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Summary: Neither knew who the other was, but they were linked through their dreams.

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Movies > King Arthur (2004)AzureFR742,6682152,97618 Jan 1227 May 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


The disclaimer from previous chapters holds true for this one as well

Summary: It was darkness and death, blood and burning flesh.
Warnings:, Like one can deduce from the title and the summary, the chapter is shades darker than others and deals with a lot of death.

A/N: As you can see, I finally got around posting a new chapter. As for the chapter, I want to note how hard it was to find someone from the Celtic myths to compare to angels.


Unlike the last time she had one of the dreams, this time it wasn't anything like that one had been. This one was nowhere near light or calm.

This time it was all darkness. It was blood-splattered fields with corpses littered upon them. It was anguished screams and pained moans echoing in the smoke-filled air that reeked of burning flesh.

As she looked around she saw a flock of black birds that circled above it all, barely visible on the dark sky. Some of them were landing on the field and tearing off whatever they could of the older bodies in their hunger. Sometimes they fed, or at least tried to feed, on those who had died more recently or even the living. It didn't seem to matter to them if what they fed on were living or dead as long as they didn't move. Times of battles were like feasts to them and all the other scavengers.

Almost without noticing it, she had started to wander on the previously grass-covered field among the bodies. The hooves of the horses had broken the surface of the moist ground and mud had replaced the green grass that had been there previously. Only small tufts of green could be seen there, scattered few and far between.

As she was navigating between the bodies of men and horses, the sudden revelation that she was trying to find someone came to her. However, it didn't occur to her was to stop to think who she was looking for, or even why; she just knew she had to find them.

Were it not a dream, the hem of her white dress would be heavy with a combination of mud and blood by now, but as it was, the fabric remained unnaturally white and unmarred.

She barely noticed when some of the dying men saw her and tried to reach for her, only to grasp thin air as their hands passed through her form. She didn't know what a comforting picture she presented to the dying men in her white dress, gliding through the battle field with a gentle glow surrounding her. Depending on their beliefs, those men thought she was either Arianrhod, the goddess of life, death and reincarnation, there to gather the souls of warriors and take them to the Moonland, or an angel coming to take them to the heavenly kingdom. Without knowing it, she was bringing peace to the dying who knew upon seeing her that their souls would be taken care of.

She felt a pull and followed it to the middle of the field. There, on the ground, was lying the one she had been seeking without consciously realizing it was him she was looking for. His twin swords laid next to him, one still loosely grasped in his hand.

After a screamed plea for somebody, anybody, to come to help she realized nobody could hear her and dropped on her knees next to his body, feeling utterly powerless as she did. Why was she here if she couldn't help him in any way? Was this some kind of sick joke by the Powers, designed to eventually break her? It wasn't like her life was too easy otherwise.

She could see blood soaking the fabric around his arm and some blood trickling down next to his hairline. What eased her mind was his steady breathing and the strong heartbeat of his that she could hear with her advanced hearing.

She didn't know how long she sat there, next to his unconscious body – hours if she had to guess. At one point she noticed she'd started to hum the soft tunes of the lullaby her mother had sang to her when she had been just a little girl. The dawn was rising when two men she recognized as his friends came. She oversaw as they lifted him on a makeshift stretcher and she sighed with relief – he would be taken care of.

When she was about to follow them, the world turned black before her eyes and she knew no more. Hours later she woke up in her own bed. When Willow asked her if she'd had any dreams she couldn't recall any.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Linked" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 May 12.

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