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The Bodies in the Sinkhole.

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The Unrevealed World.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander must deal with the identification of past bodies.

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Television > Bones > Xander - CenteredLetomoFR151211,359418068,15721 Jan 121 Jun 12Yes

The Laughter in the Lab.

The Laughter in the Lab

Xander approached the entrance to the Jeffersonian smoothly, though his forehead had a line in it that hadn't been there the day before. He had passed the information on the faces he had seen to London and Cleveland, and let them pass it on to Rome. No way he was going to be the one to get involved in that. Of course, it did explain a few things, like the quick emotional growth and maturity they had all noticed. God, that was going to be a mess.

He just wished his wife could be with him, but she had been called to Cleveland; Robin, Faith and Hope had been in a car accident, and Dawn had to cover as the 'assistant to the Principle'. Why was it everything seemed to happen at once?

"Hello, My name's Alexander Harris, and I have an appointment with Dr. Saroyan," he told the lady at the desk, showing his Driver's Licence and Passport.

"Just one moment, sir." She got on the phone, called the doc, then got him another interim Visitor's Pass. "If you'll follow the guide, she'll take you to Dr. Saroyan's office."


Once Xander reached the office, the guide took back off, and Xander knocked on the door. He wondered if they realized it was bad security to not make sure he entered the office before leaving, but since this was a museum, not a military, he supposed it wasn't really important. Well, unless they had a thief scoping the place out. Or one of those crazy 'animal-rights' people scoping the place out. Or a terrorist, scoping out where to place a . . . Yeah, they needed to work on their security.

"Come in!" came the voice he recognized as Dr. Saroyan.

Xander entered, nodded to the doc, and took the seat she waved him at.

"Mr. Harris-"

"Please, call me Xander. Mr. Harris was my dad."

"Xander. We did some looking at the remains of your fiancee, and discovered she did not pass away during the collapse. She was killed, struck with a blade of some kind."

"That - doesn't surprise me. There was a severe gang element in town, and I was somewhere else just before the town collapsed. I always thought they got her. An eyewitness told me she died protecting him."

"Really? An eyewitness told you how she died, and so you left her body there?" That was a voice from the lady wearing the white suit in the back corner. She probably thought she had been out of his notice, since she was on his blind side when he entered the office. After his year in Africa, yeah, right! Like that would make a difference. He had known she was there since he entered.

"We didn't exactly have time to go back. My friends and I were in the last bus out of Sunnydale. It was, literally, collapsing behind us."

"The other man, Caleb? Were you aware that he was also killed?" Cam re-entered the conversation.

"Yeah. Of course. Well, in his case, it was self-defense."

"So, you're admitting to killing him?" That was the lady in white again.

Xander thought for a second. He could bring up Buffy, but honestly, with what she was probably going through right now, probably easier if he just claimed to have done it.

"Like I said, it was self-defense. Not to mention, he was a serial-killer."

"Riiiight. Well, Xander Harris, you're under arrest for the murder of an unknown male, aka 'Caleb', and for the murder of one Anya Jenkins-"

Xander looked at Dr. Saroyan. "Is she serious? The White Queen is arresting me?" The Doc looked a bit surprised, as well.

"Yes. You just admitted to murder, in front of a Federal Agent, and a director of the Jeffersonian. You admit to being present at the place and time of both crimes, and knew both victims. The wounds used suggest you had a severe grudge against both; you probably found out they had an affair, and attacked them seperately. Then, when the town collapsed, you probably thought you were home-free, and would never be found out."

Xander looked at her with shock on his face, before he broke out into laughter. This surprised both of the ladies in the room, and they watched while he laughed for a full minute, before even trying to get control of himself.

"So, heh, so I found out that, haha, that Caleb and Anya were having -snort- an affair? Ha, heh, yeah, right. Caleb was a woman-hater. You, heh. You did hear me say he was a serial-killer, right?"

"Your stories aren't going to help you now. Please stand up and put your hands behind your back," the agent pulled a pair of handcuffs out, and stepped towards him. She pulled a card out, and began to read off it. "You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights, as they have been read to you?"

"Do I have the right to make a phone call?" He was still grinning, apparently not understanding the seriousness of the charges.

"After you have been booked. Let's go."

Cam watched the man, apparently cheerfully, go along with the agent. That - was odd. Hmm. It might not hurt to give Caroline a call. They hadn't interacted much, Cam and the Prosecutor, but they ahd met. And, to Cam, this situation seemed - off, somehow. Besides, Cam, and the interns, might be called to testify on this. And, right now, she was the interface with the FBI, not Dr. Brennan. Since Agent Perotta didn't seem willing to extend the hand of cooperation, perhaps Cam should. Just with someone more, ah, connected.

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