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Summary: Jack's older than he appears, and when he's cloned, Mini-Jack decides to go let some others in on the Stargate.

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Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate or its characters. I do not own Buffy or its characters. And I do not own Highlander or its characters

“I’m looking for my teacher. I figured a watcher for a mythic immortal might know where a different mythic immortal would be.”

Methos sighed. “It’s been a long time since I saw her. She was rather upset at my decision to not play a larger role in the affairs of mortal man. I’ve kept some taps on her through the other branch of Watchers, but they’ve closed most of their ties to the main Watchers since their headquarters was bombed a few years back.”

At this point both Joe and Duncan were looking confused. Duncan interrupted, “What other branch of Watchers?”

“The one to observe the Slayer and support her and the potentials.” Methos responded. “I’ll give you the background of it later.” Turning back to Jon, he continued, “I know she had been in Sunnydale until its fall. There were some rumors suggesting she died for a couple months, and then there were some rumors about the Hellmouth there being closed when Sunnydale fell into its sinkhole.”

Duncan turned to Joe to mouth “Hellmouth?” as Methos was finishing his explanation. Joe just shrugged in response, never having learned of this other branch of Watchers.

“Something strange has happened with all the known Potentials though. For a while following the London bombing, they were disappearing. I don’t know if they were being hunted or activated or what. Then after Sunnydale collapsed, there were rumors of multiple Potentials activating. I don’t know much more than that.”

“Whatever happened to one Slayer at a time?” Jon asked.

“That disappeared a few years back, but then it was only two. Now it seems like there is more than that.” Methos answered as he sipped his beer. “Slayers have shown up on all the active and dormant Hellmouths. I’ve heard that Ripper is reestablishing the Slayer’s Watchers Council in England following Sunnydale’s collapse. I don’t know how you feel about meeting up with him, but he’s the best chance to find your teacher.”

“Ripper? Has he grown up any in the last few decades?” Jon asked. “He and his friends were a little immature when I heard of them.”

“From what I’ve heard.” Adam mused. “Most of his group from back then is gone. Last I heard, it was just him and Ethan, and Ethan had some problems with the US military. I’m surprised you didn’t know of it.”

“How’d he get caught by the US Military?”

“I heard some more rumors about a Black Ops group, but I don’t have more details.”

Jon sat for a few minutes sipping his water and taking in everything he’d learned. It had been a long time since he heard of Ripper and his friends in the London underside. If he was the one now running the Watchers, it made sense to reach out to him. Jack had never met him, just learned of his demon escapades. The more troubling fact was the Black Ops program caught up in the supernatural. Any other program would not have any reason to go after a chaos mage civilian. The news about Sunnydale was somewhat troubling. He had been tied up offworld for a while while that happened, and it wasn’t until much later that he was even briefed on it. The military investigation had been with the goal of seeing if there was alien involvement, but if there was a supernatural cause and a branch of the military aware of the supernatural, finding his teacher might be more of a problem than he anticipated.

Methos on the other hand, was enjoying his beer but not looking forward to the questions Joe and Duncan would ask when Jon left. It had been a long time since he was remotely involved with the other Watchers organization. It was much more fun to infiltrate the immortal Watchers and see what myths they created about himself. Dealing with slayers and demons were only things he could deal with for so long before he started longing for his brothers. The Horsemen rode initially as a force against roving demons and vampires. Centuries of hunting and bloodshed eroded their morals until it was more about themselves and the invincible feeling of “Want, Take, Have”. Bringing up the Horsemen was always touchy with Duncan who still viewed the world in black and white, having never met the supernatural or lived long enough to really see how both mortals and immortals will change over time.

Jon broke the silence in the room after a few minutes. “You feel like going to London?”

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Guardians" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jan 12.

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