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Some Other Hot Chick With Superpowers Book 1

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Summary: “What do you wish?” the new girl asked. “What do I wish? I wish that if this town needed a Savior it was some other hot chick with superpowers,” the former queen answered. (Please note this will contain Romantic (not explicit) Femslash)

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(disclaimer and authors notes at end of prologue)

Some Other Hot Chick with Superpowers


They stood there, the flow of students moving around them, with none wanting to disturb the former social queen of Sunnydale High, nor the strange new student that evoked waves of fascination in some and fear in others. The two were talking about the former queen's boyfriend and the girl that everybody knew had caused an impact by making the last 3 years of high school the safest they'd been in a long time.

“What do you wish?” the new girl asked for perhaps the third or fourth time in the conversation, trying to get the former queen to commit to something, something horrible, something that would enact vengeance against the queen's ex.

“What do I wish? I wish that if this town needed a saviour it was some other hot chick with superpowers.” The expression on the former queen's face was one of dismay as she realized that she had said something admirable about the saviour who's intrusion had ruined her life.

“Wish granted!” The new girls face changed to something horrible but still human like and her expression changed to from one of satisfaction to extreme dismay as she realized the ramifications of such a wish. Somewhere she heard her patron scream in rage and horror and Anyanka, patron demon of scorned women, disappeared in a flash of light.

The room wasn't filled with people but the people in the room filled it nonetheless. They were beings of extreme power, though one was powerful but not that powerful, used to dealing with cosmic events on a grand scale daily. They were thought of as Gods, and one actually was, though one actually wasn't, and most of them maintained the series of universes based off the offshoot of a hell dimension that had some how become a home of humanity. The remaining ones helped maintain other universes where other histories held sway, though one of those was more a free agent and often extreme pain in the ass, that kept things orderly and functioning.

The free agent looked around the room at the rest of the assembled. “You pull me off of my race to make sure that my doppelganger isn't going to turn many universes into floating bits of nothing, to show me a rerun?”

The one God in the room sighed. She knew that things would get snarkier, before they got better. The others bristled.

“We are not spoken to this way.” One of the Powers That Be looked at him with disdain, her seemingly human appearance belied by the fiery purple of her hair and the complete lack of anything resembling clothing. “Who are you to dare...”

She was interrupted by one of her brethren, he putting a hand on her arm. “This isn't a 'rerun'. This is an event happening as we speak that could rip apart the fabric of the local realities. The nature of the wish isn't specific enough and Anyanka doesn't have the power to make the changes in reality that would happen.”

“So the event doesn't happen.” the free agent cocked his head and looked at the Powers like they were small children.

“The nature of the power of the vengeance demons are such that the wish must happen, even if it pulls power from their very existence. Anyanka just killed herself granting that wish, and it still needs more power. So it's pulling it from D'hoffryn.”

“And let me guess he hasn't got enough power.” The expression on the free agent's face was one of disbelief. “Why not go back in time and waylay the two of them before the wish was made? With, like I dunno, the first 'hot chick with superpowers'.”

The Goddess spoke up.

“The first hot chick, Buffy Summers, the current Vampire Slayer, has been removed from the situation by the first part of the wish. She wouldn't be there to direct. The wish changes things back to front.” Athena looked at her former agent. “We would need to put some one in to do the job she was supposed to do. Unfortunately the wish latches onto what the wisher thinks of. In this case Cordelia Chase's mind was, probably to her chagrin, going to comic book superheroes. So now this particular piece of this set of universes is trying to draw in people and beings from other universes.”

There was a loud meaty thunk. “Please don't break the scrying table with your head.”

The free agent rubbed his forehead. “There are plenty of hot chicks with superpowers in those universes. Why not use one of them?”

The other two beings in the room, one a tall dark haired woman with impeccable fashion sense and the other a tall male figure dressed like he needed a good clean up with his white body suit and ragged green cape and cowl, looked at each other and then at the agent.

“Yes, let's let loose Supergirl or Power Girl or Wonder Woman or She Hulk or Starbird or Rogue or Gods forbid Jean Grey on this universe. The next thing you know Darkseid is invading, some Demon lord is looking for the equivalent of the anti life equation and Galactus is getting heartburn from trying to eat the planet.” The woman sneered at the agent. “Why did we bring him here again?”

“Roma, you're powerful but I can still side kick you into the next room.” The agent looked at the guardian of realities for a certain set of universes. “Her question is valid though. Why am I here again?”

Athena sighed once more, Spectre looked like he wanted to try breaking the scrying table with his forehead and the Powers just looked perplexed. “What?”

“Nobody told you?” Athena gauged her former agent, he was a pretty good prevaricator of truth.

“No one told me anything. I get woken up in the middle of the night, in the middle of Hogwarts, where I'm trying to keep the possible cornerstone of that reality all safe and sound, by the guardians of that particular set of universes and told I had to be here now, right now, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.”

There was another meaty thunk. “Would you stop that!”

Athena rubbed her forehead. “The Powers here want to borrow a few... concepts from the set of universes that Roma and the Spectre represent. They are going to incorporate what could be considered low to mid level super powered beings. Some of the mutants, mutates and metas, a few of the highly trained operatives and vigilantes. Those kinds. We still need a hot chick with super powers to act as the replacement for Buffy Summers. While the Slayer will get an upgrade to deal with the possible mutants turned vampires and the like, she still won't be anywhere near Sunnydale. I was thinking of Bobbi.”

The free Agent looked at Athena. “Well you certainly have hot chick with super powers covered. Far too hot possibly.”

The Powers looked at each other. These beings from out of universe were becoming more and more perplexing. “I'm sorry, too hot?”

“She was transformed by a very nasty, sleazy individual to be a combination sex toy and bodyguard. He did a job above and beyond. Aphrodite wept when she saw Bobbi.”

“Wept?” Roma raised her eyebrows. The thought of the Goddess of Love, Sex etc who was one of realities most beautiful beings, weeping at the sight of a mere mortal was kind of hard to believe.

“Wept, gushed, had to excuse herself for a cold shower.” The sound of a hand on the back of some ones head filled the room. “Owww. You been watching NCIS again?”

“Be nice. She had that effect on you too, and you are her.” Athena scowled at him. The others looked at the agent and then back at Athena. “Bobbi is an analog of Bob here, separation at some point in his travels.”

The light in the Powers eyes dawned. “That's why you were brought here. To be the one with... insider information I believe it's called.”

“If you're asking me if Bobbi would become your fill in for the wish, I'm gonna go with yes. I would and she hasn't changed that much from what I've heard. Her ability in hand to hand, the weapons she's adopted and her burgeoning psi abilities, augmented by the psi band, would make her a force to be reckoned with, even with the power upgrade a good deal of beings are going to undergo in that particular dimension.” Bob looked around at the group. “You're just gonna have to do two things.”

Everybody looked at each other. “What is that?”

“She's gonna need to some way to disguise her 'hotness' for lack of a better term. Some kind of SEP screen or spell. No one is gonna look at her and believe she's a high school student, even if the body sculpt brought her apparent age down a bit.” Bob could see some his words would have to be explained. “Number two is that if any of you have any concept of her and Angel being a couple you'd better leave it at the door. I'm not attracted to men and neither is she. The mind/brain chemistry sculpt that was gonna happen after the body sculpt was brought to an sudden and complete end when she killed the sleaze bag with her bare hands. Bobbi and Vampire romance, so not gonna happen. At least not a male vampire.”

“SEP screen?” The Powers were becoming more and more concerned that this... agent... was insane.

“Somebody Else's Problem. It refers to a type of camouflage, mostly of a psionic variety, that makes people think that the thing being disguised shouldn't be worried about by them.”

“Ah,” the male power nodded. “ 'These are not the droids you're looking for.' ”

Everybody in the room looked at him. “I can enjoy a movie as much as the next entity.”

“Moving on, so Bobbi is gonna need way of disguising her beauty and presence, and Angel as a romantic interest is out of the picture. We might need to remove him entirely, perhaps sending him following after Buffy Summers where ever she ends up. He does have a tendency to become obsessive with the women he's attracted too.” The female Power looked at Athena, when she snorted. “What?”

“That's like saying Hitler was a painter who dabbled in politics.” Athena shook her head, as if disbelieving the understatement.

The female Power nodded her head. “We can work off of Bobbi's current psionic abilities then? She can broadcast a 'I'm not as hot and as forceful of personality as you think I am.' kind of thing. It might not work on anybody with extremely good mental shielding, but it will be good enough for the masses. She'll be considered attractive, but not supernaturally so.”

Athena looked around the room. “We know who we're drawing in and whom not to? We know what kind of changes are probable and what are less likely? We have a plan?”

Everybody thought for a second and nodded.

“Then we proceed with asking the agent.” The male Power put forward. “Athena if you would be so kind. Thank you Bob for your input.”

“No problem. I'm gonna go back to bed now. Anymore questions, send an email or an owl or just phone me, kay?” Bob faded out of sight.

“I'm off to see a woman about a Hellmouth.” Athena disappeared as well. Followed by Roma and the Spectre.

“What do you think?” The female Power looked at the male one.

“I think we're doomed.”

“So same old, same old?”

(Please note that the following work is entirely derivative, and that the characters and worlds (except for Bobbi, and a few other original characters) are owned/ created by Joss Whedon/ Mutant Enemy, Disney (through Marvel Comics Inc) and Warner Brothers (through DC Comics), JK Rowling(in passing/ pop culture references), various Mythologies and Religions as well as whomever owns various quotes/ plots/ etc made in other pop culture references. Where possible I will use the names of specific episodes and where episodes are combined due to reasons of plot I will use combinations or entirely different titles all together, though possibly sticking with the titling conventions of the episodes in question. As well there will be a fair amount of dialogue in either it's pure form, or as a paraphrase, mostly because it was too damn good not to use it in the context of the story, or because my 'original' dialogue is influenced by my remembering of the episode(s) in question. Please do not sue me, thank you)

AN: By the time you finish the first chapter you'll probably think that the main character needs professional help from the psychological/psychiatric field... and you'd be right. If anybody has an idea of who to use as a shrink let me know. I could make up an OC shrink, but I'd rather use another fandom if at all possible. I've pretty much decided what will happen in each chapter until the story ends, but in this case I really have no clue who to use. Let me know in a review or drop me a line via email. Thanks.

AN2: This (and all other chapters) are written in one fell swoop, with no breaks for “parts”, so it might seem that each part ends a bit roughly. I've tried to break it apart as best as possible, after finding out the recommended amount for chapters and stories.
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