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The Bunny Hutch

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Summary: A collection of my plot bunnies. Feel free to enjoy.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherRubyPaladinFR151617,119311135,44218 Jan 1211 Nov 14No

Gotham Chaos NYC



Gotham Chaos NYC


Ruby Paladin

My name is Rupert Edmund Giles. For the past five years, I have served as the butler for a rather remarkable young man. I say five years because the official story in this world is that after the tragic murder of his parents in a dark alley. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

If you answered something in reference to the origin story of Batman, you would be correct and you're probably wondering why I am not Alfred Pennyworth. That's because I dressed as the man accidentally one Halloween night. I had intended the costume to be James Bond. Who actually intends to dress as a butler anyway? Had I somehow known about why my old 'friend' was planning, I would have tried to stop him or at least found a better costume.

As for the remarkable young man that I serve, he dressed as Batman that night. Along with several others, we dressed as people who had lived in that world. For some reason that I can only surmise as damage control, the Powers-That-Be of our world managed to exile us into a world that could handle us but because the spell had not been broken yet, we were intergrated into that world as if we had been there the whole time. Another effect of the spell caused our intergration to be a blend of both our true origins and those of the costumes we wore that night.

When Xander and I came to, we realized what had occurred and that the others would be capable of reeking havoc upon this version of New York we have been brought to. We spent the time from then out to prepare for when they would make their moves. From what we knew of them, that was all we could do.

Natasha Romanov set the journal down as she turned to face the man whose bed she had just shared. She hadn't even planned on sleeping with him that night as her orders had been only to observe the 'Batman' that had appeared in New York. The local media had credited him with the capture of Matt Murdoch, a blind lawyer who had went out at night in a red suit and called Daredevil. The police had been embarassed in not making the connection to the murders of several men 'presumed' to been on the payroll of the mysterious 'Kingpin' to court cases that involved the lawyer. SHIELD had tested Murdoch and found he did have such an acute sense of hearing that they believed he could be capable of what happened.

Something that the media did not know of was the war Batman had with Frank Castle better known as the Punisher. It had taken place over three blocks and was officially declared a gang war. Not much was known but Frank Castle was found bound and gagged in an FBI holding cell in One Federal Plaza. Castle's situation didn't help considering he was responsible for the murder of an undercover FBI agent.

“Bedsheets look good on you.”

Natasha turned around and saw Alexander “Xander” Lavelle Harris, CEO of Harris Enterprises, wearing what she could only describe as a bat-suit. Clearly a good level of body armor composed the suit but it appeared to retain the flexibility he would need from what she'd seen him do. The only piece missing from the suit was the dark cowl he wore.

“I see you planned on slipping off while I was sleeping.” Natasha replied.

“I had actually planned on spending the rest of the night worshipping at the temple you know as your body but unfortunately...” Xander said to her as he picked up a remote control and turned on a large LCD television.

“This is the Channel Five news copter reporting live at the scene. The annual policemen's ball has been taken over by a group of armed men led by a man who appears to be a clown.”

Natasha saw the image of a man dressed in a purple suit with bright green hair and a face that looked as though it might have been clown makeup.

“His name is Warren Meers.” Xander said as he pressed a hidden panel on the wall to reveal a hidden elevator. “He's the Joker now.”

“For some reason, uniformed patrolmen have joined with the armed group and have been seen firing at local law enforcement.”

“Andrew Wellls, the Mad Hatter, specializes in mind control technology involving hats.” Xander explained.

The image on the screen suddenly veered out of control as if the helicopter pilot had to dodge something quickly. A large man wearing what looked like a black and white wrestling mask shown on the screen seemed to have been responsible for it. Green tubes could be seen on him and she believed some type of chemical flowed in them.

“Jonathan Levinson, also known as Bane;” Xander continued. “he uses a compound called Venom to increase his muscular strength significantly.” He stepped onto the elevator. “Don't worry. I'll be back.”

The elevator shot away and Natasha walked over to the large windows to see a black jet fly away from the building. She walked over to her purse and removed her cell phone. She dialed the number from memory.

“Clint, I need my gear and a pickup.” She said.
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