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The Bodies in the Sinkhole.

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The Unrevealed World.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander must deal with the identification of past bodies.

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Television > Bones > Xander - CenteredLetomoFR151211,359418068,21721 Jan 121 Jun 12Yes

The Conversations in two Rooms.

The Conversations in two Rooms.

A/N: I still own nothing involved with this story, aside from the story itself.

After a classic reaming out of Andre and the other, lower ranking lawyers and agents by Caroline Julian, they began to verify the file that Xander's lawyer had handed them. With computers, a dozen workers, and already knowing what to look for, it was a fairly efficient process. Still, it was about a half-hour before they started to get results.

"Here's the files from Indiana - they're mislabeled as low priority, about the same as a series of robberies."

"And I've got the ones from Illiniois, similarly labeled as a low-threat problem," another agent spoke up. The only ones in the room not hunched over a computer or phone, or both, were Caroline and Andre, her new assistant.

It took another couple minutes before they got any more results. One of the agents on a phone set it down. "Got some results from Esmerelda County. They claim to have sent the forms, but our records show we never recieved them."

Another intern came into the room, and confered with one of the lawyers, who then turned to Caroline. "Humbolt County is similar. They sent theirs, we got them, and then they were filed in the same room as solved kidnap cases."

"This is insane! How could so many things go wrong?" Ms. Julian was really not amused at this point.

Andre shook his head. "I have no idea. There isn't even a single source of the interference - it's different things each time. Someone must have been covering for him. Someone in a good position to do so."

"There was only one murder in Pershing County, so they never even let us know about it!" another of the lower-rankers announced.

Caroline heaved a great sigh. "Well, keep going on this. I'm going to go see what I can do with Mr. Harris. After learning all this, his first remark, that the man needed killing, couldn't be more correct. What a mess." She moved her short form out the door.

"Have we heard back from Missouri yet?"


meanwhile, back in Interrogation . . .

Xander and Monica sat in the interrogation room, slowly catching up on what happened to them since their last meeting. Xander edited what he had been doing a bit, thinking Monica knew nothing of the supernatural. Monica spoke of her clients, speaking the truth, but not giving details, leaving things mostly up to Xander's imagination. After this was a quiet time, as each sank into thoughtful silence. Finally, Xander spoke up. "So, Caleb really. . . ?"

"Yes, he did. He was one of the most evil men I've ever found reference to. Anytime he had a choice between good and bad, everytime, he chose the bad."

Xander stopped for a while, a thinking expression on his face. "So, does that mean you believe in evil? I don't mean like that group of guys I helped get you away from in Africa, I mean real, true, final evil."

"Yes, Xander, I do. Why do you ask?"

"Uh, hypothetically speaking, what if I told you I - I encountered true evil, the most true evil in existence once. And I just found out it's still out there, and has been for the last, oh, seven years or so. And, has been right beside, helping, supporting, one of my best friends. And I just found out, and now I'm stuck here, in this cell, while my friends take care of it."

"But, you were the one that found out?"

"Uh, yeah. Uh, hypothetically."

"And you let your friends know? And they can take care of it?"

"Well, I hope so. If they can't, no-one can. They're the best."

"Then, it is best to let them. All you can do right now, is wait."

"I guess. It still sucks."

"Life is not always just the good. We should both know that, after everything that has happened. It is not easy, life, in fact, it's a struggle. But, you have to continue. You have to keep going."

"I know that! I don't need a goody-goody sermon. I got married a year ago, in fact, my anniversary was yesterday. And I got to spend it here! I'm having a bad week, I know it'll pass, you don't need to worry I'm going to do anything rash! Just let me wallow a bit, okay?"

Monica looked taken aback. She wasn't expecting this. Usually, she would start her speech, her halo would appear, and she would get the client to look at life different. This time, no halo, and he interrupted her! How odd. Before she could do anything, though, the door was knocked on, followed shortly by Caroline entering.

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