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Summary: Neither knew who the other was, but they were linked through their dreams.

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Title: Linked

Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy Summers), King Arthur (Lancelot)

Timelines: Before the movie in King Arthur, Buffy timeline is still unclear.

Disclaimer: I have no claim on either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or King Arthur.

Notes: These won’t necessarily be in order, but I try to put notes when they take place in relation to the movie and other parts of Linked. You will probably save yourself from a headache if you don’t try to figure out an absolute timeline.
Also, I’d like to note that like with dreams usually; Buffy and Lancelot won’t remember all of the dreams, and even when they remember a dream, it doesn’t mean they recall all of it.

Summary: She dreamed of another world and she dreamed of him.


Sometimes she would dream. Those weren't normal dreams nor were they the prophetic kind she got nowadays.

No, these had started way before those; she had been just a child when she'd had her first dream of this kind.

These were vivid, Technicolor dreams where she sensed everything and forgot there was anything else.

In her dreams there were brave and broken men, trying to do the right thing. Men lost in themselves.

She dreamed of endless green fields, and forests so deep and dark that you could easily get lost in them without taking a single step.

Most of all, she dreamed of him. A loyal man with shattered beliefs. Joking to hide the pain and the absence in the place of hope.

So cynical and hardened by life that it made her want to cry for him, a man who certainly wouldn't want someone to shed tears for him.

In her dreams she couldn't but stand and watch – forever watching from the sidelines. She was there for all of it; she was there as he fought, loved, and drank his way through life.

Considering who and what she was, she couldn't help but admire how fiercely he fought; twin swords were dancing a deadly dance as he made his way through his enemies.

Often he was victorious, but there were times when he didn't walk away unscathed.

At the times when his friends couldn't watch his back, she would always try to warn him of enemy steel behind his back, but no matter how hard she tried he did not see her – couldn't hear her warnings.

Once, when he was lying on a bed with his side sliced open, delirious with fever, she thought he could see her there standing by his bedside.

He had looked in her direction; he'd even lifted his hand like trying to reach for her hand. He had opened his mouth to say something and she leaned closer to hear him, but then the healer had come in, giving him something that had made him sink into a deep slumber so he would be able to start stitching his side back together.

When she was awake, she would wonder who he was, where he was. Often she also daydreamed of what would happen if they met, but just as often the real life crashed in and broke her reverie.

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