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Searching For The Supernatural

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Summary: Nissa is on the road to find help with her battle against the paranormal. She's searching for an author; Caver Edlund. (Buffy comes into later chapters) Lang and Lem's in later chaps. Give it a shot!

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Weapons And Fights

I hope everyone is enjoying this so far! I own nothing from either Supernatural or BTVS. Let me know what you think, love it or hate it! Tametiger x

Weapons and Fights

I woke the next morning extremely uncomfortable; I had a splitting headache, my mouth tasted like crap and I was in the most awkward position for sleeping ever. There were also warm bodies pressed against mine. What the hell had happened last night?

I warily opened my eyes preparing myself dimly for the pain that would accompany this move.

I was right it hurt. I soldiered on though and took in my surroundings. I was laid half on half off the sofa my lower half was on the sofa next to Sam who was lightly snoring. My upper half was laid on a bare chested Dean, his hand was rested just under my boobs. I didn't know how the hell I was going to get out from this without waking both brothers. More importantly though, what the hell had happened last night?

Just as I started trying to un tangle myself from our mass of limbs Bobby came in from the hallway. He stopped dead in his tracks and took us in, an unreadable expression crossed his face at the sight in front of him.

Dean turned his head toward the noise that Bobby had made coming in. He opened one eye lid that he then quickly closed. "Morning Bobby." Dean groaned in Bobby's general direction, even that small noise made my head feel like it was going to burst.

Sam stirred at his brothers voice, opened his eyes then closed them again with a groan.

Bobby shook his head muttering under his breath and carried on to the kitchen where he made a lot of noise banging things around. I really wished he'd stop, every bang was like a hammer to my head.

I closed my eyes and despite my splitting headache I fell back to sleep.

I was woken rudely by Bobby shouting and judging by the jolt sent through my legs and then through my chest so were Dean and Sam.

"Come on you lazy igits, I've made coffee and bacon sandwiches! Get up!" Bobby bellowed at us. Sam got up of the sofa taking my legs with him and making them land with a thump next to Dean. This also spun me slightly so I was now laid length ways down Deans body.

"Sam!" I protested, he smiled weakly at me but carried on into the kitchen anyway. Douche bag.

"Ninj, I'm loving having you riding me but I'm getting kind of hungry do you mind moving sweetheart." Dean quipped and I heard the smug grin in his voice.

I almost jumped off of him "arse-hole!" I told him, acid in my voice. He always had to the lower the tone, always had to ruin a moment. His easy going nature was normally a balm but today it was winding me the hell up.

I stormed into the kitchen not waiting for the dick-head. Wow I really was in a bad mood today. I took a deep breath and let it out, calming myself slightly as I did.

I think that the smell of the bacon butties helped as well to be honest.

"Finally decided to join the land of the living have you then?" Bobby growled at me.

I smiled weakly at him, mildly embarrassed at being caught sprawled out unconscious in his living room. I started to apologize but he just waved me away and popped one of the sandwiches in front of me as well as a mug of tea.

"I've seen worse states, hell I've been in worse states and I dare say you needed it after last night." Bobby said to me in a kind voice and I couldn't help but smile weakly in return.

I knew that Bobby still wanted to hear all about my vision but I could also hear in his kind voice that he was going to give me a little grace period while I recovered. I swear I was truly starting to love these men.

Maybe the one exception then came sauntering into the kitchen, fully dressed. He gave me a weary look before sitting next to his brother and as far from me as he could physically get. I think I may have hurt his feelings. I ignored the horrible feeling that this thought gave me and wolfed down my sandwich.

When I'd finished I felt a million times better and my head no longer felt like it had a jack hammer inside of it. Thank god.

Bobby turned to me as I finished and gave me what he must of thought was a covert once over. "Right you ready for some weapons practice then?" He asked me his voice almost completely back to its usually gruffness.

I thought about it; I was still feeling a little worse for ware but I was sure I'd have to fight at one time or other when I felt worse. "Sure!" I told my mentor.

"Come on then!" He all but barked at me and I stifled a smile, Bobby was back to normal all right. I moved from the table but I was the only one. Bobby also noticed this, "you two boys as well I need you to watch and give pointers." The boys heaved themselves out of their chairs and duly followed. I suspected both were still too hung over to protest.

Instead of going outside like I'd expected us too we followed Bobby down to a roomy basement. In the basement there was another room but we didn't go near that one. Instead Bobby opened up a metal locker in the other half of the basement and brought out two wooden...staffs I guess for want of a better word.

He threw one at me which I caught with both hands. I looked at it with confusion, I was expecting swords or crossbows not Friar Tucks chosen weapon.

"You have to learn to use the basics first." Bobby explained to me in response to my less than impressed look. "Then we can move onto swords and machetes." I have to admit I still wasn't impressed.

"Ready?" He asked me; I caught sight of Deans smirk and something in me snapped.

"Ready!" I barked back at him, I had no idea what I was doing but I was damn sure I was going to make sure Dean didn't have any reason to smirk at me any more. Pratt.

Bobby took a stance and I mimicked him so that the staff was clutched firmly in both hands at either end of the weapon.

Bobby took a slow and steady swing at me which I countered with ease. I came back with my own blow a lot faster and fiercer Bobby blocked me but only just and my confidence grew.

I struck out again as Bobby was still recovering, again he blocked, and came back with a counter attack of his own. He sung first of all at my torso and then at my legs, I jumped and he missed.

I came at him again and again till I finally took his legs from under him. Bobby landed on the hard concrete floor with a bang and I rushed to him to help him up.

He waved me away and got up under his own steam. As he was getting up I caught sight of Sam and Deans faces and suppressed my own smirk; both of the younger guys looked gob smacked. Well good, about time they respected me in my own right.

Bobby stood and looked at me with a combination awe and shock. "Well I think we can move onto swords now." He said and I could not hold back the smile from my face. It felt really good to actually be proficient at something for once.

Bobby turned and looked to the brothers "any comments?" He asked them.

"Yeah Bobby you need to keep your guard up." Sam quipped at him.

"And keep an eye out for your blind side." Dean said not to be out done by his little brother.

"I mean for Niss ya wise ass igits!" Bobby shouted.

Both men winced, obviously still feeling a little delicate. "Bobby she did better than either of us could do against you now! I don't think she needs pointers from us." Sam said, Dean bristled at this comment but didn't say anything to the contrary and I didn't hold back with my smile at this compliment. It looked like I'd found my niche. I just hoped that all of the weapons training could go so well.

"I think the boys are right, you don't need anymore training with the staff. Tomorrow we'll move onto swords, but for now I'd like to see what you're like in hand to hand." Bobby told me his voice thoughtful, he turned to the brothers. "One of you two girls up for it?" He barked at them.

Dean and Sam looked at each other before raising their fists to play for it, looked as though I'd be against Dean then. I wasn't sure whether they were playing as they were both still feeling the affects of last night or because I was being such a chore to them. Even thinking the latter was hurting my feelings so I truly hoped it wasn't that. Sure enough Dean started coming towards me seconds later. Bobby took his seat and settled into watch a match that I was sure wouldn't last for long. I was also sure that I would not be victorious.

Dean faced me and took up his fighting stance as I did the same, using the stance that he'd taught me when we'd last sparred. "You remember everything that I taught you sweetheart?" Dean asked me, his voice holding no trace of sarcasm, in fact I thought that I may have heard a bit of concern in his voice, for what I have no idea.

I made sure that my tone was more reasonable then it had been when I'd talked to him earlier. "I remember." I told him while looking into his gorgeous greeny brown eyes.

Dean stared right back into my grey blue eyes and for a short minute it seemed neither of us could stop starring into each others eyes.

That is until Bobby intervened by clearing his throat. "Whenever you two are ready then!" He barked at us, and the moment passed, whatever it had been.

That was when Dean struck hard and fast hitting me in the face whilst I was still dazed. I recovered quickly and took my own shot which Dean blocked.

He kicked out with one of the combos he had shown me back at the hotel, I was ready for this and easily blocked him. I bent down while raising my leg and kicking him in the chest as I did. He staggered back but was soon upright and ready to go again.

He threw punch after punch at me all of which I blocked but I couldn't get a purchase to take my own shot.

I ducked one of his fists, when I did I sent a spinning kick to his chest again. He went sprawling across the floor and hit his head on the wooden wall.

Shocked and slightly annoyed at what I had done I ran over to his side to make sure that he was ok.

Sam also sprang to his feet "Dean!" He called, and I felt even worse.

Dean was fine just slightly dazed, which was to be expected really. "Congratulations Ninj! You did remember what I taught you after all!" Dean said to me, his voice slightly slurred as he spoke.

"It was nice to see you getting your ass handed to you by a girl!" Sam told his brother while helping him to his feet, but I could hear the relief at Dean being ok in his voice.

"Jerk." Dean muttered.


"When you two have finished!" Shouted Bobby in a bored voice, evidently use to these antics. He turned to me "your sloppy and leave yourself wide open to attack, you seem hesitant to fight back and your blocking leaves a lot to be desired."

I was crushed at Bobby's harsh words. I really thought I'd done well but apparently I still had far to go. I would just have to work harder, get Dean and Sam to teach me more and focus on form, making sure that I wasn't sloppy.

"You have to be kidding me!" Sam said harshly to Bobby, a slight edge of anger in his voice. "She took a full on punch in the face from Dean which knocks both of us on our asses. She kicked his ass, literally, for gods sake Bobby, Deans got a concussion from a girl who probably ways a quarter of what he does!"

I felt a massive rush of affection toward my friend. I knew from reading about it that Bobby and the boys could sometimes have a volatile relationship, but I also knew that Sam rarely started arguments with his father figure. It made my heart and shoulders lighter knowing that even after this short amount of time I had a friend who would do this for me. I sent a heartfelt smile at the giant hunter.

"Boy if you'll let me finish..." Bobby said every word slowly and deliberately as though he too was holding back anger. He turned back to me and I mentally prepared myself for another bashing. "I was going to say that while you'll need to work on that it doesn't really matter as you wiped the floor with Dean."

Dean opened his mouth to protest at this but Bobby held a hand up to silence him. "And that's not easy to do. I've been helping to train that boy since he was about six and I don't think that most hunters I've met could beat him in a straight up fight. You should be proud, I am." I wanted to cry at this high praise, which I knew was hard to come by.

"You do know that you got beat by a girl that couldn't beat me right?" Sam mocked Dean.

"A girl I trained, and your going against her tomorrow when you haven't got the excuse of a hangover either Sammy." Dean quipped right back at his brother.

Now the adrenaline rush was fading I was really starting to feel the punch that Dean had landed on my cheek. Ouch.

I tried to hide the fact that it hurt; I didn't want to appear too girly, however that was hard to do when I was the focus of the attention from the majority of people present.

Dean walked over to me "I hurt you?" He asked looking over my face, his voice sounded as disappointed as I'd felt with myself when I thought I'd hurt him.

I smiled up at him even though it hurt my cheek, which I was sure was going to have a bruise come the morning. "I hurt you too." I said, searching him for any visible injury. I didn't see any, however what I was seeing was making my heart speed up.

His rugged stubble on his boyish face, making him seem vulnerable yet manly at the same time. His soulful eyes boring into mine. The defined muscles pronounced even under his t-shirt. All of this was making my pulse quicken and my breathing seem almost labored.

I turned away from Dean, I couldn't let this happen, as I did I saw that Bobby and Sam were watching us both closely, though seeing that I had caught them they both looked away quickly.

I internally rolled my eyes, guys, no subtlety at all.

"Let's get some lunch then lady and gentlemen, we've earnt it today." Bobby said, covering up the awkward silence that had descended on our little group. We all followed him out of the basement and hopefully out of this mess as well.

Lunch was delicious and thankfully we were all back to ourselves. No more weird staring matches, instead there was laughter and banter like any other meal time.

When we'd finished Bobby got up and brought some beers to the table. I looked at him quizzically, it was only just two in the afternoon and after last night I was a bit hesitant to drink.

After placing a beer in front of each of us he turned to look at me. "Niss I need you to tell us everything from last night." He told me in a serious but kind tone. I didn't think he was talking about our drunken antics, which I still couldn't remember.

I took a deep soothing breath and thought back to the horrible vision of last night. "There was a small army of girls, you could tell that they had been trained, like you're training me, but I don't think they're hunters." I told the three men, looking at the plastic table top as I did.

"Tell us everything you can about the girls, how many were there? What ages, where were they from?" Sam asked me in his soothing tone, the one that made me want to lash out at him.

"There were between fifteen and twenty girls, I can't remember exactly. They were mostly young, about fifteen but some were older though none were much older than me. The oldest looked to be about twenty six. They were all from different places, some of the girls were American, some were English, there was a Spanish girl and a Chinese girl. They were from everywhere." I thought back harder.

"There was a man with them, he was American and local to where the fight happened I think. He was one of the older ones, he seemed to be second in charge like a general or something." Bobby opened his mouth to ask something but I cut him off. "I don't know who was in charge." Bobby nodded at my answer but was frowning, I think he was hoping for more than I was giving him.

"You said the man was local, where is local?" Dean asked me in a unusually sombre tone, as though he knew how difficult it was for me to talk about.

I thought hard and the answer came to me. "California, I can't be any more specific, sorry."

I looked up to see all three men looking at me with worried expressions. I had to carry on before I clamped up under their scrutiny.

"The vicar there, the super humanly strong one, he had bringers with him. He was about twenty nine, thirtyish. He was tall about Deans height, he had dirty blonde hair and he was well built. His name is Caleb." I hated talking about the vicar, it made me feel dirty just thinking about him.

"The fight it happened in an old building, there were lots of wine barrels around." I told them the last of what I could remember.

"A vineyard?" Sam asked.

"Err... I guess." I didn't know the real name of what the building was but that worked as well as anything I supposed.

"That's everything." I told the men. I took a long drink of the beer in front of me.

"That should be enough for us to do some research on. See if we can find out why these girls are being killed, and why they are making an army. I think its safe to say these girls are like you Niss and that they're being hunted too." Bobby told me in a no nonsense tone.

It made sense, I guess, they were all being targeted so they banded together to make an army, safety in numbers and all that jazz.

"Question." Dean said "how did the Sugarpuffs all find each other?"

Good question and I had no idea. Looking at the bemused faces of Sam and Bobby they also had no idea.

Thinking hard for a few minutes I looked up at the faces of my friends. "I think that we should go to California, see if we can find some answers there." I told them, we had no other ideas and though it was fairly risky it was the only option that I could see other than wait around for more of my visions.

"No!" All three hunters shot down my suggestion at the same time.

"Ok, but why?" I asked them, if we weren't going I at least wanted to know why not.

"It's too dangerous for you. We'd be handing you to the bringers if we went." Bobby said, worry lining his face. It was nice that he was concerned for me but I was a grown woman and this was the whole reason that I was training. To stop things like this happening, to stop innocent girls getting massacred.

"I can't sit around waiting to see more people die in my visions and not do anything about it." I told them, I couldn't and I wouldn't even if I had to go by myself.

"Ninja, if it's important to you to know Dean and I will go. But you have to stay with Bobby, he can train you some more. Make sure that you stay safe." I really didn't like this plan. There was no way that I was going to let them go off and face this crap for me, without me. Wasn't going to happen.

" You're not leaving me behind." I told them, my voice stubborn. "We're all in this together, the angels told us as much. We have to go together. We have no other leads, research is getting us no where and we have no idea what these things want. Unlike Lilith and the apocalypse where we know motive and what to do."

Sam started talking and putting my ideas down but Dean interrupted him. "She's right." Well yeah I was, but I didn't think that it would've been accepted so easily. After spending so much time with these guys I'd expected at least another hours worth of fighting on my hands.

"Either we all go or none of us do. The girls have banded together because there's safety in numbers." Dean carried on apparently reading my mind. "I know we don't always do things the clever way but we're not going to go to a war zone half assed either."

"In case you've forgot genius, we don't even know where this war zone is and California is one big state." Bobby said his voice harsh, trying to stop us from this suicide mission.

"Well there's got to be signs. We can research this like any other job." Dean said stubbornly.

Sam sighed "he's right we should go to California and research this. It'll be easier from there anyway, local papers should tell us more than the Internet would."

"Fine. If you want to go and get yourselves killed that's fine but I'm not coming to watch." Bobby said, his voice harsh.

"I think that we should see if we can find out anything from what Ninj told us before we go. Stay here and rest tonight and head out tomorrow, it's a long way to California from here." Sam addressed us, I had to agree it was a good as plan as any. I could see Dean nodding in agreement out of the corner of my eye. Well at least the three of us were on the same page, even if Bobby was still on the previous chapter.

"If you gits are really going to do this, then I'll help with the research and preparation." Bobby sighed before continuing "you know I'm always on the other end of the phone." Bobby then turned to me. "I'll have to look at what weapons you've got too."

It was nice to know that even if Bobby didn't agree with the plan that he had our backs. It was a good feeling after having no one watching mine for well over a year. Although we were heading for almost certain death I felt safe knowing Bobby was going to be there should we need him.

"Well girl, what are you waiting for an invitation?" Bobby barked at me and I dutifully took Bobby out to my truck. Dean and Sam followed us, I think they were curious to see the arsenal that I had amassed.

At my truck I opened the back door and rooted around under the back seats. I pulled out a sword, a machete and a .45. Going to the trunk of my truck I opened it up pulling out a handful of knives and an axe. I also pulled out my shotgun.

"These are all the weapons you have Niss?" Bobby asked, his voice held incredulity, I couldn't work out why. I had ample weapons, two guns, a shotgun, a sword, a machete and a arse load of knives was surly more than enough? Bobby carried on "and they're all scattered around so that you have to search for them?"

"Well yeah." I started to defend myself and my apparently paltry weapons. "But I also have my favourite gun on me and at least two knives." I showed him my gun which I had on me. Bobby just rolled his eyes and marched back towards the house.

I turned to look at the two hunters who had stayed with me. I would get no help there it seemed as they were looking at my truck wide eyed too.

"How the hell are you even still alive?" Dean asked me "with that crap you should have died more times than we have."

Ok now I was pissed, there was nothing wrong with my weapons or how I chose to keep them. I slammed my trunk down and marched back to the house, stomping my feet as I did. Bastards.

When I reached the house it seemed Bobby was in full on planning mode he was pulling books from every pile and stacking them on his already cramped desk.

Only when Sam and Dean had joined us did he pause. "Right one of you two needs to start researching, the other needs to go through more training with Niss, hand to hand and advanced weapons. I've got work to do." He barked at us apparently even more unhappy then he had been earlier.

"Well what are you waiting for!" He shouted as none of us moved.

"Guess I'm researching then." Muttered Sam before taking a seat at the desk and pulling a book from one of the massive piles towards him.

"Come on sweetheart, let's go kick the crap out of each other." Dean mocked me "hey its like we're married or something already!" Dean carried on as he walked down to the basement. It was going to feel pretty darn good to take my frustrations out on him.

Hours later I was bruised in every place I possibly could be I was also shattered. It was hard work learning to fight. Dean had taught me how to use a sword, a machete, a crossbow, an axe, even a mace. I was lucky, it seemed weapons came naturally to me. It was the fighting that hurt.

I had just picked myself back up off the floor when Bobby shouted down to us. "Get your candy asses up here and get some food!"

We went eagerly, lunch had been a long time ago.

Someone had cooked up a feast, a traditional Sunday lunch with all the trimmings. My mouth watered at the sight I hadn't ate one of these since I'd left the UK.

The evening went quickly, Sam had found nothing from his research and Bobby wouldn't say what he'd been up to so we carried on as we had done the past week and a half. We ate we drank and we laughed.

Although it was strained at times and in some ways it felt like the last supper, it was nice to spend our last night together having fun.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Searching For The Supernatural" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jan 12.

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