is staring at the covered screen expectedly while Drusilla drops their five dollars on the table. Willow sits in stunned silence as dollars pass over and around her while she listens.

Finally, at the Graveyard:

The powerful vampire slayer releases the very confused and shocked ninja from her grip. “So…that’s how I feel. What about you?” Kennedy says hesitantly. Hope wells in her eyes.

Harmony, still in shock, mumbles, “That was better than Giles!” Kennedy’s eyes turn from hopeful to livid.

“Your Watcher Dared to Lay A Finger On You!?” she screams. “He will learn not to touch what is mine!” She breaks off into a run only ninjas, Slayers, and very few demons can keep up with straight in the direction of the library. Harmony finally breaks out of her stupor and shakes her head.

Faith calls from the tree through a megaphone, “Your girlfriend is going to kill your boyfriend!” The confusion in Harmony’s mind is instantly cleared away as she breaks into a run after her. Fear for both of them and the secret of the ninja rises in her chest.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Serpents Rising" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 13.

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