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The Bodies in the Sinkhole.

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The Unrevealed World.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander must deal with the identification of past bodies.

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Television > Bones > Xander - CenteredLetomoFR151211,359418068,15721 Jan 121 Jun 12Yes

The Agent in the Museum.

"What is it?" Cam tried to sound supportive.

"That's Caleb!"

"You know that victim, too?"

"You could say that. Not well, but I knew who he was." He muttered something under his breath, probably not realizing that Cam could hear him. "Should have stayed down there." When she looked at him, his face was now murderous, not horrified.

"His remains were among those found in the crater; are you going to be attempting to claim him, as well?"

"No! Wait. Um, I'm going to have to make a few calls. Like I said, I only met him a couple times." Now, Xander was looking sort of green - and it wasn't reflected light from the advanced computer.

"Well, in either case, we do still have some paperwork that we'll need you to fill out. This doesn't mean you will be able to claim Anya's remains immediately, we still have some tests we have to run on them, but it will move them to the front of the line, so they will be available soonest."

"Right. Well, lead me to the paper!" He seemed to bounce back from the various shocks he had recieved. Too quickly, if Cam was any judge. Hmm, maybe . . .

"Also, there is a man available for any grief counseling, if you need it, Doctor Sweets."

Xander looked at her funny. Well, she thought so, it was hard to tell with that eyepatch. "Um, it has been 7 years. I've done my grieving."

"Yes, but sometimes in a situation like this, the grief will suddenly rise up, unexpectedly."

". . . I'll think about it."

Cam smiled. "That's all I ask."


After sitting Xander down with the paperwork, in one of the small, unused rooms in the Jeffersonian with one of the guides nearby for when he finished, Cam headed back to her office. She still had a lot of paperwork of her own to take care of, after all.


Now what? Cam picked up the phone. "Dr. Saroyan's office."


"Send her up."

Cam put the phone down, then waited for her next visitor to arrive, still working on the paperwork. She looked up when the woman knocked on the doorframe.

"Agent Perotta. Welcome. What can I do for you?"

"I was paged to get here as fast as I could, top priority." The agent seemed icy, not surprising considering her last interactions with the lab.


"I assumed you would tell me."

"I didn't page you." Cam shook her head.

"Then - why was I paged? Mind if I use your phone?" It seemed she had learned manners a bit better. Cam nodded at the FBI Agent, who picked up the instrument and dialed.

"This is Agent Perotta; I recieved a Top Priority page to report to the Jeffersonian, but no-one here knows what is going on."


"So, who could tell me? Well, transfer me." She waited a few moments.

"This is Agent Perotta, I was paged to the Jeffersonian, top priority, and no-one seems to know why."


"That's right. No, Agent Booth is on Sabbatical; he's been recalled by the Army for a one year tour. I'm the backup liaison."


"That's right."


"One man? I'm here because of one man? Why?"


"Well, if it's classified, why am I here?"


"I see. So, what am I supposed to do?"


"Very well." She hung the phone up. "So, I was paged here because you had a visitor that was entered into your system, one Alexander Harris. But, apparently, the reason why has been classified."

"That's - interesting. He just came to identify the body of his fiancee, who had been in the Sunnydale Crater. But, when I showed him the facial reconstruction for identification, there were two other faces up, and he also recognized one. And, apparently under his breath, he muttered that the second man should have stayed down there, in the Crater. While looking murderous. I'm curious about that second man now."

"Interesting. What else can you tell me about both the bodies?"

"Nothing, yet. But I will have more in the morning. Both of the bodies just got moved to the front of the line. If you'll come back around 11, we should have something for you."

The Agent nodded, turned, and left. Cam reached for her phone again. She wasn't going to be finishing any of her paperwork for a while. She didn't have the expertise of Brennan or Hodgins, but she did still have the interns, well, most of them. That, combined with her own skills, would hopefully be enough.

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