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Life In The Dark

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Summary: After Halloween Andrew was permanently changed by his costume and he is going to learn that even a blind man can still see. (Warning: M/M and fem slash.

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Smallville > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersJacobPhoenixFR21612,398161,94721 Jan 121 Mar 12No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Marvel, DC, or the Buffy series.

Timeline: Two weeks after the Halloween episode and just after the episode “Nocturne” in Smallville.

Chapter 1

Andrew sighed as he clumsily made his way to the bus station with his cane in hand, he hated this, he should’ve never let Warren pick his costume, ‘Stupid superhero costume,’ Andrew thought, ‘Stupid Daredevil,’ Andrew frowned as he finally allowed someone to let him into the bus.

Somehow the stupid suit had some sort of curse, though Andrew had found out later that everyone else who had bought their costumes from that shop had become their costumes.

‘But,’ Andrew thought bitterly, ‘I dressed as a blind superhero and lost my sight but the other senses remained and now they’re driving me mad: heartbeats, scents, tastes and the sensations of touching, how the hell did Matt Murdock not go fucking mad?’ he thought, even on this bus he could hear the thrum of the engine, the heartbeat of the eighty year old man next to him, feel the roughness of the fabric of the seat he was on and the scent of snack foods; chocolate salty pretzels.

Andrew covered himself in the blanket his mom had given him to block out the senses but it wasn’t working. His mother decided to send him to a more quiet town, some place called Smallville where his cousin Lana lived, she said that she had considered long before this as she wanted him to be in a more safer area,

Lana, he remembered that he and her had never got along, they tried but they just rubbed each other the wrong way but Aunt Nell had agreed to take him in as long as they behaved, he just prayed that it would be better for him there as he heard that Smallville was a quiet town.

‘Alright,’ Andrew frowned, he had to focus; he had Matt’s memories guiding him but that wasn’t enough, he wasn’t Matthew Murdock he was freaking Andrew Wells.

As the bus drove Andrew concentrated on trying to block out the senses, he finally blacked out and slept soundly for the first time since Halloween.

Andrew woke panting fourteen hours later; his heart was beating so hard he nearly fainted again. The old man sitting next to him spoke to him and Andrew could smell tobacco, wine, salt and potato; he must have had potato chips.

“Hey kid,” The old man said, “You alright?”

“Yes,” Andrew said, “If I screamed it’s because I recently lost my vision in an accident.”

“Sorry to hear that, I just wanted to let you know that we’re coming to Smallville,” the man said.

Andrew looked and realized that the old man was telling the truth, he remembered that mom had bought an express ticket as she was concerned that Andrew’s handicap would disorient him.

‘Wow,’ Andrew thought bitterly, ‘She was right, I am confused and irritated but that’s because my four senses have gone mad.’

Andrew sighed as he was led out of the bus and sighed again as he walked out and smelled the air, the acrid stench of the fumes caused him to gag and the hiss of the engine nearly caused him to scream in pain.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and he stopped as the hand was calming, he heard a calm voice that said, “Are you Andrew Wells?”

“Yes, I’m Andrew Wells and you are?”

“Martha Kent, your Aunt sent me to pick you up.”

Andrew smiled and said, “Thank you Ms Kent.”

“Mrs Kent,” she smiled, “And now let me get your stuff.”

‘Wow,’ Andrew thought, ‘She sounds nice and she feels kind of nice too,’ her heartbeat was calm, natural and her scent was of apple pies, lemonade and baking, he liked her scent, he liked it a lot.

“Okay Andrew,” she said, “Got your suitcases.”

Andrew smiled, “I can carry them if you want Mrs Kent.”

“No, that’s alright Andrew,” Martha said, “You don’t know the area yet,” and led Andrew to her truck.

As he was being led to the truck Andrew frowned; he wasn’t completely helpless but he was still a bit miffed.

Martha told him of the school he’d be going to and how she was so sorry to hear that he had lost his sight due to a gang attack or at least that what his aunt said to her and her family.

Andrew smelled everything, the truck’s engine was thankfully quiet, ‘And thank god for that,’ he thought, ‘The hearing was the worst one to get used too.’

He felt the car turn and Martha stated that this was her farm, Nell would be by to pick him up in an hour or two and he should make himself feel at home.

Andrew looked up, he heard three separate heartbeats and they were coming close to the truck, the two heartbeats were human but the third one was odd; it was calm, slower than a human’s heartbeat should be and it was also the closest to the truck.

He heard a warm, kind voice say, “Hello Andrew, welcome to Smallville,” he felt a slightly warm hand touch his own; maybe farm work? He heard cows in the distance.

“I’m Clark,” the warm voice said almost awkwardly, “Did you have a good trip here?”

“Yes,” Andrew said quietly, “Thank you Mr Kent,” as he sniffed the air; the man’s scent was interesting, odd, alien? Was that a good word? He could smell what Clark had for breakfast: cold eggs and cheese, probably scrambled and hmm, cherry pie? No, blueberry.

Another warm voice caught his attention and it was warm as Clark’s but it had kindness to it and there was a smell of earth, hay and animals. A warm hand grasped his own, not as warm as Clark’s though.

“Hello, I’m Jonathon Kent, welcome to Smallville son.”

“Thank you Mr Kent,” Andrew said quietly.

The third voice wasn’t warm, Andrew thought it was cold sounding, calculating, he was interested as it sounded proud, arrogant but with a slight bit of sadness to it. Andrew found himself thinking about how much he depended on sight, for all he knew the Kents could be related to Jojo the monkey people and this place could be a dump even though it smelled nice, really nice and the Kents felt nice.

The man spoke again and said, “Hello Mr Wells, I’m Lex Luthor. So you’re Lana’s cousin?”

“The last time I heard,” Andrew smiled, “And I’ll be honest; Lana and I don’t always get along with each other Mr Luthor and that wouldn’t be Luthor of Luthorcorp?”

“Good ear Mr Wells,” Lex said, “I’m impressed, have you heard me speak before?”

“No,” Andrew said, “I simply know only a few Luthors.”

Lex nodded and said, “Welcome to Smallville.”

Jonathon looked at the young man wearing dark glasses and frowned, so young to be handicapped at an early age. Martha led him into the house.

As Andrew sat down on a couch, he heard the two heartbeats following him in; Clark sat in front of him and Jonathon sat next to him, the smell of hay was strong and he smelled lemonade and felt someone put the glass into his hand, as he sipped at it he tasted it and said, “Is this homemade?”

Martha nodded surprised, “Yes it is Andrew; very good of you to taste that.”

“Oh, umm, thank you,” Andrew said quietly and thought, ‘No need for these people to think of me as a freak, hell I think I’m a freak.’

Andrew took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes and Clark almost flinched at the white eyes staring at him and Andrew said, “Umm, sorry,”

“How did it happen?” Clark asked curiously.

“Clark,” Martha said, “He might not want to remember that you know?”

“Sorry,” Clark said, “It’s just that I’ve never seen a blind man before.”

Andrew winced and said, “Well it happened on Halloween and, umm, a strange form of hysteria hit the town and apparently someone took it out on my eyes, a few other kids were shot. No one was killed though but still.”

Martha looked horrified, “To happen on Halloween.”

“Yeah,” Andrew frowned and thought, ’A lot of things changed that night,’ and quickly put the glasses on and smiled.

Martha went to get a snack for him, Andrew frowned, he felt like he was being babied and he didn’t like it but they were worried about a blind boy who they probably saw as helpless.

‘Though,’ Andrew thought bitterly, ‘Right now I’m helpless because of theses stupid enhanced senses but the stupid hearing was the worst,’ though he could smell the cows and their poop.

Andrew smelled pie, he inhaled the faint scents of cherries, vanilla and smiled, ‘Of course; cherry pie with ice cream?’

He heard the plate being placed in front of him and sighed as he felt Jonathon’s hand on his own, guiding him towards the plate.

As he ate the pie quietly trying to block out bits of conversation, like “poor boy.” They spoke quietly so he couldn’t hear them but he could, he sighed, ‘Pity’s worse than contempt,’ he thought, ‘Much worse.’

Andrew heard a car pull up outside and sighed, ’It must be Aunt Nell and Lana.’ When they walked in he heard Lana’s voice and Nell’s voice.

A warm hand covered his own and he said, “Umm, Nell? Lana?”

“It’s Lana, Andrew.”

‘Lana,’ Andrew thought, he took a breath and the scent of artificial perfume hit his nose, irritating it.

“Oh god!!” Lana nearly screamed, “Nell, Andrew’s nose is bleeding!!”

Nell ran over and started to wipe his nose, her perfume irritating his nose even further and he coughed violently, ‘What did they do? Bathe in it?’

“No,” Andrew sobbed quietly as they started to talk more and the Kents, Lana and Nell were worried, talking louder.

Andrew got outside moaning, “Too loud, too loud!!” He sat down near the truck that brought him here and sighed, ‘Better, and quiet too.”

As Andrew sat down he rested.

Martha looked ill and said, “Nell, is Andrew alright?”

Clark frowned, “I’ll get him Lana.”

Nell sat down and said, “I didn’t want to say this but a night after Halloween she found Andrew curled up in his room sobbing, ‘Too loud, it’s screeching. Why isn’t it stopping mommy? Too loud!!”

“What was making the sound?” Martha asked worried.

“They don’t know but,” Nell sighed, “Melanie, well she had talked about this with me, about sending Andrew to me because of the dangers of her town; gang activity and the like.”

Jonathon nodded and so after he loses his sight they sent him here?

Nell looked down and said in a quiet voice, “Melanie and Vincent really don’t handle change that well and this was too big of a change for them to deal with and,” Nell sighed, If I know them they’ll probably send me money for awhile and even then they won’t want to talk to Andrew, they’ll be too uncomfortable.”

Both the Kents looked horrified, even Lana looked shocked.

Nell sighed, “It’s the way they are; in year or so they’ll be fine to talk to Andrew and in another few years they’ll even want to be in the same room.”

Clark brought Andrew in and said, “He was breathing a bit better,” Clark frowned, “Found him in the barn.”

Nell walked over and wiped the dry blood from Andrew’s nose and said, “Don’t worry Andrew, it’s going to be alright, we’ll take care of you.”

Andrew nodded and mumbled, “Sorry about that.”

As he was led back to the couch Andrew felt the heartbeats of the people calming down and Andrew began to feel relieved.

Nell smiled and said, “Andrew, we should get you home.”

“Yes Aunt Nell,” Andrew said, “And sorry for running like that.”

At Nell’s home Andrew sighed as Lana led him to his room and helped him unpack. He sighed, it was quiet at least; other than the two other heartbeats in the home and the furnace and the house creaks.

Dinner was alright, Andrew enjoyed the roast thoroughly and Nell smiled, “Tomorrow Andrew, you’re going to start school, oh and we got an electronic reader for you to help you read.”

“And maybe,” Lana said, “A guide dog?”

‘Great,’ Andrew thought, ’A dog? That’s not good,’ and sighed, At least they’re trying to help.’

Nell looked at Andrew and said, “Also you’re to stay near Clark or Lana at all times, just until you get used to the school.”

“We’ll take care of you Andrew,” Lana smiled, “I promise, Clark’s a good friend.”


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