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Vox Populi

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Summary: McKinley High is about to get a wake up call, Scooby style. Rewrite of Shaken, Not Stirred.

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Television > GleeJadedFR181025,4831916343,33117 Jan 1212 May 12No

Hate On Me

Author: Jaded
Story: Vox Populi
Summary: McKinley High is about to get a wake up call, Scooby style.
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Glee is owned by Ryan Murphy. I write for fun, not for profit.
Warnings: So far, none except for canon boy-boy and girl-girl shipping.
Timeline: Starts just before Season 2 of Glee; Post Chosen for Buffy and Not Fade Away for Angel. Not comic compliant.
Chapter Summary: Vi and Suna finally have to dress the part and one of them's not happy about it.
Acknowledgments: Thanks to souldriven, ScorpioP, pinkhairedharry, TouchoftheWind, LadyBold, msdarque, IndigoMay, InDrk, RevDorothyL, Lyd, liferscove, rivrgrl, HebiR, jujukittychick, & SlytherinWere for the reviews!
Tenth chapter, which means a shoutout to my 12 reccers! Mucho thanks to: Catherine, cyna, DavidBMorris, Evenschild, Havocseeker, KWJordan, LadyBold, liewiththetruth, melissouza, Orion, pinkhairedharry, RandomSelection, & TouchoftheWind!
A/N 1: I apologize profusely for the month this took but if you need an explaination … I graduate today with my Bachelors! Aieeee!

Hate On Me

Vi eyed herself in the mirror, twisting slightly as she tugged at the bottom of the skirt. She and Suna had been informed by Sylvester the day before that they were being required to A, actually show up to Cheerio's practice that afternoon, and B, wear the damn uniform in school. If they didn't, apparently, the coach would be “having words” with them.

Dawn, Rona, and Kieran had then proceeded to laugh themselves sick once Sylvester was out of hearing.

It had not been a good end to the day.

It wasn't like she hadn't tried arguing with the coach. She and Suna had tried telling her they really weren't interested in joining the cheerleaders but apparently, they weren't being allowed to back out. And given the rules of the house were pretty clear (they had to do some sort of sport if they wanted the Council scholarships), Vi was pretty much stuck as a cheerleader as none of the other sports interested her at all.

Why they had to do a school sport when they were slayers made absolutely no sense to anyone in the house but those were the rules. Dawn was pretty sure it was a way of fostering teamwork and as a way to get the watchers active but Vi just thought it was stupid.

Suna could have done volleyball, she was surprisingly good at it, but Vi had a feeling she was sticking with the Cheerio's cause of the uniform. Suna was an odd-duck like that. Vi smoothed out the uniform and then did a quick check of her hair before grabbing her backpack. Might as well face the music.

It hadn't taken her and Suna long to realize that, as bad as Faith was probably going to be, it was really Xander and Spike's responses they should fear. Connor and Kieran were already making with the innuendo, to the older men's confusion, but once they found out... She was never, ever going to hear the end of it. She was the one who'd laughed hysterically when she found out Buffy had been a cheerleader, for Sineya's sake!

Walking out of her room, she froze when she saw Kieran coming out of his room down the hall. She sent a quick prayer up that he'd be too sleepy to notice but it was no use. He took one look at her and cracked up laughing.

“Shut up,” she growled, stomping for the stairs. He didn't reply, too busy holding onto the wall for support, one hand wrapped around his stomach as he bent over. Vi paused on the landing as Connor's door opened across from her.

“What the hell is” Connor trailed off. Vi only had a brief moment to wonder why she could see Rona going through his closet before she was distracted by the dhampir slumping to the ground. She huffed. It really wasn't that freakin' funny!

“I like it,” Suna announced as she came around the corner from her room, Dawn with her and smirking. The Asian slayer gave a tiny little shake of her ass and Vi heard Connor choke from where he was sitting on the floor. Kieran, on the other hand, just laughed harder.

“Nice uniforms,” Rona smirked from Connor's doorway. Vi growled again. This was going to be a long day.


“Did you lose a bet?” were the first words Vi heard when she and Suna walked into the kitchen. Or, rather, were pushed inside. Vi had been perfectly happy going straight down the stairs and to the barn where her car was, avoiding the kitchen and its occupants altogether, but Dawn was bound and determined to ruin her life.

“No,” she said, scowling as Kieran, propped up between Connor and Rona, was deposited, giggling, onto a stool at the island. He was really going to regret voicing his amusement; she wondered if she'd be grounded if she burned his Nintendo 64. Somehow, she had a feeling the answer was yes. Something less arson-y then.

“It's not Halloween,” Spike noted, eying them skeptically. That, of course, set Connor, Dawn, and Rona off.

“No, we're Cheerios!” Suna explained, plopping down next to Clare and stealing a bite of the girl's toast. “We joined the squad.”

“Were drafted, you mean,” Vi muttered.

“You...joined...the cheerleading squad?” Xander asked slowly.


“Why are you so excited all of a sudden?” Vi asked, arms going to her hips. There was muffled giggling from Brooke and Miriam that she ignored. “You were just as freaked last week when coach drafted us as I was!”

Suna looked a little guilty. “I...actually wasn't that freaked, I was just doing it cause you were,” she admitted. She hesitated and then added sheepishly, “I like the uniforms.”

“You're joining the Cheerio's cause you like the uniforms?” Xander and Spike demanded at the same time.

“Well...that and it looks fun,” she said. She smiled like a little kid and Vi felt some of her annoyance melt away. “Crazy, but fun! And I get to do it with you!”

Oh why did she have to go and say that? Vi grimaced. Now I can't quit.

This was going to suck.


“Oh, hell no!”

Vi didn't turn around at the shout, knowing there was little she could do without getting suspended. Besides, she'd honestly been waiting for the latina to find out.

“What hell are you doing in that uniform?” the other girls demanded, popping up next to Vi as she closed her locker. The girl was glaring, looking murderous, but Vi had faced down the armies of hell and won. Some bitchy cheerleader just really didn't compare.

“I don't know Lopez, why don't you ask Coach?” she asked coolly. “She is, after all, the one who gave them to us.”


“Yes, us,” Vi said, amused. “You saw us in glee, right? You really think Coach was going to let talent like that go idly by?”

“Us?!” she demanded again and Vi smirked, turning on her heel and walking the other way, leaving the her teammate staring after her angry and confused.

Well, what do you know, she thought to herself when Quinn stopped in the middle of the hallway to stare. Apparently there's a silver lining to this after all.


Seeing Vi and Suna in cheerleader uniforms was...disturbing, to be perfectly honest. Sure, Kieran had laughed like a hyena when they'd come out of their rooms that morning, but that was just because Vi had looked like she'd been playing dress-up—and as much as he loved Suna, it did not surprise him at all that she thought the uniform was cute. He'd been smart enough not say anything though, just laugh, which was more than he could say for Connor.

Really though, saying that at least it was the ditzy ones with the uniforms was just asking to be knee'd in the balls.

It was at lunch that things truly took a bizarre turn. Vi had been honestly against the cheerleading thing but was unwilling to put up a fight due to house guidelines. He'd been expecting a lot of bitching, maybe a miserable look or two. She would not be happy.

Then she walked in, smirking as she chatted with Brittany, and Kieran's entire world went upside down.

“Dude, when did Vi and Suna become Cheerios?” Puck hissed, plopping down next to him. Kieran still didn't know Puck well, but from the little Rachel had told him, that he'd overheard, and had seen, he had a feeling the self-proclaimed badass would fit in just fine with their insanity.

“Sylvester drafted them first week in,” Kieran replied when Artie rolled over to their table, leaving behind a perplexed looking Glee club two spots over.

Even with the girls officially joining the club, they'd remained pretty separated from the rest of the group. Vi didn't take kindly to Santana or Quinn's bitchiness, Dawn had issues with Mercedes Kieran wasn't even sure he wanted to understand, and Suna and Rona were siding with Artie after he'd told them about the breakup with Tina that summer and the reasons behind it. So the four girls and Kieran would sit at another table, usually close by the one claimed by Mercedes, Tina, Kurt, Finn, Mike, Puck, and Artie as a courtesy to Rachel, who had taken to switching tables each day. This was the first time Artie had joined them instead of staying at the glee table.

“Dude, seriously?” Puck asked, looking in the direction of the redhead, who was flipping her hair and looking coolly about the room. Kieran caught Dawn's gaze as she and Rona came inside the cafe with Sam, and saw her roll her eyes.

Vi found the silver lining, she informed him.

And what's the silver lining? He asked back, eyes narrowing as Suna bounced over to join the two Cheerio's getting drinks at the line. Dawn made her way over to him, leaving Rona and Sam to get in line several people behind them. Both knew better than to try and join the three girls.

“Them being on the squad is pissing off Santana and Quinn,” she told him with a smirk.

Kieran snorted milk out of his nose. “WHAT?!” he demanded once his eyes had stopped watering.

“That's the silver lining Vi found,” Dawn answered with a smirk, handing over a napkin as Artie and Puck snickered. “She was looking for the glass half full, and found it in pissing them off by staying on the squad.”

Puck chuckled. “I knew there was a reason I liked that girl,” he smirked. “Little Red's a badass after my own heart.”

Kieran and Dawn exchanged amused looks. “I wouldn't call her that if I were you,” Dawn advised. “Only one person's allowed and it ain't you.”

“Who calls her that?” he asked, obviously distracted. Kieran followed his line of sight and saw Suna had pulled her left leg straight up so it was parallel to the wall, flashing her spankies. He rolled his eyes and resisted the urge to smack the other boy for ogling. He couldn't very well get too physical as he'd be a hypocrite; if he didn't consider Suna like a sister, he'd probably have done the same thing.

Dawn had no such qualms and smacked Puck on the back of the head. Breaking from his staring, the mohawked boy cursed at Dawn, rubbing his scalp. “She's a woman, not a piece of meat,” Dawn told him firmly, ignoring his cursing. She quirked an eyebrow at him. “And she can break you with her pinkie.”

“That's hot,” he grinned, eyes glazing a bit again. Dawn rolled her own but instead of her hitting Puck, Rachel did.

“Don't be vulgar, Noah,” she admonished, setting down her lunch primly as he scowled. Kieran hid a grin as he distinctly heard the receiver mutter about them being bad influences on Rachel.

Within minutes, the table was full, Rachel having been joined by Finn, who'd been about to join the gleeks table, instead saw Puck and sat down in between him and his girlfriend. Kieran didn't say anything but he saw Dawn's eyes narrow. She, like Kieran, really didn't like the other boy.

Along with Rachel, Finn, Puck, and Artie, Rona dragged Sam over to the table, ignoring his protests. Ever since he'd made the football team as the new quarterback and had declined the invitation to join glee, he'd been hesitant about hanging out with any of the gleeks, Rachel and Finn in particular. The girls and Kieran were stubborn though and were trying to get him to calm the fuck down about it. Rachel hadn't heard him sing, didn't actually know he'd considered joining, so she didn't care. And as for Finn—if he couldn't get over Beiste changing things up, then that was his problem, not Sam's.

That left Mercedes, Tina, Mike, and Kurt at the gleeks table, with Quinn, Santana, and Brittany at a table of cheerio's and jocks, shooting dirty looks over at Vi and Suna every so often. If Kieran hadn't found the whole thing so funny, he'd probably be scowling at them all.

“So, have any of you started your pieces for this weeks assignment?” Rachel asked once everyone had settled in. Mr. Schue had given out the assignment after their audition on Friday.

“I still can't believe we're getting homework for a club,” Vi frowned and Kieran grinned. She'd been complaining about that all weekend.

“I got mine,” Puck announced and everyone looked at him in shock. Everyone but Dawn, Kieran noticed. Puck frowned at them all. “What?”

“You already have your song picked out?” Finn asked, incredulously. For once, Kieran completely understood the taller kid. The assignment was country and Puck was, well, Puck.

“Wasn't hard,” he answered, smirking at Dawn. “Got the idea from Blue Eyes.”

“Stop calling me that,” she grumbled. She looked at Rachel. “I gave him a couple suggestions when he was complaining about it.”

“When did you see Puck?” Finn asked, surprised.

“He crashed Halo,” she answered simply. Kieran suddenly flashed back to when Puck had disappeared into the kitchen for almost ten minutes. Dawn had been cooking, he recalled, and listening to a Pandora country channel trying to find her own song. He must have heard something he'd liked.

“You play Halo?” Again with the surprise.

“Oh no,” Dawn shook her head. “I play WOW. The boys play Halo.”

“And me,” Rona added. “Sometimes.”

“Bu you should see Rachel on WOW,” Dawn said with a a smirk. Kieran coughed; the other boys didn't know what Rachel had been doing with Dawn all weekend so this should be good. “She's surprisingly vicious.”

Rachel blushed as Puck, Finn, and Artie all gaped at her.

End Note: Its short, I know, but now that I'm done with school, I can get more out for you guys and gals. See you all soon!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Vox Populi" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 May 12.

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