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Green Pumpkins

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Summary: The perils of Buffy trying to play Cupid. Rewrite of "Smashing Pumpkins", B/W/X eventually.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-Centered(Current Donor)DeacBlueFR181113,65828329,24416 Jan 121 Dec 13No

Playing Cupid

Disclaimer: All that is Buffy is Joss', all that is She-Hulk, etc, is Marvel's, none is mine, making no money.

A/N: This is a rewrite of my fic "Smashing Pumpkins," which was torpedoed partially because of extremely negative comments, and to a much greater part by my reaction to them. It was a response to a challenge which is no longer on the board. The mess finally frustrated me, and I ended it. Here is a chance to make it work well.

A/N2: One of the major points of contention in "Smashing Pumpkins" was how the Halloween spell worked. For clarity, if a person has a generic costume, such as a soldier, a pirate, or a noblewoman, they will wear their own face, and any personal information that does not conflict with the character is theirs. But if they dress up as a particular person, such as Jennifer Walters(She-Hulk) or Mary Jane Watson, They will wear that person's face, and that person's personality will become dominant. That's how I believe it works in canon, and it is absolutely how it works in this AU. Separately, exactly who someone gets changed into is a function of the specificity of their costume, the specificity of the portion that they got from Ethan's, and the mood of Janus. Clear?

Buffy sat back on her bed. This thing with Chris Epps was hitting her harder than she thought it would. She put her arms around her knees. Why would I be bothered by someone trying to - That was it. Ever since they had met, Angel had felt that a valid way to deal with her was to lie. Since she had met them, Xander and Willow hadn't lied to her about anything of importance. But Angel - he had lied about being a friend, about being a vampire, he hadn't told her about the prophecy...He had saved her. That was a point in his favor. She turned on her side and got under the covers.

"...and if you don't show up at six, you'll be suspended for a week. Got that?" Snyder reminded the Scoobies as they made their way out of Sunnydale High.

Xander and Willow both had a slightly defeated look on their face, while Buffy did a little fist pump while she said, "Yes!" She turned to her friends and said, "That's three, right?"

Xander just nodded and hung his head, while Willow said, "Yes, that was three times Snyder threatened us with suspension today, so you get to choose our costumes."

Buffy danced around a bit. "Oh, yeah, I'm the Queen!" Seeing her friends' expression, she stopped. "Hey, I'm not going to embarrass you guys.." and as their faces lit up slightly, she grinned. "...much. Meet you at the store."

On the way to the new costume store, Ethan's, Willow bumped Buffy with her shoulder. Buffy bumped back, and said, "I'm sorry, Will. I thought that this was gonna be all about dressing up and going to the Bronze."

"That's okay, Buffy. It'll only be a couple hours, and we can still have fun after." She nudged Buffy again. "So what are you gonna dress up as, for Angel?"

Buffy's face fell. "I'm not sure that I'm going to dress up as anything, for him." Seeing Willow's pout, she blushed, slightly. "I'm not sure I see us going anywhere. I mean, I know that he saved my life last spring, but -" she was cut off by Willow's hand.

"You - you do know that it was Xander that gave you mouth-to-mouth, right? 'Cause Angel said that he couldn't breathe air. I had to put up with Xander grumbling all summer about it." She blushed. "Not about having to resuscitate you, but because Angel couldn't -" Willow was stopped by a headshake and a hand from Buffy.

"That's just silly. If he can talk, he can move enough air for mouth-to-mouth. All talking is is moving air past your vocal chords and mouth. And he let me think that he did it! The jerk!" Buffy sighed. "Anyway, I'm so not going to dress up for him." She looked at Willow and blushed again. "What are we going to put you in to have Xander see the hotness that is you?" She brushed Willow's hair back. "And to make the point so that even Xander can't miss it?" She looked down at the ground for a minute or two, then smiled again, grabbed Willow's hand, and led her to the shop, where Xander was waiting by the door.

"Hello, my favorite ladies in the world," Xander said with a smile as they approached. "And have you decided what your unlucky henchmen will get to wear tonight? I was thinking about going as a soldier."

"I haven't chosen, yet, Xan, but probably not a soldier." Turning into the shop, Buffy didn't notice Xander's face falling. They went around the very small remaining selection, until they came to the aisle of superheroes. Buffy looked at several different costumes, until she squealed, pulled one off the rack, and held it up to Willow. "Perfect! You, Willow, will go as She-Hulk. Big, strong, gorgeous."

"But, Buffy, I'm not big and strong or anything..." Willow said.

"Right. Well, not big or strong. But it's Halloween. That means come as you aren't." Buffy looked up at Xander. "And you, mister, are going as the Hulk." She went down to look at some other costumes.

"Will," Xander murmured after he looked at the cost of the Hulk costume, "How'm I gonna do this? I've got two dollars to spend, and this thing's thirty!"

Willow looked up at him. "You could always ask Buffy. If she picks the costumes, then she has to -" She saw his expression. "Ah, gotcha. Not an option." She looked down at the accessories. "I've got it. I'll just get the large size of the green body paint," she said, pointing at the container labeled, 'She-Hulk Body Paint!', and you can just get some stretch-y sweatpants and sandals, and you're done!"

"Thank you, oh, thank you, Wills!" It was just then that Buffy came back, holding a small dress and a long red-haired wig.

"And I'm going to be MJ Watson, Spiderman's girlfriend!" she said, then looked at her friends. "Ready to go?" They nodded.

As they were walking back, Willow whispered to Buffy, "Buff, I know that you got to pick the costumes, but weren't you trying to pair me and Xander up?"

Buffy raised her eyebrows. "But I did. Hulk, She-Hulk?"

Willow rubbed her forehead with her hand. "You do know that the She-Hulk is the Hulk's cousin?"

Buffy's face paled. "Oh, no!" Her mouth firmed. "I guess we'll have to go back..."

"No, you won't," Willow said softly, with her "resolve-face" on. "Xander doesn't have a lot of money, doesn't want you to know that he doesn't, and we've figured out a way that it'll work. You're not going to embarrass him."

"Of course not!" Buffy was blushing again. "Oh, well, we'll still have fun. Thanks for the heads-up, Wills, love ya," she said, looking straight into Willow's eyes.

"I love you, too, Buffy."

Buffy had just finished helping Willow put on her body paint when the doorbell rang. Buffy opened the door and smiled. "You look like a hulk in need of green," she said.

"Wow," Xander replied. "I see now why Peter was such a faithful guy."

Willow 'll be down in a minute, and then you can use the paint." Just then, the door upstairs opened, and Willow, wearing low heels, what seemed to be a bathing suit, the green paint on her skin, and a wig of deep, dark green trailing down to her waist, came out.

"Wow, Will, you're a dish!" said Buffy.

Xander smiled. "She's not just being polite, Wills." He headed up the stairs. "Paint still in the room?"

Willow nodded. "Make sure to cover everywhere, don't want your clothes to shift and show you non-green." She grinned as she pointed at him.

They were still escorting their charges to the various houses when the proprietor of the costume shop finished his incantation, painted his face, and said, "Showtime."
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