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Two is Better than One

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Summary: Xander has a little known weakness. Fortunately for him he was put into a situation where it would become a very very good thing. slash

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine FeehanMyauzoFR1889,61534414,99416 Jan 1222 Sep 14No

Chapter One

This will be a quick story, probably just a few chapters. There isn’t much of a plot to be seen.

I do not own buffy the vampire slayer or the carpathain series

Chapter 1

Have you ever had one of those good long stretches? Like when you’ve been sitting down forever or just waking up and then your whole body decides to participate? Toes curl, arms stretch, back bends in such an awkward position that it seems like you’ve been taking advanced yoga classes? Yeah. Xander just had one of those perfect, perfect stretches.

Unfortunately, his stretch was so wild, so out of control that he kind of knocked down one of Giles crystal figurines. In any other place it wouldn’t be a problem, but here at the magic shop…yeah it was a problem. That nice long, oh so wonderful stretch had tons of consequences attached to it. If Xander had known he would have just yawned and been done with it, but nope. He didn’t know and it wasn’t okay.

So here he was staring at the shattered glass figurine in absolute horror. White smoke poured from it, covering the whole shop. He couldn’t see it was like looking outside into a dense fog. He stretched his arm out and hit something…something that was most definitely not there before because he was quite sure that a table full of books was there before. He hesitated and poked the something. It moved. Xander took a step back and walked into another something. It moved.

Xander squeaked as he was pushed in between both of the somethings. Two very hard, warm and breathing somethings. He was trapped.

And he still couldn’t see.


And apparently he couldn’t talk. That was not what he had meant to say. He was trying to say something more wordy. Probably something along the lines of ‘hi’, ‘can you please move?’ or his favorite ‘are you going to eat me?’

Well, the two somethings that he was sure were somebodies pressed forward and his eyes widened when a pair of arms was wrapped around him and warm lips kissed his neck.

“Hey! What are you-“warm and impossibly soft lips pressed against his. Xander was ashamed to admit that he was manhandled by two very touchy and possibly horny beings. He was pushed forward into the lap of the guy with really soft lips and a talented tongue. Hot hands gripped his hips and suddenly the other grabby guy was gone.

Xander regained a bit of himself and pulled back gasping.

“Okay, this has gone on far enough. No more touching of the Xander. Especially naughty touching, naughty touching is of the bad. So maybe you can let me down and we can talk for a bit and GAH!”

Holy Hanna where did that hand come from? He groaned and shifted helplessly in the lap of mysterious guy number one as mysterious guy number two palmed his cock. Mysterious guy number one kissed him again and he whimpered into his mouth.

Xander lost himself to their touch gasping and moaning, pushing against the hand on his cock and doing the tongue tango. It was quite nice; he didn’t know why he was fighting it earlier. He didn’t really care that he couldn’t see, the need had passed.

He ran his hands up the chest of whoevers lap he was sitting in and stroked his muscles appreciatively. Xander had known that he had liked guys; he just didn’t think that he would ever get with a guy. He already had a bad track record with girls so why start a new record for the male gender? Maybe he had been stupid though because this was kind of fun and they definitely knew what he liked.

As if reading his thought the unidentified male behind him began to suck on his neck. Oh yeah. That was nice definitely of the good.

Maybe he could name them, well he was sure that they already had names, but it wouldn’t hurt. Okay, how about naming the guy whose lap he was sitting in Mr. Naughty Tongue and the guy behind him Mr. Grabby Hands. Nah, those names sucked. Speaking of sucking…where had Mr. Naughty Tongue learned how to do that.

Mr. Grabby Hands slipped his very grabby hands into Xander’s pants wrapping it around his oh so very hard and straining cock.

Oh wow.



Oh. Oh yeah. Xander could get used to this. Maybe they needed to stay? Xander was sure that they just came out of the crystal he broke and Giles was always telling him to take responsibility for his actions. He was just trying to be responsible guy. Yup. Totally. It had nothing to do with the hand down his pants and the tongue in his mouth. Nope, not at all.

Xander groaned into the mouth of Mr. Naughty Tongue guy when he felt the scrape of fangs against his neck.

Whoa. Hold up there. Fangs? Like fangs fangs? This couldn’t be good.

He broke the kiss.

“Hey buddy! There will be no snacking of the Xander.”

He heard a deep chuckle against his neck and shivered. This was so not fair. Exactly how many creatures had fangs and were warm and were very eager to play naughty touching with Xander? Apparently, a lot of them. Xander was actually upset, like really really upset. He thought he had found something he could enjoy here, but it turns out he was just another potential nummy snack.

Xander wanted to curl up with a few sad country music CDs and a tub of triple chocolate chunk ice cream. He probably would do that later, but now he needed to concentrate on not being eaten.

“Listen guys, as fun as this is I don’t want to be your next meal. So can you let me up and go find somebody else to eat? Or you know just go away altogether?”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible.” Said Mr. Naughty Tongue guy who probably by complete coincidence had a very strange accent.

“well, why not?” Xander asked annoyed he squirmed and tried to get out of the lap of the male, but the hands on his hips tightened and he heard the male hiss.

Mr. Grabby Hands chuckled again and it should not be so freaking hot because Xander so did not want to die and be aroused at the same time. There had to be some kind of rule against stuff like that.

“You are our lifemate.” Same strange accent and almost same voice, just kind of deeper.

“Riigght…and what the heck is a lifemate?” Xander squirmed again and the male below him moaned and bucked up pressing his cock up against Xander.

Yeah, maybe the squirming was a bad idea on Xander’s part. How was he supposed to know that he would get that sort of reaction…okay maybe he didn’t think that through.

“You are the light to our darkness. The other half of our soul.”

“Huh. Okay…what are you?” Xander made sure not to squirm he wished he could see now, he wanted to see if they were speaking the truth.

“We are Carpathian.” They both said in unison.

That should not have been hot either. Suddenly Xander had a very very bad feeling. If they were what Xander thought they were then he was screwed.

“I want to see.” He said.

Seconds later the air cleared and they were on a couch in Giles shop. Xander looked at the Carpathian male whose lap he was sitting on. He was taller than Xander and broad shoulder, pale skin and dark brown hair almost black. He was very handsome and had the prettiest blue eyes Xander had ever seen. He turned to look at the male behind him and barely held in a whimper as he took in his identical features.

Oh god. He knew it.


Fucking twins.

Xander was doomed.

Twin smirks crossed his new mates-to-be faces and he had the feeling that they could sense his lust skyrocket. He was being kissed an inch from his life before he realized one of them had moved.

It only took a few more minutes of serious kissage and groping before Xander’s thoughts slipped back into an earlier thought process. Maybe he really should start taking responsibility for his actions.

AN. Lol I didn’t mean to start another story. This was supposed to be a oneshot. Anyways, more things will be explained next chapter concerning xander and his new Carpathian mates. I actually have to explain tons of stuff…joy.
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