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Why oh Why did I dress as Phil

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Summary: Ethan accidentally wore one of his own costumes. Now he tries to have fun repeating Halloween...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralAlexanderMcphersonFR715900790620 Jan 1220 Jan 12No
Ethan pointed at Xander, "You, you know Ground hog day, and the character Phil. I accidentally turned myself into Phil Connors for tonight, and ever since I've been repeating the day. I'm tired, and I just want this day to end. You're one key."

He turned and pointed at Buffy who was wide-eyed at this. "Slayer, You're another. And frankly, being punched by my former friend Rupert Giles the last... I don't know, five, ten years of continuous Halloween? Well. You're not wearing that dress. Here, I've got something for you." He passed her a bag, "In it is your costume for tonight. Every bloody time I tried to convince you away from Lady Useless over there," He waved at the dress,"You wouldn't listen, well listen now, blondie. Liam - the human that was turned into Angelus - was a womanizer, and liked whores. Angel - the soul that you know - is different and hates 'the noble elite' of that time because of that. Yes, you wore it to impress him, he gets it, but it's not worth being frightened of cars and setting back women's lib twenty decades. And besides, Angel's a fucking dead body, so get off your high horse of necrophilia and look around you for someone alive that might actually like you inspite or despite the whole slayer gig, and isn't going to crimp that side of you."

He turned to Willow, "Dont you DARE wear that ghost costume! Can you imagine how bloody boring and annoying it is having to manipulate chaos so that your dead body isn't destroyed while you waltz around as a ghost - and indeed, you're not even looking like casper, but exactly whatever you wear under the damn ghost costume." He rolled his eyes. "Get some damn confidence about you."

He turned back to Xander, and glared. "No soldier. No bloody Marvel or DC Comics. DEfinitely no villain, and if you bloody well try any Anime characters again, then when I know the cycle wont repeat, I'll bloody well enspell Angel to kill you, turn you and then use my own variation of that gypse soul curse!" Xander opened his mouth, "And dont try me, I'm out of patience. Heres a wig, yes it's grey hair. Dress as Yourself, only a very old version of you - exactly what you could become if you learn, train and fight to your fullest with those rules of yours at the forefront of your actions - rule one being 'dont die'." He pointed at Buffy, "Case in point, Prophecy sucks, and most are only true because the idiots decided to make it true. Chaos exists and cannot be predicted. Therefore prophecy is just a bunch of horse crap!"

Xander had only one question, "What causes us to become our costumes?"

"Janus, the god of change, doorways, and often simply labelled as the god of Chaos. I did it before the first repeat. But it takes effect at the same time in each repeat, even though I've not cast it." He sighed and sat down. "Damnit, and dont go running to Giles, he'll just come beat me up. Again."

"This sucks." He said in a low whisper. "I have to rely on three kids that rely entirely on luck to get me out of this. I'm mad. I must be."


I dont own. Seriously. Can we remove the 'disclaimer in every story' rule now? No? damn.

The idea is simple. I read the groundhog-day xander fics. aaand I decided, what if Ethan was affected by the effect instead?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Why oh Why did I dress as Phil" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jan 12.

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