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Summary: Jack's older than he appears, and when he's cloned, Mini-Jack decides to go let some others in on the Stargate.

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate or its characters. I do not own Buffy or its characters. And I do not own Highlander or its characters

Author's Note: I've revised this chapter to better explain Mini-Jack's comfort in talking with the group.

Mini-Jack had no problem getting out of Colorado Springs. No one knew who he was, and the Air Force had yet to establish his new identity. Jack was going to get into trouble with General Hammond for his disappearance, but that was Jack’s problem now. Mini-Jack knew who he wanted to get in touch with, but didn’t know how to reach her. Jack had managed to avoid the Watchers since his involvement with the Stargate program, so Mini-Jack’s goal was to find a Watcher he could use.


Joe’s was quiet in the middle of the afternoon. Joe was working behind the bar where only Duncan MacLeod sat. All but one table was empty with a young man sitting there, not quite facing the entrance, but with a clear view of it. He was dressed in jeans and a decent shirt with a fresh military buzz cut. He quietly ate some of the bar snacks while apparently waiting for someone.

When MacLeod suddenly turned to look at the entrance, Joe began talking. “Expecting someone?”

“No, it’s been thankfully quiet since Amanda left.” MacLeod replied. “That doesn’t mean someone isn’t coming.”

Joe watched as Adam Pierson walked in the door and began walking to the bar.

MacLeod was about to start talking to Methos when Adam noticed the young man in the room and began speaking in Ancient Hebrew to the young man at a table. “It has been a long time, Yonatan.”

Mini-Jack answered in the same language, “Indeed” as he raised an eyebrow. “I came here looking for the Methos watcher never expecting him to be you. Care to catch up?”

“If you’ll explain why you’re younger and a pre-immortal again.” Methos replied. “That’s a trick I’ve not seen before.”

As they switched back into English, Yonatan said “It’s classified, but I could make an exception.”

They walked over to the bar and Adam ordered a beer on his tab to MacLeod’s and Joe’s shared amusement. Joe looked over to MacLeod to see if the young man was also an Immortal, MacLeod shook his head. “You’re too young for a beer.” Joe told Mini-Jack as he gave him a water instead.

As they settled into their drinks, Adam prompted “So explain. I haven’t seen you for a few decades and a lot seems to have changed for you.”

Mini-Jack glanced at Joe and Duncan further down the bar. “I know you, but I don’t know them. Is there somewhere better to talk?”

“Duncan is Duncan MacLeod, who I expect you’ve at least heard of. And Joe both owns the bar and is Duncan’s watcher. He’s former military and former military. They’ve been keeping my identity quiet for a while now, your story won’t travel beyond them.”

“MacLeod -- he’s Connor’s cousin right? Is he more of a Boy Scout than his cousin?” Mini-Jack replied.

Down the bar, Duncan and Joe were just staring at each other wondering who this youngster was that seemed to know Connor and Adam well. Duncan couldn’t feel a buzz from the visitor, but he talked like a much older immortal using dead languages and startling/recognizing Adam.

Methos merely smirked in reply to Mini-Jack’s question.

“If you trust them Old Man, I’m willing to talk in front of them. Just remember that this stuff is classified and I don’t want it going down in any chronicles.” Joe glanced at Methos who affirmed the need for secrecy.

“Last life I spent as Colonel Jack O’Neill in the Air Force. We ended up working on a classified project from Egypt. Do you remember the Chappai, Adam?” Mini-Jack started.

Methos was shocked and reached for his sword. “Are you saying that the US military has been using the Ring of the Gods?”

“Yup. I’ve been the number two on the project since it started -- Not exactly by choice. We began with a bang -- took out Ra with a nuke. Managed to take a number of others out too over the next few years. In the process we made some enemies but also some friends. Did you ever meet the Asgard?”

MacLeod interrupted, “What are you talking about? The Egyptian and Norse gods weren’t real, were they Methos?”

“Yes and No, Duncan. I’ll leave Yoni here to explain after he tells us how the Asgard are involved in his age.” Turning to Mini-Jack, Methos answered his question “I met Thor once, big burly fellow, but now that you mention him at the same time as the Egyptian’s I could see him as a visitor with superior technology. At least Thor didn’t try to rule and gain followers, rather he was a leader by example.” Methos started trying to remember more details about Thor as he finished speaking.

“Well, we’ve met Thor. He’s a little short and grey, but a nice friend. He likes appearing like a viking with holograms, otherwise he looks like a Roswell alien. Apparently the Asgard kept themselves alive through cloning. They’ve cloned themselves for so long that they can’t reproduce anymore, and they’ve been doing genetic work to repair that fault. Loki isn’t a trickster god, rather he’s a crazy scientist and cloned me in an attempt to examine my genes, but the cloning wasn’t quite exact, so here I am looking about 30 years younger and no longer immortal.”

“Well that explains the lack of a buzz.” Methos said. “But you were always rather independent. Why are you here?”

“I’m looking for my teacher. I figured a watcher for a mythic immortal might know where a different mythic immortal would be.”

Author’s Note: Yonatan is the Hebrew version of Jonathan and Yoni is the shortened form of it. From here on, I’ll either use Yoni or Jon for Mini-Jack.
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