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Two is Better than One

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Summary: Xander has a little known weakness. Fortunately for him he was put into a situation where it would become a very very good thing. slash

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine FeehanMyauzoFR1889,61534414,99516 Jan 1222 Sep 14No

whatever chapter this is...

I do not own buffy the vampire slayer or the carpathian series


"No, no. Hell no. We are not about to do this!" Xander pointed at the hyena and soldier. "This is not happening. I'm asleep, on the couch and a TV is watching me. That's it. You two are deep deep deeeeeppp in my subconscious and are asleep."

"I'm afraid that we are not sergeant." Soldier Boy said.

"No, no no. No sergeant. There will be none of that! You two go back to your hidey hole. My life is going great right now, and both of you here could only mean trouble."

The hyena rolled her eyes at the boy, and sat down.

"Listen pup, we have a problem."

Xander groaned.

"Whyyyy?" he whined.

"A hostile force has invaded our body, sir. We are able to hold it at bay, but if it gets any stronger we will be overrun." The soldier said.

Xander's shoulder slumped.

"What kind of hostile force?" he asked in a defeated voice.

"It happened around the time you exchanged blood with your mates." The hyena said.

Xander looked at them blankly and tried to figure out what in the hell happened between him having a happy fun time with Kaj and Nuri and falling asleep on the couch. Surely his Twinkies weren't turning against him?

"I believe that it was the exchange itself, sir."

A light bulb popped over Xander's heads. The soldier and hyena looked at it curiously.

"Oh. I'm supposed to turn into a Carpathian or something. I didn't think it was a bad thing. It seems pretty cool."

The soldier shook his head.

"Sir, I don't think you quite understand. This 'exchange' of yours is going to kill us."

Xander paled. He didn't want them to die. Despite their problems he liked the hyena, and the soldier showed him all sorts of cool things. They were a part of him and he didn't want to give them up.

"My turning into Carpathian is going to kill you?" Xander paused, "this…this is going to be a problem."

"Sir, you will be waking up shortly. I firmly suggest that you do not engage into another exchange until we have solved this problem."

Xander nodded.

"Right, I'll talk to them about it and see what they know. If not, I'll research it. Giles should know something about this."

"Thank you." The soldier and hyena said simultaneously. The slowly faded, and Xander woke up. He looked out the window at the slowly setting sun.

"All I wanted to do was mate with two really hot twins, turn into a Carpathian and live my life, but noooo. Why can't my life ever be simple?"

Sighing dramatically Xander practically dragged himself off of the couch. He scowled slightly as he entered his bedroom. Surprisingly, his mates weren't awake yet. Or would that be alive? Conscious? He wasn't sure…

Deciding to wait for them rather than going back to watch TV he sat in the middle of the bed between the twins. He alternately poked first Kaj and then Nuri on the cheek. The face cheek of course, not the other kind, but that was a good idea too. However, he wasn't into the whole psuedodead body thing. It was creepy, but not creepy enough to not sit by. Just creep enough that he wouldn't be macking on their corpselike bodies.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about five minutes or so Xander felt both Kaj and Nuri stir. Two pairs of dead sexy blue eyes opened and stared at him. His finger was still poking Kaj's cheek softly. He blushed and pulled his hand away.

"Um…good evening?"

In a blur Xander was pressed back against the bed and a rather talented mouth was on his.

'Oh, it must be Mr. Naughty Tongue.' Xander thought hazily. Two pairs of hands caressed his body and he gasped and moaned into the mouth above him. He pressed his body up against Mr. Naughty Tongue with another needy moan, and he heard Mr. Grabby Hands give a soft aroused growl before pulling Xander away Mr. Naughty Tongue. Xander protested before he was pressed against an identical hard body, and new lips captured his.

Soft, wet lips kissed his neck, followed by a gentle suck. Fangs scraped against his neck and sunk in sending Xander's body into heated bliss. He cried out in Mr. Grabby Hands' mouth and shuddered in jerked in his arms as he came. Before he could come down from his orgasmic high the pair of fangs was replaced with another. The second orgasm torn of Xander's body was damn near painful, but still felt so so good.

He was maneuvered until he sat in Kaj's lap. Xander could feel his hard cock pressed up against his ass. He leaned until his back was pressed against Kaj's chest and slowly grinded his hips causing the Carpathian male to growl into his neck before removing his fangs. Xander shuddered at the scrape of Kaj's tongue against his neck.

"God, you two are amazing."

Nuri smirked at him before leaning in for another kiss. He pulled back slightly and used his nail cut the crook of his neck. He urged Xander to drink.

Xander had his lips pressed to Nuri's neck before he remembered why he shouldn't. He jerked back quickly and smacked the back of his head into Kaj's nose.

"Shit sorry! I'm such a spaz." He apologized to his now injured mate. Xander turned and examined his face. Nope. Still perfect. Apparently, Xander's head wasn't as hard as he thought it was. He had been so sure that getting his head cracked on tombstones had toughened it up a bit.

He gave an eskimo kiss Kaj's nose as an apology causing the male to smile at his silliness. He turned to Nuri who was looking at both of them in amusement. The wound at his neck had healed. The trail of blood reminded Xander why he had almost broken Kaj's nose.

"Yeah, I totally would, but, well, you see…we've got a problem."

AN: I have found out the plot for the story…finally.
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