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A Dragon's Tale

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Summary: When Dawn was about to be sacrified to Glory, Xander does something that gets them banished from their dimension

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Chapter One Pretty Pony Princess

Disclaimer: I hold no titles or ownership of any character written in this work of fanfiction and are proterty of their respective owners. i.e. Joss Whedon, Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast.

A Dragon’s Tale

Chapter 1: Pretty Pony Princess

The crackle of green unknown energy was like a thunderstorm with gale force winds howling, as a hole between dimensions opened upon the drawing of blood by the servant of Glory known only as Doc from the young Dawn Summers. All it took was a shallow slice across the abdomen for the process to work at that specific time and location. For the insane slaves of Glorificus had built a tower to which gained the right altitude and dimensional coordinates needed that would allow the Hell Goddess to return to her home dimension. The flowing blood of the Key kept the rifts open, to deep a cut and the girl would die and thus the bleeding stop for humans only bleed when they heart is still pumping. Doc smiled joyously at the blood flow; soon his mistress would be free of her weak shell and ascend her mortal form to rule her home dimension once again.

This smile soon turned to shocked outrage as he was bodily tackled off the tower by the vampire known as Spike. The two of them fell from the tower with the former Scourge of Europe using the minions body to break his fall,

“Arghhhhuuugggg!” The minion’s scream turned bloody from the internal damage of the impact. Spike rolled off the body and lay still momentarily; not that a fall from that height would kill the vampire but it would still bloody well hurt to paraphrase the master vampire. Xander Harris, who had followed Spike up the tower using the vampire as a blocker for the minions on his way to free the younger Summers girl quickly untied the young brunette.

“Come on Dawnie lets get you out of here.” He smiled at her to get her spirits up as he presses a make shift compress over her wound to stop the bleeding. He was interrupted in his efforts by one of the scabrous minions of Glory jumping on his back. Pulling away from Dawn so that the creature could not get to her he easily pulled it off him and tossed it off the tower. It often surprised him how strong he had become since his transformation. He turned around to Dawn only to start in surprise as she was standing at the edge of tower over looking the rift.

“Dawn!” He exclaimed in shock. “What are you doing!?”

“I have to do it Xander,” Dawn said in a fearful and determined voice. “I have to jump. When my blood passes through the rift it will close and everyone will be safe. I’m not real anyway.”

“NO!!” Alexander’s voice boomed, startling her. He never used his other voice at her. “--Dawn Marie Summers you are real! What is it with you Summers girls and their thinking that their death solves everthing line.--” By now Alexander’s eye had taken a reptilian shape to them as his draconic nature expressed itself. The reprimanding tone of his voice caused the teen to cringe slightly, as he continued his speech while walking toward her to get her to rethink her actions.

“—You are only defeasted when you give up not when you lose--NO!!” Xander’s speech was cut off as a wind blew the girl from the tower, forcing him to leap after her, his size increasing instantly, alarmingly so if you had never seen him do it before. Silver scales replaced pinkish skin. Talons as big as a man replaced fingers that enveloped the falling girl. A large muzzle filled with razor-sharp teeth, whose lips drew back in a grimace of the expected pain that would soon envelop him. Wings that blotted out the moon light spread out from his back, which then wrapped around him and Dawn to offer some sort of protection from the dimensional discharges. A powerful long tail whipped about behind him, taking off the top of the tower with a casual brush against it. He hoped that none of his friends were underneath else he accidently squash them flat. This was only the second time he had assumed this form since his transformation, as after the first time he was told that in the no uncertain terms should he do so again, he would be banished from this realm by the Powers that Be.
He was only allowed the bare minimum usage of his abilities, or else he would throw off the balance of this dimension, and thus a great evil would be allowed to enter to oppose him. For one crazed Halloween night, Xander Harris became Alexander, a soldier to a King and protector of the Princess of the Realms, who was secretly a Silver Dragon, passing his long lifetime exploring human cultures. That futuristic Faerữn world from which his character sprung forth, but that is a tale for another time.

In a higher dimensional Realm

“+He had broken the Covenant,+” A dark and dangerous voice intoned.

“Agreed,” A more neutral tone replied. “Banishment,” It spoke.

“Banishment” “Banishment” The twin oracles agreed, speaking in unison. “But what of the KEY?” They inquired. “It is too dangerous to allow it to remain in this reality.”

“Simple,” One replied. “Send it with the Silver Knight he will always protect his treasure, as he grows older and more powerful none of us will be able to take it from him.”

“Thus the balance is maintained.” They all spoke as one.

The Adult Dragon Alexander and Dawn Summers disappeared that night with a blinding light, leaving their friends and family in deep sorrow and confusion.

In a Realm of magic where a young purple unicorn pony with a pink stripe through her mane and tail and six sided star surrounded by sparkles on her flank and tiara with a jewel that resembled her cutie mark upon it, along with her best friends had utilized the Elements of Harmony to imprison Discord in stone. Twilight Sparkle has had a very rough day. It started with her and her friends being summoned to Canterlot after a crazy day where cotton candy clouds rained down chocolate milk and ears of corn turned into popcorn and rabbits grew long legs like giraffes. It was so bad that it felt as if many days had passed.

“What the hay!” her spirited friend Rainbow Dash, a blue Pegasus pony with a rainbow colored mane and tail who was the possessor of the Element of Loyalty, shouted as a bright green light obscured their vision momentarily. Blinking her eyes rapidly to clear her vision Twilight stood there dazed at what was laying in the clearing.

“Oh my,” whispered Fluttershy, a yellow Pegasus pony with pink mane and tail holder of the Element of Kindness, expressed what they were all feeling. In the clearing lay a very young alicorn which was a pony with the horn of a unicorn pony and the wings of a pegasus pony, which should have been impossible as there are only two Alicorns know to exist and they were the Princesses Celestia and Luna guardians of the day and the night. This little pony had a blonde coat with a lite green mane and tail. The little filly was so young, that she didn’t even have her cutie mark yet.

“Oh she is so precious!!” Pinkie Pie gushed. The hyper-happy pink earth pony had a darker shade of pink mane with balloons on her flank. She possessed the Element of Laughter. This caused the little filly to open her big green eyes and look about in confusion which soon turned to fear as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Now just a moment darling there is no need to for tears,” Rarity, the elegant white unicorn pony with purple mane, possessor of the Element of Generosity, tried to calm the child down, but it was to no avail as the little filly let loose a high pitched wail which caused the surrounding ponies to flinch and pull there ears back in pain.

“Xaaaannnnddeeeerr!” She screeched out loud, to which she then needed to take a deep breath again to yell out some more. Hick ups were soon added to the wails. The other ponies looked a little helpless as the orange earth pony with the blonde mane and a cowboy hat yelled out loud,

“Xander? Whats an Xander?” Applejack of the Element of Honesty asked with a mid-west country accent. “And can somepony give it to her to quiet her down a might bit?” Her question was soon answered much to all of their discomfort.

“ROAR!!!!” The loud roar startled them all as a huge silver dragon descended from the sky. Terror gripped their hearts as they scrambled to get out of its way as the great beast landed. Fearing for the alicorn filly, Rainbow Dash and Applejack moved to cover her from the rampaging monster. The ground shook from the force of the dragon landing causing everypony to bounce into the air; the little alicorn took this time to scramble from out behind her protectors and on shaky legs dashed to the dragon. The Mares all gasped in shock and horror as the dragon’s claw scooped her up, drawing her to its chest. The ponies were to busy to notice that they were no longer alone, as a dozen Pegasus wearing golden armor flew in with four of them drawing a chariot carrying a beautiful white Alicorn with the symbol of the sun on her flank. The guard ponies where quick to react to the danger by charging at the large beast that turned his head in their direction and exhaled a mighty breath. Everypony cringed in horror but instead of fire, a silvery mist enveloped the guard ponies and incased them individually in blocks of ice which in turn fell to the earth with solid thunks, which thankfully didn’t shatter.

“That’s a Xander!?” Twilight exclaimed in shock. Before any more violence could happen, Princess Celestia’s horn glowed bright, getting everyponies attention as well as the dragons’.

“Now, now My Little Ponies,” She admonished mildly. “There is nothing to fear.” Rainbow Dash and a couple other ponies looked at her like she was a couple apples short of a bushel. Did she not see the huge dragon about to eat the little pony in front of them or the ice cube ponies littered about? Then to the dragon she spoke,

“Worry not Alexander they meant no harm to your treasure.” The dragon had a suspicious and confused looked upon his face and an interesting face it was especially compared to Spike, Twilight’s own dragon assistant, which was like a little brother to her. His muzzle was longer, which was no surprise as this was an adult dragon not a baby like spike, but he also had some kind of beard hanging from his chin. He also stood on four legs unlike Spike who walked around on two legs, but given the length of this dragon’s body it was no surprise. No way could that much mass be held up by just two legs not to mention the billowing sails that where his wings. Implying that the little pony in his talons was his treasure could also explain the rough introduction; dragons were very greedy and possessive about their hoards. She recalled Rarity almost flattering a dragon to the point that he would leave peacefully from the cave he was occupying, until she tried take some of his horde that is.

“Huh,” The dragon’s deep baritone voice was much more soothing than Twilight thought it would be.

“Talking horses, who’d a thought.” The dragon then really looked at the filly in his claw. “That’s a new look for you Dawnie.” Everypony could hear the mirth in his voice, which was a relief to most of the ponies present. The filly in question, ‘Dawnie’? was just getting over her hiccups and was leaning her head adorably against Alexander’s thumb talon taking comfort from her mighty protector. Many of the mares present and some of the stallions “awed” at the sight. Although Rainbow dash took offense to his comment.

“Hey! We’re not horses! You big lizard,” She exclaimed loudly, flying up to his face, a very brave move indeed. “We’re ponies!!” The dragon leaned back on his haunches and brought his other claw up holding it in a term of surrender.

“Sorry, sorry” He had a sheepish grin on his face and many of the ponies laughed at the little pony yelling at the huge dragon. The Dragon then turned his attention to Princess Celestia, his eyes boring into hers for a moment in quiet contemplation before bowing his neck.

“Your Majesty.” Alexander’s voice was now deadly serious. “My treasure and I are grateful for the sanctuary you have given us in our time of need. If there is anything I might to do aide you, you need but ask.” The unicorns and the Princess could feel the words seem to pulse with power. It was not just a promise but an oath of loyalty. An oath was a very great thing indeed coming from a dragon. The Princess bowed her own head in acknowledgment of the oath.

“We welcome our new sister and her protector Sir Alexander.” Princess Celestia proclaimed regally her horn glowing bright as the Pegasi guards were freed from their icy prison and the ground that was torn up from the earlier battle with Discord was repaired to proper conditions.

“Ima Pony princess!?” Dawn exclaimed in equal parts confusion and excitement. Her voice had a strange accent to it that none of the other ponies had ever heard before. The dragons smile grew large in mirth but did not display his teeth, thankfully for the surrounding ponies comfort.

“Yes Dawn,” The humor returning to his voice. “You’re a Pretty Pony Princess.”

Reviews and comments welcome and desired as I am just started back up writing. Those that have already done so I thank, as I hope it makes the story easier to read, and thus is more enjoyable.
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