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Contrary to popular opinion

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Contrary". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sam's Stanford years in my "Contrary to popular belief" verse. Not slash. Connor and Sam friendship only

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Supernatural > Connor-Centered(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR151954062,03620 Jan 1220 Jan 12No
Title: Contrary to popular opinion

Arthur: pinkhairharry

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

AN: I’ve been on a Supernatural kick lately. I can’t help it. I’ve only watched the first five episodes but I do read a lot of fan fiction. So it’s probably AU. That’s why it’s fanfiction. AU for the End of Angel as well. I have no idea how the dorms are set up at Stanford so I’m taking liberties with it.

Contrary to popular opinion Sam never meant to cut Dean out of his life when he got off the bus in Palo Alto. He just kept getting distracted. First with finding a place he could afford to stay until school started. When he found the envelopes of money in his bag he almost called but something held him back. He knew Dean wouldn’t want to talk about it. Then he got distracted with talking to the school about his scholarship. Then he was busy meeting his new roommate, Connor Reilly. They got along well. Connor wasn’t a pre-Law major but they did have most of the same gen Ed classes.

Starting classes was the next thing that distracted Sam. While the classes weren’t exactly hard he did have to worry about maintaining his scholarship. He was busy with homework, making friends and working a part-time job. Before he knew it he’d been at Stanford for over two months and hadn’t once called his brother. Not that he didn’t think of Dean all the time, he missed his big brother something fierce. You can’t not miss the person that had been a mix of brother/mother/father for as long as he could remember.

At that point he got guilty and started making up reasons to put off calling. Dean was probably on a hunt or busy living his life. Sam didn’t want to cause Dean, problems with their Dad either. When Connor invited him over for Christmas break he honestly got so distracted by the normal family life that he almost forgot to send Dean’s present. It ended up arriving a week late at Bobby’s. Not that Dean ever learned that.

By the time Sam finished his second semester of college he was used to only thinking about Dean about once a week or so. He’d become great friends with Connor, by the end of the year that they decided to room together the next year as well. They had heard horror stories about bad roommates from some of their friends. Connor never flat out asked about Sam’s family which Sam greatly appreciated. Connor admitted to being adopted by the Reilly’s and that he was fairly friendly with his biological father. Connor invited him over for the summer. When Sam tried to decline he was told Colleen Reilly would probably refused to take no for an answer. She dragged him home with them despite his protests. She did agree to let him rent the spare room for six hundred dollar for the summer. Sam had to argue up while she bartered him down.

Sam found a summer job at a coffee house near the Reilly’s home. It was first normal summer he’d ever had. Connor was asked to spend the last two weeks before classes resumed with his biological father while Sam was still staying at the Reilly’s. Colleen and Lawrence Reilly hadn’t minded and Connor’s little sister had taken to following her crush around like a puppy. The senior Reilly’s thought it was adorable and teased Sam mercilessly when she wasn’t around. Connor came back the day before they move back into the dorms. The Reilly’s helped Sam and Connor move back into the dorms the next day.

When they were finally alone Sam asked, “How was your stay with bio-dad?”

“Weird. Dude I have a younger half-sister from my bio-mom. She’s starting here this semester,” answered Connor.

“Weird. Did you meet her?” asked Sam.

“Yeah, that’s actually why he wanted me to visit him. I got to meet their whole hodgepodge family. They’re nuts but I liked them. They made me promise to watch out for Dawn because apparently she gets kidnapped a lot. She’s the little sister by the way,” answered Connor.

A few minutes later there was a knock on their door frame seeing as the door was still open from all the moving. A redhead peeked around the frame. Sam had no idea who the redhead was but Connor smiled and said, “Hey Willow what’s the what?”

“Nothing I was helping Dawn and Vi move their stuff in down the hall and I saw your parents leave. Thought I’d ask if you wanted to say hi to everyone. You can bring your very, very, tall friend to meet everyone too. We still have a bunch of Dawn and Vi’s stuff to bring in cause as you found out we are never on time unless the world is ending. Not that I’m co-opting you or anything,” babbled Willow in one breath.

Sam had never heard anyone babble like that before and just starred at her in shock.

Connor laughed and said, “Sam this is Willow. Willow this my roommate Sam. And yes she normally babbles you get used to it. I guess I can come help but it’s up to Sam if he wants too.”

Sam finally regained the ability to talk, “I don’t mind helping. Nice to meet you Willow.”

“Who’s all here helping?” asked Connor.

“Nice to meet you as well Sam. Buffy, Kennedy, Rona and Oz,” answered Willow.

“Who’s Oz? I don’t remember meeting an Oz,” queried Connor.

“Oz is my ex-boyfriend. Dawn co-opted him when he popped in yesterday,” answered Willow cheerfully. Connor raised an eyebrow at her. She smirked and said, “Just cause I like automatic now doesn’t mean I haven’t driven stick.”

Sam had a feeling he was missing something.

Connor laughed and said, “Faith’s a bad influence on you.”

Willow grinned and shrugged, “Let’s go.” She pushed them out the door and muttered a short spell warding their room.

~~~I make no promises on when I'll update but reviews help focus my muse~~~

The End?

You have reached the end of "Contrary to popular opinion" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jan 12.

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