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CSI Point of View (IV)

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This story is No. 4 in the series "CSI: Point of View". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween, a night to become something different. What happens when the spell left something lingering like ideas, career paths...? Information not generally known to human CSIs... Part IV

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Chapter One

Title: CSI Point of View (IV)

Main pairing:  Xander/Spike (pre-slash, non-graphic pairing). See my profile for preferred pairing style.  This is your warning.

Warning:  My preference in writing stories with romantic pairings usually fall under the m/m slash category and if this series does continue.  Future stories may contain slash references depending on where the rest of the stories are going.

MY Inspiration:  CSI Vegas, Halloween Fics from this website, Flash Idea that I’m not sure if it has been done yet or not. 

HELP:  PLOT Bunnies, kill the little suckers, because I can’t seem to stop coming up with more CSI POV.

Disclaimer:  This is my standard disclaimer; I don’t own anything in regards to the sources of MY Inspiration.  All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All the characters, worlds, base concepts or general ideas are just a bit food for the writing bug.  This story is pure fiction and is in no way meant to copy or reflect real life, events or people, should this happen then obviously it is pure coincidence.


Summary:  Halloween, a night to become something different.  What happens when the spell left something lingering like ideas, career paths...?  Information not generally known to human CSIs... (Part IV)


CH 1


Gil Grissom drove the Denali into a town without a sign.  Well the sign was knocked down on the ground at the moment, but he was sure that it existed.  He wasn’t called here for any legal purpose, but there was someone he needed to see in order to pick their brain, so to speak.

It has been about a year since the time that he taught at the Citizen’s Police Academy and found out that his surgical dream was based in some measure of reality.  Demons, vampires, Hell Dimensions and a whole bunch of other mystical stuff were actually real.

He had hesitated about coming here and it wasn’t like he could submit a formal request for a consultant in this matter.  He needed the help and there was only one person with a different perspective that could give it to him.

The town’s not that big,’ he thought.  ‘At least I know my way around based on the memories that I currently have.’  He didn’t think that the exchange had been as in-depth as to include a map of the town, but he was able to find his way around with ease. 

It didn’t take him long to find the local police station.  In fact, from his memory he knew that there was only one station for this whole town.  Pulling up to the station, he parked his vehicle and walked in.  There was no one in the main area to greet him, but he sincerely doubted that there would be, because there was a bell on the desk and a card with bold writing that said, ‘RING for ASSISTANCE.

He dinged the bell a couple of times and heard a voice call from the back of the building, “I’ll be right out.”

It’s wasn’t long, but still it took enough time that he was able to sit down and read one of the periodicals nearby.  Soon there was a uniformed Officer that came out to help him. “How can I...,” the person started to say, but they stopped.  “Gil?”

Grissom looked up from the chair in the waiting room and noticing who it was said, “Hello, Officer Harris.”

“Gil, what are you doing here?” Xander said pleased to see the man.  “Never mind that, can I get you a coffee or something?”

“Not really,” Grissom said.  “I came here because I need your help.”

“My help,” Xander said.  “With what and just how can I help you?”

“Is there somewhere more private that we can discuss this?”  Grissom asked, holding up a case file.  He had a few samples in his Denali, as he wasn’t sure if the younger man had been able to upgrade his mystical analysis process or not.  They had kept in touch via email.

“Sure,” Xander said.  “I’m about to clock out if you want to wait for about half an hour.  Here take these and go to this address,” he said writing down his duplex house number and giving him the keys to the front door.  “Remember one thing,” Xander said, making Grissom look up from the address that he had been reading.  “Never ‘invite’ anyone to come in or say Welcome.  Understand?  Just open the door and stand aside, if they can’t get in then shut the door and lock it.”

Gil’s eyes widened and he nodded.  “I shouldn’t be too long,” Xander explained.  “Someone is coming on shift to replace me soon.  Just make yourself at home.”

“Thank you,” the older man said.

“No problem,” Xander said.  “I look forward to reading about your case.”


It was about an hour and a half later, but Xander showed up knocking on his own door.  “Gil, open up,” he said.  “It’s me.”

Grissom opened the door a crack and then opened it up all the way.  Xander had changed out of his uniform, but he wasn’t alone.  Someone was leaning heavily on him and it look like they were in serious medical trouble.

“Just a minute, Gil,” Xander said.  He looked to his near unconscious companion and said, “Come on in Spike.”

“Thanks Pet,” the blond corpse said, but he was still badly injured and had trouble standing on his own due to the injuries he had.

Gil was surprised that Xander invited someone into his place when he had been advised not to.  However he figured that this was someone that the young man knew or else he wouldn’t be breaking his own rule.

The two humans helped the injured person into the duplex and with Xander’s soft guidance he explained what he needed.  He guided Spike to his kitchen table which was very solid dark wood and was long enough for the vampire to lie down while his injuries were taken care of.  They needed quick access to the water from the sinks and this was the best way.

Gil had had enough time to look around the place to know where a few things were.  He didn’t ‘really’ snoop, but he had been curious about the place and the owner.  So he knew where the first aid kit was and where the young man kept his other supplies, like gauzes, tape, towels and such. 

He also knew that there were three bedrooms, but only one, the master bedroom, was used.  There was one bedroom that was prepared for someone who obviously cannot handle sunlight as the windows were completely blocked some way.  He couldn’t even see light coming from the street lamps outside, like he had been able to from the first bedroom that he glanced in.   The third room was across from the ‘guest’ room maybe, but it was locked and he didn’t know what it contained.

Quickly and quietly, together the two of them cleaned and bound the wounds of the vampire.  “He’s going to need stitches,” Gil said softly.  “Do you have a kit here?”

“He won’t need them,” Xander whispered back, making sure that Spike was wearing some comfortable sweat pants and a loose shirt.  It wasn’t like he’d be aware of just what he was wearing at the moment and it would keep his temperature at a warm enough level.  “All he needs is some blood that I have in the fridge and I’ll get that out as soon as we put him in the guest room.”

“Blood,” Gil asked.  “Why would he need blood?”  He was curious and at the moment he felt lost, as he followed Xander through the house to the blacked out bedroom.

“I’ll explain once he’s settled,” Xander said holding the near unconscious vampire in his arms.  “Could you pull back the covers?”  It didn’t take long to have the vampire settled and sleeping in the bed.  The blood would have to wait until he was mobile again.  They moved to the living room and there Xander explained as best he could.

“That’s Spike,” Xander said.  “He’s a vampire.  In fact if you remember that dream you had, you’ve already seen him before.”

“He seems to have changed,” Gil observed.  He recalled a blond vampire full of vigour that made this one looked like a pale imitation.

“Yeah,” Xander sighed, brushing his hand against the back of his head and rubbing his neck.  “A lot of things have happened since I came back from taking the Academy courses.”  He explained how there was an underground military base in the town that operated under its own set of regulations. 

“They’re experimenting on some of the demons that live here,” he said.  “It’s really awful.  Take Spike for example; his nature is such that he hunts humans for food.  It’s just basic survival for him, but these military guys have it in their heads that that it is wrong or bad or evil, so they stuck a microchip in his brain that basically acts like an electronic leash.  He can’t hunt, he can’t feed and worse he can’t defend himself against humans in any way shape or form.”

Gil was horrified to learn of this.  “That’s barbaric,” he said.  “Experimentation has its place, but this... this is unconscionable.  I would never...”

“Neither would I,” Xander agreed.  “Anyway he’s been helping us out for a while now, but they tagged him tonight with a tracking device.  We got it out, but he needed a safe place to heal up.”

“Why did you have to invite him in?”  Gil asked.  “I noticed that you have blood in the freezer, so he must have been here before?”

“Nope,” Xander said.  “I moved out of my parents place as soon as I managed to save up a bit.  It didn’t take long and no one else knows where I live.  It’s safer that way.  He used to stay with me when I lived with them, but had not visited me here yet.”

“I see,” Gil observed.  “So that’s why you have the blood in there.”  He paused and then offered a bit of advice.  “To make it really safe you should get a post office box.  One of my CSIs was being stalked by someone a while back.  His new address is on file, but for safety’s sake I recommended that he get a post office box for his mail rather then get mail delivered to his home address.”

“That’s a good idea,” Xander said. “Now let me see your case file.  You did want me to look at it, right?”

“Please,” Gil said.  “How about I muster up something for us to eat while you’re reading?”

“Sure, just help yourself,” Xander said.  “The fridge is pretty well stocked.  I’m just going into my office.  It’s the door opposite from Spike’s room.”

Gil nodded and shooed him away to review the information privately.  Secretly he was hoping that he wouldn’t need Xander’s help in this matter.  He really hoped that there was a human explanation for the conditions of the flesh and bones.

Xander was reading through the paperwork when he came across the readout for the mass spec on the sample of fluid found about a foot away from the body.  It contained digestive enzymes, but the component DNA was not human.

“Shit,” he said.  He looked up a few of his notes from the previous times that they had encountered such a mess. 

It wasn’t long after that fateful Halloween, that he had begun to create data sheets and information files on the demons and creatures that they encountered on the Hellmouth.  He had two full cabinets so far, but all of that information had been scanned into a private computer data base too. 

It was a unique program that he had obtained for quite a bit of money.  It was very much worth it because he was able to keep the information on a couple of those small hard discs and flash drives that easily connected to a computer.  Of course once they were full, he made backup copies that he stored securely elsewhere.  Also he had them in magical books that were created just for him in order to magical preserve the new data.

However he had total control over who gets to see what and who is able to access the information.  He was surprised that the Council of Watchers and Giles hadn’t thought to keep some information, like the Watcher diaries in some form of database, as well as the magically preserved books.

Searching his database quickly he was able to narrow it down to a couple of demon species and one actual human spell.  He stood up and stretched his limbs, before he headed into his wonderful smelling kitchen.

“Wow,” he said a couple of hours later.  “That smells good.”

“Thank you,” Gil said.  “It’s just some lemon chicken with rice, but it should fill us up.”

“Cool,” Xander said.  “How much longer will it take?”

Gil looked at the timer and said, “About twenty minutes.”

“Right then,” Xander replied.  “I’ll just go take a shower first to clean the day away.  Will you be fine here?”

“Yes, thank you,” Gil said, turning back to a program on the television that he was still trying to figure out what kind of purpose it could possibly have.

Xander shook his head and said, “Here.”  He handed the man a couple of magazines with cross-word puzzles.  “There should still be a few in there that I haven’t done.”

“Thank you,” Gil said with a smile.  Soon he wasn’t paying attention anymore.  He had quickly grabbed one of the smaller publications and was looking forward to doing a puzzle he hadn’t seen before.  A short time later he was startled out of his concentration.

“Smells wonderful Pet,” a voice with a very distinctive British accent said.

“I beg your pardon,” Gil said, looking up from his spot on the couch.  He had settled into a lounging position with his feet on the one of the cushions.  It was a position that he had adopted from Xander’s memories.  Somehow he knew that the young man wouldn’t care that his feet were on the couch.  It was quite a comfortable position.

Spike looked into the intense inquisitive blue eyes of a man who was so much older than the boy he thought had been sitting in the living room.  “Sorry ‘bout that,” he said, looking through his jacket for his smokes.  “Thought you were the whelp,” he paused and then clarified when he noticed a slightly quizzical look on the man’s face.  “I’m talkin’ ‘bout Harris.”

“I see,” he said frowning as the vampire lit up his smoke.  He didn’t like the smell of smoke because it interfered with his sense of smell.  “Could you perhaps smoke elsewhere?”


“How about on the patio deck,” Xander suggested walking back into the living room.  He pointed out the direction and said, “There’s still an hour left before sunrise, so you should be fine.”

“Whatever Harris,” Spike said, but he did step outside.  He respected the younger man enough to comply. 

’S not like it’s a hardship,’ he thought looking in at the others talking about some case that the older man had brought to the boy for help.  ‘I wonder what that is all about.

He finished up quickly because his curiosity was getting the better of him.  For some reason the patio doors didn’t allow sound to be carried outside.  There was something very different about Harris right now and it was getting more and more noticeable while he was talking to that grey haired gent with him.  He walked in, but didn’t know where to settle.

“Hey Spike,” Xander said.  “Blood’s in the fridge, so help yourself.”

“Ta so much, mate,” he said, heading into the kitchen in time to see the older man pull something out of the oven.  “That really does smell good.”

This time Gil was aware that he wasn’t alone, but he was still startled by the accent and the fact that the vampire seemed comfortable with him there.  He was curious about the man that would choose such a life because he had always been fascinated by the deviant nature of man.  What could be more deviant than choosing to become a vampire?

“Are you interested in having some?”  He asked wondering if the vampire could eat normal human food.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Spike said about to take a separate plate, but he had just noticed that Xander had set the table for three.  “Harris,” he said questioning what he was seeing.

“You’re a guest, Spike,” Xander told him.  “You’re entitled to the same courtesy that I show Gil here.  By the way Spike this is Dr. Gilbert Grissom, Gil this is Spike otherwise known in some circles as ‘William the Bloody’.”

“Interesting moniker you have there,” Gil observed.  “How did you acquire such a name?”

“My human name was William,” Spike said.  “Changed it some years back to Spike... needed something with more oomph.”  He was grinning evilly when he said this.


“Don’t ask unless you really want to know,” Xander said.  “If you do then I suggest you wait... um... never mind, with the stuff you see in your field of work you’d not be surprised by anything he said and your appetite would not be affected, so ask away.”

They all sat down to the simple meal before them.  Xander and Gil tucked in, while Spike drizzled some blood onto the food before taking a bit out of it.  Gil watched as the vampire ate the human food, despite the fact that he needed to add the blood. 

Then he wondered, “Do you need to add the blood to human food before you eat it?”

“Nah,” Spike said.  “Still makes the food taste more appetising and it irks them.”


Spike was pointing to Xander and said, “His posse, though I don’t see it buggin’ you too much now.  Why is that?”

“Do you think that you can show me something that I haven’t seen before at my job,” Xander said.  “I only react the way I do when the others are around.”

“What?”  Spike was surprised he’d never noticed that.  “Why would you go and do something like that?”

“You seem to need it,” Xander said.  “The others kind of expect that kind of reaction from me, so that’s why I do it.”

“Damn,” Spike said, looking at his plate.  He really wanted to taste the chicken without the blood first to see if it needed it.  He liked regular food most times as is.

Xander knew what the vampire was thinking and offered him a piece of his own.  “Here,” he said. “Try it, there’s more and Gil can give me the reci... wait, no I already know it.  I’ll make you some more some other time, okay?”

“Sure,” Spike said.  He was looking forward to it.  “So how come you’re here,” he asked Gil.

Gil paused while he finished chewing.  He needed to think of something and then he looked at Xander who was nodding at him to give him the go-ahead to tell.  “I needed Xander’s help with a case that came up recently,” he said.  “He has a different perspective and I just knew that he might have an idea on how to proceed.”

“Why would you know how to proceed?”  Spike asked turning to the younger man.

“I have some of Gil’s memories,” Xander said.  “Plus, heelllooo, the Hellmouth, demons, ring any bells?  He doesn’t deal with them on a near nightly basis like we do.  That and I think he wants to know how to write up a report that won’t get the case examined any further by Human Laws, if it does turn out to be demon activity.  Am I correct?”

“Yes,” Gil answered.  “I need to be sure that the case is human based before going further with the investigation.”

“How would you know how to help?”  Spike asked the Scoobies’ White Knight, as his ex-sire was so fond of calling the kid whenever he was irked.  His curiosity about this ‘new’ Harris peaked in him.

“I work down at the Police Station on a part-time basis,” Xander said.  “Most other times I work in the morgue and with one of the coroners... the demon one.  He’s the one that’s helped me come up with the wording for some reports when it was obviously demon damage that killed the human of the day.”  He paused to finish up the last of his meal and then said, “It’s better than a rash of barbeque fork accidents or gangs on PCP.”

Spike snorted and said, “So you’re the one responsible for the interesting twists in the papers.”

Xander’s dark eyes twinkled with mischief and even Gil’s were sparking at the idea that there was a way to present his findings that seemed like a natural occurrence or a fluke accident.  He had been reading the papers that he found around the house and was amused by the way some of the events or news was presented. 

It had given him some ideas, but he would have to be even more careful because his own CSIs would know better.  They might just question his decisions, but since he had the case file here and all the evidence with him, he knew that they may just forget about what they had seen.

“Have you been able to figure out anything in the file?”  Gil turned to Xander asking about the young man’s research.

“I’ve been able to narrow it down, but I’d need to see and analyze the evidence, if you have it here,” Xander said.

“I do,” Gil said.  “It’s in the Denali.”

“How long will you be able to stay here?”  Xander asked.  “You must have had a long trip.  Perhaps we could get a few hours sleep before diving into it?”

“I can stay for the next four days,” Gil said.  “But have leave after that.  I can’t stay away longer than that for this case.”

“In that case let me set up the room for you and then you can stay there,” Xander said heading to the master bedroom.

“I can’t put you out,” Gil said.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Xander said.  “I have a very comfortable daybed in the basement, which is where I crash often, after making a few things.”

“Whot things,” Spike asked.

“Stakes, pellets for Dawn’s slingshot or balls for her paintball gun, potions... you know things,” Xander said.  “Some of the stuff is used to help collect the exotic evidence for some of the demon cases, which do show up at the station periodically.  You know for some reason, I’m the one always assigned to work the forensic angle on them.  Anyway I’ll show you both the stuff I make later, if you want?”

“Are the items similar to what you carried that Halloween night?”  Gil asked watching Xander move about his bedroom, changing the sheets and blankets, putting new pillows on the bed and pulling out changes of clothes that he carried into a basement room that did indeed contain a day bed.

The basement had four clear sections, one of which held the laundry appliances.  Another section held a cauldron in a fireplace with tables on either side filled with bottles empty and full of powders or liquids.  The third section contained tools and items in various stages of completion and the last was a corner section that held the daybed with a dresser and a small night table holding a single lamp and a few books next to it.

They watched as Xander stuffed the drawers with his extra clothing and dumped his bedding on the bed.  Then they moved to different corners of the basement to examine a few things more closely, while the young human explained the areas.

Xander wasn’t worried about what they would find.  He didn’t mind Gil looking through the stuff.  He knew that the man would be able to recognize some of the powders he had used once.  He turned in time to see Spike hiss at the stakes, which caused him to smile.

“Don’t worry Spike,” he said.  “I won’t use them on you.  Besides you don’t want to touch those particular ones,” he cautioned as the vampire reached for one that looked really nice.

“Why not,” Spike asked.

“They’ve been treated,” Xander said and that was enough for the vampire to pull away.  He knew that the whelp made the Slayer’s stakes sometimes, but those ‘treated ones’ were a menace to many of the vampires in town.  He had heard rumours about those and he never saw the Slayer or any of her gang with one.

The stakes were treated with Holy Water and a mix of blessed incense powder and crushed garlic, which wasn’t detectable due to the incense.  There was even some rumours that the wood used was blessed before the stakes were even treated.  Spike never knew where they came from and neither did Giles for that matter.

“Extra money, Pet?”

Xander blushed and realized that he had just revealed one of his sources of his income.  Gil stepped forward to listen to this explanation. 

“I make the stakes and sell them to an occult shop in town,” Xander said looking at the older man.  “It’s a shop that specializes in magical paraphernalia and equipment for fighting demons,” he shrugged.

“Sometimes the Slayer’s Watcher buys them, but it’s on the Council’s dime at the moment.  I know Giles has been shipping some of them back to the Watcher’s Council, despite their falling out.  They can’t duplicate my process because it’s magically bound to me.  They found out about them and told him that they would allow him access to their resources once more, but only if he shipped anything of use back to them.”

Spike barked out a laugh at the thought that the Giles was buying stuff made by the whelp, when it’s obvious that the boy could have just made the stuff for them.  “Good one Pet,” he said chuckling.  “Bloody brilliant, that!”

“I didn’t know that they’d need to buy stakes,” Xander said.  “I mean in high school, I had made so many that they shouldn’t have run out by now.”

“Idiot,” Spike said.  It wasn’t said in an unkind manner, but more of an attention getting one.  “You know the bint always leaves the stakes buried in the vamps.  She loses them all the time, except for that Mr. Pointy of hers, and is always seeking for another source other than the stuff you made, hence the picnic tables, tree branches and guitars.”

“Yeah well,” Xander said.  “It’s too late anyway. These things do take time and she doesn’t pay me to provide these things for her.  My time is not free in this case and if she knew that I was the one making these, then she and the others would expect me to do only this full-time instead of fighting without pay.”

Gil had an idea about the man that they were talking about.  “Don’t you think that they’d be upset about learning that you’re the one making these?”  He asked.  “What about the other items that you mentioned?”

“You’ll meet the others tomorrow night and Dawn can show off her sling-shot and paintball gun for you,” Xander said.  “I’ll need to analyze your samples first and then we’ll need to access Giles’ library just to be sure of our conclusions and how to resolve your problem should it be demonic in origin.”

“What’s that mean?” Spike asked.

“If it’s demon in origin, then that means there’s a road trip in our future,” Xander said.  Spike raised one eye-brow in query.  “You and I will have to go and take care of it.”


“We’re not really needed at the moment with the gang,” Xander said.  He looked pointedly at Spike.  “They need to be on their own for a while and we’ll go do what needs to be done.  Wouldn’t you like to go to Vegas?”

“Vegas!”  Spike exclaimed.  “That where you’re from mate?”  He turned to Gil to ask that question, but noticed that the man was trying to read one of the books that he found on Xander’s potion work bench.

He walked up to the man, leaned over his shoulder and began to read in Latin, (...East to West is the best, simmer, bubble, root and tooth, stating demon “for soothe”...)

“Pet that makes no sense,” he turned to dark hair man.

“It does if you read it from the beginning to the end,” Gil said.  “Interesting that you know the language, how old are you really?”

Spike had a genuine grin on his face and answered the question without a problem.  “I was turned in 1813,” he said. (...i...)  “’Course I know the language, brought up learnin’ this stuff.”

“You should see his handwriting,” Xander said.  “It’s like something that you only see on cards for special occasions and stuff.”

Spike would have blushed if he could, but he didn’t.  “That’s nothing,” he said.  “We were all taught the same way.  It was the only way you could write, what the quills and ink pots bein’ all we had.”

“He’s quite right about that,” Gil said.  He turned to the vampire and said, “I would love to see a sample of it.  Also I have a few questions to ask you, if you don’t mind answering them for me?”

Spike quirked both his eye-brows up.  This was likely one of the first times that someone in this town had questions and wanted to know stuff from him alone.  His broody sire certainly never answered questions, but he also had the impression that this man truly wanted to know things.

“You two go ahead,” Xander told them.  “I need to work on a couple of these things and then I’ll sleep for a while.  I’ve submitted leave for the time that you’re here.  My boss accepted it without question, since I’ve never taken official leave before.” 

He shrugged.  It wasn’t like they could deny him because with the soldiers in town making a mess, the demonic occurrences were currently down.  There was no need for him to remain on the Officer shift for the time being. 

All of the police officers in town had a special leeway for different things, so long as they generally upheld many of the main laws in the country. His town was very unique in that respect and most of the police officers that did exist usually worked for the humans only.  Those that were in the know, knew that Xander was a ‘specialized’ officer who usually dealt with the ‘unacknowledged other citizens’ of Sunnydale.

Xander knew that this was a rare occurrence and that any recommendation from his superior would either gain him entry into another Police Department or kill his Policing career.  Luckily he had back up skills that they could never take away.

He watched Spike, who was looking secretly pleased that someone had taken an interest in what the vampire knew.  So he encouraged it and said, “I’ll see you guys in the morning.”  He turned to Gil and said, “I normally work the night shift and knowing that you do as well, you’ll find that the curtains in the master bedroom are blackout ones too, only they aren’t sealed like the ones in Spike’s room.”

Spike was surprised to hear this and was going to explore the truth in that comment, after he answered the older man’s questions.  There was something about Grissom that made him likeable to the vampire.

“All right old boy,” he said to Gil.  “Let’s go up there and chat.  We’ll leave the boy here to get his beauty rest, ‘cause ya know... he kind of needs it.”

Xander snorted, turning away, going to his lathe to start it up and begin the process of churning out a few plain wooden stakes.  That always helped to calm him down and he found that he needed the time to relax before turning in.

“See you in the morning,” Gil said.  “Thank you again for your help.”

“We’ll see if I’m any real help, tomorrow,” Xander said.  “We still need to test your samples and cross-reference the information first.  Spike,” he called out.  Getting the vampire’s attention, he said, “It’ll be your job to help us confirm what it is that’s causing Gil’s problem.”

“We’ll just see about that, Harris,” Spike said.  “How’s about we leave him to it?  I’ll answer whatever I feel like answering.”

“Fair enough,” Gil’s voice faded as they walked up the stairs and drowning under the hum of the tools that Xander had started up.



(...i...)  My story, my choice on the year when he was turned, I figure this is close enough to his T.V. age based on the year that this story is written. 

FYI:  Not following any CSI seasons for this and should any episodes be mentioned out of order, then that’s how they will be.
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