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Rain of Fire

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This story is No. 2 in the series "War And Peace". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Training baby Slayers is always interesting for Warren. Set after 'Scars', but can be read alone. Hints of slash.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy or Sky High.
Rating: FR-18 to be safe
Summery: Training baby Slayers was always interesting for Warren.

A/N: Just a drabble. Is a continuation of 'Scars', but can be read alone. Hints of Slash. I'd also like to make Warren's age clear. He is in his early twenties. I played with the time line a bit, so the gap wasn't huge. Xander is in his mid to late twenties. Haven't decided yet. I also have no beta. If you point out my flaws, I would much appreciate it.

Rain of Fire

“This is a training exercise.” Xander repeated himself in exasperation. He'd said the same thing three times now. “No one is going to get hurt. Maybe a little singed, but this is to show you what it could be like fighting. You know, without a Watcher and everything is going to Hell.” The sarcasm was thick in the last word.

The two youngest girls, barely thirteen, glanced to where Warren was standing at the entrance of the barren field where they would be fighting. Curling his lips slightly, Warren summoned a fireball in one hand. The fire sizzled a bit as rain fell. The sound of their gasps caught Xander's attention, but the fire was gone when the Watcher turned to look. A single, suspicious brown eye stared at the fire-user for a moment before Xander shook his head.

“Right.” The Watcher projected his voice to gain the attention of the Slayers again. “Your objective is to capture the flag. Another team of Slayers will be acting as enemies, but they'll go easy, since this is only training. Fer, as the Senior Slayer will be in charge. Kitty will be her Second-in-Command. Any questions?”

Fer and Kitty both nodded to Xander before herding the other girls into the grounds, getting into position. Warren let them pass without comment, his focus on the Watcher who'd brought him into this life.

“The rain going to give you problems, Smokey?” Xander asked the fire user as he got closer. Settling into the familiar cadence of mocking. “They need to get a taste of how bad shit can get. So get over it. The older ones already know, especially the ones we had in Sunnyhell...” The Watcher trailed off, rubbing a hand over his face in a brief moment of weakness. He didn't talk about Sunnydale during daylight hours often. The crap that went down there was reserved for their darkened bedroom.

Where all their masks fell and no one could see.

“When have I ever had problems by a little water?” Warren growled, feeling his hair being weighed down by the cold drizzle. This wasn't only training for the Slayers, after all. Jesus, Warren hated the rain. The grin on Xander's face made the fire user want to both kiss and punch him. Instead Warren snarled and stalked off towards the field.

Truthfully, the graduate from Sky High loved this exercise. He didn't get to test his limits often in the world of Slayers. Didn't get to strain himself until he found new heights. The rain would make it difficult, but he was looking forward to the challenge. His powers were like an itch. Most times he simply got to rub, but days like this he could scratch until he bled.

Not that he was a masochist. Nope. That was actually Xander.

Jerking at the lapels of his jacket, Warren dislodged the cold drops of water from the back of his neck as he waited for the signal. He was on a low hill on the edge of the scorched field. Approximately the middle. It made aiming easier and his range longer. He could hit all points of the field.

“On your mark, babe.” The throaty voice slid into his brain via the radio transceiver in his ear. It was full of anticipation and tinged with arousal. When Warren really let loose with his fire, it always seemed to turn the Watcher on. Something about dangerous partners and their ability to kill him.

Taking a deep breath, pulling the chilly air into his lungs, the fire user readied himself to give a show. The fireball he summoned was about medium intensity, going all the way up his arm. This would start things off. It slammed into the ground inches from Fer's feet, since she was standing at the point of the attacking group's formation.

The resulting yelp made Warren choke back a laugh, watching the Slayers hesitate in moving forward. Couldn't have that. Both arms lit up, the drizzle doing it's best to extinguish the flame that licked his jacket. Both bolts hit behind the babies, urging them to move ahead. Every time a drop of water hit his flames, a little more of the fire users power waned, but Warren forged ahead, falling into a rhythm. For each rain drop that hit his face, Warren would send two fire bolts at the baby Slayers, missing by mere inches. He could have hit them dead on, like shooting fish in a barrel, but he didn't want to seriously hurt them. This way they could feel the heat, but sustain no damage.

The battle seem to only last seconds for the flame user, his eyes tracking the miniature power houses as they surged forward, dodging his fire then crashing into the opposing team. Warren continued to rain down his own element, even as the drizzle turned into a downpour.

Just as soon as it started, it was over. Fer, Kitty and their team triumphantly screaming as they held the flag. Warren barely noticed the celebration, more focused on himself and gathering back his power, feeding that little spark hidden in the core of his being. The rain would take care of what was burning on the field, but the power coursing through his body needed to be reigned in before the water sapped it from him.

A heavily muscled arm wrapped around his waist, pulling Warren up from where he had unconsciously knelt. “You did good.” Xander's voice filtered through the pounding rain Warren had been focusing on, pulling his attention back to the here and now. The itch was satisfied, but the fire user had no doubt he was probably bleeding from all the scratching. He'd cut it close, his inner spark depleted and weak.

Two arms were wrapped around the fire user now, a thick husky voice babbling in his ear. It was tinged with darkness, making Warren flash back to the story he'd heard of Xander being possessed by the Hyena. Was this what he'd sounded like then? Strong and sure and subtly promising things that might or might not be pleasant?

Xander, the Slayers, they would not survive in the world of Heroes. Sky High would brand them all Heroes, but they were too closely connected to the darkness of their world. They would be called Villains, be outcast...

Snapping back into focus, Warren Peace, the bastard son of a Hero and a Villain shoved Xander away before standing straight. He was soaked to the bone, but it didn't stop him from leveling a glare at the Watcher. He was not weak. He didn't need to be coddled.

The fire user's eyes narrowed further as Xander just stepped back, a little smirk crossing those infuriatingly familiar features. “I was wondering when you'd snap out of it, princess.” The Watcher laughed, his voice still a little dark and husky, though it was overshadowed by mocking. “You looked like you were going to faint.”

The mocking and the underlying message made Warren's eyes narrow further. “I told you what would happen if you called me that again!” He roared, stepping forward and raising a hand. A flicker of flame appeared around his fingers.

Xander didn't wait to see, instead he took off, laughing over his shoulder. “Catch me if you can slowpoke!” He jeered.

Warren bolted after the Watcher, yelling wordlessly in anger.

The End

You have reached the end of "Rain of Fire". This story is complete.

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