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What Did You Call Me?

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Summary: *WIP* Xander discovers that his mom had a one-night stand and that Tony Harris is not his father. He and the Scooby gang check out his new dad after the fall of Sunnydale.

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NCIS > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherSleepingStallionFR21915,250210830,60927 Jan 1220 Oct 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Discovering the Cover-up

*Disclaimer* I do not own NCIS or Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor do I make any money from this story.

Xander Harris sighed as he began the tedious task of going through his parents things in the attic of his Cleveland home. He was going through a jewelry box when he found a letter from his mother to someone in the military that had been returned to her un-opened. He opened the letter and read what she had wrote to the guy and was surprised to find that it was dated just before he was born. In it his mom wrote of meeting a guy in a bar and going back to his motel room while he was on leave. She wrote about the great time she'd had with the man and then told of discovering that she was pregnant and that she thought the kid might be his. He read all the way through the letter before going downstairs to call his best friend. He could ask her to look the guy up on the Internet and find out what kind of guy he was before deciding if he wanted to contact the guy about being his father.


"Hey, Wills. Can I ask you to look up someone for me on the Internet?"

*Of course, Xander. Who are we looking for?*

"The guy's name is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The only thing I know about him is that he is or was a Marine and he may have been stationed in Desert Storm. Get everything you can on this guy and come over to my place, please."

*Of course, sweetie. Give me about an hour and I'll get everything I can find.*

"Thanks, Willow. I'll see you in a little bit then. Bye."

He hung up the phone and went back to cleaning out the attic until Willow got there with her findings. He was still in the attic when he heard the front door open and close letting him know that Willow was there. He stood up and headed back down the stairs to meet her. He was surprised to see Buffy with her.

She smiled softly at him and said, "She came in while I was looking up your guy and insisted on coming with me when I told her you were interested in him."

Xander just nodded and said, "Hey, Buffy. So, what did you find on this guy, Wills?"

"Oh. He was born in a little town in Virginia called Stillwater and went into the Marines as soon as he was 18. He married a woman named Shannon Fielding. They had one daughter named Kelly. Shannon and Kelly were killed by a car bomb while Leroy was in Desert Storm. Apparently, Shannon saw something she wasn't supposed to and was in protective custody, but the bad guy got to her anyway. Leroy was devastated by the news and went a little crazy. The drug lord who was responsible for his wife and daughter's deaths was never caught, but was later found dead in his truck in Mexico. Leroy later entered employment with NCIS. That stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Services. He is now the lead agent for the best team at NCIS in DC. His teammates are one Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, and Ziva David. Their team has the highest rating for closing their cases of all the teams at the DC office. A little side note, Anthony survived a case of the plague and the agent who was with their team before Ziva was a woman named Kate Todd. She was shot on the job right in front of Leroy and Anthony. Leroy has been blown up, shot, poisoned, and stabbed multiple times. His dad is still alive and still lives in their hometown in Virginia. Leroy is known amongst his team as a real 'hard-ass' because he doesn't let things go when he's on a case. He's also very good with his hands as he is noted for having built several wooden boats in his basement. He's been married three times since Shannon was killed and all three ended in divorce. He has a thing for red-heads as all of his wives had red hair. He has like, a million vacation and sick time hours accumulated as he has never called in sick and seems to never go on vacation. He's also technologically challenged as he never keeps the same cell phone for more than a month before he destroys it and he rarely uses his computer at the office and doesn't own one personally. And that's all I could find in an hour. Does any of that help you?"

"Yeah. It tells me that he's a good guy who loved his family and that he might be interested in meeting me."

Buffy cocked her head and asked, "Why were you looking into this guy in the first place, Xander?"

Xander scratched the back of his neck and said, "As I was going through some of my mom's papers I found a letter she had written to a guy in the military and it had been returned to her as undeliverable. She held onto it for some reason. Maybe she was going to look into finding the guy later but got into the bottle with Tony and forgot about it. In the letter she talked about meeting Leroy and how much she enjoyed their one night stand. She also told about finding out that she was pregnant with Leroy's kid and thought that he should know as well. So, see, I think maybe the kid she was talking about was me since the date on the letter is just a few months before I was born."
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