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Guilty Pleasures

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Summary: For some people, they like particular foods. Unfortunately, this guilty pleasure is not that.

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Stargate > GeneralAlexanderMcphersonFR71244021,89317 Jan 1217 Jan 12Yes
"Why, Buffy?"

"You became a monster."

"Oh." Angel clutched his heart, as the blonde pushed deeper. "Thanks."

Buffy sighed as Angel turned to dust, and commented to the air, "No matter the vengeance, I doubt they ever wanted Angelus to return."

Willow came skipping in, and paused. "Er... Buffy, where's Angel?"

"Oh, out." She said and turned and left. "I'm craving ice cream, you up for ice cream?"

"Sure." Willow nodded.


"Hey G-man, Rupies. Bookman."

"Please, Xander will you not-Jack can I have a word?"


Jack blinked from recording some lines for something, and growled as he rewound the tape. "Sure, what?"

"What are you doing?"

Daniel Jackson was giving him a curious look, and Jack commented, "REcording some stuff."

"Yeah I got that. But 'Rupies'? 'Bookman'?"

Jack blushed a little, "It's... just a guilty pleasure. Nothing to be concerned about."

Daniel walked over, and looked at the computer screen where he found a story on some website that curiously had a banner with people that looked like the General, Sam and Jack, and him although older, along with some aliens.

"Twisting the hellmouth?"

"... It's nothing, some guy asked the community to do a narration thing."

"Jack, is this Fanfiction?"

"... Yes."

"Buffy Fanfiction?"

"... Sorta."


"Crossovers, mainly."


"Oh, There's this one with Wormhole X-treme." Jack grinned, and Daniel sighed.

Figures. Daniel thought. Of all the guilty pleasures Jack could have... this was it.


Note: Couldn't help it. The bunnies struck.
oh and, disclaim. See. I disclaim stuff.

The End

You have reached the end of "Guilty Pleasures". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking