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Summary: YAHF but why should all the costumes be American when the proprietor isn't? Xander dresses as the last human alive...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween(Current Donor)dogbertcarrollFR15726,8721911650,09720 Jan 1212 Sep 14No

Chapter 2

“Buffy, is there something you want to tell me?” Joyce asked as she eyed her daughter curled up in bed with a naked Harmony.

“Huh?” Buffy asked, slowly waking up.

“You have a naked girl in your bed,” Joyce pointed out.

Half-awake Buffy shook Harmony. “Time to get up love, I could use some tea and a warm bath.”

“That does sound nice,” Harmony purred, “wake me when they're ready.”

Buffy blinked and came awake. “Harmony, what are you doing in my bed?”

“Trying to sleep!” Harmony replied in an annoyed sounding voice.

“In my bed?”

“I was fine under it, but it got cramped when you laid down, and you're a lot warmer than the floor, even if you are really chatty when I'm trying to sleep.”

“And the naked?” Buffy asked.

“I didn't want to wrinkle my suit.”

“Go back to sleep, I'll wake you when the tea is ready,” Buffy promised, sliding out of bed and revealing she was wearing a silk shirt.

“Oh,” Joyce said, “she got caught up in the gas leak that caused all the hallucinations.”

“Yeah, we hid in here because we saw monsters everywhere we looked,” Buffy said as they went downstairs. “I spent most of the night thinking I was a medieval princess.”

“Well thank god they got that gas leak under control, and I'm so glad the area where I took Dawn wasn't affected.”

“Yeah, we were lucky alright. Still, hallucination or not I really do have a craving for tea...”

“I'll put on a pot,” Joyce offered as she set a kettle on the stove. “Despite how she got there, Harmony seemed pretty relaxed ending up naked in another girl's bed.”

“Probably a side effect of the gas,” Buffy offered, “either that or she's incredibly laid back.”

“You weren't looking that upset either,” Joyce said as she picked up and sipped her coffee.

“Probably the gas then,” Buffy said quickly.

“Dear, if you find you like girls instead of guys I'll still love you.”

“Mom!” Buffy rolled her eyes. “I still prefer manual transmissions to automatics, even if the idea of driving an automatic isn't distasteful.”

“You mean we could have had sex?” Harmony spoke up, startling the two who hadn't heard her cat footed approach.

Buffy swung at Harmony out of reflex, but Harmony easily dodged.

“You just scared the life out of me!” Buffy exclaimed.

“Does that mean no sex?”

“You'll have to settle for tea,” Buffy replied.


Xander awoke to the sight of two Willows. One was draped naked across his chest while the other was sliding her hand through the first one.

“Morning Willow,” Xander said as he slowly slid out from under the naked Willow he couldn't feel.

“How?” Willow asked as her holographic twin settled onto the bed, the covers falling through her and revealing a much curvier form than she remembered having.

“Shhh!” Xander said and waved for her to follow him.

Willow followed the half-naked Xander downstairs as he started going through the cabinets and pulling out seldom used cooking gear.

A knock on the door interrupted his preparations and he answered the door, unmindful of the fact that he was only wearing his boxers, his left sock and a fur lined hat.

“Xander Harris?” A man carrying a grocery bag and a six pack asked.

“That's me,” Xander admitted.

“Here's the groceries you ordered, have a nice day.”

“Groceries?” Xander looked in the bag he'd been handed with the beer and began to smile.

Willow raised an eyebrow as she saw Xander set a six pack of dark English beer on the table before he pulled out various ingredients and began cooking.

“I thought good Willow couldn't touch anything?”

“It’s like how she doesn't fall through the floor,” Xander explained, popping the top off of one of the bottles and taking a sip before using the beer as a cooking ingredient. “She simply had it set up so she could feel me and the bed as if she were solid even though we can't feel her.”

Willow's cheeks went red as she considered the possibilities.

There was another knock at the door.

“Can you get that?” Xander asked. “I don't want to burn this.”

“Sure,” Willow replied, coming back a moment later with Buffy and Harmony.

“Hey buddy!” Harmony called out cheerfully.

“Hey … Harmony?” Xander asked as he examined her closely. “You're still a cat.”

“Yep,” Harmony replied cheerfully. “I slept over at Buffy's, but she doesn't want to have sex.”

Holo-Willow came down the stairs dressed in a pair of coveralls and a pink fluffy sweater, still only half awake. “Thanks for last night, I needed that,” she said, kissing him on the cheek, a kiss that only she could feel but still made him smile.

“Well, no sex until after lunch,” Xander said absently concentrating on his cooking. “Because I am dying for a curry.”

“Is everyone having sex with Xander except for me?!” Willow burst out.

Xander's dad, who'd been awakened by the noise, paused in the doorway to the kitchen.

“Looks like it,” Harmony chimed cheerfully. “If you want a turn you'll have to wait until after me, because I call dibs on after lunch!”

“Okay,” Willow said quietly, taking her seat much to Buffy's shock.

Tony Harris smiled proudly and tiptoed back to bed. He'd been afraid that his son was gay, since he didn't play any sports and always hung around with a bunch of girls, but apparently the reasons for both was that he was sleeping with all the girls and didn't have the energy for sports. He'd raised a good kid.


“So Harmony is experiencing rather severe after effects from the spell,” Giles said thoughtfully, “then why did you wait until after dinner to contact me?”

“We were a bit busy,” Xander admitted.

“What could possibly~?” Giles began and then trailed off at the twin blushes the Willows were sporting and the cat that ate the canary look that Harmony had. “I see.”

“It’s not like I'd let you remove this side effect anyway,” Harmony said. “Being a cat has it all over being a human.”

“A cat?” Giles asked.

“Felis Sapiens,” Xander explained, “we evolved from some monkey; she evolved from a cat.”

“I'm faster than greased lightning and have a superior sense of style and smell,” Harmony said with a grin. “I'm flexible in ways you can't dream of and have a magnificent ass, why would I want to change any of it?”

“Because cats aren't deep thinkers?” Buffy suggested.

“No, she's pretty much the same as she always was,” Xander said, “except a lot friendlier and a thousand times less bitchy.”

“It’s rather a moot point since I know of no way to reverse the effects anyway,” Giles replied.

“Dead guy coming through the stacks!” Harmony announced just before Angel made his appearance.

“Angel!” Buffy said, brightening up and going to give him a tentative kiss; hoping he wasn't still having problems about what had happened between her and Xander the night before.

Angel responded without any hesitation, causing Buffy to let out a relieved sigh.

Xander rolled his eyes.

“What?” Harmony asked, not getting the sub text.

“Buffy was worried about how Angel would react after he flinched away from kissing her earlier after what happened between us. Baseless worry, he may be dead but he's not a douche,” Xander replied. “He's not about to blame her for something she had no control over. Hell he's not going to blame me either, but he is going to have to slug me so we're good again.”

“What?!” Buffy exclaimed. “No punching, I don't want you two fighting!” she ordered.

“It’s not fighting,” Xander said, shaking his head. “We're guys.”

“That doesn't make any sense!” the Willows complained in stereo.

“It’s how we apologize,” Xander explained. “I give him a free hit to show I'm sincere in apologizing and how hard he hits me is based on several other factors. Everything from how close our relationship is to how much pain I caused by my actions and how sincere he thinks I am in feeling bad about things.”

“But it wasn't your fault!” Buffy complained. “We were possessed.”

Xander rolled his eyes. “It’s about emotions not facts. A punch isn't going to kill me and it'll clear the air so we can get back to normal.”

“He's a vampire! One punch could kill you!” Willow pointed out.

“Then I had better hope he believes I'm sincere,” Xander said.

“No punching!” Buffy ordered Angel.

“Well not with you around,” Xander said wrinkling his nose, “because you'd make him feel bad about it and then he'd owe me a smack in the back of the head as well.”

The girls just stared as Angel and Giles nodded along with what Xander had said. Harmony, having been possessed by Cat, knew both sides of things but didn't really care enough to comment.

“Men!” Buffy snorted.

“Well, if that’s all, might I suggest a quick patrol and then taking the rest of the night off, since last night was a bit stressful?” Giles suggested, wanting a little peace and quiet himself.

“Bronze?” Xander asked.

“I can hit a couple of cemeteries and be there by 9,” Buffy planned.

“I can't make it tonight,” Willow pouted. “I have myself scheduled to check the back doors I put in the city computers and see if Burn or Nikon had any suggestions for improving them.”

“Our work is important, but so is time off from it,” Giles began when Xander interrupted him.

“Thanks for looking out for us Giles, but what Willow is doing tonight is more along the lines of you attending that lecture on foreign influences and their effects on Ancient Egypt, the one where you were a guest lecturer.”

“Really?” Giles nodded to Willow. “Have fun then and try not to forget to sleep for 48 hours straight.”

“But that's the best part!” Willow swore before giving Xander a kiss on the cheek and heading home, Buffy providing the escort and promising to catch up with Angel later.

“Okay, Buffy's gone. You can slug me in the stomach now,” Xander said.

“What?!” Holo-Willow exclaimed.

“Are you sorry for what happened?” Angel asked.

“Not really,” Xander replied. “I mean it seems to have settled things between us so I no longer have a crush on her, and without hard feelings on either of our parts,” he explained. “So I'm pretty happy with the outcome.”

“So you won’t be trying to come between us anymore?” Angel asked hopefully.

“Not for myself no,” Xander said, “but I will still encourage her to look for blokes with a pulse, because I can't see this ending happily for either of you.”

“At least you're honest,” Angel said. “Head or gut?”

“Gut, but try not to bruise any vital organs.”

Angel nodded and nailed Xander in the gut, folding him over.

“You lifted him half a foot with that blow!” Holo-Willow shouted irately.

“Sounds about right,” Xander wheezed out. “We good now?”

Angel held out a hand and helped Xander to his feet. “Yeah, we're good.”

“Good,” Xander said rubbing his stomach. “I'm going to go loot Ethan's shop, who's with me?”

“Loot Ethan's shop?” Harmony asked.

“Yeah, Ethan Rayne is the guy who sold us our costumes. I want to see if he left anything of value behind when he fled.”

“Want me to come along?” Angel offered.

“Nah, it’s still an hour or so before most vamps even think about going out,” Xander replied.

“Let me know if you find anything of interest,” Giles said. “I'd rather not find out that he left magical paraphernalia behind to be found by a budding young mage; one chaos worshiper is enough around here.”

“What do drugs have to do with anything?” Harmony asked confusedly.

“Magic paraphernalia, not drug paraphernalia,” Holo-Willow explained. “Paraphernalia means equipment in this case.”

“Oh well, why didn't he just say so in the first place?” Harmony asked as the three left the library.

Angel shook his head. “I don't envy you having to deal with them.”

“And their numbers keep increasing,” Giles said with a groan.


The group froze as they stared at the alley, which had been awash in red fluid sometime the night before from the look of things.

Xander dipped a finger in one of the drying pools and tasted it. “Punch?”

Slowly moving forward they avoided the deeper puddles as they approached the back door and a hole in the wall surrounded by huge chunks of glass.

“That's a lot of glass,” Willow said.

“And a huge hole in the wall,” Xander pointed out. “Saves me the trouble of picking the lock.”

The three picked their way through the glass, ignoring the arm and foot made of glass lying on the ground. “Good thing this hole lead into the back room or we'd be out here all night,” Harmony said as they looked through the stuff Ethan had left behind.

“What're you talking about?” Xander asked. “I can pick locks.”

“Dave thought he could pick locks,” Harmony said, “but that just meant he fiddled with bits of wire until he lost patience and pulled out the crowbar.”

“Oh,” Xander said. “Well I know how to pick locks because my Uncle Rory taught me. He once wanted to become an escape artist, but then he found out you had to find your own female assistant and one wasn't assigned to you, so he gave up.”

“He thought each escape artist was assigned a babe in nylons?” Harmony asked.

“Yeah,” Willow agreed, passing a hand through a rack of clothes. “Ooh tingly.”

Harmony joined Willow and examined the empty hanger Willow was commenting on. “I feel something but I can't see anything,” she said.

“Invisibility cloak?” Willow asked excitedly.

Harmony quickly put on the garment she could feel but not see and examined herself. “Nope, just an invisible cloak.”

“It felt tingly when your hand passed through it?” Xander asked.

Willow passed her hand through Harmony. “Yeah, it’s like putting a hand on a van de graf generator, it makes my hair stand up.”

“See if you can find anything else that feels that way,” Xander said as they finished looking through the back room.

“Smells kinda staticy,” Harmony muttered.

The insides of the shop looked like it did before Halloween, though less crowded as Ethan had managed to rent out a fair number of outfits.

Willow and Harmony walked over to the sixties display filled with tie dye shirts and long wigs and an un-rented Austin Powers outfit.

“I wonder what happened here?” Harmony said as they looked at a lump of stone with charred floor around it and a half burned table covered in fire extinguisher powder.

“I think he had a lava lamp sitting here and I'm guessing it became real lava,” Willow said.

The sound of a cash register opening chimed from the front of the store.

“Pizza's on me,” Xander said, “looks like he had a good night before Giles stomped him.”

“I feel a tingle,” Willow said, passing her hand through a tray of fake glasses. “Several in fact.”

Xander came over and examined their find. Picking up a pair of cheap looking specs he put them on and began to grin. “X-ray specs.”

“So all you see is our bones?” Willow asked.

“Actually I think these were created with seeing through clothes in mind, but since you're made of light I can't see through yours at all.” Xander slipped the glasses inside his jacket.

“Suddenly you both look fantastic,” Harmony exclaimed as she looked at them through a pair glasses with completely circular brown lenses.

“Beer goggles,” Willow guessed.

Xander put on a pair of plain black glasses with thick frames.

“And now I don't want to have sex with you,” Harmony said frowning and removing the beer goggles.

Xander took off the glasses.

“And now I'm back to wanting sex,” she said cheerfully.

“Glasses that make people not want to have sex with you?” Willow asked.

Xander put on another pair of thick black rimmed glasses.

“And once more the libido bids you farewell,” Harmony announced.

“BC Glasses,” Xander announced. “My dad said they issued you glasses in boot camp that were nearly indestructible and insured no one would want to sleep with you.”

“X-ray Specs, Beer Goggles, and two pairs of Boot Camp Glasses...” Willow confirmed. “Nothing else tingles,” she said passing her hand through the tray once more.

The three split up to look around.

“Ouch!” Harmony exclaimed, sucking on a finger. “Damn hat cut my finger.” She threw the bowler hat like a Frisbee and it cut the head off a mannequin before arcing back toward her.

“Duck!” Xander shouted.

“Where?” Harmony asked, looking around hungrily as her left hand easily plucked the hat out of the air.

“Oh yeah, cat reflexes.” Xander sighed in relief.

“That was all sorts of cool,” Willow said as Harmony put on the hat. “I think that's from a Bond villain.”

“Still a pretty cool hat,” Harmony said. “As long as you watch the brim.”

Xander shook his head and went back to searching the front of the shop and fiddling with something he found interesting.

“Why do I smell food?” Harmony asked a minute later, perking up and sniffing the air.

“Found a sandwich maker and a waffle iron,” Xander mumbled around a sandwich wrapped in a waffle as he put them on the front counter with several pairs of glasses.

Harmony followed her nose to the front and opened and closed the sandwich maker, discovering another grilled sandwich. “Free food, cool.”

“These golf clubs feel strange,” Willow announced while Xander examined a tray of jewelry.

“They've turned into what the clubs are named,” Harmony said while eating her sandwich. “See, five iron is made of iron and three wood is made of wood.”

“Yes! No...” Xander pouted after a moment’s excitement.

“What?” Willow asked as Xander kept trying and failing to pick up something.

“A green lantern ring; with it you can make all these constructs made out of green light but now it seems it’s only made of green light itself.”

Willow waved her hand through the tray of rings, sending the green ring flying.

Harmony tried to catch it but it passed through her hand and rolled on the floor.

Xander knelt down and poked it but his finger went right through it as before.

Willow cautiously reached out and poked the ring, flipping it over much to her shock. “I can feel it!”

“You're both made of light,” Harmony pointed out.

“Put it on!” Xander said eagerly.

Willow picked it up and put it on, everyone waited but nothing else seemed to happen.

“Is it supposed to do anything?” Willow asked.

“You visualize what you want to make and the ring constructs it, it's all about willpower.”

“Okay,” Willow said and her face scrunched in concentration before she created a glowing green hand that passed through the tray without doing anything.

“They're made out of light,” Harmony said, “so I guess they only affect things made out of light.”

Willow changed the hand into a stool and carefully sat down for a moment before standing back up and dismissing it. “It’s good for furniture for me and glowing green illusions,” she said.

“Better than nothing I suppose,” Xander said with a sigh.

Harmony picked out several pieces of jewelry that she could tell were real and several more that just looked good.

Willow waved her hand through the rings again. “Those two tingle,” she said pointing to a pair of silver rings in a set of five.

Xander put on a silver ring with a red heart symbol while Harmony put on the other one with the light blue cloud. “Heart!” he intoned, clenching his hand with the ring and smiled at Willow.

“What did that do?” Willow asked.

“Lets me feel emotions,” Xander replied, “love you too.”

Willow blushed.

“What's mine do?” Harmony asked.

“It generates wind, so don't use it indoors,” Xander warned. “Too bad the other three are duds or we could have summoned Captain Planet.”

“I wonder who would have shown up if they were used in real life?” Harmony said recognizing the cartoon.

“A pissed off or amused Gaia,” Willow said, “either of which is scary.”

Harmony's eyes lit up as she spotted a bag of gold doubloons, only to frown as they were lighter than they should be. Squeezing one until it broke in half she laughed. “The foil is solid gold but the inside is still chocolate, so about 20 in solid gold on each coin.”

“Found something,” Willow announced from the fantasy section.

“What'd you find?” Xander asked.

“The wand from that tooth fairy outfit and the pouch on that wood elf.”

Xander spun the glittering silver wand with the star on its tip, watching silver sparkles fill the air before he put it in his jacket pocket. “Probably good for breaking into places and turning teeth placed under pillows into silver coins.”

“Sounds like a good guess,” Willow agreed as Xander opened the pouch and immediately walked to the front of the store.

“Xander?” Willow asked.

“Pouch of holding, I need more room to empty it out,” he explained.

“Oh,” Willow said following along.

Xander pulled out a life sized teddy bear much bigger than himself, attracting Harmony's attention, a cloak big enough to double as a tent was next, a five foot ball of lint, which Xander quickly pushed behind the counter, and a magazine titled play elf.

Harmony unfolded the centerfold which showed a naked female elf in black and white that posed and blew a kiss at them.

“Well you can't claim to only read that for the articles,” Willow said.

“Why?” Xander asked, wiping some drool off his chin.

“It’s in Elvish.”

“I really want to bang an elf now,” Harmony said as the centerfold put a leg behind her head and winked at them.

“You and me both,” Xander said quickly, closing the magazine.

Next he pulled out a ruby the size of a pumpkin.

“We're rich!” he exclaimed.

“Too big to sell and we can't say where we got it,” Harmony pointed out, “rumors of it existing is enough to attract thieves and the government would find some way to claim it, if someone didn't kidnap your family to get it first.”

“And we're poor again,” Xander said with a sigh.

“If it helps the sight of it makes me horny,” Harmony offered.

“That actually does help, thanks,” Xander said with a smile.

Willow rolled her eyes.

“And the sight of you makes Willow horny.”

Willow blushed bright red. “How did you?!”

“Cat nose smells all.”

“Cat mouth tells all,” Willow groaned.

“You can smell light?” Xander asked.

“Nah, her physical self gets wet just looking at you, so I figured she'd be the same.”

“We really need to get you a body,” Xander said, running his fingers through Willow’s insubstantial hair wistfully.

“Okay, enough being mushy. What's left in the bag?” Willow said firmly, eyes moist.

Xander reached in and pulled out a handful of socks which exploded into a huge pile of them as they left the bag. “A lot of mismatched socks.”

“I always wondered where lost socks went,” Harmony mused thoughtfully as she looked at the ankle deep pile.

Xander reached in and pulled out a handful of pens that poured out onto the counter. “Couple hundred pens.”

“Looks like it’s a repository for lost things,” Willow said.

“Looks like,” Xander agreed, “and unfortunately not for lost money.” He swept the pens off the counter.

Reaching in he frowned and turned so that he was facing the counter when he opened his hand, releasing a flood of buttons. It was nearly a minute later when the flood ceased.

“Wow,” Willow said.

“Ditto,” Harmony agreed.

“One last item,” Xander announced as he pulled out an eight foot tall pear tree with a bird cooing on one of its branches.

“That's a partridge isn't it?” Willow said.

“Yep,” Harmony agreed.

“Gotta love Janus' sense of humor,” Xander said as he chuckled and shoved everything back inside the bag, a much easier job as it seemed to suck in everything as easily as he pulled them out.

Xander dropped the items he'd collected inside the pouch and pocketed it.

“Back to the search,” Harmony said as they split up.

“I've got a machete from a Jason Vorhees outfit that seems pretty sharp, the only side effect is you hear kill kill kill while holding it,” Xander said.

“I have … a cursing rubix cube,” Harmony said, holding it up so everyone could hear it.

“I think that was in a cartoon I saw once,” Willow said.

Xander nodded and dropped it in the bag. “We can sell it as a magical curio if nothing else.”

“I found a cape,” Willow said.

“Superman's cape?!” the two teens exclaimed.

“It tingles,” Willow said.

Xander put it on and jumped in place for a minute.

“What are you doing?” Harmony asked.

“Trying to fly,” Xander offered embarrassed.

“Superman's cape didn't have anything to do with his flying,” Harmony said, “you're a comic geek you should know this.”

“Oh yeah, it was just indestructible made from the rocket he came in,” Willow said.

“Well, I had to try,” Xander said before shoving it in the pouch too.

“And back to the hunt,” Willow said as they separated again.

“I found some trench coats, they're from a Marx Brothers set,” Harmony said, reaching into the one she had on and pulling out a rubber chicken, a card table and a pitcher of martinis before shoving them all back in.

“Cool,” Xander said, accepting and putting on the second coat; reaching in he pulled out a live pig and quickly shoved it back in. “I found a universal remote,” he said and shoved the remote and machete into his coat.

“What's the remote do?” Harmony asked.

“Controls the TV, VCR, and cable box, you just have to program it.”

Harmony shook her head. “I walked right into that one.”

They walked over to where Willow was.

“I don't know what this is but it’s part of the Austin Powers outfit,” Willow said, “a vacuum?”

“It’s a …” Harmony whispered in Xander's ear.

Xander picked it up and shoved it in the bag of holding. “Moving along!” he declared and went back to searching.

“Swedish made,” Harmony said and pointed at her crotch, “for men.”

“Oh!” Willow said blushing. “And I'm moving along.”

Harmony shook her head and went searching.

“Okay, I got some crystal balls... about a dozen,” Xander called out a couple of minutes later. “One is showing a communal women's bathing area in Japan I think, another has French ghosts, this one has TV, I think, which I like,” Xander pocketed the orbs. “I think this is the stock exchange, at least it looks like the info they show...”

“What's the date?” asked Harmony, perking up.

“August 13th 1953,” Xander replied.

“Never mind, if it had been future knowledge we'd have made a mint,” Harmony said with a sigh as she examined shoes.

“This one shows all of us here but we're naked in it,” Xander said. “The other six are just filled with fog.”

“Keep em,” Willow said. “They sound interesting at least and like you said magical curios can be sold if we need money.”

“I got some shoes that look way too good and one boring looking pair with built in phones,” Harmony said.

“I got books and a deck of cards that are pretty tingly and a dog collar,” Willow said.

“Check out the shoes,” Harmony said, setting three pairs of shoes on a shelf near Willow.

“They all tingle,” Willow said.

“Ruby slippers are Wizard of Oz,” Harmony said.

“And probably teleport you to Kansas,” Xander offered.

“The blue suede ones have got to be Elvis,” Willow said.

“I have no idea what they would do,” Xander said.

“Probably something to do with singing or dancing,” Harmony offered, “we can test them later.”

“Those are shoe phones from Get Smart,” Xander said pointing at the third pair. “No special use other than being free cell phones.”

“Sounds pretty special to me,” Harmony said, tossing the shoes into her coat.

“Let’s see what books you found,” Xander told Willow as they looked where she pointed.

“Handbook for the Recently Deceased, looks like technical data – Giles will like it,” Xander said.

“And that one,” Willow said.

“So you want to be a wizard,” Xander said opening the book, “doesn't look like English though the oath is.”

“And that one.”

“Necrotelenomicon: The Phone Book of the Dead,” Xander read, opening it and promptly closing it again. “Phone numbers, lots of phone numbers.”

“That one there.”

“Tobin's Spirit Guide, now that one may be useful if it applies to our reality and not just the Ghostbusters.”

“That book and the dog collar next to it.”

Harmony opened it and saw a notebook and keyboard. “I think this is Penny's Computer-Book and Brain's Collar from Inspector Gadget.”

“Anything else?” Xander asked.

“A deck of cards,” Willow said pointing out where some kid had dropped a deck of game cards.

Xander picked up the deck and staggered. “Whoa, I dunno about tingling but that makes my entire arm vibrate.”

“Strong voodoo?” Harmony asked.

“Extremely,” Xander said as he cautiously opened the deck and pulled out a card. “Ornithopter, a 0/1 flying artifact,” he read before setting the card down. The card vanished and a coffee table sized thing appeared in the air above him looking like Leonardo DaVinci's design for a kite and a hanglider crossbred.

Xander quickly put away the cards. “I don't think we should play with these in here.”

“Good idea,” Harmony said.

“It’s getting late, we'd better finish up here if we want to make it to the Bronze on time,” Willow pointed out.

“Nothing else from here is really jumping out at me,” Xander admitted.

“I'll just walk through everything one last time,” Willow said.

“I think I'm getting something from the Star Wars costumes,” Harmony said, attracting Xander's attention.

The two teens examined the Star Wars outfits while Willow quickly walked through the store with arms outstretched hoping for one last quick check.

“The rifle and spare power cell,” Willow said pointing to the storm trooper outfit, “and Vader's suit.”

Xander shoved Vader's Suit into his trench coat thanking Janus and comedic storage trench coats. After a moment's thought he started dumping the entire section into his coat. Free Star Wars stuff was always good.

Having already pocketed the blaster rifle and power cell Harmony followed Xander's example and grabbed anything remotely interesting that wasn't nailed down.

Willow completed her search about five minutes later. “Okay, I've got a tray with several dealy boppers on it, but the place is clean otherwise.”

Xander and Harmony each put on a set of dealy boppers, bobbing their heads to make the globes on the end of the springs bounce.

“I think I can hear music,” Harmony said, closing her eyes and tilting her head to the side.

Xander copied her a moment later. “Yeah me too.”

“Uh guys … they vanished,” Willow said nervously, “and I can't hear anything.”

The two teens reached up and failed to find anything on their heads except hair.

“I think I'm hearing a radio broadcast,” Xander said.

“Me too,” Harmony agreed.

“Saves money on walkman batteries,” Xander said, grabbing the two remaining items and shoving them into the bag of holding. “We're done here lets go to the Bronze.”

“Should I be out in public?” Willow asked nervously.

“This is Sunnydale,” Xander reminded her, “people will ignore the whole immaterial thing unless you draw attention to it.”

“I can't drink or dance,” Willow pointed out.

“You can do both,” Harmony said. “Rimmer would ask Holly for a drink and he'd make a holographic drink for him and just avoid slow songs and dancing is fine.”

“Just sit in between us and relax,” Xander nodded.

“Okay,” Willow agreed as they left to hit the Bronze, noticing Xander and Harmony humming and nodding along to music you normally needed a radio to hear and feeling a bit left out she sighed, “Wish I could hear radio.” She froze in place as the sounds of dozens of radio stations crashed into her ears. A couple of seconds later she got the hang of hearing just what she wanted and quickly caught up with the two. Being a hologram does have its compensations she decided.

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