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People Watching

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Summary: People watching can change how you see the world

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Highlander > GeneralKwareroFaerieFR71550011,5813 Jan 043 Jan 04Yes
Title: People Watching

Disclaimer: I do not presume to be as creative as those who
brought forth Buff and Highlander.

Summary: People watching can change how you see the world

Spoilers: None



Five thousand plus years can cause
anyone to become slightly jaded on their viewpoint in respect to life and the
kindness and sincerity of others.  This
is especially true if one was also Death of the Four Horsemen.  But then again, no one is really perfect are
they?  Methos wondered idly as he
watched a group of three friends bicker over what to see in the movie

They were a few feet away from his
lounging position against the brick wall of the theatre.  A blonde, a brunet, and a redhead; the perfect
makings of a joke, yet the brunet was a male while the other two female.  It seemed the blonde and brunet were trying
to coax the redhead into seeing the latest horror flick and she was adamant
against seeing said movie.  For a moment
it seemed that she was going to give into the pressure of her friends, but then
a look of steely resolve crossed her features and her friends’ faces dropped.

The redhead pointed to her face,
“Resolve face,” was all she said and the friends dropped that movie and moved
on to the next suggestion.

The Immortal grinned softly
watching them all.  Seeing such
innocence in them as they bickered and fought over what to see.  He could barely remember a time like that.  Even with Duncan life never seemed
so…fun.  And that was what the three
were having, simple and unabashed fun. 
Oh how he envied them for finding that fun in their lives.  Probably have very simple lives of school,
friends, and the angst of their current relationships, Methos presumed as he
watched them. 

It was then that the redhead looked
up in his direction.  A flicker of
recognition passing over her face at seeing him.  She grinned to her friends before she walked over to him. 

“Mr. Pierson?  You know Giles don’t you?  I remember you came into the Magic Box a few
times this past week.  Were you able to
find what you were looking for or were you just looking for Giles.  He never talked about you before so maybe
you weren’t looking for him, or you could even be from his Ripper days.  Are you from his Ripper days?” the girl
babbled endlessly.

The brunet chose that time to
wander up and put a hand on her shoulder, “Wills, your scaring the nice quiet

She seemed confused for a moment
before she frowned.  But before she
could respond the blonde came up, “Plus, the movie is about to start.  You don’t want to miss the previews now do
you, Willow?”

Willow’s green eyes brightened,
“Oh, no!  They’re the best part.”  She then turned back to Methos and grinned,
“See you next time you come to the Magic Box Mr. Pierson!”

With that the friends went and
bought tickets and disappeared into the theatre leaving Methos in the same
position he had been since he had noticed the trio.  The millennia old man pushed himself from the wall and grinned a
soft grin as he began his walk back to his car.  But, his mind wandered as he caught one last glance of red hair,
sometimes that respect for life is regained by the simple love friends have for
each other.  

The End

You have reached the end of "People Watching". This story is complete.

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