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Contrary to popular belief

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Contrary". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Dean has never been his father's little soldier. He's always been the caretaker

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR151427,54214931,78120 Jan 129 Jun 12No

Chapter One

Title: Contrary to popular belief

Author: Pinkhairedharry

Disclaimer: I don’t own any recognizable characters. I’m just playing with in their sandbox. This is slash but not yet. Don’t like don’t read.

AN: Slow updates because this isn’t a planned story. The bunny is getting rabid though and wants out. This will go massively AU for Supernatural during season one. This will be post season seven for BtVS not comic compliant.

Contrary to popular belief Dean wasn’t the perfect little soldier for his father. He spent the six months after the fire not saying a single word before adjusting to his new life as his father’s little soldier and his brother’s protector/caretaker because that’s what they needed from him. He didn’t complain and rebel like a normal kid would have because Sammy needed him and John had given him a mission when he placed Sammy in his four year old arms and sent him out of their burning home. Protect/take care of Sammy. That’s what he did. He had spent the time since he was ten playing peace maker between his father and his brother. Sam never noticed when Dean fought with their father because unlike Sam, Dean was the master of passive aggressive tactics. Dean could go weeks, even months without saying a single word other than ‘Yes, sir’ ‘No, sir’ to their father.

Dean knew with without a doubt someday Sam would leave. He didn’t want to lose his brother completely so he made plans. Sam hated their way of life. He wanted to be normal, go to college, get a job, get married and have a family. Those were things Dean knew Sam wanted and he wanted Sammy to be happy. When Sam started high school Dean dropped out. He wasn’t stupid. Hell he had taken an IQ test when he was bored one time at the library while Sammy had been in with the little kid center. He’d gotten the results a week later. He had an IQ of 156. He knew he could have finished easily but he wanted the best for Sammy. John had been mostly gone on hunts since Dean turned sixteen. Money had been tight so Dean got a crappy job, hustled at pool and poker and started putting money on the side for Sam’s college aspirations. He worked while Sam was at school and never mentioned the fact that he was working. John wasn’t really around to notice and Sam was in his self-centered teen stage.

The day Sam’s acceptance letter came was the second best and second worst day of Dean’s life so far. Dean wasn’t home to intercept the mail before John could see it. He walked into the house to find his brother and father locked in a screaming match that would probably end with the cops being called on them again. He tried to get between them and calm them down but both of them were too worked up. When John gave Sam his ultimatum Dean’s heart broke. He knew Sam would cut him out completely because of it. Sam packed his bag and was out the door before Dean could say anything. He stood in shock until the sound of shattering glass brought him back. John had thrown his empty scotch glass at the wall. He caught up to Sam about a mile down the road and pulled the impala over. He got out of the car and leaned against the trunk.

“I’m NOT going back DEAN!!” shouted Sam as he continued to stomp angrily on.

“I’m not asking you to. Just thought you’d like a ride. Bus station’s almost five miles from here,” stated Dean as calm as he could, his hands held up in surrender.

“You’re not going to stop me?” asked Sam defensively. He had stopped moving though.

“Nope,” shrugged Dean as he pushed off the impala and walked closer to Sam.

“Why?” asked Sam, his voice raw with emotion, as he dropped his duffle.

“Knew it was coming,” stated Dean.

“What??” asked Sam.

“I’m not stupid Sammy. You’ve managed to graduate salutatorian even with all our moving and hunting trips. You wouldn’t have put so much effort into school if you weren’t planning to go to college,” answered Dean blithely.

“It’s Sam, jerk,” retorted Sam with a grin.

“You love it, bitch,” said Dean as he grabbed Sam’s duffle, “Get in the car.” After Sam got in Dean tucked two envelopes with all the money he had saved for this into the bottom of the bag, as well as a few knives, then closed the trunk and got back in the driver’s seat. They didn’t talk during the ride. When they got to the station Dean parked and joined his brother inside.

“Save your money. I got this. You my freakishly tall little brother will soon be living the life of entirely broke college kid,” said Dean playfully pushing Sam away from the ticket booth and into a seat.

“How can I help you tonight?” asked the middle-aged woman behind the glass.

“One ticket to Palo Alto for my genius little brother. He got a full ride to Stanford,” said Dean proud grin in place.

“Congratulations your parents must be so proud,” responded the woman named Rachel if her tag was right.

“I’m sure as hell proud of him Ms. Rachel and Mom would be if she was still with us but I’m sure she’s watching and boasting to all the rest of the family up there with her,” answered Dean upping the charm with a sad smile. He would totally use his charm and her pity for a discount on the ticket.

“I’m sure she is,” responded the woman. The ticket was rung up, discounted of course, and money was exchanged. Dean headed back over to Sam.

“Well, train leaves in ten minutes,” said Dean handing over the ticket.

“Dean, I-”

Dean made his don’t you dear try to talk about your feeling face and interrupted him, “No chick flick moment bitch? Good! Go on,”

“Jerk. Thanks Dean,” said Sammy pulling Dean into a bear hug. Dean hugged him back just as tight before pushing him toward his train.

“You’re welcome Samantha,” teased Dean as he walked away.

Dean laid the blame entirely at his father’s feet. He hadn’t said a single word to John since he came back from dropping Sammy off. Dean spent a single week alone with John before he left. He just took off and didn’t look back. He sent a single text two weeks later that he was alive and not to bother looking for him. The phone was disconnected when John tried to call it less than three hours later.

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