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Searching For The Supernatural

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Summary: Nissa is on the road to find help with her battle against the paranormal. She's searching for an author; Caver Edlund. (Buffy comes into later chapters) Lang and Lem's in later chaps. Give it a shot!

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Supernatural > GeneraltametigerFR18836,0800257224 Jan 1231 Jan 12No

Introduction To Weird

I own nothing Supernatural or BTVS. Buffy will come in in later chapters, give this a chance please! And let me know what you think! Tametiger x

Introduction to Weird

My name is Nissa, but no-one ever calls me that it’s either Niss or Ninja. This is my story.

Heading down the pitch black highway at almost four in the morning I reflected on how it all began for meLike most other hunters my tale was not one with a happy ending. The worst part of my story is that I could have prevented it, if I’d just believed, had a little more faith.

It all started a year and a half ago. I was thoroughly pissed off as I walked home from the hotel where I worked as a supervisory waitress (read skivvy). I had been made to go in for a meeting with all my staff on my day off, which was annoying enough but it turned out to be less of a meeting and more of an excuse for the managers to point out that everything that was wrong with the hotel was obviously my fault.

So walking back down the increasingly dark alley I turned up my Ipod and stomped in time to the music, releasing at least some of my pent up anger. I couldn’t wait to get home get in the bath, read a little more of my book and then curl up with my husband to watch some scary movies. My idea of a perfect night.

When I got home though it seemed my plans were not going to pan out, bugger. My husband Carl had left a note on the fridge.


Gone out

Love you x

Great. Oh well at least I could still have the rest of the night I’d been about during my roasting at work. I turned the lights in the house on and noticed that they were all flickering randomly; I sighed I’d call my landlord tomorrow, this occasionally happened and the electrician could find nothing wrong, apparently I was making it all up so I could have a hefty bill landed in my lap every time.

While I was waiting for my bath to fill up I made myself some food, and collected my book from where I’d left it a couple of hours earlier. I got back into the story.

A female detective in her late thirties walked into the room where they were holding Sam, he eyed her suspiciously. She smiled at him in response, seemingly wanting to put the large man at ease.

Reaching out a metaphorical olive branch she placed a take-away coffee cup on the table in between the two; “I thought you might be thirsty.” She said with a small smile.

Sam didn’t relax, if anything he tensed up more. Spreading his arms he said slowly “So you’re the good cop? Where’s the bad cop?” Channelling his brother’s cocky attitude while still remaining to seem almost polite.

The detective gave another small smile before answering Sam’s question; “with your brother.”

I smiled to myself as I was immersed in the book. I had gotten into the supernatural books a while ago through a friend of a friend who shared my love of the written word. This was the latest that had been published, The Usual Suspects. The books were badly written; I mean ‘metaphorical olive branch?’ Come on that was total crap, but I was still hooked. The characters were so real and I had a deep love of anything supernatural.

I had to order the books off the internet as they were produced in America and weren’t available over here in the U.K. which made me always take my time with them, they were extremely difficult to get.

I was so engrossed with the book that at first I didn’t notice anything was wrong. My first clue that made me take note was my cat which started hissing and puffing himself up at something behind me. I turned to see what had freaked him out to find nothing.

“C’mon Roar give me a break, it’s been a hard enough day with out you freaking me out.” I scolded my cat.

Picking up my book I went to my bath which had run now. Getting in I sighed as my previously tensed muscles relaxed. Picking my book back up I started to read again.

“Okay.” Sam said with a sardonic look as he faced the detective “And you’re holding us why?”

I got just a sentence in when the light in the bathroom started flickering. I closed my eyes and let out half a sigh half a moan. Today was turning out just brilliantly. Couldn’t I have just one nice bit of the day? Was that too much to ask for? Apparently it was.

Opening my eyes and unleashing another sigh I let out the water in the tub, before getting carefully out. When I was safely out of the bath everything went from bad to worse. All the taps came on in the bathroom at the same time. The taps to the sink, the taps to the bath and the shower, all spraying water at full blast.

“Stupid shitty house!” I mumbled to myself as I went about turning everything off.

Stomping out of the bathroom and down the stairs I picked up the phone and called my dad; he was a plumber and would hopefully be able to solve this annoying turn of events.

Answering the phone in his usual brusque manner my dad picked up. “Yeah?”

“Hi dad, you ok?” I asked, starting the conversation as I always did with all of my family. If nothing else was instilled in me since birth manners were. In my family rudeness was a worse crime than murder.

“Yeah we’re fine how are you sweetheart?” He asked, his voice lightning fractionally upon hearing me.

“Fine, thanks. Dad I have a bit of a favour to ask.” I heard him sigh down the phone and nearly smiled. When ever you asked my dad for anything he always thought it was going to be money before anything else. Even if one of us kids had won the lottery he’d assume we were asking him for money if we rang him and used that tone with him.

“What?” His voice became hard again on realising that this wasn’t a social call.

“My plumbing’s going mad, all the taps and the shower turned themselves on at once, and I really want a soak in the bath. Anything you can suggest that I could do?”

I heard him sigh again. “Call a plumber?” He suggested hopefully.

“I have one on the line.” I deadpanned.

“Ok, I’m coming round.” Oh crap, that isn’t what I’d wanted. My house was a tip and dad would play murder when he saw the state of it. I may be twenty three married and have been living without my parents for seven years now, but I still felt as though my dad could ground me at any given time.

“Err... thanks dad.” I said, there was no way I’d be able to talk him out of coming round but he’d be at least another half an hour. Just enough time for me to shove all my crap into a cupboard or two.

I ran around the house like a mad woman the second I had disconnected with my father. Picking up piles of washing, Carl’s magazines, my books and random assorted crap and shoving them into draws, cupboards and under my bed.

Smiling at how Carl would laugh at me when he found out I decided to give him a ring.

It went straight to voicemail and I left him a message knowing that it’d make him smile when he listened to it on his way home.

“Hey baby, hope your having a good night. It’s all going off at home tonight. The lights are messing up again and know the plumbing’s started going strange on us as well. I’ve rang dad and he’s on the way, so I’ve just ran around the house in a panic shoving everything anywhere concealed.” I gave a small laugh at this envisioning his response. “Anyway just called to say I love you and all that jazz. Miss you baby. See you later.”

I hung up feeling better just leaving a message with him. I smiled as I lost myself in my thoughts. My husband of a year really made life fun. We were complete opposites in but surprisingly we worked. He made me laugh on a daily basis, he was funny and , he didn’t give a crap about offending anyone, except those closet too him; to those people he was fiercely loyal. He was far from the perfect husband but he tried and that’s what made him perfect for me; anyway I was far from the perfect wife.

I was flung from my thoughts as two cups from the draining board flung themselves across the room, where they shattered against the wall. I slowly walked into the kitchen, a frown on my face. Well that was strange. I shrugged it off; .

I cleared up the mess and put the kettle on, not a moment too soon either as the doorbell chimed. Plastering a smile on my face I answered the door to my frowning father. “Hey dad!” I chirped giving him a hug as he stepped over the threshold. “Thanks for coming round, I’ve just put the kettle on.”

“Thanks sweetheart.” He said a paternal smile drifting across his face, before his hard mask was back on.

When people first meet my dad they can’t believe that he’s actually related to me, let alone my dad. I am very well spoken and very shy around those I don’t know. I’m also fairly slim with long blonde hair blues eyes and tallish for a girl. My dad on the other hand, well, he looks kind of like a thug. He’s got a shaved head, wears an earring has got tattoos clearly visible. He’s broad and muscled, a bit of fat creeping in with his age. Not what you’d expect from my dad when you first meet me. He was a big teddy bear really though.

“Right let’s have a look then.” Dad said with a sigh before heaving himself up my stairs to the bathroom.

I followed closely behind him. As we entered the bathroom the lights started flickering again. My dad looked up at the bulb frowning. “You want to change that.” He said. I just nodded there was no point in explaining to my dad that the electrics were on the blink again. He’d want to have a look himself and why I trusted my dad explicitly with the plumbing he wasn’t going any where near our power box.

As my father went to inspect the taps in the sink first, the strange occurrence happened again. All the taps came on as well as the shower. This time though they turned themselves off before we could do it. At the same time the taps turned off the door to the bathroom slammed shut and by the sounds in the rest off the house so did every other door in the house.

I turned to face my dad seriously freaked out now, what the hell was going on here? Dad had the same look of incredulousness on his face as I did mine.

“What the fuck was that?” He asked me.

I just shrugged. I didn’t know. Weird things had happened in the house before but never like this and never this bad. Normally it was just something moving out of the corner of your eye. Or something moving a second after you’d put it down. Electrical weirdness was also a common occurrence in our house, not just the lights but the TV coming on by itself or switching itself off as well as the DVD player. But like I said it had never been this bad before.

“Mate, I don’t think I can do anything about your plumbing problem” He said to me his voice shaky “I think you’ve got a ghost.” I

So we had some strange things go on in this house. It was an old house; of course it was going to have problems from time to time. An electrical or plumbing fault does not mean that a place is haunted.

After ten minutes of pleading I finally managed to get my dad to leave me and my ‘haunted house’. He was reluctant to go, even after I verbally scoffed at his ghost comment, saying he didn’t want to leave me alone. I finally managed to persuade him by telling him that nothing out of the ordinary had happened before except for the plumbing and that this was just a freak coincidence, even going so far as to suggest that maybe my dad was making what ever it was worse.

Sighing with relief when I was on my own a gain I picked up the phone again. Carl’s phone was still on voicemail. “Hey baby guess what?” I asked leaving him another message. “Our house is haunted.” I laughed saying the words out loud, “dad came round and told me. I think we may have to get a private plumber to come out tomorrow to deal with the tap problem. Anyway just though I’d update you. Hope you’re having fun. Love you.”

Hanging up the phone I picked up my book taking it into the front room and settled down on my sofa. I opened a book to the page I’d been at when something caught my eye. All the pictures that were hanging on the wall opposite me had been turned upside down. Ok that was maybe a little freaky. I decided to ignore it, hoping that it’d go away if I did. A good avoidance tactic if ever there were one.

Glancing down at my book I started skimming looking for the place I’d been when something moved out of the corner of my eye. I looked up in time to see all the throw cushions that adorned my sofa were being thrown off one by one. By thin air.

Ok that was enough even for me. Maybe just, maybe my dad had been right. Well whatever I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

I ran upstairs to our bedroom and grabbed a gym bag from under the bed. Stuffing some clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes into it before running back down the stairs. Grabbing my actual hand bag as well; I shoved my mobile, my book and a bottle of wine into it. There was no way I was dealing with this without some kind of mind numbing substance. I ran out of the house without a back wards glance. When I came to the top of my street I stopped. Ok know what the hell was I going to do? I had no money at all; very few of my possessions and none of my most prized ones. So that meant that I had to return to that house at some point, also it meant I couldn’t spend the night in a hotel.

I fished out my mobile and scrolled through my contacts before finding the perfect one. Mark; him and Vikki were mutual friends of Carl and me, the likely hood was that Carl was with them anyway and I knew they’d let me stay in one of their spare rooms for the night.

I called the number, frowning when I got voicemail. Couldn’t anyone answer th sodding phones tonight?

I called Vikki instead who actually picked up. I explained that I didn’t know where Carl was and that I needed to crash the night somewhere. She readily agreed and I started my twenty minute walk up the hill to my friend’s house. Calling Carl and leaving yet another message for him, explaining where we were staying tonight and why.

I was knackered when I finally reached my destination, all this terror sure took it out of you. In fact instead of the twenty minutes it normally took me to make this trip today it took me double that; guess all that adrenaline had burned away that snack I’d had earlier.

Vikki opened the door for me after small a amount of time, her greeting dying on her face as her eyes took me in. Guess I wasn’t looking too hot. She ushered me into there immaculate home. I always wondered how they managed to keep there house so tidy. No matter how hard we tried Carl and I could never achieve that kind of perfection or flawlessness. I guess we were just untidy people.

Vikki got me situated at her dining table before leaving for the kitchen and leaving me to my own thoughts. While she was gone I left another voice message for Carl and one for Mark just in case they were together telling them to come straight here rather than to our house. I told Carl what had really happened in the message but omitted that part on Marks. Didn’t want too many people thinking that I’d lost my mind after all.

Vikki came back into her dinning room shortly after I’d finished my messages carrying a tray with her. On it was a steaming mug of tea and one of coffee, which I assumed was for her as I couldn’t stand the stuff, a plate of biscuits and a sandwich.

She motioned for me to help myself, which I did with gusto. She let me eat in silence. I made short work of the sandwich, soon pushing the plate away from me and shooting a thank you smile at her.

Vikki broke the silence then. “So you gonna tell me what actually happened then?” She questioned me, Vikki was one of my oldest friends, I’d met Carl through her and I trusted her above most people. She would hear me out before either providing a reasonable explanation or calling the local mental asylum. I didn’t know which the preferable one was right then. That I was either insane or that the elements and my house were conspiring against me.

I unloaded every thing on to my friend. Telling her everything. To my surprise when I’d finished instead off backing away slowly or calling the men with the nice white jackets, she smiled at me. Ok, maybe I wasn’t the only insane person around.

“First off are you ok?” I just nodded to her, not quite sure what was actually going on. “You sure?” She continued “it’s just your shaking quiet a bit.”

I waved a hand at her in mock casualness before responding; “Yeah I’m fine the shaking is just a side affect of extreme fear. Don’t worry.”

She chuckled slightly at my weak joke.

“No offence Vik, but I’m not seeing the funny here.” I said, still trying to understand how she could find this whole thing amusing rather than jaw droppingly insane, or scary or well anything else at all really.

She tried to reign in her smile with little success. “Sorry it’s just with those books you’re reading, you think that you’d be the last person who’d be afraid of a ghost. Don’t those books tell you how to actually kill one?” She asked me the smile fully back in place now.

“Yeah they do, they also so how to kill vampires and demons as well as werewolves. Doesn’t make it true, its fiction.” I explained slowly resisting rolling my eyes at her.

“Well if you’ve got a ghost, then maybe it’s not fiction. Maybe they all exist and those books are like how to manuals on getting rid of them.” I seriously thought that my friend was completely off rocker for a second, then I caught sight of the grin she had on.

“Bitch!” I exclaimed, a slight smile on my face, she really had me going for a minute.

“I think babe that you’re just very tired and are reading too much of that stuff.” Vikki told me matter of factly when her giggles had subsided. I nodded, she was probably right. Now I had some food in my stomach and was away from the house I could really believe that I’d imagined the whole thing. In fact I felt a bit stupid to be honest. Here I was sitting at my friends table talking seriously about ghost. I really needed a good nights sleep.

Vikki talked me into staying the night leaving her own message on the boys phones telling them both that we would be spending the night and reassuring Carl that I’d packed for him as well.

We sat in the front room deciding to watch a movie while we were waiting for the guys to come back, agreeing that even though we’d skip the horror movies for tonight. Instead we settled on a chic flick, I can’t even remember which one now. I was asleep before the opening credits had finished anyway.

I was shaken violently awake sometime in the early hours of the morning, noticing that someone had covered me with a sheet while I’d slept. Groggily looking up I saw that it was Vikki who had woke me. Her eyes were terrified and her breathing coming in gasps as she stood over me.

I snapped fully awake at seeing this “What is it Vik?” I asked urgently. That’s when I noticed we weren’t alone in the room two police officers stood in the doorway, both with remorseful looks on their faces.

When they opened their mouths they destroyed my life. Nothing would ever be the same again.
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