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Hunters Book One: Pale Horses and Prophesy

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hunters-Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Massive X/O. A couple years after the fall of Sunnydale, the end of days begins counting down once more.

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American Psycho (2 of 3 Harper's Island arc)

Chapter 6: American Psycho

John Wakefield was a bitter psychopath. He could admit that much, and in truth, he had every reason to be, that bitch had given away his child, depriving him of his own blood for almost 19 years.

She'd paid for what she did in the end though, he'd personally watched the life drain from her eyes as she hung by the neck in the giant tree, a grisly human ornament alongside the other two hapless souls that had been unlucky enough to get in his way.

Seven years, that's how long it had been since that day. Most thought him dead, and the two who knew for sure that he was alive were both under wraps for the time being, his son a willing accomplice of course, and the wounded sheriff was on a tight leash since their brief encounter two nights earlier. The man's pride was his weak spot, and the love he held for his daughter, and Wakefield was more than cunning enough to capitalize on it. Besides, the man would be dead soon enough.

He stood watching Cole Harkin's cabin burn from the edge of the property, the dead man's smoldering body still pinned to the wall of the burning home, half the flesh melted away due to the intense heat.

Turning suddenly at the sound of a crackling behind him, the sound of someone stepping on a piece of tree branch and a genial grin came over his face as he watched Azazeal step out of the shadows, flanked by his lieutenant Ruby, currently housed in the body of the late Joel Booth.

“You had to go and take the one idiot who took himself out before I got the pleasure, didn't you?” Wakefield sneers, bothered for some reason that only he and whatever higher power(s) existed could fathom.

“His was in better shape then the rest, save maybe the Seaver girl, but she's wrapped up tight in the morgue.” Ruby replies with an air of non-chalance. “Find me a better host, and I'll get the first round of drinks back in Seattle.”

“Neither the time or the place to pick a fight Ruby.” Azazeal chides, stepping up next to John and observing the blaze with an amused look. “Nice work.” The demon compliments, tilting his head slightly to get a better look at the corpse of the ex-deputy, still stuck fast with the arrows, but half sagging from the shafts.

“You have problems that we hadn't initially foreseen.” Azazeal says suddenly. “Eight new souls in this game, and each of them knows the true score, and several of them have abilities not unlike those of my children.”

“Shit, so I gotta worry about this supernatural shit after all.” Wakefield complains, his own abilities and those of his son wouldn't fare all that well against the combined forces of supernaturally empowered warriors.
“No. I have taken the proper counter-measures to ensure your success.” Azazeal replies, pulling a small glowing glass orb from his pocket and holding it out for the murderer to see. “As long as you have this, and keep it safe, the eight that came tonight will be like the rest of them. Weak and easy to take down.”

Wakefield nods, taking the glass orb from the demon and storing it in the internal pocket of his jacket. Azazeal turns away, and begins to head back into the woods. Ruby moves to follow, but is waved off.

“You're to stay, out of sight of course, and find yourself a better host.” the ranking demon orders, and receives a short nod in reply. Azazeal then turns to Wakefield, eyes icy. “Do try to keep one of them in halfway decent shape for her. The current host is rather.. unworthy.”

Wakefield nods curtly and gives a shrug. “I'll leave one of the shits for her personally. But she can make the kill herself, or however it is that this possession thing of yours works.”

“Fair enough.” Azazeal says, giving Ruby a pointed look, the two sharing a silent conversation between them. “One more thing, Shane Pierce and Nikki Bolton, I want both of them dead in 24 hours and I will double the reward money.”

“Done.” the psychopath announces, sealing the agreement. He remains silent for a moment, then speaks again. “She helps with the eight new ones too.”

Azazeal gives a curt nod and teleports away, his work done for the moment.

“So what are we going to do then?” Jo asks, breaking the silence that had fallen on the group with Shane's departure.

“We need to split up again, someone has to go warn Vi and X about this new development in regards to our power losses, and I don't plan on having anyone going off alone.” Faith says decisively. “Three of us will continue on to the Sheriff's station, see if we can't better arm ourselves, and the other three will head to the clinic. I'll go to the clinic, who's coming with me.”

“No disrespect Faith, but I'm gonna go to the station, me 'n' hospitals don't mix, in any state.” Ava pipes up from where she stands next to her lover. James for his part nods accordingly, not that Faith was surprised, the wolves were never far removed from one another of late.

“I'll go to the clinic.” Shannon voices her decision, and Bodie quickly mirrors her sentiments, not wanting the youngest of the three slayers by herself, regardless of power, loss of power or hardness. For the first time in his life that he could remember, Bodie held fear of what the future held, and he was less than pleased to experience this.

“So I guess I'm with you guys then.” Jo surmises in the end, stepping up to where James and Ava stand. The two trios exchange brief words amongst themselves and then head off in the two separate directions.

Vi's head perked up from where she had been resting it against her husband's chest in the back of the truck, the both of them startled out of the light slumber by the sound of Shane Pierce's truck screeching to a halt a few yards from where the truck they were on was parked. The redhead quickly pulls herself up and hops off the tailgate before strolling across the distance to intercept the angry island native before he could enter the clinic.

“Hold up.” She commands, used to having her slayer powers to back up her demands, and almost inexplicably Shane complies, feeling some unknown (to him at least) compulsion to listen to the slight redhead, who he towered over.

“Do I know you?” he asks, not understanding why either Vi or Xander felt.. Familiar was the best word for it.

“Uh, no.” Vi replies, somewhat at a loss as to how she was going to explain the situation without sounding completely crazy. This wasn't what she signed up to do when she'd stayed with the new council after the fall of the Sunnydale Hellmouth. “There's a reason you think that though, cause we were supposed to meet, it's a destiny thing.”

Shane's eyes narrow slightly, and his gaze moves from Vi to her one eyed husband, Xander coming over to stand next to his wife, and then back to the small redhead.

“You're crazy.” He states, lacking any real conviction, and she shrugs.

“Been called worse, and I'm not sure you're wrong about that.” Vi retorts, a small bit of dark humour in her voice. “You'd be shitting your pants if you'd seen some of the things I have.” she adds, the memory of the incident in Egypt flashing across her mind unbidden, and she shudders uncomfortably.

“Vi, you alright?” Xander asks, the concern clear in his voice, and she gives him a quick nod, struggling to compose herself.

“I'm always alright.” She quips, the words ringing a memory in Xander's own mind from over ten years prior, of him and Faith, much younger and his case much less jaded by time and the loss of so many friends to the fight against the darkness.

“Can we break up this little moment, and someone explain to me what the hell's going on.” Shane demands, breaking the married couple out of their private memories and their eyes fall to the island native. “Who are you anyway, you with those six heading into town?”

“If you mean Faith, then yeah. We're with that group.” Xander informs the slightly younger man. At that moment, JD and Jimmy took the moment to exit the front of the clinic and Shane's rage returns full fold.

“You left me in that cell with the dead cop right there, you son of a bitch!” the tall fisherman roars, and throws himself at the injured goth, Jimmy and Xander both surging forward to stop Shane's progress.

“HEY!” Vi's yell stops all four dead, and they turn to look at her. “You got a friggin killer on the loose here, and you're going to tear each other apart? You got some nerve saying I'm crazy man.” She says, turning to stare at Shane. “This is exactly the kind of shit this psycho you got here is hoping for, fighting amongst yourselves and distracted, easy marks to take out.”

No one speaks in response, but Shane pulls away from Jimmy and Xander, his expression calmer as he processes her words. JD pushes past, heading over to stand by the front of the truck as he fumbles with a cigarette.

“Fine, whatever.” Shane concedes a moment later, seeing the logic in the redhead's outburst. “How good are you guys armed anyways?” he questions as an afterthought.

“Better than you were a moment before.” Faith's voice floats over and all five of the people standing around the exterior of the clinic look over in the direction the former dark slayer's voice has come from, and see her walk out of the shadows with Shannon and Bodie with her. “We got some shit we gotta talk about.” She adds grimly as the three of them reach the others. “None of us should be outside right now.”

“Where's James, Ava and Jo?” Xander questions, moving to grab the shotgun he'd left in the back of the truck.

“They went to go lock down the Sheriff's station, we'll meet up with them in the morning.” Faith replies swiftly, wanting to get out of the open as soon as possible. The others seem to understand and they begin to go inside the clinic.


James, Ava and Jo were on full alert of their surroundings as the trio stealthily made their way out of the woods behind the sheriff's station, hugging the exterior wall to remain in the shadows as they crept around the side of the building, each holding a gun of various type in an actionable position, in case of an attack.

James holds his hand out for the two women to stop, holding his gun up as he peeks around the side of the station house, eyes diligently searching out the shadows, and cursing the lack of his wolf abilities, which would really be handy about now. Deciding the area was clear and safe, he motioned for the two to follow him quickly, and both Ava and Jo gave a quick nod of agreement each before the trio dashed across the short distance to the door, quickly pulling it open and going inside.

"Power's out." Jo announces, after moving over to the wall switches ad flicking them up and down in a vain attempt to get some light in the room.

"Just as well. We don't need lights, they'd only alert the killer someone was in here.” Ava responds as she crosses the room to drop into one of the desk chairs. She pulls the top drawer open and she begins to rifle through it, searching for anything of use.

“Kinda had the same idea.” A female voice chimes in from the shadows and the three turn see a blonde woman step out of the shadows of the sheriff's personal office, a pistol in her hand, which is shaking. “Who the hell are you?”

“Easy lass.” James says, his eyes locked on the woman, who seemed very agitated and he couldn't blame her. “We're not looking for trouble.”

The blonde looks at each of the three with uncertainty clear in her eyes, then slowly lowers the gun. “So who are you then?”

“I'm Ava Rivers, and this is James Foley and Jo Harvelle, friends of mine.” Ava replies for the trio, feeling she could trust this girl. “We were on our way to Canada, with a few of our friends and our boat broke down about half a mile off the coast of the island.”

“You must have the worst luck ever.” Nikki says, shoving her pistol into the waistband of her pants. “Nikki Bolton.” she adds, remembering to introduce herself at the last moment.

“My life is a Wes Craven movie.” Ava agrees, her mood lighter than it had been in quite some time and it unnerved her a bit. Something about this girl was making her feel strange, and they'd already discerned none of them were currently linked to their supernatural abilities.

“Are there any more firearms around the place you know of?” Jo asks from her spot by the door, keeping an eye on the parking lot.

“Yeah, the sheriff's got a locked cabinet in his office, but it's pretty well secured and the glass is thick enough a bullet wouldn't shatter it.” The bartender tells them, moving to the side as James walks over and into the office.

The male lycan stares at the locking mechanism for a few moments, silent as a rock, then takes his gun and aims it at the side of the lock, pulling the trigger and blowing the whole lock off the enforced glass case, then slides the panel over so the others could easily get the guns held within.

Ava and Nikki quickly armed themselves with a couple full clips a piece, as James grabbed a duffel from the floor and began shovelling the rest of the guns into the bag.

Henry grinned as the others became distracted by the return of Trish, Shea, Abby and Madison, the group quickly vacating the inn. Katherine moved to get up and he sprung into action, shoving the pruning shears through the back of the couch and up into the back of Thomas Wellington's widow. He remained for a moment, then ducked out to join the others as Katherine bled out, her spine severed and leaving her immobile as she expired.

A few moments later he emerges from the front of the hotel as his Bride-to-Be comes up, and meets her in a hug, the group quickly relocating into the Candlewick, just as Maggie Krell screams, running out of the open solarium, the portly woman rushing over to where the group is. Henry, Danny, and Sully quickly make their way over to the room the wedding planner had just come from, disappearing inside for a few moments.

They emerge a few moments later, distressed looks on each of their faces, and rejoin the group. “We gotta leave now.” Henry says, taking charge of the situation, and grabbing the shotgun off the bar. “Katherine's dead.”

“What?” Trish asks, shock in her voice. “She was alive ten minutes ago. Is the killer still here.”

“He has to be, and we're not waiting around anymore.” Sully cuts in, hefting his own shotgun onto his shoulder.

“You're right, we're going. Now.” Henry agrees, starting for the door, the other seven (Abby, Trish, Sully, Danny, Shea, Madison, and Maggie) falling into step behind the groom.

The eight of them quickly make their way down the wooded road, slowly making their way to the clinic, all eyes alert and searching the surroundings for any sign of danger. The trip took about twenty minutes, and Trish was the first one to enter the clinic, greeted immediately by Chloe, who has a stressed look on her face. The others, Faith's group included are scattered around the front room.

“Where's Beth?” Chloe asks, her voice cracking as she doesn't see her friend in the group of new arrivals, their eyes tell her enough. “Oh.” she whispers before turning and returning to where Cal stood.

“We need to get off the island.” Henry states, moving to where Shane and Jimmy are standing. “You guys got a boat right?”

Jimmy nods, his arms crossing across his chest. “Yeah, but it's not enough to hold 22 people.”

“23, ain't no way in hell we're taking off without Nikki.” Abby says, stepping into the room, helping her father to limp in.

“We'll pick her up on the way down there.” Henry says. “In the meantime, we have an issue with the number of people.”

“Ain't no problem, I can hotwire anything and you guys got a whole shit load of boats down at the docks.” Bodie replies, stepping forward.

“Get James, Ava and Jo too, we tried calling the station but all the phones are dead.” Faith adds.

“They were out at the inn too, probably the same all over the island.” Henry surmises, and Jimmy, Shane and Bodie nod before heading out and down to the docks. About fifteen minutes later the rest of the group does the same, heading in the same direction of the docks. The sheriff was being supported by Abby and Henry as the group went.

Jimmy was leading the way up to the sheriff's station, having found Nikki's house empty, and hoped she'd been lucky enough to get off the island with the majority of the wedding guests.

“Hold up yo, that killer of yours could be watching the place.” Bodie says suddenly, grabbing Jimmy by the shoulder, and stopping him from proceeding out of the tree cover towards the station.

“Well if your friends are in there, how you gonna get them out here?” Shane inquires, looking confused.

“One sec.” Bodie replies, pulling his sleeve up and pressing two fingers to the protection medallion tattoo. A couple moments later, James, Ava, Jo and Nikki emerge from the station, the four of them loaded up with guns and duffels.

“We get outta this shit, you got some explaining to do, cause I'm thinking the 'we broke down' story is bullshit.” Shane says, growing suspicion in his voice.

“You'll get your answers Pierce.” James remarks as he walks up with the three women. “As soon as we get the hell off this island.”

“Good, let's go then, the other's aren't far behind and I want to be ready to go when they get there.” Jimmy comments, feeling a bit out of the loop.

The seven of them quickly proceed down to the docks, Jimmy jumping onto the boat, joined by Ava, Jo and Nikki. Bodie and James work quickly to untie the boat and then dashed over to where the boat they used to get to the island was docked, quickly guiding it into the queue to the gas pump where Jimmy had just pulled up to. They quickly get off and James ties the boat to the dock.

Shane curses as he grabs the gasoline pump dispenser, and finds it to be powerless. “I gotta go check the generator, he says grabbing the shotgun and jogging further up the docks to where the generator is located, catching sight of the rest of the group coming down the street towards him. He frowns slightly at the pair of glasses hanging from the lever to turn the power on, quickly pulling them off and tossing them over to the side, and then frowns as he hears the dull thump rather than a splash as the glasses land on the floating body of one of the beachcraft cops. Shane's eyes widen, and he turns to where the boats are.

“They're dead man! The cops are dead!” the fisherman yells out to the group, to which Jimmy yells back to fire up the damn generator. “Okay!” He yells back, pulling the lever upward and hitting the button.

“Shit!” he curses again as the generator sparks and then a loud humming noise begins to pick up. “Get the hell out of there!” He manages to get out before both the boats Jimmy and the others were on exploded, along with the vast majority of the rest of the docks.

Luckily for Jimmy and Nikki, the other four were no strangers to having to think quickly to save their lives, and James and Ava more or less tackle Jimmy off the side of the boat as Bodie grabs Nikki and throws both of them into the water and Jo dives on her own.

Shane begins running back towards the large group standing in the concrete lot as the world explodes around him, getting knocked to the ground briefly as he gets to close to one of the blasts, quickly pulling himself up and continuing forward.

Abby and Chloe both let out a scream as a gunshot rings out and Sheriff Mills crashes to the ground. “NO!!” Abby screams, moving towards her father's body, but is pulled back by Henry and Sully as another gunshot rings out, impacting the pavement a couple feet from where Faith and Shannon stood, jarring the group into a flight for cover as more shots ring out.

Shane goes to run up the ramp to the lot so he can join the others, but stops and runs the opposite direction as Maggie Krell runs by as well and is hit by one of the deadly projectiles before crashing to the ground. He sprints down the shoreline, his eyes widening as he reaches the edge of the water adjacent to Jimmy's boat and then relief floods his face as he sees Jimmy, Nikki and the four strangers pulling themselves out of the water.

He rushes over joins the six as the flee to the west of the docks. “Over there! We can get into the fish market and use it for cover.” He calls out, leading the group towards the aformentioned building, quickly kicking the door in, and flooding inside. They quickly take up refuge behind the counter, guns at the ready in case they've been followed.

Chloe was right next to her boyfriend when he went down, blood spurting from his chest and she let out a scream of fury and agonized torment that would stick with everyone that survived this murder spree for quite some time.

She went into an-almost state of shock as Danny and Sully grab hold of her and guide her all the way up to the cannery. Once all thirteen of the group were inside, Henry and Xander quickly secure the door as Faith, Sully, Danny and Shannon take up positions at the front windows, guns at the ready.

“We stepped right into that, played it out exactly how he wanted.” The former dark slayer gripes, praying that none of her people had died in the blasts, that they'd somehow gotten off in time.

“Did anyone get hit?” Vi asked, now the sole remaining person with medical training, receiving negative head shakes all around.

“No one that made it.” Chloe answers despondantly and Trish pulls her friend into a hug, the sadness in the air felt by all present, save one.

“You're not a half bad shot.” Wakefield compliments Ruby as the pair cease firing on the fleeing survivors, now too far out of range.

“You live a few hundred years, you pick up a thing here and there.” Ruby replies, still inhabiting the body of Joel Booth. “Which group you want to go after?” She questions, already knowing the answer.

“I'm going to the bar. My son and I need to have words.” Wakefield replies. “His adopted brother was supposed to have been killed already, and I wish to know how and why he still lives.

“Then I'll take out the seven in the fish market.” Ruby/Booth says, before striding away to do just that.

To Be Continued...

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hunters Book One: Pale Horses and Prophesy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jun 12.

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