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Two is Better than One

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Summary: Xander has a little known weakness. Fortunately for him he was put into a situation where it would become a very very good thing. slash

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine FeehanMyauzoFR1889,61534414,99516 Jan 1222 Sep 14No

chapter 2

I do not own buffy the vampire slayer or the Carpathian series

Chapter 2

“Good Lord what’s going on in here?!”

Xander yelped and fell out mystery twin number one’s lap. Thankfully, mystery twin number two was a gentleman and caught him before he could hit the floor. Hitting the floor would have been a very bad thing and led to pain and ouchies. Pain was of the bad.

“Uh. You see- I...uh.” Xander stuttered as he tried to explain to Giles exactly what was going on. Then again he really wasn’t sure what was going on either. He just knew that he was in the lap of some very hot twins after breaking the…oh.

He coughed.

“Well, it kind of happened like this. I was sitting down researching the demon of the week like any good Scooby and I kind of er…broke something? It was an accident I swear! I just yawned and stretched a bit and my hand sort of knocked over some kind of crystal thingamabob. Next thing I know these two appear.”

“And you decided that it was a good idea to kiss them?” Giles asked skeptically still eyeing the two humanoid gentlemen. He really hoped they weren’t demons. Xander always seemed to attract the unsavory and not so human type.

“That was actually their idea. They were persuasive to I went along with it.” Xander grinned at Giles as the man took off his glasses and began cleaning them.

Xander shifted in the lap of twin #2 facing him.

“I think you’re going to need to tell us names and species or Giles is going to have a fit. Those glasses have been through a lot and I’m not sure if they can take much more. He might pop out a lens or something.”

Mr. Grabby Hands smirked at him.

“We have told you. We are Carpathian.”

And here we are treated to the sound of Giles dropping his glasses. Xander winced in sympathy when they cracked as they hit the floor at the wrong angle.

“Uh, Giles?”

No answer.

“He seems to be speechless.” Said Mr. Naughty Tongue. He eyed the British male in amusement.

“Well I’m not. I’m kind of confused. Exactly what are Carpathians and why were you stuck in the crystal?” Xander asked.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to be so close to them. They had said he was their lifemate, whatever that meant, but that could mean something weird or hazardous to Xander’s health. They could probably use him for some sort of inhuman sacrifice to bring their god into existence or eat him. They hadn’t told him if they would eat him when he had asked earlier and he was sure that Mr. Naughty Tongue guy had fangs even though Xander couldn’t really feel them when they were kissing. Maybe they were retractable like some snakes? Were they snake demons?! Oh god! Wasn’t the mayor enough? He didn’t need to deal with psychopath snakes that wanted to sacrifice him to live forever. Maybe that was a lifemate, gah; they wanted to use him for eternal life! He didn’t want to die; he was only twenty way too young to die. Hell, he hadn’t been to Vegas yet!

“-der. –ander. Xander!”

Xander jumped and looked at Giles who seemed to have miraculously recovered from his shocked silent state.

“Huh?” Xander exited his minipanic attack.

“We were about to explain how we came to be into the crystal.” Mr. Naughty tongue guy said. Huh, Mr. Naughty Tongue was getting to be a mouthful to say. Ha. Mouthful. Xander tried to pull his thoughts out of the gutter and pay attention.

“Right. Paying attention now.”

Mr. Grabby Hands raised his eyebrow which Xander staunchly ignored.

“We were once called Fire and Earth,” Mr. Naughty Tongue said, “I am Earth, but the current name I have taken for my own is Kaj-“

“Why Kaj?” Xander asked.

“It means earth in Greek.” Giles explained before he motioned for Kaj to go on.

“My brother has taken the name Nuri, which is Arabic for fire,” Kaj explained, “9 centuries ago we were betrayed by a dark priestess and sealed into the crystal. We have been aware the entire time. The crystal was supposed to be unbreakable, but thankfully Xander was able to disprove that.”

“What do you mean?” Giles asked.

Kaj and Nuri exchanged looks.

“Xander is what the ancient magic users called a disruptor. Magic does not go right around him because he is a chosen one of Janus who is best known as the God of Chaos. He was able to interrupt the flow of magic which allowed the crystal to be destroyed.” Kaj said.

Nuri pulled Xander back into his lap and hugged him.

“Xander is our lifemate and if he had not been a chosen of Janus I am afraid that we would never have been able to claim him. We…we had decided years ago that we would go into the sun if we had been freed and outlived him.” Nuri nuzzled Xander’s neck. Xander blushed.

“I’m still kind of confused here. Going into the sun? Lifemate? And you still haven’t explained what the heck a Carpathian is. Are you sure that you’re not going to eat me or you know sacrifice me to some ancient god that I never knew existed? I’d rather not be a sacrifice the whole heart ripped from the chest thing is kind of gross and –mmph.”

Wow. Mr. Grabby Hands was multitalented. He was a really good kisser too; he could give Mr. Naughty tongue a run for his money. He understood why he was named fire. He absolutely ravaged Xander’s mouth exploring every nook in cranny with such passion that it made Xander’s head spin. Kaj took his time a bit more and had long and drugging kisses, but were no less passionate than Nuri’s.

God. Xander loved twins. He couldn’t wait to find out every difference between them though. Physically, sexually, emotionally.

Xander broke the kiss panting, confused and panicking.

This couldn’t be good. He was thinking long-term. Xander never thought about long-term commitments especially when they could still want to kill him or something. Maybe he should get out of Nuri’s lap because the moment those hands of his came into play it was over for the Xanman. He tried to stand up and actually made it a good half a foot before Kaj drug him down into his lap and wrapped his arms around him.

Kaj pressed him lips to Xander’s neck.

“Please do not fear us Xander. I know that this is confusing, but we have much to explain. Afterward…if you wish to leave us…you may.” The words were low and pained. They made Xander’s heart ache. He relaxed into Kaj’s arms. He would let them explain this a bit more; they had given him a choice which was a lot more than some of other people or demons did. Who knows maybe this could be a good thing.
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