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Some Other Hot Chick With Superpowers Book 1

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Summary: “What do you wish?” the new girl asked. “What do I wish? I wish that if this town needed a Savior it was some other hot chick with superpowers,” the former queen answered. (Please note this will contain Romantic (not explicit) Femslash)

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Chapter 1- Part 1

Chapter 1- The Harvest

The sun was coming up over the small city of Sunnydale, California. My first official day had started. I sat on the roof of the house and watched the light emerge, chasing away those things which couldn't stand the light of day. Things like vampires, crooked politicians and teenagers who realize that the weekend was over and another day of tort... I mean school was going to start in really very little time. I appreciated the sun's warmth on my face and body, almost as though the sun's very energy was going to give me that boost that many got from caffeine, that first cigarette of the day or a good selection of herbs and vitamins. It didn't really but I figured I'd need something to blame my general lack of anything resembling a non energy state, so why not buy into Superman's method. Not that he existed here. Could you claim to be part Kryptonian if that particular breed only existed in comic books and other sorts of visual media?

I mused as the sun rose and I could hear the other occupant of the house getting up. I was sitting on the part of the house that was right above her bedroom window and I could hear her shut off her annoying alarm and dig herself out of her bed. I got up and went across the roof to my window and slid into the mostly finished bedroom. I still had some stuff to unpack, but for the most part it was a pretty solid girls bedroom for the late 90s.

I dug into my closet as there was a knock at the door, and Irene... Mom opened the door. I glanced at her as I was assembling my clothes for school.

“Morning.” She smiled at me, her dark glasses hiding her glazed over eyes. “Glad to see you're up and getting ready. Don't want to be late for your first day at school.”

“No. We wouldn't want that, would we.” I started to pull off the sweats and t-shirt I'd been wearing. “Want me to make breakfast this morning?”

“I'll take care of it. Leave you some extra time to get ready.” She closed the door as she left the room, leaving me to my own devices.

I pulled on the jeans and button up shirt I had picked, along with the assorted other clothing I was still getting used to as a female, and then I slid the Psiband up and under my hair, then quickly played with things till it was unobtrusive as possible. A quick look might leave people to think I had a tattoo on the back of my neck, but I wasn't really worried. I took a look at myself in the mirror, making sure I had everything on correctly. Long brown hair, slightly curly, greenish grey eyes, a rather far too attractive face attached to a body that was about the middle range for height. All buttons done up as they should be on the light blue shirt and jeans as hip hugging and low riding as I was comfortable with. Time to face the music... pay the piper... to stop using metaphors like that in my own head.

I headed downstairs and into the kitchen. 1630 Revello Drive had been gotten for a song. In any other time and place I would have been suspicious why, but considering what I knew about the town it wasn't a big surprise. Mom... I had to think of her as Mom, talk about her as Mom, talk to her like she was Mom... was making some eggs and toast. I could smell some frozen hashbrown patties baking in the oven.

“Anything I can help with?” She gestured towards the island and I got out plates and cutlery, grabbing a glass of orange juice for myself.

Mom had her coffee already, sipping out of it as she cooked. In a short bit of time we were eating. I was mostly quiet, while she kind of nattered about how her day was going to be settling in as counsellor at the high school. While I would have allies at the school we both felt that having another would be a good thing. One that could see the future was an even bigger bonus.

“How are you gonna handle... your friends?” That was Mom, straight to the point.

“I'm not going to handle them. I'm gonna be as honest with them as I can, and hope that maybe they'll run screaming in the other direction.” I took a last bite of my breakie and cleaned up after myself. “I'm not counting on it, but I'm hoping.”

“You're hoping your friends desert you?” She put some coffee into a travel mug, while I gave her an eye roll. “And don't roll your eyes at me.”

Damned precogs. “I'm not hoping they desert me, I'm hoping they do the smart thing. There's a huge diff.”

“Just because you're pretending to be a Canadian girl transplanted to California, doesn't mean you have to talk like one.” She tossed me the keys to the car.

“Who said I'm talking like one.” I grabbed my bag and we went out to the vehicle, an SUV, what we used to call Jeep, whether it was or not, in the old days. “I'm speaking like I always do.”

“That's what concerns me.” She grinned.

I smiled and we spent the short drive to the high school in mostly silence, me singing along to the radio. I said mostly. That was something I wasn't used to, having a half decent singing voice again. I wouldn't become a pop star or win awards, but I wouldn't drive people away at karaoke either.

I parked in the staff parking lot and grabbed my bag. Mom took my hand. She looked like she was trying to get something out. What ever it was, I'm not sure I wanted to hear it.

“Bobbi, if you meet a nice boy...” I tensed up at that statement and she sighed. “I'm not trying to push you into something you aren't ready for...”

“Then why do you keep pushing?” I turned to her. “I'm not interested in boys or men Mom. We've had this conversation. I can't believe you of all people...”

“What I have with Raven is special and one of the best things to ever happen to me, but you are going into a place that isn't very forgiving of the strange and the out of place. Your average girl doesn't come out of the closet during...”

“I'm not your average girl!” I opened the door and got out of the car. “I'm not going to pretend to like some boy, just because it will make my life easier. It wouldn't be fair to me and it certainly wouldn't be fair to him. Now drop the subject Mom. I'm not interested in males except maybe, maybe, as friends.”

I slammed the car door and stalked away. Of all days to have this particular conversation again! Of all the low down, dirty conniving... My diatribe was interrupted.

“Bobbi!” Mom walked around the vehicle. “I'm sorry, I'm just trying to...”

I walked back over to her and touched her hand, to let her know where I was. “I know, but this conversation is over. Period. It's my life. I'll take it as it comes. “

She grabbed me into a hug, I let my bag thump to the ground and hugged her back. She pulled away and I grabbed my stuff and we headed into Sunnydale High School, my home away, for the next little 'Until things can be straightened out.' time period. Oy.

The school was nothing like the one I attended way back in the day. Less big hair for one thing, and no acid wash jeans for another. Overall the school was larger than the one had I had gone to, though the average class size was about the same.. I walked with Mom to the office, she to be installed into the counsellor's offices and me to meet Mr Flutie, the principal.

He showed me into the office and had me take a seat, while he looked over my file.

“Miss Adler, welcome to Sunnydale High. We are pleased to have you here, pleased that we can offer you a second chance to complete your high school education.” He picked up part of my file and in a grandiose fashion ripped it to shreds. “Any other principal at any other school would have read your file and noticed you have had trouble in the past and would tell you he's keeping an eye on you.”

“But here at Sunnydale High, we believe in second chances, even for people who...” His eyes finally caught up with his mouth. “were charged with assaulting the... entire football team?”

“It wasn't my fault, they mistook me for a tackling dummy.” I put on my best smile for him. He quickly started grabbing the ripped up papers and was putting them together like a puzzle.

“You assaulted the quarterback after a party the night before...” His eyes held visions of police visits and angry parents. “... after he supposedly tried to force you to...” He closed the file.

“I can assure you and your mother that the boys of Sunnydale High are perfect gentlemen and there will never be any reason to...”

“Beat the crap out of somebody attempting felony sexual assault?”

“Exactly.” He quickly ushered me out of the office and into the capable hands of the secretary, who gave me my schedule and told me to pick my options as quickly as possible. The last I saw of Mr Flutie that day was him going into greet my mother with the words: “Ms Adler, your daughter won't be hitting any more...” door closing behind him, cutting off the rest of his words. The secretary smiled and patted my hand.

“Don't worry my dear, Mr Flutie is a great big pussycat.” I nodded in return. “And never be afraid to defend yourself against the stupidity of men.”

“I never am.”

I walked out of the office, schedule in one hand and map in the other, trying to get a feel for the layout. I'm normally pretty good at situational awareness, so I avoided collisions until I was taken down by a skateboarding boy. My hands hit the floor with a resounding smack as I rolled into the fall, coming smoothly to my feet, glaring down at the person who ran into me. He stared up at me, my papers and stuff from my bag, in a pile around him.

“Can I have you... I mean help, can I help you?” He quickly recovered and got to his feet, starting to pick up stuff.

“You can maybe not skateboard in the hallways?” I crouched down and started to get the bits he hasn't.

“Sorry about that. I managed to get down the rails out in front of the school with out falling on my pride and I was just so...” I took my stuff out of his hands.

“Got it, you were on a high from pulling off a sweet move. Next time watch where you're going.” I grabbed my bag, checking to make sure everything was there. Dammit the stake was missing. The first buzzer sounded. “I have to get to class, thanks for the help picking up.”

I strode away and I was sure I heard him say “You dropped your...” I didn't have time to see what I had dropped, though with my luck he found the stake. Just because I wasn't the Slayer, didn't mean I wasn't gonna carry the most effective, home made, small weapon against vampires that I could. At least until I could get some slightly less unobtrusive weaponry.

I slipped into my first class, and after telling the teacher who I was, got seated beside a pretty blonde, who shared her book with me. It was a long boring class, that was only made bearable with Harmony's comments on the attire of the teacher. There was a few times I had to force myself not to laugh out loud, and once I nearly snorted. I managed to keep it together long enough to escape.

“Thanks for the lending of the book.” I smiled at Harmony.

“No prob. If you want one of your own, they should have some in the library.” She was vapidly checking herself out in a compact.

“Any idea where it is?” I watched her quickly check to make sure her face was on properly.

“Sorry, I'm at school to get an education and find a man, I don't have anytime for books.” She said it with a straight face, so she was either serious, or the best straight man ever. “Cordelia!”

I looked behind me to see an attractive brunette coming up behind me, a gaggle of females in tow, almost like a group of slaved ships following their primary. Or a bunch of ducklings following mom.

“Hello Harmony. You sure those shoes and that dress were a good idea?” Harmony's face grew stricken and she quickly glanced down. “Who is this?”

“Dammit, I was sure I put on the ones that went with the dress.” Harmony was about to go into full fashion disaster mode. The smile on Cordelia's face was one of the cat who got the canary.

“They do go with that dress Harmony. Same colour, same pattern.” I cocked my head at Cordelia. “I'm Bobbi Adler and you must be the queen bitch of Sunnydale High.”

The entire hallway came to a complete halt. Cordelia looked like she had been struck, her ducklings eyes opened in surprise. “Pardon...” I cut her off before she could really begin.

“Queen Bitch, the Big Cheese, She who must be kowtowed to other wise your status will fall. The woman in charge.” Her expression changed from shock and anger, to puzzlement, to one of not quite satisfaction. She couldn't tell if she was being totally insulted, or just partially.

“That would be me.” She went into full blown spin mode. “And it will never be you.”

“Why would I want it? A paltry position, in an okay high school in a state known for it's beaches, it's bimbos and it's ability to create some of the best illusions on the planet? What possible interest would I have in something like that? You are a very big fish in one of the smallest ponds ever, totally afraid of something bigger to come along and gobble you up. Frankly I don't have time for it. My mom and I had to move here, because some grabby boy decided he wouldn't take no for an answer and I put him in the hospital, then had to take on the entire football team in hand to hand combat, because I didn't lay down and spread em like a 'good girl'. Then to add insult to injury I was forced to smack around his ditz of a girlfriend, who came after me claws bared, because she was too stupid to realize he was a horn dog who couldn't keep it in his pants and thought I had tried to seduce him.”

I took a quick look around me at the stopped press of humanity, just as Cordelia realized we had company. “Everybody get the hell out of here!” They scattered at the command of their queen.

“Who the hell do you think you are, coming into my school and...” I put a finger on her lips.

“Listen princess, I don't have time. I have to get to the library and get to class, you want to ream me out for not kissing your feet, find me at lunch and we'll go another round.” I quickly moved off, in the direction I thought the library was, leaving behind me the scattered remains of Cordelia's ego and the gaping mouths of her brood. It was too easy. Keep them off balance and make sure they can't get a word in edgewise. It wasn't fair of me I know, but frankly I didn't have the strength to even pretend to be diplomatic so firing with all guns blazing was my preferred method of execution in these cases. Maybe tomorrow I'd be a little more tactful. Maybe.

I strode into the library, door swinging behind me. I'd always loved libraries, the smell of the books, the sense of mostly peace, the idea that all that knowledge lay at anybodies fingertips. Frankly I missed them. I walked up to the counter and knocked on it. A couple of seconds later an older man, in his early 40s, came out of the office.

“Hi, I'm looking for...” I didn't have time to finish when he ducked under the counter and came up with a very large book, that looked older than I felt most days, with 'Vampyres' on the front cover.

“I have what you need right here.” I looked at the book and looked at him and looked around me. The resounding smack of my palm against my face echoed a bit. He looked perplex. “Miss?”

“Adler, Bobbi Adler. I'm new and here to get some text books.” He looked at me and looked at the book. “Though if there is an optional class on history of the occult, I might take it, if that's not the textbook.”

“I'm sorry, I'm Mr Giles and I thought...” I held up my hand.

“I know what you thought. You thought I was your Slayer. She's not coming.” He gaped at me. “I don't have time to explain right now, but I'll pop in after school and we can have a little chat. I really need those text books.”

He nodded and moved off to quickly grab me the couple I'd need for the rest of the day. “I'll have the rest assembled for after school.”

“Great, we'll have some time to talk. My mom's the new counsellor and she's gonna have to set up some specialized equipment after work. She's blind and the usual computer stuff just won't work. We'll have time to talk then.” My head cocked as I caught sound behind me, the door had moved just a bit. “I have to get to class.”

I quickly left the library, spotting the flash of blond hair as it rounded a corner. Below the hair was a familiar dress, and a very nice ass, that belonged to my helpful classmate. I'd have to have a talk with Harmony, but right now I was bound for math.

After the restful sleep of math class I decided to take lunch outside, looking for a small mousy redhead named Willow Rosenberg, who could help me catch up with the school work. After walking a good portion of the outside, I hit what I believe is called the quad and I saw her. Lovely girl that needed better clothing, if only to make her look more her age. She was eating something as I walked up to her, and stopped.

“Hello.” Her head snapped up and she looked startled. “Are you Willow?”

“Umm am I in your way? Did you need me to move? IcanmovefiyouwantthisspotnoproblemI'malmost finishedlunchandI...” I stopped her by applying the finger to lips method.

“First of all, breathe. Second of all I'm not here to take your spot, I'm here to ask for help.” I took my finger away and she pulled in a breath. I could feel some one moving up behind me and I half turned, twisting my head to see the guy with the skateboard walking up with another boy. I turned my attention back to her. “A teacher said you'd be the one to ask to get me up to snuff in math and probably a few of the others.”

“Oh! Yeah I could totally help you out. I'm Willow, but then you knew that.” She looked like she was about to go into babble mode again when skateboard guy plopped down beside her. “Xander!”

“Heya Wills. I see you've met our mysterious new student.” He pulled out my stake and held it out to me. “You dropped this.”

“Thanks.” I took it and slipped it back into my bag. He sat there with a puzzled look on his face, waiting for something. “You gonna sit there all passive aggressive waiting for an explanation, or are you just gonna man up and ask?”

Willow snickered as his expression changed to startlement. “What's the stake for?”

“Killing vampires.” I turned my attention back to Willow. “So when can we get together to talk about what kind of help you can give me?”

Xander's face was undergoing one of those transformations from being startled to out and out amusement, like he'd just figured out the big joke. Willow's face went all scrunchy for a second as she thought.

“We could meet at the Bronze tonight, figure it out, talk, maybe dance with a cute boy or two.” She half blushed as she said the last bit, eyes quickly moving to Xander and then back to me. “Say sevenish?”

“Heya Cordelia.” The other boy called out to the would be queen of Sunnydale High as she walked up towards us. “Looking good.”

The glare she gave him could have peeled paint off a wall and then burnt it down. He just smiled, basking in the attention of... his crush? First love? Future Mistress? She then ignored him and stood in front of me, Harmony behind her.

“Far be it for me to stop your downward mobility, but you might want to think about who you hang around with. This school does have standards,” She gestured vaguely around her, “and some people violate most of them.”

“I always think about who I hang around with Cordelia. One day you might be good enough to hang around. One day.” Her face got all cloudy and she stalked off. Harmony stood there like a deer in headlights. “Heya Harmony. How's you?”

“Ummm there was a dead body in the girls locker room, so gym is cancelled.” She blinked as she realized what just came out of her mouth. “I mean I'm okay.”

She rushed off after Cordelia, leaving 3 gaping fish and me. “Curiouser and Curiouser. I hope the cops haven't arrived yet.”

Willow's head snapped towards me. “Why not?”

“It'll make it really hard to get my pendent out of my locker. I had gym right after lunch, so I figured wear it after the shower. Now I have to go get it.” I stood up and more gaping occurred. “Bronze at sevenish it is Willow. Xander, thanks for my stake back. Bye boy who wasn't introduced.”

As I walked away I heard “Jesse! That's my na..” mixed in with “Seeya There!” and “Careful it wasn't a death by vampire!” From Willow and Xander, respectively.

Getting into the locker room wasn't that hard. Nobody wanted to be near the dead body, not even the teacher assigned to keep people out. I first grabbed my pendant out of my locker and then I quickly examined the body. Leaving the room I made my way to the library, to talk to Mr Giles.

“Mr Giles?” I walked up to the counter. “We have an issue.”

He came out of the office. “Is this about the dead body found in locker room?”

“Yeah. He was killed by something drain...”

“Good lord, a vampire killed him?” Mr Giles interrupted me. “Is he going to rise?”

“Jump the gun much? He was killed when somebody drained his life force. I've seen it before. Not a vampire, unless you want to refer to the person who did it as a life force vampire.”

Mr Giles, pulled off his glasses and then cleaned them. “Sorry. How do you know he won't rise?”

“No blood in his mouth. His body is as closed to being mummified as you can get, the energy that animated his body is gone. Dunno who he was, but he's definitely part of the was brigade, with no do overs.”

Mr Giles sorta stared at me for a second. “You mean he's dead with no coming back?”

“That's what I said. Twice actually.” I turned to leave the library, when there was this loud whump. “Didn't that hurt your head?”

I left the library, intending to head to the quad, to wait out the whole gym not happening thing, when Mr Giles joined me. “You said you'd seen it before. Where and what did it?”

“Her name is Selene. She's a millennia old mutant, who has learned more than her share of magic across the ages. The where doesn't really matter. I don't know if this is Selene, or simply somebody like her.” We had reached the quad. “If it's Selene there's going to be a hard fight ahead. If it's somebody with the same power, it'll be a little easier, if they don't have anything else going for them.”

“A mutant life force vampire, loose on the Hellmouth. Wonderful.” Giles stopped me with a touch. “Can I count on your help?”

“Yep.” I popped the last 'p'. “Part of the reason mom and I moved here.”

“Your mother is Irene Adler, the new guidance counsellor? She knows about Sunnydale and it's... colourful denizens?” There was concern in his voice.

“My mom knows a lot about things she probably shouldn't, but that's her story to tell, not mine. She knows about Sunnydale and she knows about me and my abilities. She doesn't like the thought of me risking my life for very little gain of any kind, but she knows I won't stop doing it either.” I turned and smiled at him. “It's my calling, if you will.”

“You are too young to have a calling.” That coming from him was kinda funny. I just raised my eyebrow.

“Tell that to the Slayer, if you ever meet her. I'm sure she'd find that comforting.” He winced. “In any case, a calling comes when it comes and this is mine. With that said, and in light of what has happened, maybe we'll have to talk later about the... young woman you were expecting. Maybe tomorrow. Now I have to go get ready for my next class, and you should go see if there is anything in your books about a life force draining whatsits that can disguise itself good enough to sneak into a high school. ”


He strode off, a man on a mission and I wandered out to the quad with time to kill. I should probably have showed up at the gym in case there was an alternate presented, but from what I could see a number of the girls of Sunnydale High had the same idea as me. Sit in the quad and pretend to study/ read/ be a productive student outside in the fresh air. After a while I saw an older woman I was sure was the girls gym teacher wander out side with a few students. She took up a space not far from me, with an open book in her lap and we all pretended that it was her idea we were outside, with her there the entire time.

The rest of the day passed in a quiet rush and soon I was knocking on the door to Mom's office. I heard what I thought was a noise admitting me and opened the door. Mom was sitting there reading with her fingers. “Hey mom.”

“Hi honey. How was your day?” She smiled at me. “I heard about the body in the locker room.”

“Well I met some people, insulted the would be queen of SD High, got invited to the Bronze to talk about catching up with the school work, Met Mr Giles.” I closed the door. “Found out the body had been drained of it's life force and talked to Mr Giles about it. He's gonna do some research, find out if there is a supernatural being who could have done it and I'm gonna keep my ears open, see if it's a more “natural” being. How was your day?”

“Met a good chunk of the staff, Coach Marin is creepy, talked to a few students, most of them know something is wrong and are trying to keep their head down and got a flash of a large man, a symbol in paint or blood on his forehead, with fangs talking about a harvest, or The Harvest. Wasn't really sure.” She closed the file she had been reading and stood up, grabbing her cane. “You'll have to talk to Mr Giles about it, symbol was definitely esoteric.”

“I'll talk to him tomorrow about it.” We made our way out of the school to the car, not many left in the parking lot. “Tonight I'm going to see what's up with a walk through town, hit the Bronze and talk with Willow about catching up.”

“Be careful.”

“I'm as careful as I can be.”

We drove home in silence, the radio playing stuff I hadn't heard in a few years, both of us lost in our thoughts. When we got home there was some one on the porch, just sitting and waiting. I pulled into the driveway, the headlights illuminating Raven Darkholme. “Raven's on the porch.”

“Be nice.” We got out of the car, Raven meeting us at the base of the stairs. She was holding a package, which she handed to me.

“Thanks.” I took the package into the house, leaving the two of them alone. They really didn't get much time together.

Setting the package on the table, I opened the box, pulling out two smaller boxes made of wood. The first one had a good number of knives made from wood in them. A commission from Blade, Vampire Hunter, the only known dhampir in the modern world. The second one was wrapped in plain brown paper, with the words 'In Case of Emergency: Kick Ass'. I recognized the handwriting on it. It came from somebody that used to know me like the back of his hand. I unwrapped the paper, finding a very nice semi ornate wooden box, closed with a very modern lock. There was a piece of paper taped to the lock that read 'Birthday, Canadian Way' in the same handwriting.

After cleaning up the mess I had made, I was pulling out knives and storing them on my person when the two of them came in. Mom's hair was tussled and she was flushed and breathing hard. Raven's hair was perfect, though she too was flushed. “... and then it's on to Gotham for a job. After that I thought I'd swing by here again, spend some time with you.”

“More than a night?” Mom's eyebrow arched over her dark glasses. “I'd like that.”

“Me too.” Raven smiled.

“Just be careful in Gotham.” I wasn't about to not put my two cents in.

“I'm always careful.” Raven sneered at me. “It's a simple impersonation and snatch job anyways.”

“Lalalala.” I stuck my fingers in my ears. “I'm not listening to the details. I don't care about the details. I care that Gotham is home to the best damned detective on the planet. You screw up even a little in that city and he'll be following you here, knocking on our door. And Goddess forbid that some vamp gets lucky and decides to sire Batman.”

“He's just a human.” Raven dismissed him with a sniff. “He's not going to figure things out and follow me here.”

“You're still a fool, but you seem to accomplish much.” I closed the lid to the box. “I'm going to quickly shower and meet Willow and Xander at the Bronze. I shouldn't be too late.”

I turned to see Mom's amused expression and Raven's poleaxed one. She started to sputter. “Who the hell do you think you are, you little bitch!”

“I think I'm the woman who has to keep this town in one piece. I think I would hate to have Mom hating me for kicking your ass from here to the city limits.” I stepped right up to her and looked her in the eyes. “I think that you should stop being so over freaking confident. I think that you love Mom very much and would hate to see her under suspicion or, worse, in jail because you led one of the world's premiere superheroes right to her door step.”

Raven took a step back. The problem with Mystique is, because she can become anybody she likes, she is overconfident that she'll never be caught. “He's that good?”

“Ever heard of Ra's Al Ghul?” Raven shook her head. “If you ever get the chance, ask Batman about the Demon's Head. Ask him about the League of Shadows. Ask him about a society so secret that their name has only been whispered about, the name of their leader never ever known. Until He found out.”

I turned and walked up stairs. I stopped when Raven spoke. “The League of Shadow's is supposedly that's who is financing this op. I can't drop it.”

“Then you better be a lot better than you think you are.” I continued upstairs, grabbing my robe and a towel, then into the bathroom for a short shower.

I left the bathroom steamy, fan still rattling away. Mom and Raven were in her room and frankly I didn't need to hear them... ever. In trying to keep Irene Adler as 'Mom', there was certain things I just didn't need to hear. I closed my door and pulled off the robe, looking at myself in the mirror. I was muscular, but not overly so, everything proportioned just perfectly for a dead sleazy dirt bag. I was getting used to the fact I saw a really hot woman in the mirror every time I looked at one. Yes I turned my self on a little, but it would fade in time as my me-ness got used to being a her. Eventually I would have to read a psychologist here into the truth, but for right now I was going with suppression of emotional state.

I pulled on some clubbing/ studying clothes and put my weapon's where they would do the most good. Psi Band back under my hair, wooden knives hidden in various places and couple of bracelets that could double as silver knuckles in a pinch. Sunnydale was had an over abundance of vampires, but I wasn't too sure about the were-creature population or, frankly, how mindless they were going to be. Phone, ID, money and I was all set.

I went by Mom's bedroom door. “Leaving now, have fun.” I continued out the door and towards the Bronze.

I had walked a fair bit of the city when we first got here, looking for the sites of demon activity and scoping the rooftops for access and ease of movement. I hadn't had time to get into the sewer system, though frankly most cities didn't have sewers you could waltz around in. It was still something to be looked into when I got a moment to get into city hall, legally or not. I knew the quickest way to the Bronze and took it, not really worrying to much about some of the 'streets' which were more like glorified alleyways. Sunnydale was a fairly short city as these things went, very few buildings more than 15 stories, most being between 3 and 8ish. Wouldn't be a good city to swing across, but more than good for leaping from building top to building top around town, if need be.

I was half way to the Bronze when I noticed myself being followed. Could be a vampire looking for an easy meal, could be a mugger, could be some poor soul wanting strength in numbers. What I needed was more intel. I quickly bounced from wall to wall until I was on top of the building beside me. I had other means to get to the roof, but frankly I felt it best not to show my whole hand right away.

I crouch, looking over the edge of the roof as an woman in a long dress, long dark hair flowing behind her walked quickly into the sort of alley. She stopped, sniffing the air. She was a Were or a vampire then. More likely that than a mutant with enhanced senses. They weren't as common as you might think.

“Where did you go Little Star?” She glanced around her. “You stopped.”

Her voice was lilting, English accent, a bit of a tremor in it, like she was afraid. I let my self over the edge, coming down far enough away that she couldn't immediately attack me, but close enough we could see each other better.

“Oh, Little Star! Were you up in the sky, communing with the other stars? Miss Edith says that you might do that sometimes.” She moved slowly closer to me, stopping just outside of immediate hand to hand range. “You're supposed to ask who I am.”

“Who are you?” She smiled and so did her eyes.

“I'm supposed to say 'A friend.'” She frowned. “But those are Daddy's words, not mine. I'm not sure if I'm your friend, or your enemy. All I know is Miss Edith told me to find you after that nasty Slayer killed my Spike.”

Her hands clenched. “Daddy was with her, Daddy and his awful soul! There were no words of wit, no banter. There was the nasty Slayer, all snarly and scarred and Daddy helping her. It's wrong! It's all wrong!”

She was growing more agitated and frankly an incredibly agitated vampire, who was obviously a few bricks short of a load, was more trouble than I wanted to handle right then. She knew things were very off and she knew to come find me. I quickly crossed the distance and grabbed her hands in a light hold. She snarled at me, her demon showing itself for an instance and then going away.

“It's all wrong Little Star. You must make it right again.” She could have torn away from my grip, but she let me hold her hands. “Please make it right again.”

“I'm going to to my best.” She smiled again and pulled herself into me in a hard hug. Then I felt her sniff my neck and her face shifting. Her teeth tried to go into my skin and I yelped in pain. As quick as she tried to bite me, she was out of my arms and a few feet away.

“I'm sorry, I'm sooo sorry, Miss Edith said not to try and bite you or turn you, but you smell so good and I'm so hungry.” Again she was growing agitated. “I've been trying to not to feed on humans, but I don't have soul and it's so very hard. But Miss Edith said you'd be more inclined to help me, let me help you if you knew I wasn't being as Evil as I could be.”

I quickly moved to her, pulling her into my arms again in a hug. “It's okay, friends hurt each other every once and while and then they say sorry and make up.”

“Friends?” Her voice was muffled into my coat. “Are we friends?”

“We could be yes.” I pulled back a little and looked at her. “What's your name?”

“Drusilla, Little Star.” She half smiled. “You'd be friends with a monster?”

“I've had a few monsters as friends. I've been a monster myself.” I smiled at her. “As long as you don't hurt people, or drink from them, unless they hurt you first, I'll call you friend.”

“Butchers and Blood Banks and Specialty Bloods, oh my!” She smiled. “I will try and be a good girl. Thank you Little Star.”

I smiled at her and then there was a small box in my face. It was about the size of a ring box and I took it from her. “What's this?”

“It's a gift from friend to friend. Daddy would have picked something else, but you wouldn't have liked it as much and it will do the same thing.” She bounced a bit. “Open it, open it!”

I opened the box and found a small pentagram/ pentacle, whatever people are calling the Circle and Star these days. It was silver and it looked fairly old. I smiled at her. “It's beautiful.”

“I paid for it, fair and square and a bit more besides.” She opened hand to show me a scar about the same size as the pentacle. “It hurt only a little.”

I grabbed her hand and traced the scar. “It'll heal?”

She nodded. “In a few days time. I had to hang on to it for a while.”

I took it out of the box and opened the clasp. “If you would.” I held out the open ends, till she grabbed them and then I swept my hair out of the way, turning around. She kind of held her breath for a moment, even though she really didn't breathe and swung the necklace up and over my head, clasping the ends together. “Thanks.”

She stood for a few seconds and then her arms, wrapped around me, hugging me tight. I could feel her need to bite into my neck, it was almost palatable. Then she was gone. “Good night Little Star, go see Kitten and Little Tree.”

I stood alone for a minute in the alley and then started the rest of my journey to the Bronze. I was going to have an interesting talk with Mr Giles tomorrow.
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